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Series X-Men
Release Date November 26, 1994
Episode Number 43
Writer Brooks Wachtel

The Shi'ar Empire puts Jean Grey on trial by combat because of the Phoenix Force and the X-Men must fight to the death to save her. (The Dark Phoenix Saga, Part Four)


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"You got your justice, Lilandra! The universe is safe!"
"I take no pleasure in this, Scott Summers."
"Don't! Not a word."

-Cyclops and Lilandra




  • The final episode of The Dark Phoenix Saga.




Comic Book Resources ranked The Dark Phoenix Saga episodes collectively as number seven on their top fifteen episodes of the series. They noted that the series was arguably the most popular X-Men story ever told and this was the best adaptation. They felt it was as grand as it was emotionally powerful. They praised the fight between Dark Phoenix and Professor X as one of the best in the series. They noted how it started off small then escalated. They noted that the episodes got perfectly right not only the massive scope but the internal conflict going on in Jean. [1]

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