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Galactus looks down
Series Silver Surfer
Release Date May 16, 1998
Episode Number 13
Writer Larry Brody
Dallas Barnes

Silver Surfer and Thanos fight in one more battle to the finish. This time with all of existence at stake. (Series Finale)


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"My sister is Infinity, the essence of space. I am Eternity, made up of all time."
"Together we are the universe personified."

-Eternity and Infinity

"We are the alpha and the omega. But although we see all possible outcomes, we do not know which will inevitably occur."


"The last time you saw the Surfer, he saved your life. He's not your enemy!"
"When the great hunger is upon me, all creatures are enemies! And no one knows better than you, my Nova, how ravenous I now am."

-Nova and Galactus

"You must hurry, Silver Surfer. Even Eternity has almost run out of time!"


"The universe needs me. I will not allow it to die!"

-Silver Surfer






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