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Time Fugitives Part 2
Series X-Men
Release Date December 18, 1993
Episode Number 21
Writer Elliot S. Maggin
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Cable must stop Bishop from destroying the plague so his future can survive. Can he do it even if it means helping out his mortal enemy?


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"The name's Cable. Remember it, Apocalypse!"


"You've let Apocalypse kill him!"
"No, I've saved us all! Wolverine's special mutant immune system is curing him and by doing so, he's creating the antibodies that all mutants will need to survive."

-Bishop and Cable


  • Cable mentions how he already knows about Cyclops and Jean Grey. Although not stated in the series, in the comics Scott and a clone of Jean are Cable's parents. In the follow-up coming x-Men '92, it is revealed that Scott and Jean are his parents.






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