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Series Spider-Man
Release Date May 20, 1995
Episode Number 11
Writer John Semper, Jr.
Larry Brody
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Harry Osborn gets caught up in the war between Norman Osborn and Kingpin after he's kidnapped by the mysterious Hobgoblin.


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This was story editor John Semper, Jr.'s least favorite episode. This was a result of the first story editor, who was removed from the position before the series began. He changed the order of Goblin appearances, in the comics it was Green Goblin who showed up first and Hobgoblin did not show up until after Norman's death. Avi Arad already put a Hobgoblin action figure into production when Semper was hired. Semper wanted the original comic book order, but Arad overrode him and Green Goblin did not show up until season three's "Enter the Green Goblin".

In original plans of the series Norman Osborn was supposed to become Hobgoblin, but this idea was scrapped by Stan Lee.


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