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Series X-Men
Release Date May 6, 1995
Episode Number 46
Writer Doug Booth

Juggernaut looses his powers. Can Charles Xavier overcome his painful childhood and save his step-brother?


In a temple, somewhere in Asia, Eugene Turbot Weiderspan is digging up a tablet that has instructions on how to obtain the Crimson Gem of Cytorrak. The current avatar of Cytorrak, Juggernaut, is walking across the ocean floor towards America, after being punched into the ocean by Gladiator during the Phoenix Saga. He gets back onto land and heads of towards the X-Men's mansion. Professor X learns that Juggernaut is coming for him and tries to get the X-Men to come and protect him but he can't reach them. Juggernaut reaches the mansion where Xavier lures him into the Danger Room, setting up a imitation of the Hulk to fight him. Juggernaut defeats the robot Hulk and the Beast when he arrives, and is about to batter Xavier when Eugene reaches the Gem of Cytorrak and Juggernaut's power leaves him, transferring to Eugene.

The now human, Cain Marko, goes into a coma after being buried in rubble from the Danger Room and Xavier insists on helping his step-brother. The Professor tries going into Cain's head but this is unsuccessful in waking up Cain. Cyclops and Wolverine are sent to find the new Juggernaut and try to transfer his powers back to Cain. Meanwhile, Eugene uses his new powers to try and pick up women but Cyclops and Wolverine arrive and fight Eugene. Gaining the Gem of Cytorrak off of Eugene, the two X-Men go back to the mansion and Eugene tries to capture them but fails.

Back at the mansion, Cyclops and Wolverine bring the Gem of Cytorrak back to Cain and he turns back into Juggernaut. Juggernaut throws the gem into space so no one can use it again and he leaves, saying that nothing has changed between him and Xavier.






Legal reasons prevented Hulk from appearing on the show, with The Incredible Hulk being in development. The script described the cameo as "Large Green Neanderthal Robot" so the lawyers would ignore it. Similar strategies were used to get Black Panther and Spider-Man in the series without legal trouble.[1]



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