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Series The Marvel Super Heroes
Release Date September 1, 1966
Episode Number 1 A

(Series premiere)


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In the 1940's young Steve Rogers was rejected from joining the military because of his frail body. However he is chosen for a top secret project to create the perfect soldier. Given a formula by Dr. Abraham Erskine his body is transformed into one of peak efficiency. After Steve Rogers is transformed however, Erskine is killed by a Nazi spy, who in turn is killed by Rogers. Erskine's secret formula would die with him, however Steve Rogers would become Captain America.

The tale would gloss over how Captain America would bust up Nazi spy rings as Captain America, but in his civilian guise he'd pretend to be a bumbling soldier under the command of Sergeant Duffy, and the mentor for his units mascot Bucky Barnes.

Bucky would one night stumble upon Steve changing into Captain America and would convince him to join him in combat as his sidekick, Bucky. Their first mission together would be to break up some Nazi's sneaking into the country and using their own explosives to destroy the submarine they arrived in.



  • First animated episode from Marvel Comics.
  • This episode's plot is based on Captain America Comics #1 which was later re-told in Tales of Suspense #63, "The Origin of Captain America!"





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