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Series The Spectacular Spider-Man
Release Date May 10, 2008
Episode Number 9 (Overall)
9 (Season)
Writer Kevin Hopps
Director Dave Bullock
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On Halloween night, Spider-Man is pulled into one last confrontation with the dreaded Green Goblin. This time, the friendly neighborhood wallcrawler won't stop until he knows the truth behind the mask. Meanwhile, a terrible collision in space means trouble for the crew of the shuttle and much worse.


A werewolf costume sits in a closed costumes shop along with various Halloween decorations. Spider-Man swings by doing a version of A Visit from St. Nicholas.

He swings over a street filled with decorations of ghosts, cats, and a glowing Jack-o'-Lantern. He lands on a roof noting that it has been quiet recently, without any word on Green Goblin.

A moment's peace

He falls back creating a web hammock for himself to land in. He points out that his rhyming isn't perfect.

He looks up to see an object fly high overhead.

In orbit around Earth, the shuttle of Colonel John Jameson floats in space.

A voice on the radio asks John if there are any trick or treaters there. John jokes that they're all out of candy.

His two fellow astronauts float in the shuttle. The woman holds a camera recording him.

Finding time for fun

John reminiscences about his first Halloween where he was an astronaut. He opens his hand letting a Jack-o'-Lantern go.

He goes on to say that while he enjoys the peace and tranquility of space, he is glad to return home the next day. He wants to see the costumes of the next generation of dreamers. He then says that his new costume is great.

The symbiote on the rock

Just then the shuttle is hit by a large rock. The rock breaks apart as the three astronauts are knocked around.

The female astronaut gets in the co-pilot seat and notes that life support is fine. John knows that if it wasn't they would be in serious trouble.

Later, John goes out EVA to inspect the ship. He reports that the heat shields are trashed.

On the ground, MUN anchorman Dillbert Trilby reports that while John keeps his sense of humor there is question as to whether the shuttle could land safely with the damaged heat shield.

At The Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson paces around while Joseph Robertson, Betty Brant, and Ned Lee watch. The reporter notes that the loss of the navigation computer greatly increases the hazard.

Jameson asks where Frederick Foswell is. Robbie says he is in California waiting for the shuttle to land.

Betty protects the boss

Ned stands and whispers to Betty that it may not land. She quickly pushes Ned and Robbie out to get out of Jameson's way.

When the three leave, Jameson sits at his desk holding a picture of him and his son.

Someone tailing them

Elsewhere, Hammerhead is sitting in the back of his car. The driver hears then sees Green Goblin flying behind them.

A razor bat knocks out the front passenger tire. She tries to control the car but it swerves, flips, and crashes into a poll.

She gets out of the car and puts on her hat. When she hears Goblin cackling she raises her gun.

High above on his Goblin Glider, Goblin pushes his foot down and a Pumpkin Bomb flies into his hand.

The driver steadies her gun and fires at him. Goblin activates the bomb and tosses it at her.

More than she can handle

She quickly turns and runs but the bomb blows up with a loud scream and green gas. She is knocked forward into a wall. She tries to sit up and aim her gun but falls unconscious.

As Goblin nears her, the passenger door of the car opens causing the glider to crash. Goblin falls to the ground next to her.

He sits up and laughs while seeing Hammerhead getting out. He puts brass knuckles on each hand. He charges forward and goes head first through the wall.

Too much for him

However, Goblin dodged out of the way. He teases Hammerhead on his clothing then releases knock out gas from his glider. He goes on to say he has a built in gas mask.

Hammerhead later wakes up in an empty steel mill. He finds himself chained to a chair. He knows that Goblin is still there.

Goblin flies in and around the captured Hammerhead. He claims that the city will soon be his, and he wants Hammerhead to work for him.

Hammerhead denies the request, saying that he is not scared of someone in a Halloween costume. He says that he isn't afraid of someone he doesn't respect and he only fears one person.

Proper motivation

Goblin flies in close already knowing that it's the Big Man, also known as L. Thompson Lincoln. Hammerhead says that Lincoln is the "mask" for Tombstone, cause that's all that's left when someone crosses him.

Goblin pulls a large blade out of his glider and puts it to Hammerhead's throat. He wonders if his captive has life insurance.

Glued to the news

At Midtown Manhattan Magnet High School students including Gwen Stacy, Randy Robertson, Liz Allen, Hobie Brown, Glory Grant, along with teacher Aaron Warren are watching the newscast of the shuttle.

Trilby explains that the astronauts have done all they could to repair the damage. He says John has only one chance to get the crew home. John must manually pilot the shuttle at the exact right angle or else they will burn up on reentry.

Just then Gwen sees Harry Osborn storm past the door.

In the hall, Harry opens his locker and gets a small vial of Globulin Green then closes the locker.

Gwen asks what he has. He claims it's just a new soda. When Gwen asks to try a sip, Harry quickly pulls it away.

Gwen knows that something is wrong and he needs help. She realizes this is responsible for why he blacked out the other day.

Harry retorts that the stuff is the help. He explains that the green stuff is responsible for his high GPA as well as being good at football and being a popular kid.

A vision of things to come

He holds the vial up and half is face is distorted by the liquid.

Harry opens the top and Gwen tries to stop him. He shoves her against the locker and downs the entire vial.

Once finished Harry claims that the black outs are a small price to pay. He drops the vial breaking it on the ground. He walks away saying he doesn't need her sympathy.

A woman's look

Peter walks in the door but Harry shoves him away. Peter watches his friend leaves then looks to Gwen, who looks back worried.

That evening, Tombstone enters his office. He opens his phone and orders it to call Hammerhead. However, a phone begins ringing from his desk.

The chair turns around revealing Goblin with Hammerhead's phone. He mimics a voice mail message saying that Hammerhead is tied up. He then laughs at his own "classic" joke. He throws the phone over to Tombstone. Tombstone tells Goblin that Hammerhead can take care of himself.

Goblin looks over the desk seeing pictures of Tombstone with a woman, Jameson, and Norman Osborn. He picks up the picture of Tombstone and Osborn holding some kind of plaque saying that he could handle Tombstone too.

Corporate takeover

Goblin explains that Hammerhead had a jump drive with incriminating evidence against Tombstone that could put him in jail forever.

He says there's nothing to worry as it's in "Gobby's" possession now. Tombstone growls and moves towards him. Goblin leaps onto the desk telling him that he doesn't have it with him now, but he will that night.

Tombstone demands to know when and where. Goblin says he will know. Tombstone realizes it's a trap.

Just then the Glider crashes through the window. Goblin leaps on saying that the trap is what makes things fun knowing that he has no other choice. He tells Tombstone to come alone then flies off.

As Goblin flies off, Tombstone goes to the hole in his window watching.

Elsewhere, Spider-Man is swinging through the city. He is complain about how Gwen managed to get him to go across town to talk with Harry by just looking at him.

Hitching a ride

Just then he sees Goblin flying overhead. He lands on a building and webs the glider stopping it.

Goblin turns and flies towards him with the blade sticking out the Glider's head. Spider-Man falls back narrowly dodging the the blade. Before he can recover Goblin begins pulling him by his own webline.

While flying over the city, Spider-Man asks where Goblin has been. He retorts that he was looking for the webslinger.

Goblin whips him around dropping dozens of pumpkin bombs. They explode but Spider-Man hangs on.

Taking the battle to the pilot

Goblin turns to see what has happened to the hero when Spider-Man pulls himself up and punches Goblin. Before he can swing away, Goblin grabs his leg, spins him around, and puts him in a headlock.

He tells the hero that they both want Tombstone gone. Spider-Man slams his elbow into him and spins around behind Goblin. He says that they are doing it for different reasons.

Goblin grabs his arm then shoves him off the glider. He then sees that the hero is hanging on underneath the glider.

Goblin spins his glider around trying to knock Spider-Man off with a building. He explains about the jump drive that could stop Tombstone.

Spider-Man tells him to hand it over and he'll turn both of them in. Goblin replies that he doesn't have it on him, but will tonight.

Goblin flies down close to the streets. Cars honk as he flies by. Spider-Man pulls in closer to the glider to avoid being hit while asking where.

The villain recognizes how similar this conversation is. He explains that the hero will know. He flies to the top of a building then slams Spider-Man into an air conditioning unit.

Gone but not forgotten

Spider-Man pulls himself out of the damaged unit and falls to the ground. He looks up to see Goblin flying away cackling.

Later, Spider-Man lands on a building and takes off his mask. He thinks about how talking to Harry about his problem will be less painful than Goblin being free.

Seeing the Goblin on familiar turf

He looks up and sees Goblin fly towards the Osborn Penthouse. He puts on his mask again and swings over.

Spider-Man enters the penthouse wondering if Goblin actually came in. He remembers that other wackos have tried to get Norman before.

Just then a statue splits in half and Norman walks out through a secret door. Spider-Man realizes that while he has been coming there for years he never knew about that.

Norman walks out of the room and Spider-Man crawls down. He thinks that while Norman has a thing for masks it doesn't mean he's the Green Goblin.

He notes that Goblin has been attacking OsCorp Industries stealing their technology. As he approaches the secret door he theorizes that it could be a ruse to throw off suspicion.

He hears Harry calling out to his dad and quickly sneaks off. Harry enters still calling out to his father.

Realizing that Harry has more than enough problems

High on the wall, Spider-Man wonders how he could talk to Harry about his now two problems when one is in the next room. He sneaks away.

Harry walks over to a couch and sits down. He pulls out another vial and drinks it down. He smiles at his renewed strength.

Later while at the Silver Spoon Cafe, Peter calls Harry on his cell demanding to talk to him. Harry tells him to come up to the penthouse. However, Peter wants him to come down. Harry knows that this is for Gwen and says no.

He then says he's going to put on his costume and will meet him at the Bleecker Street Carnival.

At the carnival, a beautiful woman wearing a black and white cat costume carries a bag away from Midtown High's booth. She walks past a scarecrow sitting on some hay.

Two children wearing a ghost and Spider-Man costume approach the Midtown booth. Liz sits there dressed as a pirate, Sally Avril as a genie, and Glory as a cheetah.

The kids take some pumpkin shaped cookies. Liz thanks them for their support, then quickly changes to a pirate accent.

Peter's two women meet

As Gwen walks by, without a costume, Mary Jane Watson in a vampire costume introduces herself. Gwen recognizes her and asks if she has seen Peter. Mary Jane says she was going to ask her. She goes on to say that Peter was going to talk with Harry.

Just then the football team, comprised of Flash Thompson, Randy, Kenny Kong, and Hobie all dressed as cheerleaders with women's wigs start a chant. A crowd gathers and watches along with Gwen and Mary Jane.

Liz get excited and cheers them on. Sally starts to get excited then stops wondering if they are making fun of them.

Kenny digs his hand in a bowl of pumpkin and witch cookies wanting some food. Glory quickly pulls it out of his hand. Kenny asks if she will break up with him over a cookie. She simply gives him the look.

Flash walks over to Mary Jane putting his arm around her and asking if she is dangerous. Mary Jane smiles and flirts back.

Checking for updates

Rand walks by looking at his phone then stops. Sally walks up to him wondering why he hasn't complimented her costume. He says he's trying to get information on the shuttle. She wonders why she should care. He gets angry saying that John is like an older brother to him and he may not make it.

At the Bugle, the staff watches the news report while Jameson stands in his office. They hear that as the shuttle enters the atmosphere NASA will lose contact.

In his office, Jameson talks on the phone with Foswell. He orders Foswell to give him the truth, no matter what happens. Foswell agrees and the staff continue watching the broadcast.

In space, John tells the others to prepare for reentry. The hull blazes from the extreme heat.

Up to the second information

At the Bugle, the staff watches a NASA simulation. Peter then enters from the elevator. He walks over to the television set and sees the report. He turns to see Jameson looking worried.

Foswell tells him that there is nothing yet.

In California, Foswell stands with other reporters and crew and continues to tell Jameson that he sees nothing. He starts to apologize when he hears a sonic boom overhead.

Safely home

He looks up and sees the shuttle coming in. He tells Jameson that the shuttle is landing safely.

The shuttle touches the ground and opens a parachute to slow down. The people watching cheer as the shuttle slows down.

The three astronauts watch them and John gives them a thumbs up. Foswell tells them that they are safe.

The staff at the Bugle cheer. Jameson is proud of his son.

He bursts out of his office yelling at the staff to work on the paper or else he will fire them. The staff, except for Peter, scramble to their desks.

Peter walks up to Jameson congratulating him on the great news. Jameson tells him it's the biggest news of the day.

He grabs the photos Peter's holding and sees the battle between Spider-Man and Green Goblin. He tosses them into the air claiming them to be worthless. He tells them all that the Bugle's celebrating a real hero, not "freaks" in costumes.

Better fish to fry

As Jameson enters his office, Peter scoops up his photos asking what he should do with them. Jameson tells them to sell them to the Daily Globe, who'll buy anything.

At OsCorp, the security guard is surprised to see Norman returning so late that night. Norman responds that those who want to "rule the world" don't punch time clocks. Norman then rides the escalator up.

In his office, Norman is moving his files around. Just then he hears a screaming explosion.

Outside, there's a large hole in the building. Then another is blasted out.

Norman runs out into the hallway where two men greet him. One says that "he" stole "it." Norman wonders what he means. The man says it's the Inhibiter Prototype.

Down the hall, the guard tells someone to freeze, but is quickly pinned to the column by razor bats.

Throws that theory out the window

Green Goblin flies out with the prototype. He hovers just above Norman and the others and laughs. He flies up and crashes through the skylight.

Spider-Man swings over to the carnival and stops in the side of a building as his phone rings. He answers and Gwen asks him about Harry.

He tells her that Harry will meet him at the carnival. He says that he's already here and wonders where she is.


He drops down and lands right next to her. She sees him and realizes it's Peter. Thinking quickly, he takes off his mask and asks how his costume is.

The two walk over to the others who are watching the "cheerleaders" do a pyramid. Flash is complaining that Harry isn't there as he was supposed to be on top.

The already struggling Flash sees Peter and points and laughs at the "Spider-Geek." However, he looses his concentration and the whole pyramid falls apart.

His costume brings all the girls to the yard

Mary Jane and Liz walk over to Peter complimenting him on how nicely he fit in the costume. Peter gets red with embarrassment.

Flash gets up claiming that Peter looks nothing like the hero. He claims he should have been Spider-Man. Peter reassures him he fits into his costume nicely too.

Just then they all look up to see fireworks shooting up. One forms a large Jack-o'-Lantern as it screams. While everyone is impressed, Peter knows that it's Green Goblin.

Gwen watches the unexpected show

Gwen turns to tell Peter that they need to find Harry. But when she looks around he is gone.

High in the sky, more fireworks go off forming Jack-o'-Lanterns as they scream. They're coming form a large steel mill.

Spider-Man spots Tombstone leaving his helicopter and entering the mill. They both recognize that it's a trap but enter anyways.

Inside, molten metal is being poured despite the mill being empty. Spider-Man enters and crawls to a catwalk, soon followed by Tombstone.

Finding their man

Hammerhead swings out on a chain. He is embarrassed as he is moved over a large vat of molten metal.

Tombstone berates his underling for thinking he should have had evidence against him. He points out that it wouldn't have stopped him anyways.

Hammerhead tells his boss that there never was any evidence. Goblin announces that he had lied.

Just then, pumpkin bombs falls on the catwalk to each side of Spider-Man and Tombstone. The catwalk begins to fall. The two look up to see vat coming towards them as Goblin says it was a trap.

Saving the enemy

Spider-Man looks up to see the metal begin to pour. He grabs Tombstone and leaps off. The pouring metal destroy the damaged catwalk.

Spider-Man swings away as metal fills the floor under them. However, a razor bat cuts his line and they fall.

Spider-Man throws Tombstone to another catwalk and swings on. They look up to see Goblin floating above. He grabs two pumpkin bombs and tosses them.

Here he comes to wreck the day

His two prey run as the bombs destroy the catwalk. Goblin keeps throwing more as they flee.

He activates a razor bat and throws it at them. It cuts apart chains then embed themselves into Tombstone's back.

Tombstone stops running and looks at the three bats in his back. He scowls at Goblin who flies overhead. He picks up a broken bar and follows.

Taking a trick from Max Dillon

Goblin chases the swinging Spider-Man shooting energy blasts from his fingers. He hits the hero who falls down slamming onto a pipe.

Goblin pulls out the blade in his glider and swoops down. Tombstone throws the pipe allowing Spider-Man to barely dodge. Goblin takes out the pipe in front of the hero.

Spider-Man turns and thanks the criminal. Tombstone tells him to take down Goblin or at least unmask him. Spider-Man reminds him that he already saved him from the steel.

Goblin flies overhead dropping more bombs. Tombstone flees and Spider-Man swings after him.

Barely saving himself

He latches onto the glider, but Goblin whips him around before slamming him into a large hook. Spider-Man catches himself before falling onto the molten steel.

He swings away and Goblin fires another bomb and chases him off.

Tombstone enters a control room and activates the switches. He moves Hammerhead over to a ladder, while Goblin continues pursuing Spider-Man.

Tombstone climbs the ladder to get his ally. He leaps over to the cable and grabs Hammerhead.

Battle of the four superhumans

Goblin moves over to him but Spider-Man kicks him off the glider. The villain lands on a pipe. Spider-Man swings over and webs him to the pipe.

Tombstone throws Hammerhead up onto a catwalk. He then leaps over next to Hammerhead. The two stand up and flee.

This won't end well

Spider-Man tells him he should have brought snacks to keep his guests there. Goblin cuts himself loose saying he did get party favors.

Goblin throws a razor bat unlocking a door high above. It releases dozens of pumpkin bombs over the mill.

They begin exploding everywhere and Spider-Man quickly swings away. The entire place starts going up and Goblin chases Spider-Man. He throws a bomb knocking Spider-Man down.

Outside, the helicopter takes off. Tombstone and Hammerhead watch as the mill begins going up in green smoke and flames.

Enjoying it too much

Back at the carnival, Flash notes how scary the Jack-o-Lanterns are that Mary Jane is looking at. He then claims that nothing is scarier than him in a skirt.

Mary Jane says that while he lost the bet, he is making the most of it. He tries to put his arm around her while saying that he and Liz have broken up.

Mary Jane pushes him away. She tells him that she will not be a replacement girl. She walks away saying that she is single and likes it that way.

Gwen promises to give more trouble

As he walks away, Gwen walks around the corner. She notes that since neither Harry nor Peter are there one of them is getting "The Look."

Back at the mill, explosions continue to rock the refinery.

Goblin flies out through a window carrying Spider-Man. He punches the hero then grabs him. He asks why he doesn't give up then punches him again.

Spider-Man slams into a smoke stack then lands on a catwalk. Goblin throws a bomb and the hero dodges. Spider-Man shoots his webbing at Goblin who dodges it.

He says that he will never give up now that he knows Goblin's secret identity. Goblin questions him as to whether the Goblin mask is the fake face or the one underneath.

Spider-Man knows Green Goblin's identity...or does he?

He throws several razor bats at Spider-Man who dodges them. They explode behind him. Spider-Man stands saying he knows the villain is Norman Osborn. Goblin questions this.

Spider-Man webs the glider and pulls him in. Goblin opens a compartment on the bottom revealing a large gun. It fires a large green blob at the hero.

Spider-Man dodges the blob, which lands and quickly crystallizes. He swings away and Goblin chases firing more of the blobs.

The webslinger swings through the facility dodging the attacks. Goblin stops and presses a button on his gauntlet.

As Spider-Man swings away more bombs go off causing a massive explosion. Spider-Man leaps across the falling debris to stay up. Goblin flies in behind him and hits him with a blob.

As Spider-Man falls, Goblin catches his webbing asking how he likes the Gobwebs. He decides to test whether the Gobwebs or Spider-Man's bones are stronger.

He flies down and through a large pipe. The glider scrapes the sides causing sparks while Spider-Man is bounced around.

Letting him fly on his own

The two leave the pipe and Goblin claims to have learned nothing. He wants to try something more drastic and flies up. Silhouetted against the moon, Goblin lets him go high in the air.

Goblin stops and turns to see his foe fall.

Spider-Man hopes something will work and shoots out his webbing. He spins around so it wraps around him.

The web ball hits the high part of the refinery then begins bouncing down. As it rolls away the webbing breaks apart, but so does the Gobwebs.

He notes that the pain he feels means he's still alive. He looks up to see Goblin closing in on him.

The villain throws a bomb at him. He holds up the webbing causing it to bounce back. Goblin is shocked to see his own weapon used against him.

Falling down on the job

The bomb goes off in a cloud of green smoke. Goblin emerges but the glider crashes and he tumbles off. He comes to a halt on a nearby roof.

Spider-Man flips back to avoid falling debris. He lands on a smokestack and sees Goblin knocked out.

Goblin sits up and holds his right shin. He stands and limps over to his fallen glider.

Spider-Man tries to web him, but remembers that his webshooters are out. He leaps to the roof and runs over to Goblin.

Down but not out

Goblin reaches his glider and lifts it above his head. He activates it sending it flying while he holds on underneath.

Spider-Man leaps up to grab him but Goblin flies higher to dodge him. As Spider-Man lands Goblin flies around. Spider-Man chases his fleeing foe knowing where he lives.

Later, Spider-Man swings into the Osborn penthouse. He sees Goblin sitting on the couch struggling with his mask.

After much struggling, Goblin takes off the mask revealing himself to be none other than Harry Osborn. Harry quickly grabs his aching throat and gasps for air.

Spider-Man sees the facts

Spider-Man is shocked to see that he was wrong. Harry claims he isn't the Green Goblin as this isn't his costume. He tries to explain that he is supposed to be a cheerleader.

Harry stands but winces and falls down when his leg suddenly hurts.

Then, Norman walks into the room seeing his son and the hero. Spider-Man turns to see the man he thought was the real Green Goblin casually walking into the room.

He notes that Norman has no limp. Norman wonders why he would, then wonders what his son is wearing.

Norman realizes what his son has been up to

He looks down and sees an empty vial on the floor. Harry wonders what his father means. Norman explains that it is Globulin Green, an experimental steroid in its early stages that is unstable and highly addictive.

Being the father

He leans over angry at his son. He yanks Harry up demanding to know why his son would steal from his company, something clearly dangerous and stupid.

At hearing those last words, Harry's pupils shrink and he smirks. He grabs his father's wrist hard enough to make breaking noises.

The son attacks the father

He tells Norman that it was for him. Harry twists him around throwing him through a hanging painting and slamming him into the wall beyond destroying a mask.

Norman falls and Spider-Man shoots a web to soften the landing.

Harry catches the vial still spinning in the air. He reminds his father that he told Harry to "man up." He approaches his father saying that he wanted to be the son Norman always wanted.

Turning the tables

Sirens are heard off in the distance. Harry stands over his father saying he is a man just like him.

He then gets weak and collapses. Spider-Man catches him. Harry wakes up, his eyes normal again, realizing he blacked out again. He claims not to remember anything. Harry doesn't believe he could be the Goblin.

Harry vows to go straight

He holds up the vial then throws it across the room. It breaks apart on a mask.

Harry knows he never should have taken the stuff in the first place. He believes he ruined everything. He stands and limps over to the couch to sit down.

Spider-Man doesn't think it makes sense. He wonders why Harry, quickly changing so as not to reveal that he knows him, would attack the Big Man or OsCorp.

Norman makes a deal

Norman puts his arm around him walking to the window explaining that Norman has had dealings with Big Man and was threatened by Hammerhead.

They look over as Norman theorizes that while on the Globulin Harry created a personality that could deal with Norman's problems. But he wonders why Harry would attack him.

Deep in addiction

Harry laughs thinking that maybe he has some anger issues. He turns and looks at the Goblin mask.

Norman grabs Spider-Man claiming that he will take the fall. He notes that he invented the Globulin and is the obvious suspect in the Goblin crimes.

Spider-Man pushes his arms off saying that Harry needs a father who isn't in jail for a crime he did not commit. Norman wonders if he did. He points out that this is all his fault and drove Harry to do it.

He then asks Spider-Man for help in giving his son the assistance he needs. Spider-man wonders what he means.

Just wants what's best

Norman notes that if Spider-Man turned in Harry and Big Man learned he was the Goblin, then he wouldn't survive one day. He points out that Harry is his only child. Spider-Man also thinks that he's his best friend.

The hero turns and tells him that the Goblin disappears forever leaving the identity officially a secret. He walks out and swings away.

Norman thanks him and turns to look at his son. Harry cries while holding onto the mask.

Beaten in the sales

The next day, Robbie hands Jameson a copy of the Daily Globe with a picture of Spider-Man fighting Green Goblin. Jameson picks up the paper wondering why he should care about the Globe.

Robbie informs him that their coverage of Spider-Man, as well as Peter's photos that Jameson rejected, are outselling their coverage of the shuttle.

Jameson rolls up the Globe knowing that the people want Spider-Man. He says that he will give them what they want.

Spider-Man gets a new enemy: public opinion

He turns in his chair and stands. He tells Robbie that the next day's front page should read "Spider-Man: Threat or Menace?"

At school, Peter scares away some pigeons while walking. Mary Jane calls out to him and he says hello.

Together at last.

He stops when he realizes she is at school with him. He looks over seeing her sitting crosslegged at the fountain. He walks over and sits next to her.

She explains that she was accepted by the school and goes there now. She was going to tell them the night before but he disappeared. She notes that he does this often.

Peter apologizes. He says he was looking for Harry but didn't find him. Gwen walks up and assumes they haven't heard yet.

She sits down and tells them that Harry temporarily left the school to travel abroad. She whispers to Peter that he is getting the help he needs.

Peter grimly states that it was a happy ending.

Back in California, a hanger door opens. Foswell and John enter. Foswell asks John if he is glad to be home. The two walk over to the shuttle. John likes the solid ground.

John Sees Symbiote SSM.jpg

They see a dark, oily spot on the shuttle. John moves his hand over to it and it moves towards him. He quickly retracts his hand. He continues saying that it's safe on Earth.


"Twas the night before Halloween, and all through Manhattan, not a criminal was stirring, not even Green Goblin...lin. Might was well enjoy the peace and quiet while I can. Manhattan. Goblin. They sort of rhyme."


"So Colonel Jameson, any early trick-or-treaters up there?"
"Hope not. We're fresh out of candy. But seriously, I still remember my first Halloween. Heh. I was an astronaut. Big surprise, right?"

-Radio and John Jameson

"Plus this year, my astronaut costume rocks."

-John Jameson

"Life support's still up. Otherwise..."
"Otherwise it's "Houston, we have a problem.""

-Female Astronaut and John Jameson quoting Apollo 13

"Anyone know a good body shop up here?"

-John Jameson

"Keep laughing, Kermit. I hear green's the new black and blue."


"You should be green with envy, because you lack my fashion sense. Oh, and built-in gas mask."

-Green Goblin

"Goblin. I know you're out there."
"Out there. In here. Everywhere! Yes, this will soon be my town, Hammie, and I could use a good right-hand flattop."
"Ugh, not gonna happen. You think I'm afraid of a goofball dressed for Halloween? Can't be afraid of what you don't respect. And I've only ever respected one man enough to fear."
"The Big Man, alias L. Thompson Lincoln. See, I've already peaked under his mask."
"Lincoln is the mask. The Big Man's Tombstone cause that's all that's left when you cross him."

-Hammerhead and Green Goblin

"What's that Harry?"
"Nothing. Just a new soda."
"Then you wouldn't mind giving me a sip."
"This is why you were passed out the other night. Harry, whatever that stuff is you need help."
"This is the help. Four-poin-oh GPA, football stud, in-crowd. All thanks to the Green."
"Harry, no..."
"A few blackouts are a small price to pay. So spare me your concern. My life's great."

-Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn

"Oh, I'm sorry. Hammerhead can't come to the phone right now. He's a bit...tied up!"

-Green Goblin

"Hammerhead can take care of himself."
"And you as well, apparently."

-Tombstone and Green Goblin

"I know a trap when I..."
[Goblin Glider breaks in]
"But that's what makes it fun. Besides, what choice do you have?"

-Tombstone and Green Goblin

"How does she do it? One look and next thing you know I'm swinging cross-town to have a talk with Harry."


"Ho-ho. Landed me a big one."
"Who's landed whom?"

-Spider-Man and Green Goblin

"We both want Tombstone out of the picture."
"For totally different reasons."
"Details, details."

-Green Goblin and Spider-Man

"Anyone else getting deja vu? Oh well, let's run with it."

-Green Goblin

"If Gwen's right, looking Gobby will seem way less painful then talking to Harry."


"Nah. I-I mean so the guy likes masks. But that doesn't mean that he...B-besides, Gobby keeps stealing OsCorp tech. So unless those thefts were staged to throw off suspicion."


"Oh great. Now Harry's got two problems. How can I talk to him about either with "Green Gosborn" in the next room?"


"Thanks for supporting Midtown High and Happy Halloween. I mean...Arr, matey. Enjoy the cookie."

-Liz Allen

"Uh, it-it's Gwen, right?"
"Uh, hi. Hi, Mary Jane. I need to find Pete. Have you seen him?"
"I was going to ask you."

-Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy

"Lean to the left. Lean to the right. Stand up, sit down. Fight, fight, fight! Go Mustangs!"
"Woo-hoo! Shake those pompoms!"
"Yeah, shake tho...Wait. Are they mocking us?"

-Football team, Liz Allen, and Sally Avril

"Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat."

-Kenny Kong

"So, you as dangerous as you look?"
"Ah, wouldn't you like to know?"

-Flash Thompson and Mary Jane Watson

"You haven't complimented my costume."
"Trying to get the latest on the shuttle."
"Which matters to me, why?"
"Maybe because John Jameson's like an older brother to me. And because he may not make it."

-Sally Avril and Randy Robertson

"Whatever happens Foswell, you give it to me straight."
Sure, J.J. S-straight."

-J. Jonah Jameson and Frederick Foswell

"Fasten your seatbelts. It's gonna be a bumpy night."

-John Jameson

"Nothing yet, boss. Nothing. Nothing. J.J. I-I-I'm sorry. Wait! There it is! It's landing! They're saved!"

-Frederick Foswell

"He did it. My boy did it." [Opening his office door] "HEY HEY! I'm not paying you bums to watch television! Get me a new layout in seventeen seconds or you're all fired! Go! Go! GO!"

-J. Jonah Jameson

"Congratulations, boss. It's great news."
"It's the news. What are these? A couple of freaks in costumes. Worthless! The Bugle's celebrating a real hero: my son John!"
"But what do I..."
"Sell them to the Globe for all I care. That rag'll print anything."

-Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson

"Mr. Osborn. Didn't expect to see you back tonight. And through the front door no less."
"You wanna rule the world, you don't punch time clocks."

-Security Guard and Norman Osborn

"Nice costume, huh?"

-Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker

"Hey look. It's the Spectacular Spider-Geek."

-Flash Thompson

"Gotta say, Tiger, you fill out that costume nicely."
"Very nicely. You can web me up anytime, Petey."

-Mary Jane Watson and Liz Allen

"Puny Parker!? He looks nothing like Spidey! I should've been Spider-Man."
"Don't worry, Flash. You fill out your costume nicely, too."

-Flash Thompson and Peter Parker

"So. Gobby offered you the secret toy surprise too. Trap?"
"I figured. Meet you inside."

-Spider-Man and Tombstone

"This is so embarrassing."
"And disappointing. Did you really think you needed a jump drive to protect you? Did you really think a jump drive could protect you?"
"Ah, come on boss. You couldn't've fallen for that. There's no drive. No incriminating evidence. There never was!"
"Yes, yes. I'm a big fat liar. Like we didn't all know this was a trap."

-Hammerhead captured, Tombstone, and Green Goblin

"Welcome to Green Goblin's House of Horror! Or should I say Refinery of Revulsion!"

-Green Goblin

"Uh, thanks?"
"Take down the goblin, or at least unmask him, and we'll call it even."
"Uh, excuse me. Who rescued who from the molten steel?"

-Spider-Man and Tombstone

"Next time you throw a bash, Gobby, leave out snacks. Your guests will stay longer."
"Oh, how embarrassing. But at least I brought party favors."

-Spider-Man and Green Goblin

"Terrifying, huh? Or is nothing scary after seeing me in a skirt?"
"The skirt's cool. I know you lost a bet, but you made the best of it."
"Glad you feel that way. I mean, now that me and Liz have split up..."
"Whoa! Pom poms to yourself, big guy. I like you, but I won't be a replacement girl. This redhead's a free agent and plans to keep it that way."

-Flash Thompson and Mary Jane Watson

"No Harry. No Pete. Someone is so getting The Look."

-Gwen Stacy

"Why don't you just give up?"
"Cause I know your secret. I know who's face is behind that mask."
"We all wear masks, Spider-Man. But which one is real?The one that hides your face? Or the one that is your face?"
"I know you're Norman Osborn!"
"Am I?"

-Green Goblin and Spider-Man

"Let's see which cracks first, my Gobwebs or your bones."

-Green Goblin

"Okay...all this pain...at least proves I'm still alive."


"Go ahead. Run. I know where you live."


"You're the Green Goblin!?"
"No. Uh, th...This isn't my costume. I'm a cheerleader and I..."

-Spider-Man and Harry Osborn

"You're not limping."
"Why would I be limping?"

-Spider-Man and Norman Osborn

"Globulin Green. An early stage, experimental performance enhancer. Highly unstable and addictive!"

-Norman Osborn

"You stole it from OsCorp, didn't you!? Why would you do something so dangerous!? So stupid!?"
"FOR YOU! You told me to man up. So I took the Green to become the son you always wanted me to be. To become a man. Like you!"

-Norman Osborn and Harry Osborn

"This makes no sense. If Har...If this kid's the Goblin, why would he attack the Big Man? Why attack OsCorp?"
"I've had dealings with the Big Man. I was threatened by his stooge, Hammerhead. Harry must have overheard. Under the influence of the Green, his subconscious created someone who could take the Big Man down. Now, as to why he attacked me..."
"Maybe I've got some anger issues."

-Spider-Man, Norman Osborn, and Harry Osborn

"I will not allow this. I'll say I was the Goblin. After all, I invented the Green. I'm the obvious suspect."
"No. He needs you. And what good could you do him locked away for a crime you didn't commit?"
"Didn't I? This is all my fault. I drove Harry to...I will get him help, I swear. If you'll let me."

-Norman Osborn and Spider-Man

"If you turn him in, if the Big Man learns Harry was the Goblin, he wouldn't survive the night. Please, he's my only child."
[Internal monologue] "And my best friend."

-Norman Osborn and Spider-Man

"The Goblin disappears. Forever. Leaving a mystery that doesn't get solved."
"Thank you."

-Spider-Man and Norman Osborn

"And why should I care what the Globe runs on its front page?"
"Because their Spider-Man scoop, and Parker's pictures of it, slaughtered our space shuttle coverage at the newsstands."
"The people have spoken. Get that traitor Parker in here and lock him to an exclusive deal. If they want Spider-Man, we'll give them Spider-Man. Here's tomorrow's front page headline: "Spider-Man: Threat or Menace?""

-J. Jonah Jameson and Joseph Robertson

"Hey Tiger."
"Oh, hey M.J. M.J.? What are you doing here? I go to school here now. Midtown's Theater Magnet accepted me. I wanted to tell you last night, but you disappeared. As usual."
"Uh, sorry. I..."

-Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker

"Harry's taking a leave of absence from school to travel abroad. [Whispers] And to get the help he needs."
"And that makes it a happy ending, right?"

-Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker

"So, Colonel Jameson. Uh, good to be home?"
"Yup. Back on solid ground. Where it's nice and safe."

Frederick Foswell and John Jameson


  • In 2008, the year the episode originally aired, Halloween occurred on a Friday. The episode could not have occurred that year since Peter meets Mary Jane the next day at school, which would be a Saturday and thus no school. Since it was released in May of 2008, it was probably based on the 2007 calendar where October 31st occurred on a Wednesday.
A wolf man costume
Old school
  • Green Goblin compares Hammerhead to Dick Tracy villain Flattop, who also has a 30s gangster theme.
  • Midtown High must have a strict policy against any holiday decorations. It is never decorated for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
  • Tombstone has a view of the Empire State Building from his office.
  • A jump drive is more commonly known as a USB flash drive. The phrase "jump drive" is typically used in science fiction to describe faster than light travel.
  • One of the masks on the wall in the Osborn Penthouse, seen when Spider-Man sees Norman leave the room, looks like a Jack-o'-Lantern or Pumpkin Bomb.
Lots of cameos
Revenge of the jocks
  • Having the football team dress as cheerleaders may be inspired by the film Revenge of the Nerds where the football team and their cheerleader girlfriends switched costumes for a comedy skit.
  • In the comics, the various symbiotes are extremely vulnerable to heat as well as sound. In this episode, it manages to survive on the hull of the shuttle despite the extreme temperatures of reentry.
  • Norman Osborn's computer appears to be based on Microsoft Windows.
  • The trick of using webbing to throw a pumpkin bomb back at the thrower was used in the film Spider-Man 3.
  • When Norman berates his son, one of the masks in the background looks like the Batman cowl.
  • Norman is slightly smiling as he talks to Spider-Man when the hero isn't looking at him.
  • First episode where Spider-Man does not face a new enemy. While the symbiote is introduced, the hero does not meet it.
  • First episode that does not end with with the Spider-Man mask appearing.


  • While filming John, the female astronaut floats up and down without any outside force, more like floating in water. In a weightless environment she would need something to push her back.
  • During the first news report, the second story in the scroll is not capitalized.
  • Liz Allen thanks the two kids for supporting the school. However, the two never gave them any money.
  • The people at the carnival are obviously reused many times. They appear in the background of shots sometimes in the same scene but in different directions. It's particularly bad during the cheer.
  • Despite being right in front of an alley, Spider-Man drops down from high above right into the carnival next to Gwen. Anyone could have seen him drop from a height no normal human could without injury.
  • Additionally, Gwen should have been able to see him drop from the corner of her eye and knew he didn't just walk up.
Improper layering
  • The fireworks appear in front of the carnival banner, meaning they would have to be going off inside the street and not at the refinery. Additionally, some are shown being shot off from the surrounding buildings, meaning they would have to be shot down not up. Also, they are launched far too apart to be coming from the refinery, unless the carnival was extremely close.
  • When Spider-Man enters the steel mill, he climbs in through a window and onto a catwalk. But he doesn't follow the curve of the wall and walks on air.
  • There is a lot more molten steel covering the ground than could be in the vats. Also, it doesn't cool despite having a large surface area to the air.
  • The Goblin Glider produces a lot more weaponry (between the pumpkin bombs, razor bats, and Gobwebs) that could possibly fit inside.
  • In the close up of Green Goblin activating the razor bat, there is no way the blades could fit in the device.
Too small for the blades
  • Throughout the episode, the pumpkin devices that house the razor bats change between small round balls and flat discs.
  • When Tombstone is pulling Hammerhead to safety, Spider-Man and Green Goblin swing and fly around the cable. However, Goblin flies in front of the cable and the perspective makes the cable appear feet in diameter. But in the next shot when Tombstone grabs onto it it's only inches.
  • Tombstone is adamant that Green Goblin be stopped. But after freeing Hammerhead, when he could have made it a three-on-one fight, he flees.
  • When Green Goblin springs the pumpkin bomb trap door, none of the bombs are activated.
  • Also, one of the bombs passes through Spider-Man's head.
Some kind of fireproof costume
  • Despite being so close to molten steel as well as the pumpkin bomb that hit him lighting his costume on fire, he shows no burns or scorch marks at any time.
  • The three scratches on Spider-Man's chest change throughout the remainder of the episode. Sometimes going away completely, and sometimes just being one large scratch.
  • When being chased during the Gobwebs attack, Spider-Man lands a webline at the opposite side of an object that he should be able to.
  • Spider-Man doesn't seem to realize that Green Goblin is taller than him, like Norman is, while Harry is the same height.
  • When Norman grabs the vial, it is blank but when Harry grabs it out of the air it has a label. Additionally, after Harry briefly blacks out it is half full.
  • Mary Jane wears short shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals to her first day of school. Average temperatures in the New York area would be too cold for that.
  • It's clear that the symbiote animation at the end is different from the rest of the shot. It also appears to be sitting on top of the shot rather than a part of it.


Together at last
  • Mary Jane finally joins Midtown High.
  • Peter Parker would get the symbiote for himself in the next episode "Persona".
  • "Nature vs. Nurture" takes place less than a month away on Thanksgiving Day. "Reinforcement" takes place on Christmas Eve. "Shear Strength" takes place on New Year's Eve.
  • Harry Osborn and Green Goblin return in "Subtext".
  • In "Final Curtain", it is revealed that Norman really was Green Goblin the entire time. It was simply a happy accident that Chameleon was imitating Norman at the time, who was later hired by Norman to continue the charade. Norman injured his son to give him a limp, and was able to suppress his own to fool Spider-Man.


Main Actor Role(s)
Josh Keaton Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Steven Blum Green Goblin
Dilbert Trilby
Lacey Chabert Gwen Stacy
Grey Griffin Sally Avril
Betty Brant
John DiMaggio Hammerhead
Andrew Kishino Kenny Kong
Ned Lee
Phil LaMarr Joseph Robertson
Robbie Robertson
Joshua LeBar Flash Thompson
Vanessa Marshall Mary Jane Watson
Daran Norris J. Jonah Jameson
John Jameson
Alan Rachins Norman Osborn
Kevin Michael Richardson L. Lonnie Lincoln/Tombstone
James Arnold Taylor Harry Osborn
Frederick Foswell
Alanna Ubach Liz Allan


The episode is part of the third arc of the season. The title is based on the chemistry term uncertainty principle. Essentially, the more precisely the position of some particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum can be known, and vice versa. Greg Weisman calls the first season "The Education of Peter Parker." [1]

Steven Blum also does the voice of the NASA man speaking to John at the beginning.

Kevin Michael Richardson also plays the OsCorp security guard who greets Norman.

The origin of the symbiote is directly inspired by Spider-Man's "The Alien Costume, Part One". In the original comics, Spider-Man got it during the Secret Wars. In the Ultimate comics, Richard Parker worked on a cure for cancer along with Eddie Brock's father which ended up becoming the symbiote.

Addicted to fictional substances

Harry Osborn is shown to be addicted to Globulin Green, a fictional formula created for the series. In the original comics he was addicted to the very real cocaine.

In the original comics, Harry would eventually become the second Green Goblin. In the Ultimate comics, he became Hobgoblin. Had the series gone on for a third season, he would have become one of the two. The deception here is likely inspired by the revelation of Ned Leeds (renamed Ned Lee for this series) as Hobgoblin. He had been brainwashed by the original Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley) into thinking he was the real one.

The shot of Green Goblin dragging Spider-Man is based on Amazing Spider-Man #39, though Spider-Man keeps his mask on. That is the issue where Green Goblin's identity, his true one, is revealed.

Third episode Kevin Hopps wrote for the series after "Interactions" and "Competition". As with the other two, he reread as many of the Green Goblin comics he could get ahold of. While reading about Green Goblin, he understood that Norman thought out many things far in advanced. He wrote the episode knowing that Green Goblin had a plan for what was next.

Hopps finds returning characters somewhat hard to write for as he feels they need to top what happened before. [2]

Screaming pumpkins

It was Victor Cook's idea for the pumpkin bombs to scream.

Greg Weisman does not remember when the actors knew the truth of Green Goblin's identity, but the writing staff new from the first day. [3]

The concept of Green Goblin being another personality, as Norman suggests of Harry, comes from Green Goblin of Spider-Man. All other versions have Norman simply becoming evil, like in this series. This change was kept in the first Spider-Man film. However, the series keeps the original comic book concept of Norman simply becoming Green Goblin.

Originally aired on May 10, 2008.



"Arsenal" of Marvel Animation Age was underwhelmed by the episode though it was not a bad episode. He felt that since the episode hinged on the reveal of Green Goblin it became hampered by it. He claimed that the producers had created high expectations for the show and did not like the apparent clear cut explanation of how Harry was Green Goblin. He felt that since Greg Weisman had used twists and surprises in previous series to great effect this episode was too straightforward. He did not believe that Harry nor Norman really worked as the Green Goblin at that point, especially given Harry's two "freakouts." He did point out that Tombstone was a bit character who was being given some recognition. He enjoyed that Mary Jane, Liz, and Gwen's relationships with Peter were all different and not just copies of each other. He pointed out that the Halloween costumes revealed some of each character's personalities. "This episode may look better in hindsight, depending on where this route takes Harry, Norman and Peter. But, for now, I feel un-wowed, and after a string of not just good but great episodes, it's a tad disappointing."

Sexy vamp

Eric Goldman of IGN gave the episode an 8.8 Great out of 10. He claimed it was amazing how much the show could get into a single twenty-two minute episode. He liked that Mary Jane's vampire costume was appropriate for children while still being sexy. He also liked the little bits of innuendo, like Liz's line when she saw Peter as Spider-Man. He liked how Green Goblin was a genuine threat to the others and enjoyed the fight scenes. He did like how the show left it open that Harry wasn't the true Green Goblin, and since the comics use Norman it meant that he was manipulating his son just as Roderick Kingsley used Ned Leeds in the comics. He did appreciate the subplot with Jameson's space mission. While he claimed John was too earnest, it did provide some good material for Jonah. He liked how Jonah quickly went from concerned father to eager publisher. He felt that Spider-Man taking attention from his son gave him good motivation to dislike the hero. He also pointed out Black Cat's cameo and setting up the symbiote. He also said the three-way battle was one of the best of the season.[4][5]

The final shot

Tim Janson of Mania.com claimed the episode was one of the best of the season. [6]

The episode has a 9.4 on TV.com and an 8.3 on the Internet Movie Database.


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