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The Origin of the Silver Surfer Part One
Series Silver Surfer
Release Date February 7, 1998
Episode Number 1 (Overall)
Writer Larry Brody
Director Roy Allen Smith
Tom McLaughlin
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Norrin Radd lives a quiet life studying under the tutelage of the Master of Zenn-La along with his lady love Shalla-Bal. However, he wants more. He wants to reach to the stars exploring the galaxy like his people did long ago. Unfortunately, his life is thrown into chaos when Uatu the Watcher arrives with a warning of the planet's impending doom by the devourer of worlds: Galactus. (Series Premiere)


Big Bang Explosion

In the depths of space, a tremendous explosion courses through the emptiness. Flames erupt in its wake. The stars are formed.

A mysterious voice introduces the universe, calling it infinitely complex yet wonderfully simple. Three astral bodies are born out of the flames. One seems intact, the second cracking with heat, and the third spouting flames high above its surface.

Flames dance between the worlds. The voice says the universe encompasses all of creation yet races towards its end.

The flames die down. The worlds continue floating in space, turning different colors such as green and blue. A blue nebula appears near the worlds. The voice says that within the maelstrom of both growth and destruction lay millions of galaxies as well as billions of stars and planets.

Spiral Galaxy

A spiral galaxy comes into being. The voice says that this area alone contains countless civilizations.

First Sentient Life

On one such planet, creatures carrying spears trudge through the planet's water through the spiky rocks jutting out. The enormous moon dominates the sky almost blocking out the star. The voice speaks of sentient life and how they are so varied that no one would be able to imagine the other.

On another world, tree-like creatures leave the world's water on all four limbs then begin walking upright on two.

On yet another world, the red-colored inhabitants brandish rifles and march through a canyon.

Space Station

In space, numerous ships begin flying about. Many circle a large floating structure. The voice continues to explain that these civilizations began encountering one another over and over, and began demeaning their cultures and beliefs. A squadron of ships flew past the object towards the planet beyond.

On a planet, ships fly through the enormous skyscrappers of the cities. The voice says there are to dominant societies.

Large ships fly through the city followed by smaller ships piloted by blue creatures. The voice calls these creatures the Kree. This race is so old that it is the basis by which all others evolved.

Elsewhere, the Kree walk throughout a city completely dominant.

The voice says the other species is the Skrulls. On other planet, strange looking green creatures crawl all over odd structures. The sky is dominated by two large moons and a large ring. The voice calls them avaricious, living only to serve the Hive Mother.

Kree Enslave Tree Creatures

On a planet, the tree-creatures now stare down three Kree with large weapons. They begin bowing before them. Soon, their entire species bows.

Desert Creatures Bow to Skrulls

On the planet with the red-colored creatures, the same thing happens with the Skrulls. The natives lay down their weapons and bow before the Skrull invaders.

The voice says that both these species have dedicated themselves to the domination of all others. For eons they battled each other for supremacy but neither side got the upper hand.

In the space near a planet, two ships fly forward. One is destroyed by the two approaching Kree ships. The remaining ship fires on and destroys one of the Kree ships. The debris of both destroyed ships descend onto the green planet.

Elsewhere, a massive tentacle pounds into the ground. Energy rises from the world up the metallic device. The voice says a new power has entered the sector. The energies course up to a ship where numerous other tentacles do the same.

Galactus Tentacles Slam Into Unknown Planet

Several more tentacles pound deep into the ground destroying the surface. The voice explains that this is a power so great it makes everything else in the universe pale in comparison.

High above the planet in the depths of space, the massive saucer-shaped ship absorbs energy through the tentacles. The voice calls this power Galactus, an unchanging power as old as time.

Galactus Intro

On top of the ship at the very center, a massive chair spins around. An enormous figure sits atop it, energy coursing over his body. Galactus stares out into the void with dead-white eyes.

The voice explains that Galactus has incalculable knowledge and strength. He compares the being to a shark in an intergalactic sea.

Galactus looks down and pulls on a lever. The tentacles rip themselves out the planet leaving the surface completely destroyed with enormous pits where the tentacles once dug in. The tentacles disappear into the glowing bowels of the ship. The voice says Galactus uses his strength and knowledge for one thing only: to find planets with cores that contain the nutrients he needs to survive.

Galactus Leaves Unknown Planet Dead

The tentacles return to the ship and disappear into the bottom. The planet is left behind as a dead husk. The voice says that his needs are so great he does not care about any consequence except his own nourishment.

The ship leaves the dead planet behind and moves into the depths of space. Red light rotates around the ship briefly illuminating it. The voice explains that he, like any shark, will simply move on after feeding.

Uatu Space Outline

As the ship passes, the outline of a bald-headed creature appears in the void. The voice introduces himself as the Watcher. He explains that his task is to note all events of significance in this part of the cosmos, looking around.

Elsehwere, a bright light appears turning into a tunnel. Galactus' ship exits out of it near two planets and a moon. The Watcher explains is to only observe but never interfere. Galactus approaches a beautiful green and blue planet near a sun.

On the planet, a large bird flies down onto a domed building sitting on the edge of a cliff wall. It flies around the structure and through an arch near a waterfall. A woman walks on the nearby path. The Watcher reveals that his task brings him great joy and great sorrow.

Shalla Finds Norrin

She stops and notes how she knew she would find Norrin Radd there. Norrin stands next to a statue of a space ship. He caresses the wing gently.

He tells the woman, Shalla-Bal, to think of the courage their ancestors had to leave Zenn-La and go out into the unknown. She walks up to him and kisses him.

Shalla Hugs Norrin

She explains that they have had no need for space travel since the Enlightenment. They know the path to peace and harmony is within their own souls. She rests her head on his chest and continues to stay that beings from across the universe come there to learn their ways.

Norrin breaks out of her arms saying he has never felt peace or harmony. He goes back to the ship and again rubs the wing. He explains that he is driven by dreams of other places.

Norrin Cannot Master Himself

Shalla-Bal goes to him saying his place is here. She reveals that some say he will be the next Master. He wonders how he can be the next Master of Zenn-La if he cannot be master of himself.

She tells her love that she believes in him. She promises that whatever happens she will be at his side.

They are interrupted by the sounds of space ships landing. They look to see a Kree ship followed by a Skrull ship landing on a nearby platform.

Norrin Shalla See Ships Land

The Skrull ship lands on its insect-like legs while the Kree ship slowly powers down its rockets.

Shalla-Bal notes that their soldiers have never before come to Zenn-La. She wonders what it means.

Meanwhile, Galactus' ship continues its course towards the world. An enormous asteroid blocks its path. The ship emits a blast of energy.

Galactus Ship Asteroid Core

The asteroid is torn apart. The fiery core becomes exposed and Galactus flies through the debris unharmed.

Back on the planet, an elderly man guides a Kree and Skrull soldier through the populace of many mixed species. He introduces them as Captain Kalek of the Kree Empire and Commander Husserl of the Skrull Confederation, each becoming angered behind the old man's back when he introduces the other.

The Kree bends over to tell the old man, the Master of Zenn-La, that he is honored to be accepted into their academy. The Skrull replies that he is more honored, especially since he and his crew were accepted first.

Master Zenn-La Breaks Fight

The two stare each other down. The Master gets between them. He explains there is no first nor last on Zenn-La. He reminds them that they defied their leaders to come there in peace, taking the first step towards stopping the fighting between their cultures. He looks down at the Skrull's pistol.

Galactus' ship continues flying forward. Another asteroid gets in its path. The ship sends out another blast obliterating it.

The Master calls forth Norrin and asks him to show the true purpose of weapons on the planet. Norrin walks over to the three. Both soldiers hand him their pistols.

Norrin Weapons Disappear

Norrin walks over to a rock and sets them down. He puts his palms together and the two weapons disappear in a flash of light.

The two soldiers walk over amazed. Norrin explains that Zenn-La is unlike any they have ever been to. Husserl goads Norrin by asking him to explain his own travels someday, frustrating Norrin.

Just then the skies darken and the Watcher calls out to the people of Zenn-La. Everyone looks up shocked. Watcher's face appears in the cloud.

Kalek Recognizes Uatu

Norrin and Shalla-Bal hug each other. Kalek steps forward having seen him before. Husserl shakes. Kalek remembers him from the Massacre of the Horseshoe Nebula.

Husserl responds that his nest brother died there as well. He claims it was a dark day for both of their species.

Uatu Addresses Zenn-La

The Master steps forward saying he senses his presence and the pain he is in. The Watcher replies that by speaking to them he is breaking his most sacred vow. The people stare up at the enormous face.

Galactus Enters Zenn-La Orbit

In space, Galactus' ship destroys yet another asteroid. The Watcher continues to explain that for millennia the teachings of Zenn-La have brought light and sanity in a universe darkened by chaos and strife. High above, the ship settles into orbit around the planet.

Back on the surface, Watcher explains to the people that in order to preserve the light he brings them a dire warning. He tells them that the being known as Galactus is approaching.

Norrin Hoped Galactus Was Myth

Kalek looks saddened while Shalla-Bal is terrified. Norrin maintains a stern composure. She tells Norrin that she thought Galactus was merely a myth. Norrin responds that he had hoped it was.

One of the aliens asks the Master what they should do. He steps forward telling the Watcher that they are listening.

The Watcher says that Galactus has come for a single purpose: to feed on their world. The people stand there stunned.

Galactus Ship Over Zenn-La

High above the planet, the ship turns so its entire bottom faces the planet. The Watcher explains that Galactus is neither good nor evil and does not care if they survive.

The Watcher tells the people of Zenn-La that they have the power to reach into the hearts and minds of others. He says that their ways have changed the destinies of whole galaxies. He tells them that they must now change their own.

Galactus Zenn-La Skies

The Watcher disappears just as Galactus' ship becomes visible from the surface. The people begin panicking and running around. Shalla-Bal says that Galactus has arrived. Norrin wonders if this is the end of Zenn-La.

The ship settles among the clouds. Lightning strikes all around it.

Galactus looks out upon the world. All around his enormous head, images of the planet appear. With his gigantic hand, he pulls down upon his lever.

Beneath the ship, the tentacles descend out of the glowing bottom. They wind their way through the clouds towards the surface below.

A group of people run. Shalla-Bal and Norrin join them.

Galactus Tentacle Destroys Zenn-La Temple

The tentacles descend from the skies. One stomps down onto a building completely destroying it.

Another rips into a city street and all the buildings crumble.

Master Zenn-La Must Do Outreaching

The Master runs into a hall followed by Kalek, Husserl, Shalla-Bal, and Norrin. He tells them that they must quickly begin the Ceremony of Outreaching. He runs off.

Kalek tells Husserl that this is an unusual circumstance to learn about peace.

Master Zenn-La Starts Outreaching

The group runs towards a large crystal. They stop and stand around it. The Master, Shalla-Bal, and Norrin stand on the steps and raise their arms to it causing the crystal to glow.

In his ship, Galactus pulls on another lever.

On the surface, energy courses up through the tentacles. The nearby landscape begins crumbling.

A large fissure opens up. People run away from it and one creature leaps to keep from falling in.

Galactus Tidal Wave Zenn-La

A whirlpool forms around a tentacle in the water. The resulting wave crashes onto the nearby city, the tops of buildings are washed away.

Back at the ceremony, the crystal illuminates the entire room. The Master calls out to Galactus asking the planet eater to hear him.

In his ship, Galactus hears the man's voice. An image appears before him of the Master. The Master explains that for countless centuries Zenn-La has taught the civilizations of the universe harmony, balance, and peace while asking nothing for themselves.

Galactus stares down at the tiny figure.

Master Zenn-La Begs Galactus

Images of Norrin, Shalla-Bal and others appear on the monitors. The Master begs Galactus to know that if he destroys them he will condemn the universe as well.

Galactus Shoots Master Zenn-La

Galactus pulls down on another lever. He shoots energy out of his helmet at the figure. The Master cries out in pain.

Back on the planet, the Master is shocked by the energy. Norrin cries out and pulls him off the crystal. He tackles him to the ground and the crystal begins breaking.

Shalla-Bal, Kalek, and Husserl run away. Norrin shields the elderly man with his body. The crystal shatters to pieces.

Above the planet, the tentacles continue siphoning energy from the planet. Galactus looks upon the world as energy fires out of his eyes.

Zenn-La Devastation

Down on the planet, the world begins crumbling apart. Energy from one tentacle shoots out engulfing a building. The energy relents and the building crumbles.

Galactus smiles.

The Kree and Skrull warships still stand on the platform.

In a nearby building, the roof crumbles down to the rubble below. Husserl and Kalek stand and look around at the destruction. Husserl points out a direction and the two walk over to Shalla-Bal.

Kalek Husserl Help Shalla-Bal

They crouch down and Husserl lifts a rock off the woman while Kalek helps her up. When she wakes she cries out for Norrin.

They see him and the two men and run over to them. They move debris out of the way to get to them. Tears begin welling up in Shalla-Bal's eyes.

Norrin Wakes Sees Shalla-Bal

She crouches down and helps Norrin up as he groans. He looks up and sees her.

The soldiers help the Master stand. He says he must try again. He orders the two soldiers to flee and take his disciples with them.

Shalla-Bal claims they will not leave him. Norrin says they are all a part of Zenn-La. The Master retorts that if he fails it will be their task to spread their message.

Master Zenn-La Norrin Wants To Go

The Master points out that Norrin has always wanted to go. Norrin replies that he didn't want to go like this. The Master turns away.

He crouches and picks up a small piece of the crystal. He holds it up and it glows. However, energy from the crystal shocks him and he drops it as he falls to the ground.

Norrin and Shalla-Bal run to the Master and crouch near him. Kalek notes that it is their destiny to fight after all. He tells Husserl that he will blow Galactus out of the sky. Husserl responds that he will deliver the fateful blow.

Kalek Husserl Salute

The two salute each other and run off. Watching them go, Norrin notes that the two enemies are working side by side. Shalla-Bal hopes that it will not always take the destruction of a planet to bring them together. They look down at the Master, who is slightly smiling.

The two ships continue sitting on the platform while explosions rock the area near by. Kalek and Husserl run out of the building towards them. The ground begins crumbling off into the abyss below.

The two leaders make it to the bridge, but it collapses while Kalek runs across. He grabs onto a ledge and looks down as the rocks fall into the lava below.

Husserl Saves Kalek

He looks up to see Husserl reaching down for him. The Skrull pulls the Kree up to safety. Kalek puts his hand on Husserl's shoulder in thanks. Husserl smiles and continues running towards his ship. Kalek follows to his ship.

They enter and the engines power on. The Skrull ship is the first to take off. The Kree ship powers on and rises up.

The ships leave orbit and approach the mighty ship of Galactus.

Husserl Sees Galactus

Husserl wonders what kind of being could create so huge a vessel. The pilot notes that this does not have to be their fight. Husserl responds that if they do not stop Galactus now he could end up destroying their home.

Kalek radios the ship telling him he knows what to do. He hopes he brings honor to the Skrull Mother. Husserl hopes he will bring victory to the Kree Supremor.

Kalek Husserl Pass Galactus

The two ships fire upon Galactus's ship. They fly up to the dome firing down. They eventually hit the dome. None of their attacks do anything.

Kalek Sees Galactus

Galactus turns in his chair as the two ships, as small as toys to him, fly by. Kalek grits his teeth at the planet eater.

The ships fly down and underneath the ship. They begin firing at the tentacles and flying through them. The ships dodge the energies given off by them then fly out.

Galactus watches them.

Galactus Blasts Kalek Husserl

The ships continue their barrage. Still absorbing energies from the planet, the ship emits a powerful blast.

In the Skrull ship, alarms begin blaring.

Husserl Kalek Killed

The energy wave hits the ships and they disappear. Nothing is left behind.

With his pests gone, Galactus once again turns his attention to the planet. The ship continues unaffected.

Norrin asks if Shalla-Bal sensed that. Together, they help the Master out of the building. Lightning strikes overhead. She replies that the two great forces were extinguished. The Master fears this is the end.

Master Zenn-La Meditating

The Master breaks from his students telling the to prepare. He sits on the ground and begins meditating. Shalla-Bal disagrees saying the meaning and beauty of their world must not be lost.

Norrin states that Zenn-La cannot bring peace to the universe if there is no Zenn-La. He will not give up.

Norrin turns and cries out to the Watcher. He demands that if the world means so much to him then he should show himself.

The clouds being churning.

Norrin Calls To Watcher

Norrin cries out that he knows he is there.

The Watcher's face appears in the clouds saying he feels great pity and sorrow for them. Norrin berates him for feeling sorrow but refusing to help those in need.

Uatu Shocked By Norrin

The Watcher looks shocked. Norrin continues to say that he has already broken his vow. The Master continues his meditation unphased.

Norrin continues to say that the Watcher has witnessed the depredations of Galactus for eons. He demands that the Watcher tell them more.

Norrin Demands Uatu Help

The Watcher wonders what the purpose would be. He claims Galactus cannot be swayed. Shalla-Bal takes Norrin's hand. Norrin claims he must know something to help them save their world and demands it immediately.

The Watcher lowers his eyes in sadness.

Elsewhere, the planet continues crumbling apart. Great fissures tear apart the cities. Fires rage through the buildings.

Norrin Runs To Rocket

Norrin runs into the ruins of the Museum of Science and Technology. Carrying a crystal, he makes his way to a rocket, like the one whose statue he stood next to.

Back in space, energies course over Galactus' body. He continues his gaze upon the dying world.

The tentacles continue their absorption of the planet.

Rocket Over Zenn-La

At the museum, the ship's platform rises as the engines start. The ship lifts off rocketing towards the sky and out of the building.

In space, the ship moves up along the tentacles. It flies around the edge of the ship and towards the dome. It skims the surface then stops just outside the energy field.

Norrin Calls Galactus

Inside the ship, Norrin holds up the crystal. Energy from the crystal shoots out and pierces the energy dome and appears before Galactus. The giant looks down at the image of Norrin's head.

Norrin introduces himself as Norrin Radd of Zenn-La. Galactus stares down at the tiny figure who says he is not there to beg nor ask for mercy. He instead comes with an offer.

Galactus' hand hover just above a lever. Norrin claims he can help the planet eater. He says he can give him the one thing even Galactus needs.

Galactus Laughs

Galactus laughs and Norrin demands to know if he is listening. The destroyer of worlds pulls down on the lever.

Energy strikes Norrin's image. It pushes the image back to the ship and destroys it. However, Norrin is saved in a sphere of energy.

The sphere brings Norrin close to Galactus. The mighty being reveals that his presumptuousness amuses him. He says that Norrin has offered a lofty goal. He wonders how the insignificant creature before him could help.

He claims to need and desire nothing. Norrin backs to the edge of the sphere. He asks if Galactus wants to survive.

Norrin Meets Galactus

Galactus once again laughs. Calling him a tiny mite, he claims he is bold. Galactus asks what he thinks he needs to survive.

Norrin claims it is planets, and endless supply to consume. He claims that Galactus' constant search depletes him. He theorizes that a day is coming when Galactus will not find his next meal in time. He states it would not need to be.

Norrin Galactus Deal

Norrin asks that if Zenn-La is spared he will serve Galactus as a net serves a fisherman. He asks that he be sent out into the sea of space to find new worlds for him. Energy courses from Galactus' eyes towards him.

Galactus Power Limitless

Galactus speaks up saying his power is limitless. He claims that in all the universe there is nothing he cannot do.

Norrin looks upon him, unchanging in his emotion. Galactus sighs saying he grows weary of the endless search.

Galactus Tentacles Leave Zenn-La

Down on the planet, the tentacles have stopped absorbing energies. The planet crackles as the tentacles shoot back up into the sky. The clouds disappear and the sky brightens again.

The animals of the world come back out and look around.

Zenn-La Spared

Back in the city, tentacles rise out of a damaged dome. People look around at the ruins, lava flows through the fissure in the middle.

Elsewhere, Shalla-Bal tells Norrin that he has save them. The Master walks up to them. She questions the bargain. Norrin claims the price must be paid, and only he of all those on the planet can do so.

Shalla-Bal Doubts Helping Galactus

She wonders how anyone from Zenn-La could serve Galactus, claiming it is against all they stand for. Tears well up in her eyes. Norrin knows what they stand for.

Norrin Will Save Planets

Shalla-Bal wonders how he can help Galactus destroy thousands of worlds. Norrin retorts that he will guide the destroyer of worlds to those planets bursting with energy but are uninhabited by intelligent life. He claims he will save countless civilizations, the true philosophy of Zenn-La.

She turns away then back towards him, tears streaming down her face. She approaches saying this is what he wanted all his life. She claims it is his chance to truly explore the stars. She touches his face telling her love to use it well and wisely.

Norrin Shalla-Bal Last Kiss

She kisses him on the lips. Tears stream down his face as well. Galactus chimes in saying he is ready.

Norrin breaks off the kiss asking for another moment. Galactus says it is time. He turns back to Shalla-Bal telling her he loves her.

Just then, an energy sphere appears around Norrin, his body becomes translucent. Shalla-Bal begs for Galactus to take her with him.

Norrin Taken From Shalla-Bal

He suddenly rises into the air. Shalla-Bal once more begs to go along. She reaches out for him as he goes. Norrin reaches down saying he will never forget her.

Tears stream down her face as he disappears into the sky. Shalla-Bal cries out his name.

High above the planet, Galactus' ship tilts. Norrin is brought to Galactus.

Galactus Changes Norrin

Galactus tells him that to perform his task as his herald he must become far more than merely a man. He will bestow upon Norrin a portion of his own Power Cosmic. Norrin stands there trapped in the energy emitting from Galactus' hand.

Galactus explains that he will absorb boundless strength from the cosmos itself. He will no longer need food to eat, water to drink, nor even air to breathe. Galactus pulls down on his lever.

Norrin Gripped With Energy

Galactus continues to say he will be able to transmute the elements. Norrin is gripped with energy and he writhes in pain. He will be able to heal himself and others. Norrin grits in pain.

The world destroyer continues by saying Norrin will fire cosmic bolts of incredible power. Norrin curls up into a ball.

Norrin Transforms

Neither frigid cold nor tremendous heat will harm Norrin's shielded body. His body begins changing, turning silver. Galactus looks down upon him.

Norrin struggles to stand, his body changing colors and making crackling noises. His body completely turns silver as he stands upright.

Silver Surfer Board Created

Galactus says that, most importantly, he will create a means for him to travel faster than the fastest star ship. Suddenly a silver board emerges from Norrin's body. It floats off in its own energy sphere.

Galactus claims he will soar to the ends of the universe and beyond. Norrin stands before him, a being of pure silver and no longer bearing any markings of his former self.

Galactus closes his hand around the tiny figure. He claims that Norrin Radd exists no more. His herald is now born anew. The energies around his eyes stop sparking out.

He says that even his mind is a new page for Galactus to write on. Light pierces the space between his figures. He opens his hand and orders him to arise. What was Norrin crouches down and stands.

Galactus Meets Silver Surfer

He rubs his new arm and turns to say that he is ready to serve his master. His eyes sparking again, Galactus tells his Silver Surfer to go, and that the space wave beckons. He claims the Great Hunger is upon him once more.

Silver Surfer First To Me My Board

Silver Surfer raises his hand and calls for his board to come. The surf board explodes out of the energy field and comes to him. As it nears, he leaps on.

Silver Surfer flies up and around Galactus' mighty helmet. He flies out over the edge of the ship. The Watcher once again says how the universe is infinitely complex yet wonderfully simple.

Silver Surfer stops and looks back. The Watcher notes that tragedy becomes triumph while triumph becomes tragedy.

The Watcher's outline appears above Silver Surfer's.

Silver Surfer Offers Zenn-La

Silver Surfer looks back upon Zenn-La. He asks his master about this planet. Galactus explains that he gave a promise to an honorable man. He says that planet is not for those like them.

Silver Surfer looks concerned but floats back. The Watcher says that once one Zenn-La lived a man of nobility and courage.

Silver Surfer Leaves Zenn-La

Silver Surfer crouches down and speeds off. He flies past a star and several planets. As he exits the system, he disappears into a flash of light. The Watcher says that in place of that man now lives the Silver Surfer.

To be continued...


"Behold, the universe. Incredibly complex, yet wonderfully simple. It encompasses all of creation, while racing towards its ultimate end. Within this maelstrom of growth and destruction lays millions of galaxies, billions of stars and planets. This sector alone holds countless civilizations."

-Uatu, first worlds of series

"Sentient life. So varied that no one race would have been able to imagine the others. Throughout the ages these civilizations have encountered each other time and time again. And demeaned their cultures and beliefs."


"Two societies; however, the Kree, a race so old that is is the basic stock which evolved all others; and the Skrull, avaricious upstarts that live only to serve their hive mother; have dedicated themselves to the subjugation of all others. For countless eons they have battled each other for supremacy, with neither side able to gain a discernible advantage."


"Now a new power has entered the sector. A power so great it makes everything else in the universe pale. Galactus, an immutable force as old as time. Galactus possesses an incalculable knowledge and strength like a shark gliding through an intergalactic sea. Galactus uses his knowledge for only one thing: to find planets whose cores contain the nutrients that will enable him to survive. So great are his needs that he cares not for any consequence save his own nourishment. And after he is fed, the shark that he is, all Galactus can do is move on."


"I am the watcher. It is my task to note all events of significance in this part of the cosmos. Only to note them, never to interfere. This task brings me great joy, and great sorrow."


"Norrin Radd, I knew I would find you here."
"Think of the courage our ancestors had, Shalla-Bal. To leave Zenn-La and soar out into the unknown."
"We have had no need for space travel since the Enlightenment. We know that the path to peace and harmony lies within our own souls. Beings from all over the universe come here to learn our ways."
"And yet I have neither felt peace or harmony within me. Instead I am driven by dreams of other places."
"But your place is here. There are even those who say that you will become the next Master."
"How can I become Master of Zenn-La, Shalla-Bal, when I cannot even be master over myself?"
"I believe in you, my love. Whatever happens, I will be at your side."

-Shalla-Bal and Norrin Radd, first lines

"Allow me to present our newest students, Captain Kalek of the Kree Empire and Commander Husserl of the Skrull Confederation."

-Master of Zenn-La, first line

"My crew and I are honored to be accepted in your academy, Master."
"My crew and I are more honored. Especially since we were accepted first."

-Kalek and Husserl, first lines

"If these are the peaceful ones I would hate to see the warlike members of their kind."

-Norrin Radd

"You will find our world unlike any to which you have been."
"Oh, perhaps someday you can tell me about all your travels."

-Norrin Radd and Husserl

"I have seen him before. At the Massacre of the Horseshoe Nebula!"
"Yes. My nest brother perished there. It was a dark day for both sides."

-Kalek and Husserl

"Master of Zenn-La, by speaking to you I am breaking my most sacred vow. For millennia, the teachings of Zenn-La have been a beacon of light and sanity in a universe darkened by chaos and strife. Now, in the hope that this light not be extinguished I bring you the most dire of warnings. Know, all of you, that the being called Galactus is approaching."


"I though Galactus a myth."
"And I hoped him one."

-Shalla-Bal and Norrin Radd

"Galactus comes with a single purpose. To feed on your world. He himself is neither good nor evil. Whether or not your survive is of no significance to him. You on Zenn-La have the power to reach into the hearts and minds of others. Your ways have changed the destinies of whole galaxies. Now, you must change your own."


"Look! Galactus has arrived!"
"Is this the end of Zenn-La!?"

-Shalla-Bal and Norrin Radd

"These are most unusual circumstances for learning about peace."


"Mighty Galactus, hear my words. For countless centuries Zenn-La has taught the civilizations of the universe harmony, balance, and peace. We ask nothing for ourselves. But you must know that if you destroy us you condemn the entire universe as well."

-Master of Zenn-La

"I must try again. Flee, while you still have your ships. Take my disciples with you."
"Master, we cannot leave you."
"We all belong to Zenn-La."
"If I fail it will be your task to spread our message. Norrin Radd, I know you have always wanted to go."
"But not like this, Master. Not like this!"

-Master of Zenn-La, Shalla-Bal, and Norrin Radd

"It seems it is our destiny to fight after all. We will blast Galactus right out of the sky."
"My crew and I will strike the fateful blow."
"Unbelievable. The Kree and the Skrull side by side."
"I pray that it will not always take the destruction of a planet to bring them together."

-Kalek, Husserl, Norrin Radd, and Shalla-Bal

"What manner of being can create so huge a vessel?"
"Captain, this doesn't have to be our fight."
"If Galactus isn't stopped now we will surely awaken to find him feeding on our nest."

-Husserl and Skrull Pilot

"Husserl, you know what to do. May you bring honor to the Skrull Mother."
"And may you bring victory to the Kree Supremor."

-Kalek and Husserl, last lines

"Shalla-Bal, did you sense that?"
"Two great forces have been extinguished."
"I fear it is the end of Zenn-La. Let us prepare."
"No! The beauty...the meaning of our world must not be lost."
"Zenn-La cannot bring peace to the universe if there is no Zenn-La. We cannot give up. We will not!"

-Norrin Radd, Shalla-Bal, and Master of Zenn-La

"Watcher! If this world means so much to you, show yourself! I know you are there!"
"I feel great pity and sorrow for you all."
"Pity? Sorrow? You dare! What kind of monster are you to-to claim sorrow but refuse to help those in need!? You have already broken your vow. Now, you who have witnessed the depredations of Galactus for eons, must tell us more! You will tell us more!"
"For what purpose? Galactus cannot be swayed."
"You must know something that can save our world. Tell me his secret. NOW!"

-Norrin Radd and Uatu

"Galactus, I am Norrin Radd of the planet Zenn-La. I am not here to beg nor ask you for your mercy. Instead I've come to make you an offer. I can help you. I can give you the one thing that even the great Galactus needs."

-Norrin Radd

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."
"Galactus. Are you listening to me?"
"Your presumptuousness amuses me, Norrin Radd of Zenn-La. You have set yourself a lofty goal. How can one such as you help one such as I? I, who needs nothing. Who desires nothing."

-Galactus, first lines, and Norrin Radd

"Great Galactus, do you not desire to survive?"
"He he he ha ha ha ha ha. The tiny mite grows even bolder. Tell me, what is it Galactus needs to survive?"
"Planets. An endless supply of planets to consume. Your constant search depletes you. And that day is coming when you will not find your next meal in time. It need not be so. Spare Zenn-La and I will serve you as a net serves a fisherman. Cast me out into the sea of space and I will find the new worlds you need."

-Norrin Radd and Galactus



"You have saved us, Norrin Radd. But the price..."
"It must be paid."
"And only I, of all those on this world, can pay it."
"But how can anyone of Zenn-La serve Galactus? It is against all we stand for."
"I know what we stand for."
"But then-then how can you help him destroy thousands of worlds?"
"You do not understand. I will guide him only to planets whose cores burst with energy yet which have no intelligent life. I will save countless civilizations. This is the true philosophy of Zenn-La."
"This is what you have longed for all your life. It truly is your chance to explore the stars. Use it well, my love. Use it wisely."

-Shalla-Bal and Norrin Radd

"I am waiting."
"Just another moment. Please."
"It is time."

-Galactus and Norrin Radd

"I love you."
"Galactus, take me with him. Take me with him!"
"I will never forget you, Shalla-Bal."

-Norrin Radd and Shalla-Bal, last lines ever

"To perform your task as my herald, Norrin Radd, you must become far more than merely a man. I bestow upon you a portion of my own Power Cosmic. You shall absorb boundless strength from the cosmos itself. Needing no food to eat. Nor water to drink. Nor air to breathe. You shall be able to transmute the elements. And to heal others as well as yourself. Cosmic bolts of awesome power shall be yours to hurl. And neither the frigid cold of the deepest space or the blazing heat of the brightest star shall harm your shielded body. Most importantly, I shall give you the means to travel faster than the fastest starship. So you may soar to the ends of the universe and beyond. NORRIN RADD EXISTS NO MORE! YOU ARE NEWBORN MY HERALD! EVEN YOUR MIND IS A NEW PAGE ON WHICH I SHALL WRITE! ARIIIIIIISE!"


"Master, I am ready to serve."
"Then go, my Silver Surfer. The space waves beckon. And the great hunger is upon me once more."
"To me, my board!"

-Silver Surfer, first lines, and Galactus

"Behold the universe. Incredibly complex yet wonderfully simple. Tragedy becomes triumph. And triumph turns tragic once more."


"What of this planet, Master?"
"I gave a promise once to an honorable man. That planet is not for such as we."

-Silver Sufer and Galactus

"Once, on a planet of wisdom known as Zenn-La, there lived a man of nobility and courage. Now a new being lives in his stead. Behold, the Silver Surfer."



Fire Spout Planet
  • The third planet that forms in the opening resembles the DC Comics location Apokolips.
  • Uatu is unnamed in this series. Here, he is simply called Watcher while in Fantastic Four he is called by name.
  • Unlike his appearances on Fantastic Four, Galactus' eyes are pure white. In the comics, he has black eyes with red square irises. Fantastic Four would sometimes have have black with red but usually normal human eyes.
  • There appears to be a bald eagle and sheep wandering around Zenn-La. This would be an example of convergent evolution. Or they were transported from one planet to the other at some point in history.
Master Zenn-La Address Watcher
  • When an alien asks the Master what they should do, there is a member of the Nova Corps behind Kalek and Husserl. There also seems to be a Troll next to him.
  • After Uatu says Galactus has come to feed on Zenn-La there is a Skrull in the crowd, obviously from Husserl's ship.
  • When the Master of Zenn-La contacts Galactus Norrin Radd and Shalla-Bal appears on his screens.
  • The Kree and Skrull spaceships are about as big as Galactus' head. Norrin Rand is about as tall as his nose.
  • Despite appearing in the opening sequence, Galactus does not speak until nearly fourteen minutes into the episode.


  • When Uatu appears to Zenn-La the clouds around him only have about eight frames, reverse, then repeat.
  • After destroying the third asteroid, two pieces of debris simply freeze on the side of the frame.
Galactus Monitors Zenn-La
  • If Galactus does not care whether the planet's population lives or dies, why does he bring them up on his monitors at all?
  • When the Master of Zenn-La contacts Galactus the images of Norrin Radd and Shalla-Bal are not from them performing the Ceremony of Outreaching. Additionally, there are many images of people who look completely calm even happy, despite the planet being destroyed around them.
  • Galactus pulls one lever to deploy his planet-eating tentacles and pulls the same lever to hurt the Master of Zenn-La. It is also used to turn Norrin Radd into the Silver Surfer.
  • Additionally, the lever is never moved up at any point. Galactus pulls it down twice.
Kalek Husserl Shalla-Bal Move Debris
  • Husserl, Kalek, and Shalla-Bal move some rubble away as if digging Norrin Radd and the Master of Zenn-La out. But there was nothing on either, they were just moving around a pile next to them.
  • The Master of Zenn-La calls Husserl a Commander, while one of the Skrull soldiers calls him Captain.
  • The Zenn-La ship is in perfect working order and ready to launch despite the Zenn-La people not traveling to space in centuries. Though it's possible they kept it in working condition just in case.
  • When explaining his deal to Galactus, Norrin is lit from the wrong side compared to the debris behind him.


Silver Surfer First Shot


Main Actor Role(s)
Paul Essiembre Norrin Radd/Silver Surfer
Camilla Scott Shalla-Bal
Aron Tager Master of Zenn-La
James Blendick Galactus
Denis Akiyama Watcher
Don Francks Kalek
David Hemblen Husserl


Zenn-La Space

True to the Jack Kirby inspirations, throughout the series the space would be colored with nebulous formations. Though this is factually inaccurate as space is largely empty.

Paul Essiembre's role as the Silver Surfer was his first acting role. He would later go on to do various voices on The Avengers: United They Stand.

Many of the voice actors who worked on Silver Surfer previously voiced for X-Men. Camilla Scott, voice of Shalla-Bal, voiced Lilandra. Don Francks, voice of Kalek, previously voiced Sabretooth. David Hemblin, voice of Husserl, voiced Magneto. James Blendick, voice of Galactus, voiced Apocalypse. And though Aron Tager did not appear in the earlier series he did appear in the first X-Men film.

Galactus SS

Galactus is the first Marvel animated character to be completely rendered in computer generated imagery. While the brief transformation scenes of Iron Man in the first season of Iron Man were computer generated, it was otherwise traditionally animated.


Silver Surfer Space Traveler

Stu of Marvel Animation Age said that his memories of the show weren't happy ones. He would have rather had a sixth season of Spider-Man, and the disappointment put him off the series. He didn't like the idea of a series based on an uninteresting guest star from Fantastic Four. He liked how the Kirby-inspired visuals were similar to X-Men, but the blacks were better than the earlier series. Though he felt the animation didn't quite live up to Kirby's artwork and the cheekbone lines looked like they were drawn on the faces rather than part of it. He forgave the slower pace because it was a three-part episode. He felt the beginning was slightly too slow and the Skrulls and Kree were unnecessary. But he felt the ending greatly peaked his interest. He did feel sorry for Norrin Radd as he remembered nothing of Zenn-La after he became the Silver Surfer. "It’s not as good as some of the other Marvel episodes but on the same note, it’s nowhere near as bad as others. And you already know it was better than "The Silver Surfer and the Coming of Galactus, Part One", don’t you?"

The episode has a 7.5 on the Internet Movie Database and 8.5 Great on

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