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Series The Marvel Super Heroes
Release Date September 1, 1966
Episode Number 1 B

(Series Premiere)


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The combo of Omar and Sando have become a popular stage performance, with their ability to not only predict the future, but have it appear in a crystal ball. During a recent show, they predict that an envoy of US tanks would be destroyed, a prediction that apparently comes true.

This catches that attention of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes who decide to investigate the show further by sneaking back stage. Finding that their refusal to speak to the press curious, they notice that one female reporter manages to sneak into Sando and Omar's dressing room.

Changing into Captain America and Bucky in order to snoop further, they find that all the images are sent to the crystal ball come from a projection booth, realizing the show is a hoax, Cap and Bucky attack Sando and Omar and soon find themselves fighting Nazi spies as well and having to protect the female reporter.

Defeating them all, and learning that Omar was a helpless victim being used by Sando, Captain America also learns that the woman in peril wasn't a reporter at all but a government agent known only as Agent 13. With the enemy agents all rounded up, Captain America and Bucky resume their civilian guises and return back to base.



  • This episode's plot is based on the story originally published in Tales of Suspense #64, "Among Us, Wreckers Dwell!".
  • Only appearance of Agent 13, Sando, and Omar outside the comics.





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