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Series Iron Man
Release Date September 23, 1995
Episode Number 14
Writer Greg Johnson
Director Richard Trueblood
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Tony Stark is nearly killed when Mandarin teams up with Fin Fang Foom and Justin Hammer. (Season Premiere)


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Starting with this episode, Iron Man along with Fantastic Four saw radical changes in design and writing. This was due to the low ratings and high criticism under Ron Friedman's direction. Friedman was removed leading to the changes in the series. Critics agree that both series saw vast improvements. However, ratings remained low and by the end of the season both series were ended.

The episode aired the same day as the Fantastic Four episode "And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them".

Force Works was the team Iron Man was a part of in the comics at the time the series started. The comics were not particularly successful. Eight months after the team disbanded in this episode the comic was cancelled with Force Works #22 and the team faded into obscurity.


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