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Series X-Men
Release Date March 27, 1993
Episode Number 13
Writer Robert N. Skir
Marty Isenberg
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Senator Kelly is kidnapped by Magneto only to be rescued by Sentinels wanting to take over the world.


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  • First appearance of Ghost Rider, even if it is just a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo.





When it originally aired, an unspecified actor played Mister Sinister. However, he was seen as too high-pitched so he was replaced by Christopher Britton for reruns. Larry Houston said, "We were all ready to move on to other shows when the renewal order for a season two came in, literally during post-production of the very last episode of season one. In post, they (Fox Kids' Sidney Iwanter and Post Production Scott Thomas) quickly cobbled together a CGI computer overlay, a computer shadow and re-sequenced the ending to imply Mister Sinister was to be season two's villain. Who did the Sinister voice-over, I don't know, and it was never intended to be the real character. It was always intended to be just a temp voice. The original ending, I drew it and it had Jean and Scott discussing their engagement and their future with kids, with the ending scene of them, a wide sunset, the two on a blanket, then moving closer to and fading out on the sunset."[1]


Comic Book Resources ranked this as number fourteen in their top fifteen episodes of the series. They noted that one of the important things was the X-Men having to protect someone who wants to hunt them down, a common theme in the comics. They also enjoyed the idea of technology run amok adding more layers for the series. They felt it delivered in terms of escalation to the final stand.[2]


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