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Series Spider-Man
Release Date July 19, 1997
Episode Number 50
Writer John Semper, Jr.
Virginia Roth
Meg McLaughlin
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Mary Jane Watson has the lead role in a new movie. But when she disappears Spider-Man teams up with Mysterio to find her. Can he bear the thought of losing her again?


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  • Last appearance of Mysterio, as he apparently dies. He was going to reappear in the proposed sixth season of Spider-Man along with Dormammu and Ghost Rider, but the series was cancelled.



Comic Book Resources ranked this as the seventh greatest episode of the series. They felt it was both outrageous and surprisingly deep. They liked how it gave depth to Mysterio as he genuinely cared about Miranda beyond her beauty. They liked the sacrifice of Mysterio to stay with Miranda and that it inspired Spider-Man to reveal himself to Mary Jane.[1]

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