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Series X-Men: Evolution
Release Date August 2, 2003
Episode Number 40 (Overall)
10 (Season)
Writer Craig Kyle
Christopher Yost
Director Curt Geda
94 images
For the character, see X-23.

Wolverine is pulled into a S.H.I.E.L.D. investigation when their headquarters is broken into. The X-Man realizes that the Weapon X experiments did not stop and there is now a weapon out there with his DNA, claws, and a lifetime of training. Now this weapon is coming for him and is going through anyone and everyone to do so.


Somewhere, a computer accessing information. It pulls up images of Mystique, Lance Alvers, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Storm, Charles Xavier, Bobby Drake, Sam Guthrie, Amara Aquilla, Alex Masters, Evan Daniels, Beast, Cain Marko, Shadowcat, Gambit, Toad, Wolverine, Fred Dukes, and Wanda Maximoff. The computer pulls up the image of Xavier then moves over to Cyclops, Jean, Storm, and Beast.

X-23 Examines SHIELD Files XME

A masked figure wearing goggles stands at the controls. The goggles open wider.

An image of Rogue switches to Shadowcat then Wolverine where it stops.

The controller's goggles focus on this image.

The picture of Wolverine pulls back and information pulls up about him. A line of text flashes that he is extremely dangerous and to use caution when engaging.

X-23 Rubs Wolverine File XME

The figure stands at the computer console staring at the information. Other images of Wolverine appear on nearby screens. The figure touches his image.

Suddenly the person pulls back their arm and extends two metal claws from their hand. They move their hand forward destroying the screen with their claws then destroy the other monitors.

The person retracts their claws just as alarms begin to blare. The person turns and runs.

A man breathes heavily on the ground as the figure runs past. He is wearing a S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform and has some device on his head.

SHIELD Soldiers See X-23 Damage XME

Armed soldiers run to a door and take position on either side. One cocks their rifle. They look in and see two large holes extending to the rooms behind that have been cut open. They announce that the intruder is heading towards the roof.

Outside, a helicopter flies towards a building. It shines a spotlight down below.

X-23 Escapes to SHIELD Roof XME

On the rooftop, a door is kicked outwards and the figure runs out. Two German Shepherds run out the door after the figure leading two soldiers. One tells the figure to freeze. The spotlight shines down on the soldiers.

The figure keeps running as they look back. The soldier lets the dogs go of the leashes and they spring forward. The figure looks back then stops as they reach the end of the roof.

The dogs run closer.

Dogs Stop Near X-23 XME

The figure looks around then pulls out two claws in each arm. The dogs stop just before the figure as the helicopter rises up and shines the light on the person.

The helicopter flies around the building and the figure watches it. The pilot listens to communications as he circles around.

X-23 Cuts Steam Pipe XME

Suddenly the figure runs forward. The spotlight moves to follow. The figure runs to some pipes as the light passes. They dig the claws into the pipes and drag it along releasing a cloud of steam.

With the area obscured, the figure runs forward and leaps over the barking dogs. The figure leaps onto the side of the building and uses the claws to control their descent.

The dogs whine and falls over. The helicopter blows the steam away as the two soldiers rush forward. They reach the side and see the intruder falls down the building.

X-23 Falls Down Building XME

The figure descends down the building past all the floors.

One soldier asks the helicopter, Arial One, if they have a visual. The helicopter moves to get into position.

The helicopter's light follows the path of the claws to the bottom but the figure is gone. They look around the parking lot but there is no one to be found.

SHIELD Searches for X-23 XME

The pilot says the intruder is gone. The soldier says that Fury is going to have their heads. Two more soldiers run up to join them on the roof as the dogs get up.

The helicopter continues circle. It shines its light around the cars but finds no one. It passes over a van.

X-23 Escapes SHIELD XME

Below the van, the light shines down into the sewer then disappears. The figure drops down out of the shadows into the moonlight. The figure looks around then retracts their claws.

Later at the Xavier Mansion, Berzerker is complaining to Iceman that this is lame and wonders why Wolverine can't do this in the Danger Room.

Iceman Imitates Wolverine XME

Iceman forms three ice claws and, imitating their teacher, says there is no off switch in the real world and calls him bub. The two laugh.

Suddenly they hear a rustle in the trees and stop. The two look around as the masked figure moves along the trees watching them.

Berzerker tells Iceman that he hates these training sessions. He turns and suddenly falls down a hole scream.

Iceman moves to help but stops when Berzerker releases some electricity. Berzerker looks up calling to Bobby when metal bars move over the hole. He grabs the bars begging to be let out.

Iceman Realizes Training Trap XME

Iceman tries to pull them when suddenly two devices rise out of the ground around him. He stands and three more rise up. They start shooting red balls at him.

Iceman drops telling Berzerker that he will find the others and come back for him. He transforms into ice and slides away.

He slides up and over a hill then along the path. He sees the other New Mutants ahead, three of them are jumping up trying to save two who are tied up in a tree.

Iceman Passes Sunspot Multiple During Training XME

Three copies of Multiple are the ones jumping up trying to save a fourth copy and Sunspot. As he slides past one of the Multiples cries out for help. Iceman tells them he will come back for them too.

Somewhere in a field, a red flag that says FINISH stands in the open. Cannonball struggles under a net. He tries to rocket away but the net holds him back. He then falls back on the ground and stops.

Iceman Passes Cannonball During Training XME

He smiles when he sees Iceman sliding forward. He calls out to his teammate asking for a hand. Iceman tells him that they will never learn anything if he keeps rescuing everyone.

Just then, because he is looking behind him, he bumps into a figure and falls down turning back to normal. He looks up to see Logan standing over him.

Logan reaches down and grabs the boy yanking him up. Iceman asks if he won. Behind them, Beast leads others to their position.

Logan Orders Iceman to Repeat Training XME

Logan says he can ask himself if he won as he goes through the course again. As the New Mutants approach, he tells them to all go through again. The students groan in protest.

Off in the distance, a helicopter approaches catching Logan's attention. He looks up to see two rising over the trees.

New Mutants Disappointed Logan Still Watching Training XME

He asks Beast to take over for him who agrees. The students cheer their new instructor. Logan stops and tells them that he'll be watching. The students once again groan as Beast pats them on the back.

In the infirmary, Xavier tells Rogue, who is sitting up in her bed, that she has nearly recovered from her recent experiences. He doesn't see a reason if she wants to rejoin the other students.

Rogue Needs Time to Recover XME

Rogue protests and, fumbling with her words, says she needs more time and pulls her blanket up higher.

Xavier stops her telling her to take as much time as she needs. She claims she is not ready to be around a lot of people yet. Xavier understands and rolls away.

Rogue Avoiding Logan Training XME

As he exits the infirmary he says it has nothing to do with Logan's training session. Rogue says it isn't and asks if that was today. With his back to her, Xavier smiles.

Outside, the two helicopters land.

Logan Watches SHIELD Helicopters Arrive XME

Logan watches them and Xavier rolls up. Xavier asks why Fury would believe Logan had anything to do with the S.H.I.E.L.D. break in. Logan isn't sure, but claims that if Fury thought there was something this isn't how he would be picked up.

Four soldiers run out of the helicopter and take position around the area. Fury walks down the ramp and stops.

Xavier Offers Logan Help for SHIELD Intrusion XME

Logan walks forward and Xavier offers his help. Logan says nothing and the soldiers escort him aboard the helicopter. Fury watches him go.

Xavier watches them disappear in the aircraft and Fury nods at him then turns to board. Xavier watches the helicopters rise up and fly away.

Logan Inspects X-23 Cut XME

At the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, Fury explains that the intruder had metal claws and his DNA. Logan inspects the cut marks then stops and asks what.

Fury walks through the hole saying he is looking for answers. Logan follows suggesting that someone is playing games with Fury.

Fury activates a console saying that is why Logan is there, to help him find out what is going on. One metal door slides apart while a second slides up as Logan asks how they have a sample of his DNA.

Logan Angry Deborah Called Him Weapon X XME

Inside, a woman sits at a conference table under armed guard. She stands and notices Logan, calling him Weapon X. Logan snarls and rushes forward demanding to know what she called him.

A soldier readies his rifle, but Fury pushes it down tell them to take it easy. He explains that the doctor has risked a lot by coming to them.

Logan glares at the woman then walks away.

The doctor pleads with them saying they are running out of time and have to move fast. Fury tells her to relax and start at the beginning.

Logan Fury Listen to Deborah XME

She sits and introduces herself as Doctor Deborah Risman. She says she is, then corrects herself to say was, a scientist for HYDRA. She explains it is an organization that deals in information.

Fury tells her not to sugarcoat it and corrects her to say they are spies. He tells Logan, who is leaning against a nearby wall, that dropping operatives behind S.H.I.E.L.D. walls is their favorite pastime.

Deborah says that is why she is there. She explains that an operative named X-23 was sent there to infiltrate the base, but went rogue. Logan asks why he should care. She retorts that this is cause for concern.

Deborah Fury Logan Watch HYDRA Footage XME

She loads a CD into a drive. A logo of a skull with tentacles appears on the screen. Logan asks her why she would work for the bad guys. She explains that they had no boundaries. They gave her the chance to push genetics beyond anything conventional science or governments would allow.

The video on the disk starts and she explains that her job was to create the perfect weapon based on data that HYDRA had stolen from a project codenamed Weapon X. Logan snarls at this.

X-23 Surrounded by Dreadnoughts XME

The video shows large robots emerge from the ground surrounding the masked figure, X-23.

X-23 looked around at the robots, all armed with heavy weapons.

Deborah claims she failed over and over again, twenty-two times to be exact.

One robot fired its flamethrowers, one raised its massive guns, another its fists, and one began whirling blades around.

X-23 Dodges Hammer Dreadnought XME

The bladed robot slammed the blades into the ground forcing X-23 back. Another dropped its hammer down but X-23 dodged.

Two charge and one fires its hands forward. The hands slammed into the ground and X-23 dodged then ran up the cables.

Deborah explains that the twenty-third worked because she knew where to look for the answer.

X-23 Decapitates Dreadnought XME

X-23 leapt off the robot and over the spinning blade and hammer robots. The flamethrower robot fired at X-23 who extend their claws and landed. X-23 then slashed at the head then cut it off with a second swipe.

The gun robot fired its weapon. X-23 leapt off and the blast destroyed the robot. It continued firing but X-23 outran the blasts.

X-23 leapt up and slashed apart one gun. The robot turned and fired its other gun. X-23 landed on a beam then leapt back at the robot.

Fury Logan Watch X-23 Footage XME

X-23 dug their claws into the robot and slashed it apart. X-23 leapt off the robot as it came crashing down. It exploded behind the figure.

Deborah explains that Logan, almost calling him Weapon X again but correcting herself was the key. She says it was the healing factor so they acquired his DNA. He asks if they cloned him. She said not entirely as they had to make a few genetic variations.

The video showed the remaining robots charing X-23, who leapt over the swinging hammer at them. X-23 slashed another robot head off and it crashed to the ground.

Deborah claims that the variations caused some instability.

X-23 Runs Towards Dreadnought XME

Another robot fired at X-23. The figure ran up and slashed apart the robot's leg. X-23 leapt up and slashed it across the midsection causing it to explode.

Deborah explains that X-23 became volatile and dangerous. Their efforts to breed out the emotion left behind only explosive anger.

The video shows the HYDRA creation slashing at an already downed robot. X-23 then leapt onto the ground, then onto a beam, and then another beam. X-23 ran forward and began slashing at the wall.

X-23 Threatens HYDRA Training Scientists XME

The wall crumbled as X-23 made a hole. Inside, scientists ran upon seeing the figure. Deborah just stood there.

X-23 jumped onto a computer console then began ripping it apart. Suddenly the video cuts out.

Deborah stops the disc. She says she succeed in creating the ultimate weapon. Logan finishes with saying she couldn't control it.

X-23 Crawls Along Tree Branch XME

Back at the mansion, X-23 crawls along a tree branch. X-23 takes off her hood revealing a young girl.

Deborah says she, X-23, is out there somewhere and must be found.

X-23 looks around. She sees Beast watching Multiple swing over a pit. Beast follows and lands. He jokes that the boy can't outswing him and he is all over this.

Multiple smiles and runs off leaping into a bush. Beast follows.

X-23 Hides In Tree XME

X-23 glares at the two.

Beast Multiple Training Laugh XME

Beast comes out carrying Multiple, only to be tackled by several more copies. X-23 watches as they all laugh.

She suddenly flashes back to a time when he stood in a thunderstorm. With heavy rain coming down, she slashed apart sand bags being thrown at her. She cut apart everyone that came at her growing more tired with each one.

X-23 On Ground Sandbag Training XME

She kicked one but another knocked her down. She knelt to the ground trying to catch her breath.

Cannonball Flies Through Ice Rings XME

X-23 shakes out of her memory then looks to see Iceman firing a beam while Cannonball runs up. Cannonball launches into the air flying through ice rings and then through a large ice block.

Iceman says Beast knows how to spice up a training session.

Cannonball continues flying through the air past a tree that is bend. Sunspot lets go of a rope that is tied around a stump. The bent tree moves back knocking Cannonball out of the air.

Cannonball cries out as he slams into a tree. Iceman and Sunspot watch as he falls to the ground.

Cannonball Laughs About Fallen Tree XME

Cannonball lays on the ground next to the tree, now fallen over. He asks if anyone else misses Wolverine. The other students laugh. Cannonball chuckles then says they are funny.

Above him, X-23 pops out her claws.

Down below, Cannonball struggles to stay on his feet. X-23 raises her claws but a whistle is heard.

X-23 Watches Beast Gather New Mutants XME

Beast pushes his way through the bushes blowing the whistle. Beast walks towards Cannonball along with Sunspot and Multiple. Beast congratulates them and tells them to pack it up for the day.

Beast walks away and Cannonball follows. The other two continue to laugh.

X-23 grimaces then retracts her claws.

Back at S.H.I.E.L.D., Deborah explains that X-23 was molded from birth by HYDRA. They removed any distractions like attachments or love.

X-23 Infant XME

She flashes back to the infant X-23 sitting in a cradle on a table in a room. Her cries went unheard in the empty room. The infant girl reached up for no one.

X-23 Swings Across Abyss Pole XME

She then flashes to X-23 hanging from a bar over a vast space. She was scared but persisted in climbing on across the void.

Logan notes that she let it happen. Deborah explains that it was clear she could leave at any time if she disapproved. However, she stayed for X-23's sake.

She continues to say that they trained her on how to blend into a crowd naturally. She watched children having fun with loving families, which triggered unexpected hostilities.

She flashes back to X-23 sitting calmly on a park bench overlooking a playground. She watched a boy fly a kite with his father and a mother push her daughter on a swing.

X-23 Ballerina XME

A little girl came up to the bench and put a music box next to her. She opened it and the music began playing. X-23 watched the ballerina spin around and grimaced.

HYDRA Men Take X-23 Away From Playground XME

Later, HYDRA men escorted an angry X-23 out of the park while Deborah watched. Deborah looked at the bench at the destroyed music box.

Deborah then explains that when she was twelve X-23 was put through the Weapon X process.

X-23 Weapon X XME

She flashes back to that time with X-23 in a liquid filled tank. A breathing tube extended to the top and her wrists were wrapped in bandages.

X-23 floated in the tank seemingly sleeping then extended her claws.

Logan Weapon X Tube Flashback XME

Logan flashes back to his own time in the tank as he looked around.

Logan shouts to stop her. He leans over the doctor berating her that X-23 is a child not a weapon. He asks how she sleeps at night.

Deborah retorts that she doesn't and explains that is why she is here. She wants to help X-23 and undo some of the damage she has done.

X-23 Watches Sam Roberto Play Chess XME

Back at the mansion, Roberto and Sam are back in their normal clothing sitting in a room playing chess. X-23 crouches outside the window watching as Roberto makes a move and Sam responds.

She looks up and leaps above the window. She starts climbing the outside towards the roof.

In the attic, Ororo is using a miniature rain cloud to water some plants.

X-23 Watches Ororo Attic XME

X-23 approaches the skylight and looks down. Sensing something, Ororo looks up but X-23 backs away before she is spotted.

In her room, Kitty is talking on the phone with something as she imitates a friend talking about pastries. Nightcrawler then teleports into the room as X-23 watches.

X-23 Watches Kitty Hit Nightcrawler XME

Kitty turns and slaps Nightcrawler aside with her pillow. X-23 watches.

She then flashes back to a time when she crouched in the corner of a large white room with nothing in it. X-23 sat shivering all alone.

X-23 growls and moves on.

X-23 Watches Scott Jean Dishes XME

She approaches a window and sees Scott and Jean talking and cleaning dishes. X-23 slowly approaches the window.

Inside, Scott fixes his hair while looking into a clean plate. Jean smiles then uses her telekinesis to shoot water from the spout. X-23 watches as Scott is squirted and Jean laughs.

X-23 then moves on.

Later, Xavier is rolling down the halls then suddenly stops. He calls to Logan as if he were there but his attention is caught by the sniffling of a young girl.

Xavier turns and approaches an open door. He peers inside and sees X-23 sitting at the chess table crying. He approaches and calls out to her.

Xavier Sees X-23 Crying XME

She looks up then puts her head down to resume crying. He asks what her name is. Just then she rises up, no longer crying.

She quickly moves, knocking the table over, to put a device on xavier's forehead. He cries out as the device shocks him.

X-23 Defeats Xavier XME

X-23 watches as he slumps down to the ground then crouches next to him.

Back at the base, Fury leads Logan and Deborah to a helicopter guarded by soldiers. He explains that he managed to rebuild the computer network that was destroyed. Logan asks about it and Fury responds that the last inquiry was on the X-Men.

Logan Finding X-23 Alone XME

Logan tells him that he wants to go in alone. Fury tells him to forget it. Deborah stops Fury to explain that Logan is right and his agents are no match for her. It has to be him.

Fury relents and tells Logan he has an hour and then they are coming in fast and hard. Logan grimaces.

X-23 Hugs Teddy Bear XME

Back at the mansion, X-23 wanders around Kitty's room. She moves to the bed and picks up a teddy bear snuggling it.

She then looks around at the top of the dresser filled with perfume. She picks one up and sniffs it but finds it disgusting.

X-23 Stares at Scott Jean Photo XME

X-23 enters another room and looks around. She picks up a picture of Scott and Jean, he holding a tennis racket and she holding a trophy. She looks up to see numerous pictures of Jean with X-Men, teammates, a horse, Duncan Matthews, and one of Logan.

She picks up a box and opens it. Just then she is startled by someone looking for Jean. She sees Sam in the door, who is shocked at the intruder. She pulls out her claws and races forward.

X-23 Defeats Sam XME

In the hall, Sam is knocked through the wall. He collapses as another device is attached to his forehead. X-23 stands over him, looks to the side, and walks off.

Bobby wanders down the hall asking himself who is breaking stuff. He approaches a door wondering where everyone is.

He enters asking Kurt if he heard anything. He stops when he sees Kurt, Kitty, and Jean knocked out with devices on their heads.

X-23 Hides Above Bobby XME

He backs into the hall, where X-23 waits by hanging on the ceiling. He turns and sees the intruder. She retracts her claws and drops down while Bobby screams.

Scott and Ray enter a room and Scott runs after finding Xavier down. He rolls the professor over and sees the device on him. Ray is shocked noting that is the same device he found on Magma.

They both look to the side to see someone trying to enter the room as the door handles shake. They run to the doors and grab the handles.

Scott silently counts to three while Ray charges up. They open the door and see a figure inside.

Rogue Scares Ray Scott XME

Scott readies his sunglasses and Rogue moves back in fear. She tells them it is just her. Both guys sigh in relief.

Scott pulls her inside and shuts the door. Rogue asks what is going on. Scott explains that someone has infiltrated the institute and already taken down the professor.

Rogue is shocked as the guys move towards the professor. Ray notes that it is small but he could probably zap it off without hurting him. Scott tells him to do it.

Ray charges his hand and moves it over the device.

Logan Stops Ray Removing Explosive XME

Logan bursts through the door yelling at them to stop. He explains that they are wired to explode. Ray quickly moves his hand away.

Scott asks him who is doing all this. Logan simply replies that they need to get those three out of here. Scott says he won't leave without the others. Rogue and Ray agree. Logan growls.

X-Men Find Ororo Roberto Defeated by X-23 XME

The group enter a room and find dust in the air over a destroyed table. As it clears they see Ororo and Roberto on the ground. They move over them seeing more devices.

Ray says this is impossible to get them all of them. He thinks that even Logan couldn't take them all on. Logan growls at him then turns to leave.

The group enters the library and see several Jamies and Beast on the ground. The duplicate Jamies begins to disappear.

Scott demands to know what is going on. Logan just replies that it is complicated.

X-23 Drops Logan Through Library Floor XME

Just then, claws pop out the ground and cut a square around Logan. He then falls through creating a square hold.

X-23 leaps out and throws a kick at Ray. He dodges and fires a blast. She avoids it and leaps over Scott as he shoots at her. She kicks him in the stomach sending him flying into Ray.

Rogue watches as Ray fires but she leaps over and kicks him. Scott sits up and she pulls out her claws.

Rogue says she has no choice and takes off her glove. She tries to sneak around behind X-23 who then sniffs at the air.

X-23 Dodges Ray Blast XME

Ray fires a blast and she leaps back and over Rogue. Pulling Rogue back, X-23 rips off her sleeves then pushes her forward. Rogue touches both men and they all cry out.

Scott and Ray pass out. Rogue's eyes and hands glow with the two different powers. X-23 then puts a device on Rogue causing her to pass out.

Logan Confronts X-23 XME

Logan stands in the doorway saying that the game is over. He asks the kid what she is after. X-23 leaps forward, pulls out her claws, and kicks him back.

She then runs out into the hall and Logan stands in the doorway watching. He follows her into the darkened mansion and stops to look around. He doesn't see her but calls out for her to talk to him.

Just then, a statue bust of Julius Caesar comes flying at him. It hits him and he falls back. X-23 leaps forward and slashes apart a column. She kicks the piece into Logan knocking him back.

Logan Dodges X-23 Slash XME

She races forward and he dodges her kicks and slashes. She leaps over his head onto the bookcase.

X-23 digs her claws into the ceiling then pushes the bookcase forward. Logan runs and it crashes down behind him. He falls forward slamming into the television breaking it.

She readies her claws and approaches. He looks up in time to dodge a stab. He rises up but she leaps away near a grand piano.

X-23 Kicks Logan Into Wall XME

She kicks the piano forwards him and he pulls out his claws to slash it apart. She races forward and kicks him back slamming him into the wall.

Logan dodges more attacks then races towards the staircase with X-23 closely behind. He dodges a swipe but she sweeps out his leg forcing him down.

She leaps up and rebounds off the stairs onto the chandelier. She cuts it and hangs to the cord so the light fixture falls.

Logan X-23 Atrium XME

Logan dodges but it crashes down knocking him forward again. X-23 moves over him and he stands.

He reasons that he knows what she has been through. He knows that no one should have to go through that, especially a child. X-23 cries out that she is not a child.

Logan Grabs X-23 Wrists XME

She tries to stab him but he grabs her wrists. He says she is still a child even if they have tried to take that away from her.

X-23 kicks him and he let her go. She rebounds and races forward. Logan watches as she leaps into the air and moves to kick him. Suddenly, a claw pops out of her foot.

Logan flies through the front door into the night air. He falls down the stairs and comes to a stop. X-23 leaps out the door after him.

X-23 After Logan XME

Logan asks why she is coming after them as she lands nearby. She replies that she isn't after the X-Men, just him. Logan doesn't understand and she races forward saying it is his fault.

She throws a slash but Logan dodges it. She turns and says everything she is is because of him. She races forward and throws a kick. Logan ducks and her foot claws embeds itself in the fountain.

She twists and retracts the claw. Logan walks forward saying she is mixed up and he didn't know anything about this. She cries out that he is lying.

X-23 leaps forward and throws more slashes. She pulls out her foot claw and slashes his chest. He staggers back then pulls out his claws.

Logan X-23 Lock Claws XME

She races forward but he blocks her claws with his. Logan watches calmly as X-23 struggles to push forward. He moves his claws knocking her off her feet.

He holds up his claws saying he is a victim just like her then retracts the claws crying out in pain as they go in. As she struggles to get up he says he is the one person on the planet who understands her.

She throws another slash but he grabs her. He pulls her close saying he is the closest thing she has to family. Tears begin streaming down her face as she says she can't have a family.

Logan X-23 Hug XME

She begins sobbing. Logan tells her to stop fighting her feelings and let them win. X-23 throws her arms around Logan hugging him. Logan is shocked then puts his arms on her.

Just then, helicopters are heard in the distance. X-23 stops crying and backs away. Logan turns to see the helicopters rising over the trees, their lights shining down.

Logan Deals With SHIELD For X-23 XME

Logan points away telling her to go. She just stares at him as he says he will take care of them and to get out of there immediately.

X-23 backs up, gives one last look, and races off.

Logan turns as a spotlight shines down on him. The helicopter lands nearby and Fury gets out. He calls out to Logan and approaches.

Fury Wont Let X-23 Go XME

Logan tells him to forget about her as she has been through enough. Fury gets in his face saying he cannot just let this go. Logan tells him he can and will, then turns to leave.

As he walks back to the mansion, the second helicopter rises up.

The next day, Rogue is sitting in the window staring out. Now in uniform, Wolverine gets her attention and she sees him in the door letting Xavier in.

Xavier says he was worried after not finding her in the infirmary. She explains it is okay and she is feeling much better.

Wolverine Invites Roge to Training XME

Wolverine says that is good as he needs her for a training session outside. She replies that she isn't that much better. Wolverine smiles saying she will like this one.

Outside, the New Mutants are racing across the lawn and laughing as they dodge the automated ball sentries. Beast and Storm wave them over and they come to them.

Wolverine Returns to New Mutants Training XME

Just then, Wolverine walks up carrying a sack and waving. The students all groan. Cannonball flies through some of Iceman's sculptures who notes that it was fun while it lasted.

As the students line up, Wolverine says that the course has a new objective. The students all groan. Wolverine opens the sack dropping several red balls. He calls it mutant dodgeball.

Wolverine Iceman Extra Credit XME

The students begin to cheer. Iceman says he is so good at this. Wolverine throws him a ball saying there will be extra credit for anyone who takes out the "ice cube."

Iceman is shocked as the others laugh. They pick up their balls and call out to Iceman. The boy runs off.

Wolverine watches and smiles. Xavier comes up asking about the change in tactics. Wolverine replies that sometimes kids just need to be kids.

New Mutants Throw Dodgeball at Iceman XME

They watch as the students surround Iceman and all throw their balls.


"Arial One, do you have a visual on the intruder?"
"Negative, the intruder is gone."
"Ah, Fury is gonna have our heads."

-S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldiers

"This is so lame. I don't understand why Wolverine can't just do this in the Danger Room."
[Imitating Wolverine] "There's no off switch in the real world, bub."

-Berzerker and Iceman

"Uh, did"
"You can ask yourself that as you're going through the course again."

-Iceman and Logan

"Why does Fury believe you have anything to do with the S.H.I.E.L.D. break in?"
"I'm not sure yet. But if he thought I really did this sure ain't the way he'd be picking me up."

-Charles Xavier and Logan

"Weapon X!"
"What did you just call me!?"

-Deborah Risman, first line, and Logan

"Okay. Uh. My name is Doctor Deborah Risman. I am...I was a scientist for HYDRA, an organization that deals in information."
"Don't sugarcoat it. They're spies. Dropping operatives inside S.H.I.E.L.D. walls is their favorite pastime."
"That's why I'm here. An operative, X-23, was sent to infiltrate this facility. But then went rogue on us."
"Trust me, this is cause for concern."

-Deborah Risman, Nick Fury, and Wolverine

"Why work for the bad guys?"
"No boundaries. They gave me the chance to push genetics past anything conventional science had ever seen. Beyond what any government allowed."

-Logan and Deborah Risman

"My job there was to create a weapon, the perfect weapon, based on data HYDRA had stolen from a project codenamed Weapon X. But I failed. Time and time again. Twenty-two times to be precise. Twenty-three was the charm once we knew where to look for the answer. It was you, Weapon...uh...Wolverine. Your healing factor was the key. Therefore, we...acquired your DNA."
"You...cloned me?"
"Not entirely, I had to make a few genetic variations. Unfortunately, that caused some instability. X-23 became volatile. Dangerous. Our efforts to breed out emotion left behind explosive anger. I succeeded in creating the ultimate weapon..."
"But then you couldn't control it."
"She's out there somewhere. And she must be found."

-Deborah Risman and Logan

"Oh yeah. Does Beast know how to spice up a training session or what?"


"Am I the only one who misses Wolverine?"


"HYDRA molded her from birth. Removing all distractions. Isolating her from any attachments or love."
"And yet, you just let it all happen."
"It was made very clear that I could leave if I disapproved. For her sake, I chose to stay."

-Deborah Risman and Logan

"We trained her how to blend in naturally with others. And when she watched children having fun, witness loving families, unexpected hostilities emerged."

-Deborah Risman

"When she was twelve, they put her through the Weapon X process."
"ENOUGH! She's a child, not a weapon! How do you sleep at night?"
"I don't. That's why I'm here. To help her. To try and undo some of the damage I've done."

-Deborah Risman and Logan

"You have to tell us what's going on!"
"It's complicated."

-Scott Summers and Logan

"Game's over. What are you after, kid?"


"I know what happened to you. No one should have to go through that. Especially a child."
"You are. Even though they've tried taking that away from you."

-Logan and X-23, first line

"Why come after us?"
"Not them. Just you."
"I don't understand."
"It's your fault! Everything I am is because of you!"
"You're mixed up. I didn't know anything about this."

-Logan and X-23

"No. I'm a victim. Just like you. I'm the one person on this planet who understands you. And maybe the closest thing you have to family."
"No. I...I can't have a family! I can't!"
"Your feelings. Don't fight them anymore. Let them win."

-Logan and X-23

"Forget about her. She's been through enough."
"I can't just let this go."
"You can. And you will."

-Nick Fury and Logan

"I was worried when I couldn't find you in the infirmary."
"It's okay, Professor. Really. I'm feeling much better."
"Good. Cause I need you for a training session outside."
"Well, not that much better."
"I think you'll like this one."

-Charles Xavier, Rogue, and Wolverine

"It was fun while it lasted."


"Course has a new objective today. It's called...mutant dodgeball."


"Why the change of tactics, Logan?"
"Sometimes you gotta let kids just be kids."

-Charles Xavier and Wolverine


Wolverine SHIELD File XME
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.'s file establishes that Wolverine is 5 feet 3 inches tall, 232 pounds, has D+ Mutated blood, and is thought to be from Canada. He has no known real name, no known age, no known birthplace, and no known social security number.
  • The pre-credit scene is two minutes fourteen seconds long.
  • Iceman's hair still moves like regular hair in his ice form.
  • For whatever reason, Magma is missing from the first training session.
HYDRA Dreadnought Gun Model XME
  • It's likely that HYDRA's robots are based on Sentinels. In the comics, their robots are known as Dreadnoughts.
  • X-23 faces off against eight HYDRA robots.
  • Other shots of Wolverine seen when X-23 looks him up are a shirtless Logan talking to Scott, Wolverine in his first costume with his claws out, Logan looking back at some trees, and Wolverine facing off against Sabretooth.
  • Deborah is about an inch shorter than Wolverine.
  • Wolverine apparently has some knowledge and/or experience with the forehead devices X-23 uses as he quickly identifies them and apparently disables them all. It's also possible S.H.I.E.L.D. disabled them.


SHIELD Mutant Files XME
  • It's understandable that S.H.I.E.L.D. could acquire school pictures for the children in their civilian clothing, but how did they get similar looking portraits for X-Men in their uniforms or villains like Mystique, Juggernaut, and Gambit?
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.'s file on Wolverine doesn't capitalize Logan.
  • There is no space between "to" and "be" in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s file on Wolverine's birthplace.
  • The other images of Wolverine when X-23 is at the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility are shots from the series where cameras would have been impossible.
SHIELD Helicopter Rises Behind X-23 XME
  • Externally, the helicopter is skinny so that multiple people must sit behind one another, like an Apache helicopter, but the shot inside shows the pilots side by side.
  • In the first establishing shot of the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility there are very few cars around but when X-23 escapes the parking lot is full.
  • The training session shooters are very poorly designed if they can't hit Iceman as he crouches in one place.
  • What is stopping Sunspot from using his powers to get out of the trap?
  • If Iceman was looking for help for Berzerker he could have used Sunspot and Multiple. Instead he goes past them not bothering to save them or try to get their help.
  • The shot of Iceman approaching Cannonball is the same as him approaching Multiple and Sunspot.
  • How did S.H.I.E.L.D. get X-23's DNA?
  • The blasts from the HYDRA robot with gun arms are not coming out of the muzzles.
  • The HYDRA logo on the men that take X-23 away from the playground is extremely crude. It's also highly unlikely that anyone from a wanted criminal organization would so openly display their logo in public.
Ororo Waters Indoor Plant XME
  • While a miniature rain could would help indoor plants, a miniature thunderstorm would likely harm them.
  • Logan didn't think to call the mansion and warn them about X-23 before leaving?
  • For some reason Rogue is the only one the inhibitor device did not shock.
  • Logan's healing factor works instantly after she cuts his chest as there's no mark at all on him, just his shirt.


Deborah Risman XME
  • Only appearance of Deborah Risman.
  • First appearance of HYDRA.
  • HYDRA, X-23, and Nick Fury next appear in "Target X".
  • Nick Fury next appears in "Ascension, Part One".


Main Actor Role(s)
Meghan Black Rogue
Lisa Ann Beley Deborah Risman
Jim Byrnes Nick Fury
Venus Terzo Jean Grey
Andrew Francis Iceman/Bobby Drake
David Kaye Charles Xavier
Multiple/Jamie Madrox
Michael Kopsa Beast/Hank McCoy
Andrea Libman X-23
Scott McNeil Wolverine/Logan
Kirby Morrow Cyclops/Scott Summers
Tony Sampson Berzerker/Ray Crisp
Bill Switzer Cannonball/Sam Guthrie

While Risman doesn't appear in any other episode, her voice actress Lisa Ann Beley would appear in X-23's next episode "Target X" as Madame Hydra.

This is Andrea Libman's only turn as X-23. In "Target X" she is replaced by Brittney Irvin. This is Libman's only appearance on the series.


X-23 XME

X-23 was an original character designed for the series. She was created entirely by Craig Kyle, though because Christopher Yost helped write the episode he is often given credit. She proved so popular that she was adapted into the comics and has become quite prominent.[1]

Greg Johnson and Boyd Kirkland were likely the ones who designed her as they were running the show.[2]

Kyle came up with the backstory for the character, writing a massive document that went into a great amount of detail. He did research into genetics and gender variation in the animal kingdom to get the character right.[3][4]

This was the last of four episodes for the series that Curt Geda directed and did storyboards for.

Censorship issues forced cutting down some scenes as Kids' WB thought some moments were too violent and gory for children's television.


X-23 Rips Rogues Shirt XME

"Stu" of Marvel Animation Age noted that X-23 was the subject of controversy as Marvel wanted more appearances of Wolverine on the show. He did not feel that there was anything bad. He felt that X-23 could be annoying but nothing about the episode was horrible. He claimed it failed in its original intention as audiences still only got one Wolverine-centered episode a season and now he had to share with "some knock off of him." He did praise the animation calling it fantastic and unlike any of the other episodes. He particularly pointed out Wolverine reactions to Deborah and X-23 taking out the X-Men. Otherwise he felt the episode was boring. He did like X-23 taking out the whole team but felt it got tedious. "Again, not too terrible, not brilliant, but pretty dry story with mouth watering visuals."

The episode has an 8.4 on and 8.1 on the Internet Movie Database.


Six months later, X-23 would be formally introduced into the comics with NYX #3 and is one of the most popular mutant characters. In the comics, it is explained she is female because the Y chromosome that was recovered was too damaged to make a male. She also took on the name Laura Kinney because of the doctor who created her, became the surrogate mother, and raised her. She eventually went on to take the mantle of Wolverine after he was killed.

Though Deborah Risman does not appear in the comics, she would get a similar equivalent with Sarah Kinney.

X-23 would go on to appear on Hulk vs Wolverine, Wolverine and the X-Men, The Super Hero Squad Show, and the live-action film Logan.


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