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Series Spider-Man
Release Date July 26, 1997
Episode Number 51
Writer John Semper, Jr.
Gordon Kent
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Spider-Man has unmasked himself to Mary Jane Watson and asked her to marry him. Unfortunately, Spider-Man and Curt Connors are kidnapped by the "children" of Lizard.


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  • When Margaret and Mary Jane notice Spider-Man and Lizard fighting, Mary Jane says "Oh, Peter!". However, when she said that, she was just beside Margaret, who could have heard it easily. Thus, she would have unintentionally revealed Spider-Man's identity.
  • The bomb is said to reverse everything affected by neogenics, but Spider-Man is unaffected. It may be because he was bitten by a spider that was affected by neogenics and may be too far removed for the bomb to have affected him, though it did affect the children who are similarly removed from the actual Neogenic Recombinator. Other media has suggested that the spider affected a dormant mutant gene in Peter and he's actually a mutant but this is not stated in the series.


  • Curt Connors is cured of being Lizard, having become the beast in the series premiere "Night of the Lizard".
  • Connors does become Lizard once again in "Arrival" due to Beyonder's cosmic abilities.



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