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The Origin of the Silver Surfer Part Two
Series Silver Surfer
Release Date February 14, 1998
Episode Number 2 (Overall)
Writer Larry Brody
Director Tom McLaughlin
Roy Allen Smith
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Silver Surfer wanders the cosmos doing the bidding of his master Galactus, finding planets for the destroyer of worlds to consume. However, he is bothered by thoughts he cannot explain. Meanwhile, a force sets his eyes on the herald as a means to discover the secrets to Galactus. He will set upon Silver Surfer his greatest weapon, an entire planet designed to attack him.


Following the previous episode...

In the depths of space, planets soar through the emptiness. An asteroid passes by.

Silver Surfer Enjoys Space

Out of the light of the nearby sun comes Silver Surfer. He notes that space is his home. He wonders if anyone has ever been as lucky has he is.

He flies through an asteroid belt towards a planet with rings. He believes that only he can soar the cosmic currents and be one with the galaxies.

Silver Surfer Uncertain

He passes over an asteroid and closes in on the rings. As he flies through the asteroids, he feels confused and uncertain. He exits the asteroids wondering where he came from and why he serves. Behind him, the asteroids and rings pass by.

He opens a wormhole and enters. The hole closes behind him.

Elsewhere, the vastness is dominated by a red nebula. The wormhole opens and Silver Surfer exits.

A satellite passes by a moon and heads towards a planet covered in technology. Silver Surfer moves closer and slows down.

Silver Surfer Finds Tech World

The satellite moves towards the surface past several other satellites and ships. Silver Surfer moves in closer. As more satellites pass by, he notes how strange it is that the entire surface of this world is artificial.

He moves down to search past it. Unseen by him, one satellite stops and turns to follow him.

Silver Surfer Flies Past Tech World Turrets

On the surface, Silver Surfer flies past gun turrets. They begin to move tracking him. A voice tells Lord Glenn that their scanners picked up something.

In a room somewhere, monitors show footage of Silver Surfer. The voice states their databases confirmed that Silver Surfer entered their space.

Silver Surfer leaves the planet's atmosphere and stops his flight looking down. His eyes begin to glow green. He looks down past the technological surface to the rock below. He looks past that to see the core.

Finding it, he notes that the necessary energy lies within. He feels this planet can ease "his" hunger.

Silver Surfer Calls Galactus

Silver Surfer flies up higher. He raises his glowing hands and fires a beam of energy into space.

The monitors show this. The voice tells Glenn that he is sending out the call to Galactus. A voice exclaims that he must be stopped. Another creature reminds the lord of the procedure. Glenn nods his head.

On the surface, the turrets fire rapidly into the air.

Silver Surfer stops his signal to look down. Suddenly a massive ball of energy comes straight towards him. He backs up but it closes in on him.

Silver Surfer Flies Through Tech World Blast

He shields himself with his board then opens a hole through the massive energy blast and flies through.

The turrets continue firing into the sky and Silver Surfer easily dodges the attacks. One blast hits the bottom of his board followed by another. As he dodges more blasts, he wonders if they understand that nothing can stand in his way.

Silver Surfer Dodges Tech World Fire

As he gets closer to the surface near the turrets, he realizes that even though these creatures know they cannot win they continue to fight. He fires a massive blast of energy to stop oncoming attacks.

The turrets continue firing. He laments that while their struggle moves him he will not allow himself to be swayed.

Silver Surfer flies up in the atmosphere then back down to the surface. He fires a blast from his hand destroying several turrets.

Silver Surfer Destroys Tech World Turrets

As he flies by, he fires a sustained blast knocking out the weapons as he goes. The turrets continue firing until they are all destroyed.

With the weapons gone, Silver Surfer feels sorry for them. He raises his hands and once more fires a beam calling Galactus.

Back in the control room, the voice tells Glenn that they have other weapons. Glenn stands disagreeing with the man, Ivar. He explains that Silver Surfer's power is awesome, but their data suggests that Galactus' is even greater.

Lord Glenn Defeated

All monitors show Silver Surfer signaling his master. Glenn walks away saying that this is a day they dreaded since Galactus arrived in this sector. The others follow him out.

High above the planet, an enormous ship fly away followed by many smaller ones. Glenn states that only by evacuating do they have a chance to survive.

Silver Surfer Watches Tech World Inhabitants Leave

Nearby, Silver Surfer watches them go. The ship fly all around him away from their world. He thinks about all the times he has seen wanderers forced from their worlds, yet it never stops bothering him.

A shadow passes over his face. He looks up to see Galactus' ship blocking out the sun.

It moves over the planet. The cities below become engulfed in darkness. The ship settles over the world and the bottom glows. Out come the enormous metallic tentacles.

Galactus Ship Over Tech World

The tentacles slam into the ground destroying the buildings. One topples over crashing to the ground in a cloud of dust.

Elsewhere, two planets near each other and lightning sparks between them. Then they suddenly collide in a fiery explosion. A voice calls this beautiful and majestic. Afterwards, there is nothing left but debris.

A skull-shaped ship flies through the planets' ruins near destroyed pieces of technology. The voice asks his love if it touches her heart to witness such ruinous grandeur. A destroyed ship floats by.

Thanos Watches Galactus

Inside the vessel, a blue-faced figure agrees with his unheard love. He looks to the screen to see Galactus' tentacle slam into the surface of Glenn's world. The man claims that Galactus is the very definition of destruction.

The screen changes to another tentacle absorbing energy. Fires rage behind the destroyed turrets. He once more agrees with his love. Sitting in his chair, he believes that if he controlled Galactus' power then the entire universe would bow before them.

Back at the planet, fires rage throughout the city. The ship begins lifting off.

Silver Surfer Bows Before Galactus

Silver Surfer flies up to the top towards the enormous sparking figure of Galactus. He leaps off his board onto a nearby device. He bows calling to his master.

Galactus looks down and his body stops sparking. He announces that he has never fed so well since his herald joined him.

Silver Surfer stands wondering when he did join him and why. Galactus notes he is always questioning and is always restless. He finds it amusing that he once thought lesser beings could be content, and laughs.

The herald asks if he amuses mighty Galactus. The master replies that it is of no consequence, only that Silver Surfer provide him with the energy he needs. Galactus orders him away knowing that soon the planet will be drained and his will be hungry once again.

Galactus Watches Silver Surfer Leave Tech World

Silver Surfer calls his board and it flies to him. He jumps on and flies away. Galactus watches him go.

Silver Surfer flies away from the ship and the planet. The skull-shaped ship watches him leave.

Inside the ship, the man watches Silver Surfer fly past planets. He notes to his beloved that it is the Silver Surfer. He stands saying he could crush the herald with a gesture.

Thanos First Watches Silver Surfer

He walks to the screen theorizing that if anyone knows the secrets of Galactus it is him. He realizes he needs to trap him, intending to rip the knowledge from his brain.

He turns telling his love that he knows what is necessary. He has the perfect pawn to use. He turns and fires a beam from his finger.

As he flies through space, Silver Surfer is suddenly illuminated by a bright light. Nearby, there is an enormous explosion sending waves towards him.

Silver Surfer Survives Nova Event

Silver Surfer realizes it is a nova. He shields himself with his board, shocked as he has never felt anything with this kind of force. He spirals wildly no longer able to control his direction nor speed.

Light blinds the entire area.

Later, he wakes up on his board floating through space wondering where he is. He realizes the nova's waves blew him like a spec of cosmic dust. He worries about the time he has lost since Galactus must soon feed.

Silver Surfer Finds Ego

He looks about and sees a nearby planet. He flies over towards it.

Silver Surfer flies down to the surface. It is covered in rock formations. He goes by a waterfall noting how there is daylight and plant life. He wonders how this can happen on a world with no sun.

Silver Surfer Flies Onto Ego

He realizes the planet contains an abundance of energy. He feels he is fortunate to have been carried there as he passes between two cliff sides.

Beneath the surface, a waterfall pours water into the depths. Beneath an underground reservoir lies a pulsating core. A voice cries out that there is no escape. The core suddenly bursts with energy.

Silver Surfer flies by a rock formation when the ground spews lava into the air. He stops but is rocked back by the force of the blast.

Silver Surfer Blasts Lava Rock

He looks down seeing more openings forming spewing more lava into the air. He fires beams from his eyes to stop one lava blast and destroys more molten rock that comes up.

A fissure opens and another opening spews more lava behind him. This time he is blasted from behind. The massive lava blast propels him into the air and he falls off his board.

He tumbles back down towards the lava pool. A blast of lava shoots up and knocks him off to the side. He slams into the rock wall and begins sliding down.

Silver Surfer Volcano Ledge Fall

He bounces off a ledge but grabs onto it. However, the side crumbles away and he falls down once again.

The man in the ship finds it intriguing that Silver Surfer is no where near as powerful without his board. Silver Surfer continues tumbling down towards the lava.

In space, the ship passes through asteroids. Two fly at the ship but are instantly destroyed on contact. Watching him on the monitor, he wonders what other secrets the herald will expose.

Thanos Watches Silver Surfer Fall

He watches as a fissure opens up and Silver Surfer falls in. Once inside, the fissure closes itself. He turns to his love complimenting her on her flawless plan, calling her the mistress of strategy. He turns and fires a beam at the console.

The ship smashes through an asteroid while turning. It enters a wormhole and disappears into a flash of light.

Back on the planet, Silver Surfer struggles to open the fissure. He dangles over the lava below. He notices a sound and comments that it is like a heartbeat and looks down at the lava.

He calls his board and it flies up. It enters the fissure and he drops to it. He flies up into the air as the fissure closes once again. Rocks fly up around him.

Silver Surfer Ego Jungle

He leaves the lava opening, which suddenly disappears while trees form instantly.

He flies through the woods noting how the growth cycles should take eons not moments to happen. He realizes the world is filled with impossibilities. He thinks that such speculation is pointless since the world will soon be destroyed.

Silver Surfer Ego Lightning

Silver Surfer flies up but the clouds darken. As he flies over the ocean, an enormous waves crashes below him. A voice cries out that he cannot go. Lightning strikes above.

Suddenly the air is filled with snow. Lightning strikes behind him. A tornado forms and engulfs him, once again flinging him from his board. He wonders if the whole world is attacking him.

Silver Surfer struggles to get back onto his board. He is pelted with snow and ice. He realizes that the area around him is a perfect void and he has no source for his Power Cosmic to draw upon. Lightning strikes behind him.

Ego Tornado Face

Suddenly, a face appears in the winds of the tornado. The voice claims his place is there on the planet. Silver Surfer cries out that his place is at the side of Galactus, now and ever more.

The herald is blown back and he becomes completely covered in ice. He knows he must free himself for Galactus. He flies forward towards some ice caves.

In space, the the planet is completely frozen over. It looks out upon other nearby planets.

Back at Lord Glenn's former world, Galactus' ship still overs high above. Galactus calls out to his herald, saying this world is no more. He says the energies have been absorbed.

The tentacles lift off the the surface back to the ship. He says that never before has his herald failed to summon him before he was finished.

Galactus Crown

He looks out into the void realizing Silver Surfer is strangely silent. He wonders if his herald has gone back on his word. He turns his massive head around noting that he hungers once more.

Elsewhere, the skull-shaped ship exits the wormhole. The ship flies towards the frozen world. The man tells his love that they will soon have success and the ability to control Galactus will be hers.

On the surface, a icy outcropping crumbles apart. Other icy structures begin falling apart.

Silver Surfer Ego Defeated

A blast breaks apart the ground. Silver Surfer and his board rise out of the frozen wastelands. He falls to the ground moaning in pain. He hears cracking and looks up.

A mountain forms out of the ice. Out of the mountain forms the image of an old man. Silver Surfer stands and walks to the mountain. He notes that in all his service he has never witnessed anything like this.

The face introduces itself as Ego, the living planet. He asks Silver Surfer to stay with him and in exchange he will give the herald all he ever desires.

Silver Surfer Meets Ego

Silver Surfer approaches saying he is a powerful and unique being. However, he cannot allow anything to come between him and his master's needs.

He calls his board and it floats out of the ice towards him. He leaps on and flies past the face.

The skull ship turns towards the planet. It fires downwards blasting Silver Surfer as he reaches space. The herald falls back to the planet.

Thanos Meets Silver Surfer

Ego watches the beam fire down and Silver Surfer crashing nearby. The team stops as the blue-faced figure appears before the unconscious Silver Surfer.

He turns to Ego saying he is depressed with his incompetence. He will punish the living planet once he is finished with his target.

Silver Surfer sits up and the figure approaches him. He says Silver Surfer should have stayed in the ice, and that this will hurt him but not for long.

The man fires a beam from his finger at the herald's head. Silver Surfer cries out but is shocked by pain.

He sees the image of strange structures floating in space. He lies on the ground, the other man above him, asking where he has been taken.

Thanos Silver Surfer Inside Mind

The man claims they have entered Silver Surfer's mind. The man looks around and claims it is not what he expected. Silver Surfer sits up.

The man notes that there should be his entire life in there, his accomplishments, fears, and failures. Silver Surfer stands up. The man looks around noting that it is only emptiness, a void. Silver Surfer claims his life is serving Galactus, nothing else.

The blue giant blasts him back, saying he is not interested in serving anyone. He reveals he wants the secret to controlling his master.

Silver Surfer stands, laughing. He wonders if the man understands. He reveals that Galactus cannot be controlled. He explains that if every being and every power in the universe came together as one they would still fail.

Thanos Angry At Silver Surfer

The man grows angry feeling Galactus cannot be invincible as he is not a god. He walks away thinking that the answer must be there somewhere.

The man stops when he sees a strange seal sparking with energy. He theorizes it is Silver Surfer's past containing mountains of memories like a silver treasure. He wants that treasure and grows in size.

He fires down at the seal. Silver Surfer cries out in pain, begging him to stop. He claims he has no answers.

The man continues blasting the seal. He claims this is where the truth lies and asks if Silver Surfer wants to be set free. He restarts his blasting.

Silver Surfer Thanos Mental Fight

Silver Surfer cries out that he is afraid. He blasts the man in the back. The man turns and fires down at him. The two energies cancel each other out. They both strengthen their efforts, but the energies destroy the seal.

Silver Surfer flashes back to his time as Norrin Radd. He stands in the energy sphere as Galactus explains he will change him. He thinks about transforming into Silver Surfer.

He goes back further to when he stood beside the rocket statue talking to Shalla-Bal about the courage of their ancestors. He remembers her kissing him.

He remembers flying up in the space ship towards Galactus' ship.

He goes back to when he was transforming and Galactus explaining how he is being bestowed with the Power Cosmic.

Silver Surfer Remembers Flight Through Asteroids

He remembers flying through space firing at the turrets. He recalls flying through asteroids while his own voice explained that he would guide Galactus only to plants without life.

He recalls the tentacle destroying a building on Zenn-La.

He remembers Galactus giving him the board while also flying through space and a wormhole. He goes back to when it formed out of him.

He sees Shalla-Bal and the Master of Zenn-La while she says this is what he has always wanted.

He remembers the nova.

He recalls the Master saying he has always wanted to go while standing next to Kalek and Husserl. He then flashed back to running to the ship.

Norrin Shalla-Bal Hug Memory

He remembers hugging Shalla-Bal while Galactus said he did not exist anymore. Shalla-Bal looked up at Galactus. He recalls wanting to save countless civilizations while also destroying their weapons.

He goes back to when he was taken from Zenn-La and Shalla-Bal screaming to go with him.

Galactus explaining that his mind is a new page to write on and revealing his new herald.

Shalla-Bal Memory

His last flashback is Shalla-Bal turning towards him while he says he will never forget her.

Suddenly, the seal reforms and heals itself. Silver Surfer collapses to the ground.

Thanos Remembers Zenn-La

The man realizes the herald is from Zenn-La. He remembers that eons ago he studied there. He crouches to the ground remembering that on Zenn-La he failed. His body shrinks as he cannot stand Zenn-La's shining light.

Thanos Leaves Ego

Back on Ego, he cries out to his lady to protect him. The beam of light shines down upon him and he teleports away.

Ego thanks Silver Surfer, who stands, saying he is in his debt. He reveals that the nova that brought him there was caused by that man. He explains that if he did not help he would have perished like that star.

Silver Surfer calls his board and hops on. He floats up asking if he is not afraid he will still perish when he calls Galactus. Ego reveals he still has his resources, as he has seen.

Ego Disappears

He continues to say that with Thanos gone he can move again. Suddenly Ego completely disappears and Silver Surfer is left in space.

Silver Surfer notes how he is mobile. He decides to remember the name of Thanos, for he was so evil and given him much to think about.

He flies away amazed at all the memories, but notes that as quickly as they appeared they vanished. An asteroid floats by. He calls the seal a prison inside his mind. He dedicates himself to finding Galactus.

Silver Surfer Past Stolen

He knows that his master has stolen his past, his life, and his love. He flies past a planet with rings and a blue planet passing through a smaller ring. He promises a reckoning with Galactus.

He passes a sun and goes faster than light disappearing in a flash.

Meanwhile, Thanos' ship is out of control and struggles to power on. It soon rights itself and flies away.

Inside, Thanos tells his love that he failed her and is not worthy. He begs that she not turn away from him and asks that he right this wrong. He crouches on the floor, sparks shoot out overhead.

Thanos Kisses Chaos Statue Hand

Tears stream down his face as he promises her the universe. He kisses the hand of a statue, calling it his beloved Lady Chaos. He claims that together they will destroy the universe.

Meanwhile, Silver Surfer passes by a ringed planet. He then goes by a large gas giant. He flies through an asteroid belt.

Silver Surfer Finds Galactus Over Earth

Galactus' ship is preparing to launch its tentacles as Silver Surfer approaches. He cries out Galactus' name.

Galactus looks upon him saying he has failed. However, he will forgive it this time for he is pleased. He pulls down on his lever and the tentacles emerge.

Silver Surfer flies close to his head. He continues to say he has found a planet with more life energy than any he has encountered before and laughs.

Galactus Finds Earth SS

The ship hovers above a blue and green planet.

To be continued...


"Space, my home. Was ever a man as lucky as I? Who, but the Silver Surfer, can soar the cosmic currents and be one with the many wonders of the galaxies. And yet even now I feel confused and uncertain. Where do I come from? Why do I serve?"

-Silver Surfer

"Lord Glenn, the monitor satellites are picking up an intruder. The planetary database confirms it. The Silver Surfer has entered our space."

-Ivar, first lines

"Do they not understand? Nothing can stand in my way. These beings know that it is impossible for them to prevail. And yet they fight on. They're struggle moves me in a way I do not understand. Yet I cannot allow it to sway me."

-Silver Surfer

"I sorrow for you my planetary brothers."

-Silver Surfer

"We have other weapons, Lord Glenn. There is still time."
"No, Ivar. The Silver Surfer's power is awesome. And all our data indicates that it is as nothing as compared to that of his master. This is the day we have dreaded since Galactus first arrived in this sector. Only by evacuating do our people have a chance to survive."

-Ivar and Lord Glenn, first lines

"Time after time I have born witness to wanderers forced from their homes. Yet never does the sight cease to be a bitter one."

-Silver Surfer

"Ah, what beauty. What majesty. Does it not touch your heart, my love, to witness such ruinous grandeur? You are absolutely correct. Galactus is the very definition of destruction. Yes, my dear. I quite agree. Control his power and the entire Universe will fall beneath our heel."

-Thanos first lines

"My herald. Never have I fed as well as I have since you joined me."
"Master? Often have I wondered, when did I join you? And why?"
"Always are you questioning. Always restless. And to think, once I foolishly thought that unlike myself lesser beings could be content. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."
"Do I amuse you, mighty Galactus?"
"It is of no consequence. All that must concern you is that I obtain the energy I need. NOW GO MY SILVER SURFER! SOON, THIS PLANET WILL BE DRAINED AND THE GREAT HUNGER WILL BE UPON ME ONCE MORE!"

-Silver Surfer and Galactus

"To me, my board."

-Silver Surfer

"The Silver Surfer, beloved. I could crush him with a gesture. But if anyone knows Galactus' secrets it is he. I must find a way to trap him. So that I can rip that knowledge from his brain! Yes, my love. I know exactly what is necessary. And I have the perfect pawn to put into play."



-Ego, first line

"Intriguing development, my love. Do you not agree? The Silver Surfer is no where near as powerful without his board. It is as though they are one. I wonder what other weaknesses our reluctant ally would expose."


"Another flawless plan. You are indeed the mistress of strategy."


"My board, come to me."

-Silver Surfer

"These growth cycles should take eons, not moments, to occur. Truly this is a world of impossibilities. But my speculations are pointless. Soon, this world will be no more."

-Silver Surfer



"The area around me. It is a perfect void. My Power Cosmic has no source from which to draw."

-Silver Surfer

"Silver Surfer, your place is here."
"NO! Whoever you are, know that my place is at the side of Galactus! Now and ever more!"

-Ego and Silver Surfer

"My herald. This world is no more. It's energies absorbed. Never before have you failed to summon me to a new planet by the time I was finished with the old. Now you are strangely silent. Is it possible that you have gone back on your word? Silver Surfer, I hunger."


"My darling, success is just a heartbeat away. Soon the chains to bind great Galactus will be yours to lock into place."


"In all my service with Galactus never have I beheld such as this."
"I am Ego, the living planet. Stay with me, Silver Surfer, and I will give you all that you desire."
"Indeed. You are a unique and powerful being. But I cannot allow even you to prevail over my master's needs."

-Silver Surfer and Ego

"Your incompetence depresses me, Ego. We will discuss the proper punishment when I have finished with him."


"You should have remained in the ice, Silver Surfer. This may hurt you, although not for long."


"Where...where have you taken me?"
"We have entered your mind. is not as I expected. You're whole life should be here. Your accomplishments, fears, failures! Instead there is emptiness, darkness, a void."
"My life is serving Galactus. I am nothing else."
"Serving Galactus? I have no interesting in how to serve anyone! I want the secret of controlling your master."
"Ha ha ha ha. Do you not understand? Galactus can never be controlled. If every being, every power in the universe, came together just for that very purpose still would they fail."
"He cannot be invincible. He is not a god. The answer is here! It must be here!"

-Silver Surfer and Thanos

"No. You are from Zenn-La. Eons ago, did I study there. Eons ago did I fail. Never again can one such as I face Zenn-La's shining light! MY LADY! PROTECT ME!"


"Silver Surfer, I am in your debt. The nova that brought your here was caused by that being. If I had not aided in your entrapment I would have perished like that star."
"Are you not afraid you will still perish when I summon Galactus?"
"I am not without resources. As you have seen. And with Thanos gone my mobility has returned."

-Ego and Silver Surfer

"Thanos. I will remember the name of one who is so evil. Yet has given me so much to think about."

-Silver Surfer

"So many memories. Yet as swiftly as they appear they did vanish into their prison inside my own mind. I must find Galactus. For now I know that my master has stolen my past, my life, my love. Galactus, there will be reckoning! I will regain my soul!"

-Silver Surfer

"My lady, I have failed you. I am not worthy, I know. Please, do not turn away from me now. Let me right this grievous wrong. I will give you the universe, I swear! And then, my beloved Lady Chaos, together we shall destroy it."


"You have failed me, my herald. But I will let it go, this time. For now I am well pleased. I have found a world with more life energy than any I have encountered before. Ha ha ha ha ha!"

-Silver Surfer and Galactus


Tech World
  • The mechanical planet resembles Cybertron from the Transformers mythos. Similarly, the Transformers comic line was produced by Marvel Comics.
  • Lord Glenn and his people are cyborgs. Marc Strange, voice of Lord Glenn, previously voiced the cyborg Forge.
  • Given it's comparison to Galactus' ship, the technological planet appears smaller than Zenn-La and Earth.
Nova Event
  • In this episode the Silver Surfer survives an event called a nova. In the next episode Galactus would acquire a new herald named Nova.
  • When Silver Surfer first sees Ego, the planet bears a vague resemblance to the comic book look as seen in the Fantastic Four episode "To Battle the Living Planet".
Ego Cliff Face
  • Ego's face appears in a cliff. In reality, a cliff is also called a mountain's face. The face itself looks like the Old Man of the Mountain.
  • The shot of Shalla-Bal hugging Norrin and the last image of Shalla-Bal are the only ones that are not reused footage.


  • When Silver Surfer is moving away from the sun in the first shot, he is lit from behind to the side despite the sun being directly behind him.
  • Silver Surfer fires a massive energy blast at the planet. But it is never shown what happens with the attack.
Silver Surfer Wakes After Nova
  • When Silver Surfer first lands on Ego he comments that there is no sun nearby. Yet in space he is lit from one side. There must be a light source somewhere.
  • Ego's personality here contradicts the one seen in "To Battle the Living Planet", which is much more true to the comic book version.
Silver Surfer Board Animation Mistake
  • During one of the memories of Silver Surfer surfing the cosmos, the board fails to reach the edge of the frame.
  • The footage of Silver Surfer going faster-than-light after Ego disappears is the same as the previous episode when he left Zenn-La's space.


  • The mechanical planet is the only planet Silver Surfer is seen helping Galactus consume.
  • First appearance of Lord Glenn and Ivar. They would make several more appearances throughout the series, most notably in "Radical Justice".
Lord Glenn People Become Wanderers
  • Lord Glenn's people are given a name in "Learning Curve, Part Two". They are Draconians, inferring that the planet is named Draconia.
  • Only time in the Marvel Animated Universe that Silver Surfer calls Galactus to a planet he successfully consumes. It is also the only time in this series that he calls Galactus as a Herald.
  • First appearance of Thanos.
Ego Disguised
  • Chronologically, this is Ego's first appearance. However, he earlier appeared in the chronologically later Fantastic Four episode "To Battle the Living Planet", where he was decidedly more evil.
  • Both Thor in "To Battle the Living Planet" and Silver Surfer here are attacked by giant waves and tornadoes while fighting Ego.
  • Throughout the rest of the series many indicate that the Silver Surfer has become quite infamous throughout the sector because of his service to Galactus. That would indicate that a long period of time has occurred between this episode and the last.
Lady Chaos Intro


Main Actor Role(s)
Paul Essiembre Silver Surfer/Norrin Radd
James Blendick Galactus
Denis Akiyama Watcher
Gary Krawford Thanos
Roy Lewis Ego the Living Planet
John Stocker Ivar
Marc Strange Lord Glenn


Lady Chaos, Thanos' love interest throughout the series, is based on the personification of Death from the comics.

In the comics, Ego is more of a villain similar to Galactus, not the peaceful creature seen here. His appearance on the Fantastic Four episode "To Battle the Living Planet" is more true to the character.

Lord Glenn

A number of actors on the series previously voiced for X-Men. Marc Strange, voice of Lord Glenn, previously voiced Forge and young Juggernaut. John Stocker, voice of Ivar, played Graydon Creed Jr. and Leech. Denis Akiyama, the Watcher, played Silver Samurai and Iceman. James Blendick was Apocalypse and High Evolutionary.



"Arsenal" of Marvel Animation Age felt that Galactus, Thanos, and Ego were three of the most creative villains to come from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He felt that any one of them were complex and interesting enough to carry several episodes. However, he did not think that the three of them together in this episode were interesting and shortchanged. He claimed the plot only made some sense and thought the writers wanted the characters to appear and events to occur but did not do it very well. He felt it was a second draft and more were needed. He did not care for the numerous Silver Surfer monologues, even if they were true to the comic books. He did claim it was not awful and the creators obviously loved the source material. He thought all the characters were translated perfectly, except Ego who was shoehorned into the plot. However, he felt that none of the characters or their motivations were given enough development. Thought he did feel Galactus benefited from James Blendick's performance and compared him to Vincent Price. "Thanos, Ego and even the Surfer do not make much of an impression. And that is a problem. We are two episodes in, and Surfer is still not much to root for."

The episode has an 8.5 on and 7.7 on the Internet Movie Database.

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