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The Origin of the Silver Surfer Part Three
Series Silver Surfer
Release Date February 21, 1998
Episode Number 3 (Overall)
Writer Larry Brody
Director Roy Allen Smith
Tom McLaughlin
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Knowing that his memories have been stolen from him but not knowing what exactly, Silver Surfer seeks out his master to get them back. But Galactus will not listen to his herald since he has found a planet with more energy than any other. Not only must the Silver Surfer get his memories back but do so before this vibrant planet called Earth is destroyed for good.


Following the previous episode...

Uatu Recaps Silver Surfer Origins

The Watcher appears near the planet of Zenn-La. He explains that for millennia the planet's peaceful teachings have brought wisdom and hope. He shows the Master of Zenn-La introducing Kalek and Husserl to the inhabitant.

He goes on to explain that Galactus arrived there to ease his hunger. He shows the ship descending over the world as well as mighty Galactus spinning in his enormous chair.

Zenn-Lavians Flee Galactus Tentacle

A couple were strolling along when a metal tentacle slammed into the ground near them.

He flashes to Norrin Radd in the energy sphere standing before Galactus. He explains that Norrin struck a deal with the world destroyer. He shows the ship absorbing the energies of the world.

In return for sparing Zenn-La Norrin gave up his home and his love to become Galactus' herald. He shows the tentacles leaving the planet as well as Norrin with Shalla-Bal as he is engulfed in the energy sphere. She reached out to him as he disappeared.

Silver Surfer Flies Through Planet Rings

Norrin became Galactus' herald and scout as Silver Surfer. He flew on his board up towards Galactus and then away through the cosmos. He flew past asteroids and through a planet's rings. The Watcher explains that he flew around the universe finding worlds for his master to devour. He flashes to Galactus' ship absorbing a destroyed planet.

He flashes to when Silver Surfer was knocked back by the power of a nova. He explains that his memories were stolen and as such he never understood why he was moved by those forced from their homes when Galactus came. He shows the herald watching those from Lord Glenn's world leaving.

Silver Surfer was confronted in a mental battle by the tyrant Thanos, who is dedicated to the destruction of the universe. He shows the two powerful figures facing off as well as his ship flying through debris.

Uatu Recalls Silver Surfer Thanos Fight

Thanos fired energy at Silver Surfer, who took the hit without damage, but a second hit to the head knocked him back. Then, Thanos grew in size to destroy a seal formed by Galactus.

The Watcher explains that the mental barrier created by Galactus was breached. Silver Surfer cried out in pain as he became aware of his past. He remembered hugging Shalla-Bal, approaching the Master, and Shalla-Bal turning towards him.

However, the memories were lost as the seal reformed itself. Silver Surfer turned as he floated in space. He had a greater sense of loneliness and betrayal.

Silver Surfer flew by a moon towards Galactus' ship to confront his master about the treachery. The Watcher explains it is his duty to observe all that occurs. Silver Surfer floated close to Galactus' mighty head.

Galactus Tentacles Descend on Earth

The Watcher shows the ship floating over a blue and green world, the latest in Galactus' victims. The tentacles extended out towards the planet. The Watcher claims the inhabitants call this world Earth.

Galactus Tentacle US Capitol

The United States Capitol Building lies under the cloudy skies. Suddenly, one of Galactus' tentacles slams into the ground nearby.

The Empire State Building illuminates itself in the darkness as two tentacles pass behind it.

One tentacle slams into a city street destroying the buildings, a car, and school bus while upturning the road.

Galactus Tentacle Farm

Somewhere, a tentacle digs itself into the ground near a barn on a farm.

High above the Earth, tentacles have dug themselves into the planet. Energy sparks up towards the ship.

Silver Surfer Confronts Galactus

Silver Surfer cries out that it is time for he and Galactus to talk. Galactus gazes upon him dismissing him. He has found a planet with more life energy than he would imagine.

The tentacles move about below the ship.

Galactus forgives his herald for failing to perform his duties, for now. Silver Surfer floats among the images of the world. He flares his eyes green saying he does not forgive Galactus. The master replies that his words are audacious.

Silver Surfer Wants Soul Back

The monitors show a tentacle slamming into the planet. Silver Surfer flies forward saying he wants his life and his soul back. Galactus merely laughs.

Silver Surfer flies back saying he was willing to serve, but not give up his past. Galactus dismisses him saying they would discuss this another time.

Galactus grows angry saying that it is Silver Surfer's duty and obligation to search for his next source of energy. Silver Surfer flies forward to retort that it is his obligation to return his memories.

Galactus Blasts Silver Surfer

Galactus orders him to go and fires a blast of energy at him. Silver Surfer cries out as he loses his board and falls backwards. Galactus laughs watching him fall to the planet.

Elsewhere, an asteroid field floats near a planet.

A small device flies close to an asteroid hiding behind it and peaking out. It looks around then flies down and around the asteroid. It stops, lights flashing green and blue.

Lord Glenn Probe Armada

Suddenly, thousands more fly by. It is followed by several ships including one large one. They all fly by the planet through the asteroids.

A blade-like ship flies against the others and approaches the large one.

Inside, Ivar explains to Lord Glenn that the probe has gathered the data. Glenn orders him to process it. Ivar opens up his arm revealing a mechanical device.

Ivar Cannot Live in Solar System

He closes his arm, apologizes, and reveals that the system does not have the necessary elements to build advanced technology. Glenn slams his fist down saying they will continue their search.

He stands saying there must be somewhere in the universe where they can settle in safety while recovering from the destruction caused by Galactus and his herald, the Silver Surfer.

Lord Glenn Fleet Go FTL

Outside, the stars become streaks as the armada goes faster than light, all disappearing in a flash. The green colored area of space lies empty.

Back at Earth, Galactus' ship continues absorbing the energies of the planet.

Three tentacles sit in the ocean. The waves splash against them.

Suddenly, Silver Surfer's board flies out of the water and rests on the surface. Nearby on a beach, the herald lies unconscious.

Silver Surfer Earth Wave

A wave crashes up and he wakes. He stands realizing that Galactus pushed him aside as easily as he would a speck of dust.

He suddenly hears a voice introducing himself as the United States Navy, and ordering him to stay where he is. He looks and sees a battleship out in the water.

Silver Surfer Walks Into Ocean

He walks out into the ocean, the waves harmlessly crashing against him. He wonders if they realize their world is coming to an end. He decides to help them understand.

He calls his board, which pops out of the water. It dives into the water near him and rises him up. He floats over to the ship.

As he approaches, he announces that they must gather themselves and flee the world while they still can. The sailors are shocked to see that he is a man made of silver.

Silver Surfer Meets Humans

The sailors aim the deck guns at him. One of them says that whoever he is, he is destroying their world. Another claims he looks familiar.

Silver Surfer is shocked and confused. He wonders what he is seeing.

Inside his mind, the seal breaks once more. He flashes back to when the Master of Zenn-La ordered him to destroy the pistols of Kalek and Husserl. He placed them on a rock and they disappeared in a flash of light.

He then flashes to when the Master feared it was the end. They looked up and saw the tentacles descending upon Zenn-La.

Back in reality, Silver Surfer grips his head remembering the name Zenn-La and Norrin Radd. However, he does not understand.

The cannon rises to position.

Silver Surfer knows those names mean something to him. Lightning strikes nearby.

Navy Shoots Silver Surfer

Suddenly, the cannons fire. Silver Surfer braces himself and the attacks are deflected. He looks around as they fly off wildly, his body smoking.

Just then, fighter jets zoom by. He watches as they pass noting they are aircraft but primitive.

Silver Surfer Flies Around Navy Jets

He flies forward catching up to the craft. He flies around them wondering if they are unable to leave their world.

The jets fly down through the clouds.

Silver Surfer Gripped With Memories Jet Fight

Silver Surfer is suddenly gripped with memories once again. He wonders if he is going mad.

Norrin Shalla-Bal Visit Museum Memory

He flashes back to when he and Shalla-Bal visited the Museum of Science and Technology and they looked upon the rocket. She said it was so old and primitive. She is unable to understand why it fascinates him.

He explained that it was not the ship but what it means. He thinks about it lifting off. Norrin is amazed at the adventure of soaring through space.

Silver Surfer once more remembers the name Norrin Radd and now Shalla-Bal. However, the words taunt him. He wonders if this is madness or real. Lightning strikes behind him.

Navy Jets Surprise Silver Surfer

The three jets approach him. They fly up behind him and fire their missiles.

The six missiles hit him all at the same time and he disappears in a cloud of smoke. One pilot compliments the others, giving them a thumbs up, saying they took out their first E.T..

However, the cloud of smoke disappears and Silver Surfer crouches to his board. He thinks that he cannot concentrate. His body smokes.

The pilot is shocked to see him unharmed.

Navy Jets Fly Over Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer needs to clear his head. He sees the jets fly overhead. Silver Surfer flies after them passing them.

A camera on the side of one jet records him as he flies through the clouds.

Frankie Amber Watch Silver Surfer

Elsewhere outside Venice T.V. Repairs, two women with helmets look at a television in the window showing Silver Surfer. The blonde haired woman says it is just her luck that a "hunk" of a space alien comes and he wants to destroy them.

She turns and roller blades away. Her friend is frustrated that that the special announcements are knocking her favorite shock jock off the air. They skate past the Venus Cafe.

Silver Surfer continues to struggle with his returning memories.

The blonde girl berates her friend for being worried about the Top Forty when the world's falling apart.

Silver Surfer Crashes Into Amber Frankie

Suddenly, Silver Surfer groans and bounces off a building. He crashes to the street flying off a truck and knocking the two girls down. The three come to a stop in the sand.

Silver Surfer Meets Frankie

Silver Surfer struggles up while groaning. He stands and lightning strikes overhead. He notes how he keeps falling out of this planet's sky. The blonde girl stands and jokes that he should join a Twelve Step Program.

Just then, a shadow passes over them. A tentacle appears out of the sky and descends towards them, the bottom seething with energy.

Silver Surfer grabs the two girls as his board approaches. He leaps on and they fly away. The girls scream.

Silver Surfer Saves Frankie Amber

Behind them, the tentacle slams into the ground. Silver Surfer flies up the side of the tentacle. Suddenly he is gripped with another memory.

This one is of Shalla-Bal thinking that Galactus was merely a myth. Norrin responded that he had hoped him one.

He then recalls the Master telling the others that they must start the Ceremony of Outreaching.

He flashes to Norrin telling the Master, who had given up, that Zenn-La cannot bring peace if there is no Zenn-La. He went on to say they could not and would not give up.

In the present, Silver Surfer's mind reels as he wonders if that is him and if it is real. However, he is flying out of control. The two girls scream.

Silver Surfer Lands With Frankie Amber

He dips down by another Venus Cafe and billboards. He knocks into the dirt then stops. The two girls run off. He crouches to his board.

The two girls run to the street to see the tentacle off in the distance absorbing energy. People run around wildly. Suddenly, the buildings topple and the palm trees fall over.

Man Helps Bikini Woman

People run for their lives. One man stumbles while another woman in a bikini falls down. A man stops to pick her up.

Silver Surfer watches in horror.

He flashes back to when he doubted he could be Master of Zenn-La when he could not be master over himself. Shalla-Bal responded that she believed in him. Standing next to the statue of the space ship, she said she would always be at his side then kissed him.

Silver Surfer speaks Shalla-Bal's name.

The man and woman crouch together. They look up as the building above them begins to crumble. Silver Surfer watches them and says the name of Shalla-Bal once more.

Human Couple Saved by Silver Surfer

He fires a blast from his hand that destroys the falling debris. The dust clears and the two look up.

Frankie Amber Amazed at Silver Surfer Heroics

Silver Surfer stands and the blonde girl, thinking he was talking to her, corrects him saying her name is Frankie Raye. However, he ignores her as his eyes glow green.

He flashes back to when Galactus congratulated him for feeding so well. He recalls being in the energy sphere floating towards Galactus.

He then goes back to when he explained to Shalla-Bal that he would guide Galactus only to planets that would sustain him but were uninhabited. He recalls seeing a building crumble as Galactus absorbed the planet.

His next memory is Galactus berating him that he only need to worry about helping him obtain the energies he needs. He thinks of a world being absorbed by Galactus.

Once again, he recalls trying to save countless civilizations as Norrin, but recalls the technological planet fleeing their home.

He thinks back to when Galactus said the technological planet would soon be drained while the great hunger would be upon him once more. The planet lay dead beneath his ship.

Silver Surfer Knocks Over Frankie

Back in the real world, Silver Surfer's eyes return to normal. The two girls flail about and Frankie falls down. Her friend crouches next to her.

She turns and berates him calling it his fault. She stands demanding to know who he is and why he is doing this to their planet.

Silver Surfer Heals Frankie

Silver Surfer steps off his board and approaches Frankie. He lifts her up and turns her head. His eyes glow and fire down to the girl's eyes. The friend watches.

He stops and Frankie opens her eyes. She jokes that he must have a hard time keeping friends. She sits up noting that nothing hurts.

Frankie Wants Silver Surfer to Heal Planet

He explains that he used his Power Cosmic to heal her. She compliments him and asks about using that on the rest of the planet.

He stands saying that since he now knows who he was and who he is, he will do exactly that. He steps onto his board and flies away from them.

Silver Surfer Vows to Stop Galactus

He flies away from the beach saying to himself that his bargain with Galactus is over. He goes up by a tentacle noting he was deceived and will no longer serve him. Flying through the clouds, shouts that he will stop Galactus even if it costs him his life.

Galactus' ship continues to absorb the energies of the planet. Galactus looks pleased. Suddenly, Silver Surfer cries out to him.

Silver Surfer Pleads With Galactus for Earth

The herald flies around the tentacles. He explains that when he agreed to serve it was to drive him away from sentient beings. He says this world is filled with men and women to think, feel and dream. He stop and addresses the ship.

Galactus Watches Silver Surfer Make Plea

Galactus watches him on the monitors. He then pulls down on his lever

Silver Surfer Dodges Galactus First Blast

A beam of red energy fires out. Silver Surfer sees it and dodges it easily. He realizes that Galactus will not answer if he has nothing to gain. He flies to the tentacles deciding to apply the Power Cosmic more directly.

Silver Surfer First Attacks Galactus Tentacle

Silver Surfer fires beams of energy out at a tentacle. An explosion damages the tentacle. He thinks that if Galactus' power created the machines then the power he has given him will destroy it.

Down below, the ocean around the tentacle swirls pulling in the battleship. The water gushes over the ship and outward.

On the beach, the waves pull in before a mighty wave crashes up.

Frankie Amber Tidal Wave

On land, people run for their lives as the wave rises up towards the city. Frankie and her friend skate away. Someone yells out that the oceans are being targeted.

A woman screams for someone to help them as she runs.

Frankie wonders if there is some way out of this and stops her friend. She points out something and her friend calls her nuts saying they need to get to high ground. They look at the hot air balloon near a business called Balloon Rides. Frankie says they cannot get higher than that.

Frankie yells out for everyone to come that way. People run to follow.

Meanwhile, the wave rises up and moves past the tentacle.

Frankie Amber Help Others Into Balloon

Frankie helps her friend in joking about not running her card. The others run up and they help them aboard.

The wave crashes onto land destroying the buildings. Debris is left in its wake as it crashes on land.

The last person gets on and the friend unties them. They slowly float up.

Tidal Wave Hits Buildings

The wave continues its onslaught carrying a cruise ship and destroying more buildings.

The group untie the other three ropes and it floats up faster.

Balloon Rises Above Tidal Wave

The balloon rises up just as the wave destroys the area beneath them. The friend congratulates Frankie saying she has always been good at being in the right place at the right time.

As they look down at the waters below, Frankie says the right place is where the alien attackers are since she feels the need to fight.

Frankie Disappears

The friend breaks the news that this is a balloon not a rocket ship. However, Frankie suddenly begins glowing. The friend turns to her just as she disappears.

Down below, people scream. They pass over people stand on top of buildings as the waters rise.

Galactus Tentacle Destroyed

Back in space, the energies course up the tentacles. The moon shines brightly behind it. More explosions rocks the side of the tentacles.

Silver Surfer continues his blasting. One tentacle falls to the Earth as it is severed. He notes that this effort has drained his Power Cosmic and he must replenish it. He looks around and smiles.

He sees the sun shining brightly with two planets nearby.

Galactus Blasts Escaping Silver Surfer

He flies forward through the tentacles but is blasted from behind. He falls off his board.

Watching him, Galactus fires beams out of his eyes. The energies trap Silver Surfer in an energy sphere. The herald moves backwards towards his master.

Galactus Captures Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer is brought closer to the ship. Galactus stands upon the edge saying that audacity is one thing but rebellion is another. He claims Silver Surfer has done something no other force ever has.

Silver Surfer crouches and holds his hands behind him, asking what that is. Galactus says he has stopped him from his feeding. He does not know whether to congratulate or vaporize him.

Silver Surfer Secretly Gathers Energy

Unseen by the planet eater, energies from the nearby star move into Silver Surfer's hand. He calls Galactus his former master and promises that he will not allow him to kill anymore. The energies form a ball in his hand.

Galactus watches as he suddenly fires a beam out. However, it does no damage except to cause him to laugh. He wonders about being a former master.

Silver Surfer flies around the tentacles, free from the sphere, and continues firing. Galactus wonders if he was wrong, if his herald wasn't audacious or rebellious but simply mad. Silver Surfer flies to Galactus firing at his face and then his chest, doing nothing at all.

Galactus is Silver Surfers Creator

Silver Surfer retorts that maybe he was if he made a deal with Galactus, though now he knows the truth. He continues firing at his head. Galactus wonders if he would destroy his creator, and reassures him he is indeed his creator.

Galactus' eyes glow and he fires down though Silver Surfer dodges them. He explains that he took away his herald's memories feeling it necessary. Silver Surfer spins backwards as his master says that with them he would never be able to serve him.

Silver Surfer restarts his barrage. He claims he no longer cares about what Galactus did to him, only that he is damaging this world. He flies down among the tentacles as Galactus laughs. He dodges another attack from the planet eater.

Galactus Explains Feeding

Galactus replies that this world dies so that he may live, a process that has occurred a billion times before. He fires once more at his herald.

Silver Surfer, flying among asteroids, dodges the attack. He claims that it has been wrong a billion times before. He flies up to Galactus explaining that this world reminds him of Zenn-La. He theorizes that in time this place could be a similar refuge.

With the tentacles descending behind him, he claims that even if it did not its life would still be sacred. He vows to make a stand.

Silver Surfer Not Traitor to Life

Galactus responds that his stand would destroy him. Silver Surfer charges his hands saying that he would rather perish for what he believes in than forever be a traitor to life.

Galactus accepts and his eyes glow then fires down. Silver Surfer fires with both hands upwards.

Silver Surfer Blasted by Galactus

Their energies collide, but Galactus' quickly overpowers Silver Surfer's. The herald is blasted back while screaming in pain.

Somewhere in the bowels of the ship, Frankie appears in a flash of light. She stands wondering what she got herself into this time.

Frankie Galactus Ship

She takes off her helmet and brushes aside her hair. She recalls how she was dodging a tidal wave but now she's in the middle of no where. She skates to the side and sits down, taking off the roller blades.

She drops them wondering if maybe that "right place at the right time" stuff held up. She stands and walks along the corridor.

Meanwhile, the ship hangs in space and the tentacles are quiet.

Silver Surfer wakes up in another sphere. He stands, amazed that he still lives. He looks to see the screens showing the tentacles rising out of the Earth, delighted that it too lived.

Galactus Devoted to Survival

He notes that Galactus abandoned it and wonders why. The screens disappear. Galactus explains that since the dawn of time his only purpose has been survival, to which he has devoted all his power to.

Galactus says that Silver Surfer was willing to pay the ultimate price for people he did not know. He demonstrated strength and courage that even Galactus will never have. The tentacles move up and back into the ship.

Galactus Cannot Trust Silver Surfer

Galactus claims the two of them can no longer trust each other. He offers this world as a parting gift. The tentacles retract all the way into the ship.

Silver Surfer wonders at his willingness to release him and questions if he can go. Galactus claims he must.

Galactus lets him keep the Power Cosmic. He claims it is not a blessing but a curse. It will be like a brand, marking him for all time.

Silver Surfer Scares Humans

He turns Silver Surfer around to gaze at the screens showing the fearful faces of the humans. Galactus wonders if those he was willing to sacrifice himself for would ever overcome their fear and hatred of him.

Silver Surfer Leaves Galactus

The former herald calls his board. The sphere breaks and Silver Surfer leaps on and flies up. Galactus watches him go.

He flies out of the dome and over the edge of the ship. He flies past the end and, seeing the dark side of the planet, turns back to Galactus.

He offers to prove Galactus wrong about the people of the universe. Galactus orders him to go as he is condemned.

Silver Surfer Leaves Earth

He flies away from the ship and from Earth. He opens a wormhole and enters as it disappears.

Frankie Meets Galactus

Suddenly, Galactus notices his displays flickering. He moves his chair down to see Frankie walking towards him. She claims she is out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Galactus notes she is from the planet below. He demands to know how she got there. Frankie walks up to him and stops. She claims it is her lucky day.

Frankie Scanned by Galactus

Galactus' eyes flash and Frankie is gripped with energy. She stands there frozen, her skeleton flashes through her skin. Galactus notes she has a rare gene that is triggered by the Power Cosmic. He claims it helps her find whatever she seeks.

Galactus Transforms Frankie

The energies stop and Frankie walks forward once again, reaching his foot. Galactus does not know what a frying pan is but offers her the gift of fire. He reaches down and shoots energy from his hands into her.

Frankie Transforms Into Nova

Suddenly, her eyes are filled with flames.

Out in space, the Watcher explains that on the planet Earth there was a woman named Frankie Raye. Behind him, a woman engulfed in flames flies about. She bursts through an asteroid setting in on fire.

Nova Herald

The Watcher says Frankie has a new form and new name: Nova, the new herald of Galactus. Nova flies around more asteroids. Galactus' face appears, watching her.

The Watcher appears near more asteroids asking about the original herald: Silver Surfer. He claims he is free and streaks towards his new life.

Silver Surfer Returns to Zenn-La

Out in space, a wormhole opens and Silver Surfer exits. He stops and sees Zenn-La, calling it the most beautiful place in the universe. Soon he will be in the arms of Shalla-Bal. Asteroids float near the world.

Zenn-La Disappears

He approaches it smiling. However, he is shocked when the whole planet disappears from sight. He wonders what has happened.

Galactus Keeps Promise

An energy sphere appears before him. Out of his pops the image of Galactus. The image grows in size. His former master says that he could leave him, and he kept his promise, but never did he say he could return to his home.

The image disappears and is replaced by the Watcher. He asks the image where his world, his home, is. He begs to know.

Uatu Apologizes to Silver Surfer

The Watcher responds that he cannot say. He claims that Galactus is so powerful he has moved the planet away to a location even the Watcher cannot see. Silver Surfer crouches to his board, defeated. The Watcher apologizes.

Silver Surfer Vows to Find Zenn-La

Silver Surfer looks up vowing to find Shalla-Bal. He stands saying that no matter how long and perilous the journey, he will endure. He will never stop searching, this he swears by their love.

Asteroids float nearby. Silver Surfer slowly flies away.

The Watcher notes that his task is to note all events of significance in this part of the cosmos. He claims this brings him great joy and great sorrow.

Silver Surfer Begins Search

Silver Surfer flies onward.


"For millennia, the peaceful teachings of the world of Zenn-La have brought the universe wisdom and hope. Attempting to ease his eternal hunger for energy, the unvanquishable being called Galactus struck at Zenn-La. The destruction of the planet appeared immanent. Then Norrin Radd, a brilliant young student, made a fateful covenant with the despoiler. In return for the sparing of Zenn-La, Norrin Radd gave up his home and his love to become Galactus' herald and scout as the Silver Surfer. He soared to the ends of the universe finding planets for his master to devour. With his memories hidden from him the Silver Surfer never understood why he was so moved by the plight of Galactus' victims until he was forced into mental battle with the tyrant Thanos, an entity dedicated to universal annihilation. During the conflict the mental barrier erected by Galactus was breached and the Silver Surfer's awareness of his past returned only to be lost once more leaving an even greater sense of loneliness and betrayal. As the Silver Surfer confronts his master about this treachery, it is my duty to observe all that occurs here. For I am the Watcher. And this is the sight of Galactus' latest depredation, a small blue and green world its inhabitants call Earth."

-Uatu, opening narration

"Galactus, the time has come for us to talk."
"There is no need, my herald. I have found a planet with more life energy that I ever dared imagine. And for that reason I forgive your failure to perform your duties. For now."
"But I do not forgive you!"
"Those are audacious words, Silver Surfer."
"I want my life back. I demand my soul!"
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."
"I pledged that I would serve you. Not give up my past."
"We would discuss this another time, my Silver Surfer. For now it is your duty, no, your obligation to seek out my next source of energy."
"It is your obligation to return my memories. For now and ever more!"
"I said GO!"

-Silver Surfer and Galactus

"The probe has analyzed the data, Lord Glenn."
"I am sorry, my lord. This star system lacks the essential elements. We cannot build an advanced technology here."
"We will continue our search Ivar. Somewhere in this universe must be a place where we can settle in safety and cover from the doom brought upon us by Galactus and his herald, the Silver Surfer."

-Ivar and Lord Glenn

"Galactus brushed me away with as much thought as I might give a speck of dust."

-Silver Surfer

"My planetary brothers, you must gather yourselves and flee this world while there is still time."
"It's a man. A man of silver.""
"Whatever he is he's wiping out our world."
"But he looks so familiar."

-Silver Surfer and Navy Sailors

"Zenn-La? Norrin Radd? I do not understand. And yet within me those names strike a cord."

-Silver Surfer

"But Norrin, this ship is so primitive and old. I can't understand why is fascinates you."
"It is not the ship, Shalla-Bal, it's what it means. The adventure of soaring through space."

-Shalla-Bal memory and Norrin Radd memory

"Good work guys. Looks like we just took out our first E.T."

-Fighter Pilot

"Just my luck, a genuine hunk of a space alien comes to visit, and it turns out he wants to blow us to smithereens."
"These special bulletins are knocking my favorite shock jock right off the air."
"The whole world's falling apart and you're worried about the Top Forty?"

-Frankie Raye and Amber, first lines

"I...I seem to be making a habit of falling out of this world's sky."
"Ever consider getting into a Twelve Step program for that?"

-Silver Surfer and Frankie Raye

"Sorry, Silverado. Name's Frankie, Frankie Raye."

-Frankie Raye, calling Silver Surfer by her nickname for him for the first time



"You have a hard time keeping friends, don't ya?"

-Frankie Raye

"Hey, it doesn't hurt anymore."
"I used my Power Cosmic to heal you."
"Not too shabby. How about giving some of that action to the rest of the planet?"
"Now that I know who I was and who I am, that is exactly what I shall do!"

-Frankie Raye and Silver Surfer

"Galactus, our bargain is over. You have deceived me and I serve you no more. I WILL STOP YOUR CARNAGE, EVEN IF IT COSTS ME MY LIFE!"

-Silver Surfer

"GALACTUS! When I agreed to become your herald it was to lead you away from sentient beings. This world is populated by men and women who think, feel, who-who dream!"

-Silver Surfer

"This planet has not the time for me to argue with one who will not even gain to answer. Instead I will have to apply the Power Cosmic more directly. Just as the power of Galactus created these engines of destruction the power he has given me shall destroy them."

-Silver Surfer

"Hope the owner doesn't mind. I didn't run my card through."

-Frankie Raye

"You did it. If there's one thing you've always been good at it's being at the right place at the right time."
"The way I see it, the right place now is wherever those alien attackers are. I gotta fight!"
"I hate to break it to you, Frankie, but this is a balloon not a rocket ship."

-Amber and Frankie Raye

"Audacity is one thing, my Silver Surfer. But rebellion is quite another. You have accomplished something that no force in the universe ever has before."
"What is that?"
"You have forced me to interrupt by repast. I do not know whether to congratulate you for this unique deed or vaporize you."
"Do what you will, my former master. But I cannot allow you to kill any more!"
"Ha ha ha ha ha. Former master? Former you say? Can it be that I have been wrong about you, Silver Surfer? You are neither audacious nor rebellious but simply mad."
"Perhaps I was to believe that I could make any agreement with you! But now I know the truth."
"And because of that you would attempt to destroy your creator. Permit no mistake about it, your creator I am. I took away your memories because it was necessary. I knew that with them you would never be able to serve me."
"Galactus, can you not understand? I no longer care about what you've done to me. It's what you are doing to this world!"

-Galactus and Silver Surfer

"This planet dies so that I may live. A course of events that has occurred a billion times before."
"But it has been wrong a billion times before. This place reminds me of Zenn-La. And given the time it too might become such a refuge. But even if it did not still would its life be sacristan. I MUST MAKE MY STAND!"
"Your stand will destroy you."
"Better to perish for what I believe in than endure forever as a traitor to life."
"Then so be it."

-Silver Surfer and Galactus

"Frankie girl, what have you gotten yourself into now? One minute I'm dodging a tidal wave, and the next I'm in the absolute middle of no where. Or am I? Let's see how that 'right place in the right time' really holds up."

-Frankie Raye inner monologue

"I live. And...and so does the planet. You have abandoned it. But, why?"
"Since the dawn of time the purpose of my life has been my continued survival. To that end have I devoted all my great power. But you, Silver Surfer, in your willingness to pay the ultimate price for the well-being of others you do not even know and demonstrated a strength and courage that even the great Galactus shall never possess. Norrin Radd, we can trust each other no more. Consider this world a parting gift."
"You would release me? I can go?"
"You must go. And with you take the Power Cosmic. Not as my blessing, but as my curse. The power shall be like a brand, marking its bearer for all time. Let us see those for whom the Silver Surfer has been so willing to sacrifice can ever overcome their fear and hatred of you!"

-Silver Surfer and Galactus

"Mighty Galactus, I shall prove you wrong about the people of the universe."
"GO! You are condemned!"

-Silver Surfer and Galactus

"Ah man, talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire."
"You are from the planet below. How did you come to be here."
"Guess it must just be my lucky day."
"You have a rare gene. Triggered by the power cosmic itself it enables you to unerringly find whatever you seek. I do not know what a frying pan is. However, I can extend to you the gift of fire."

-Frankie Raye and Galactus

"On a planet known as Earth there lived a young woman named Frankie Raye. Now she has a new form and a new name: Nova, herald of Galactus. But what of the original herald? The Silver Surfer? A free man, noble and pure, streaks to his new life."


"Zenn-La, the most beautiful place in the universe. Soon I will be in the loving arms of Shalla-Bal."

-Silver Surfer

"What has happened!? Where is Zenn-La!?"
"Norrin Radd, I said that you could leave me. And I have kept my word. But never did I say you could return to Zenn-La."

-Silver Surfer and Galactus

"Watcher! Watcher, where is my world? Where is my home!? Tell me, please."
"I cannot tell you. So mighty is Galactus that he has moved Zenn-La to a place where it is hidden, even from me. Truly I am sorry."

-Silver Surfer and Uatu

"I will find you, Shalla-Bal. No matter how long or dangerous the way. No matter what prevail I must endure. Never will I stop searching. This I swear by our love."

-Silver Surfer

"I am the Watcher. It is my task to note all events of significance in this part of the cosmos. This task brings me great joy and great sorrow."



  • The opening shots are reused footage except for Uatu appearing over Zenn-La, a tentacle slamming into Zenn-La near a couple, tentacles leaving a domed building on Zenn-La, Silver Surfer flying through a swirling cloud, Silver Surfer and Thanos facing off (though the background footage is reused), the actual battle between Silver Surfer and Thanos, and the tentacles extending towards Earth.
  • There are thirteen distinct tentacles shown attached to Earth.
Ivar Arm Device
Navy Fighter Jets
  • The jets that attack Silver Surfer resemble both the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet and Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.
  • The scene of Shalla-Bal and Norrin Radd in the Museum of Science and Technology is the only original scene to the flashbacks on Earth. All others are past footage.
  • The first time that Silver Surfer and Nova appear in the same episode. Though they both appeared in Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer was not present in "When Calls Galactus", Nova's only episode of that series.
Venice Beach
  • Venice T.V. Repairs places the locations on Earth at Venice, a neighborhood of Los Angeles.
  • The sound effect of Silver Surfer's energy blast to save the couple is the same used for Gambit's card throwing on X-Men.
  • Frankie Raye's rare gene that Galactus refers to is possibly a reference to mutants.
  • Uatu's last line mirrors his opening monologue from "The Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part One".
  • The scene where Silver Surfer tells Galactus that he must make his stand is seen in The X-Files episode "The End".
  • Frankie Raye has green eyes.
  • While it's completely unseen, the devastation caused by Galactus that is shown would indicate this has one of the highest death tolls in any Marvel Animated Universe episodes that is not in some way undone.
Nova Intro
  • While Silver Surfer appears naked, Nova has what looks like a one-piece swimsuit on.
  • When Zenn-La disappears, there are six other astrological objects, plants and/or moons, in the area.


  • There are numerous problems with compatibility with this episode and Fantastic Four (See below).
  • During Uatu's recap of the previous two episodes there are shots of battle between Silver Surfer and Thanos that did not happen.
Silver Surfer Anticipates Galactus Attack
  • The brightly colored nebulous space look, complete with random planets and moons in the background, common throughout the series is completely wrong for the space around Earth.
  • The Capitol Building is brightly lit as if there was still sun shining despite the heavy cloud cover.
  • Silver Surfer's size compared to Galactus changes several times throughout the episode, and in several scenes.
  • When the Wanderer fleet goes faster-than-light, the stars streak by but the planets remain stationary. If the "camera" is stationary then the ships would disappear and nothing would streak by.
  • When Silver Surfer first spots the woman in the bikini the suit is yellow with blue spots but after his flashbacks it is green with blue spots. It goes back to yellow and blue when he blasts the debris.
  • The buildings surrounding the Venus Cafe are not consistent between shots. Though there could have been more than one along the beach and the Silver Surfer flew from one to the other.
  • When the hot air balloon rises above the tidal wave, the little boy is missing from the group.
  • Frankie Raye is transported to Galactus' ship with no apparent explanation. An explanation is provide if this episode were in the same continuity with Fantastic Four's "When Calls Galactus" as she was taken there with the Fantastic Four.
  • When Silver Surfer looks at the sun he presumably also sees Venus and Mercury. However, there are three additional bodies in the same shot and neither planet has any natural satellites.


  • In order for this to be in the same universe as Fantastic Four, the episodes featuring Silver Surfer in the other series must be contained in this episode. That would mean this episode is not the few hours shown here but several months long and Galactus left and returned several times.
  • The last time the U.S. Capital was seen was during President Robert Kelly's inauguration.
Chrysler Building Galactus
Frankie Raye SS
  • First appearance of Frankie Raye in the series.
  • Frankie Raye was last seen in "When Calls Galactus" where she was also transformed into Nova.
  • In this episode, Frankie Raye is mysteriously and unexplainably transported to Galactus' ship. An explanation lies in "When Calls Galactus" where she is transported there along with the Fantastic Four.
  • Last appearance of the real Zenn-La. An Ego-made copy would appear in "Return to Zenn-La".
  • Silver Surfer would spend the rest of the season searching for Zenn-La and Shalla-Bal.


Main Actor Role(s)
Paul Essiembre Silver Surfer/Norrin Radd
James Blendick Galactus
Denis Akiyama Watcher
Tara Rosling Frankie Raye/Nova
Alyson Court Amber
Marc Strange Lord Glenn
John Stocker Ivar


Silver Surfer was never meant by the producers to be in the same continuity as Fantastic Four. That is why Silver Surfer's story differs so much from his characterization on the other series and the Fantastic Four are not mentioned. This wiki assumes that the two series are meant to be one universe. The two series present the same events and despite varying details each do help to explain events in the other.

The problems with being in the same continuity are:

  • In Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer arrives on Earth as herald and signals Galactus. He then meets the Fantastic Four and Alicia Masters help convinces him to change. Neither the team nor Alicia are mentioned here, and would not have appeared until the unproduced second season of this show.
  • After Galactus is repelled from Earth, he traps Silver Surfer on the planet. He never left Earth on the other series. Here, he seems to be on Earth for a matter of hours and is never trapped.
  • Frankie Raye has nothing to do with the initial invasion by Galactus. She appears later when Galactus reappears.
  • Frankie had developed fire-based powers before Galactus arrived.
  • Frankie was in New York City rather than Los Angeles when she was taken to Galactus' ship.

However, problems that are fixed by having the two in one continuity are:


Alyson Court, who voices Amber, voiced Jubilee on X-Men and Spider-Man.

The idea that Frankie Raye is, possibly, a mutant is original to the series. In the comics, she was simply a normal human being altered thanks to Human Torch. The version seen in the Fantastic Four episode "When Calls Galactus" is more faithful.

Galactus moving Zenn-La is an original idea to the series to give Silver Surfer motivation. In the comics, after defying Galactus he was banished to Earth, as seen on Fantastic Four. When he was freed he returned to his planet and served as its protector.


Galactus Condemns Silver Surfer

"Arsenal" of Marvel Animation Age noted that the series had ambition and did not talk down to the audience. He liked the idea of a character taken so seriously. However, he felt that the series would eventually become too serious and stop being fun, but in this episode it is an asset. He claimed this was one of the best episodes of the series. He praised the voice acting for Silver Surfer and Galactus, enjoying their rapport. He thought that Frankie had some of her better punch lines in this episode when in later episodes her jokes would stall. He liked that the previous two episodes built up the action for this one. He enjoyed that rather that constantly talking to himself he fought and, most importantly, engaged the audience. He noted that it is difficult to relate to such a powerful character like Silver Surfer but he was empathized with here. He claimed the creative team's ideas were better this time around. He liked that Frankie was made a mutant of sorts. He highly praised the last scene with Galactus. "Galactus is arguably the series all-star. In the final scene, he proved what a magnificent bastard he is."

The episode has an 8.9 on and and 7.8 on the Internet Movie Database.

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