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Slave Island
Series X-Men
Release Date March 6, 1993
Season Number 7 of 13
Episode Number 7 of 76
Writer Mark Edward Edens
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Storm, Gambit, and Jubilee discover that the island of Genosha is not the mutant haven it advertises when they are forced into slave labor. They become torn between trying to escape, trying to lead a revolt, and just trying to survive. At the same time, a mysterious man appears with an agenda of his own threatening everyone around him.


Somewhere, an alarm begins blaring.

Jubilee Sees Genoshan Cell Doors Open

Jubilee sits up, a collar is around her neck glowing. She looks to see the barred door opening.

A man on a PA comes on announcing to the mutants of Genosha that a new day has begun. Guards stand around wielding rifles. Jubilee and numerous other mutants exit their cells and stand before the guards. They all have collars on their necks.

Storm Jubilee Hear Leader Announcement

Storm walks up next to Jubilee. The PA announces that they have been brought there to build a new Genosha, making a nation worthy of him their Leader. Gambit walks up between a Native American man and man with a helmet.

Outside, construction is working on a large dam. People and construction equipment like trucks and excavators are everywhere. A massive crane sits atop the partially constructed dam. The PA orders them to be happy in their work.

Caliban Carries Block

Underneath a crane a commander explains to a group of mutants that the collars suppressing their powers will soon be deactivated so they can use their powers to work. A crane lowers releasing wet cement below. Two mutants work with the wet cement while an albino mutant carries a large block around.

Genoshan Commander Instructs New Slaves

The commander, surrounded by armed guards, warns that if they try to escape the collars will be reactivated immediately. He further warns that if they try to remove their collars it will explode destroying them.

Jubilee sarcastically tells Gambit that this is a great vacation. The commander orders them to get to work. He presses a button on a remote turning off the collars.

Storm Orders Slave Escape

Storm orders the others to move and flies up into the air. Jubilee starts to run but Gambit grabs her saying it is no use. She tells him to let her go and tries to struggle away.

Storm flies forward firing lightning at the commander destroying the remote. She flies over them also attacking the guards. A woman steps forward with another remote and reactivates the collars.

Jubilee Gambit See Collars Reactivated

Gambit and Jubilee see their collars beeping again.

Storm's collar activates and she cries out as the lightning stops and she begins falling. Jubilee calls out to her. Storm screams as he falls towards the rock-filled rushing waters below.

Storm Genosha Rapids

She hits the water and goes under. She swims back up and gasps for air upon reaching the surface. However, she becomes caught in the rapids and tumbles along. She grabs a rock and pulls herself up.

Storm Meets Genosha Sentinel

Suddenly, a metal tentacle rises out of the water and wraps around her leg. Storm cries out and turns to see a Sentinel rising out of the water.

Jubilee sees the enormous robot and tells Gambit she thought they wiped them all out. Gambit explains that there are always more alligators in the bayou.

The Sentinel stands, water streaming off it, and raises Storm up. The robot looks up and flies towards the cliff's top.

Sentinel Lands Near Slaves

It lands near the commander and other mutants. The Sentinel announces that this mutant was apprehended while attempting to escape. It then drops it to the ground next to the Genoshan woman.

Jubilee cries out ordering them to leave her alone. She moves forward but Gambit once more grabs her. He tells her to be quiet for once.

Trask Approaches Slave Storm

Trask walks up explaining that the leader has promised the mutants will be released once the dam is built. He warns that if they try to escape they will never leave.

Jubilee whispers to Gambit that he is one of the Mutant Registration guys that grabbed her after the incident at the mall. Gambit reasons that after the president cancelled his program he moved south "for his health." Jubilee claims they have to do something.

Trask Orders Storms Death

Trask orders that Storm be disposed of permanently. The Sentinel leans over to grab her, causing Storm to scream. Gambit cries out that they are making a mistake.

Trask looks over and sees Gambit approaching, but two guards grab him. They force him to the ground as he says they don't know what she can do.

From the Sentinel's hand, Storm asks what he is doing. She claims that knowledge is power. The Sentinel pulls her up ordering her to remain silent.

Gambit Tells Trask Storm Can Fill Lake

Trask holds up a clipboard looking through his notes of her interrogation. Gambit retorts that she didn't tell him anything. He explains that she can control the weather, making it rain like a storm to fill up the lake in no time.

Trask Thinks Storm Useful

Trask agrees that could be useful. He turns towards the Sentinel saying that until the dam is ready to put her into the box.

Storm Thrown Into Box

Storm cries out begging not to go into a box. A door opens to a tiny dark room. The Sentinel throws her in. She continues screaming, begging to be let out. The Sentinel calmly stands guard just outside.

Later, the mutants work on the dam.

Mutant Slave Pours Concrete Genosha

Jubilee and Gambit work on some rebar while a deformed grey man pours concrete into a hole. Jubilee chastises the ad for saying there would be fun, asking when that starts.

Jubilee struggles to untwist a rebar to get to the others. She tells Gambit she cannot stand the thought of Storm inside the box. She reasons that with her claustrophobia it must be terrible.

Gambit struggles to bend the rebar saying that at least Storm is alive.

Blob Bends Rebar

A large fat mutant walks up telling the "pretty boy" to put his weight into it. He easily bends one rebar singlehandedly.

A female guard approaches and orders Gambit to go break rocks. Gambit walks off.

Trask Monitors Sunfire Slave

A mutant uses his powers to blast concrete as it is poured, under armed supervision. Trask walks up ordering the man, Sunfire, to dry it evenly as he doesn't want it to crack. Sunfire moves his blasts around at the different spots.

Gambit picks up a rock and charges it. Just then, he hears an explosion. He looks and sees smoke rising in the distance with fires raging.

Slave Mutants See Cable Explosion

Trask tells a guard that "It's him" and runs off. The mutants all stop and watch the fire. Another explosion goes off.

Sentinels Fly to Cable Explosion

Two Sentinels fly overhead as Gambit looks out into the distance. The mutants watch the robots head towards the flames.

Jubilee reaches down and grabs a piece of wire near a large spool. She quickly puts it in her jacket.

The commander orders the mutants to return to their cells. The mutants get up and march off.

The Leader comes over the PA announcing that he has decided there will be no more work that day and to enjoy themselves. The mutants walk past the box where Storm is.

Genoshan Commander Shoves Jubilee

Jubilee stops and looks at the box. The commander comes and pushes her ordering her to keep moving.

Inside, the Leader continues by saying that he loves them. The mutants enter their individual cells and the doors shut with a heavy clang.

Meanwhile, the mansion sits in the moonlight.

Cyclops Worried About X-Men On Genosha

A telephone plays a busy signal and Cyclops slams it back down. He jokes that he should never buy stock in the Genoshan phone company. Rogue stands nearby while Jean Grey leans against the console.

Jean stands saying that Storm grew up on the streets of Cairo and is sure she can handle whatever Genosha throws at her, even poor phone service.

They hear a door opening and Rogue is shocked telling them to see what the cat dragged in. They look over seeing Wolverine leaning in the doorway saying he is back.

Wolverine Return Sneeze

Jean approaches explaining they had tried contacting him for days. She asks where he has been. She sneezes and says it was somewhere cold. He walks off.

Back at the dam, the lights above the box suddenly go out.

Inside the halls, the lights also flicker before leaving the place in darkness. They struggle to come back on. A camera moves pans around then shuts down.

Jubilee jokes that some "dork" at the power company picked a good time to screw up. She then says that she could have handled it anyways, calling herself an "X-Woman Supreme." She reaches into her coat and pulls out the wire piece.

Jubilee Picks Genoshan Lock

She reaches through the bars and begins to pick the lock. She finishes and calls herself too slick. She opens the doors and walks out down the hall.

Gambit Sees Jubilee Out of Cell

In his cell, Gambit sits on his bed thinking when Jubilee calls out to him. He asks what she is doing, like taking a walk. Jubilee explains she has a plan to get out of there.

She explains that when they were brought back to the prison they walked past the goon who turns the collars on and off. She suggest jumping him to get the controls so they can get their powers back. Gambit walks over to her.

Gambit Wont Leave Cell

Gambit suggests she will end up like Storm, in a box. Jubilee retorts that she won't as they won't expect anything to happen right outside the prison. She wants to take them by surprise.

She offers to get him out so he can talk to the others. She starts picking his lock explaining that a girl she knew in the orphanage taught her how. After some twisting she unlocks the cell.

Gambit sits back down saying she should tell them as it's her plan and they like her better anyways. He tells her to move quickly before the lights come on again.

Jubilee reluctantly agrees.

Feral Calls Jubilees Plan Stupid

She addresses everyone saying she knows a way to escape. She explains she has a plan to rush the guards. An animal-like woman tells her not to be stupid saying she will just get them in trouble.

Sunfire asks why they should risk their lives when they have been promised to be released. The fat man calls her dumb and orders her back to bed.

Jubilee Sees Genoshan Lights Come On

Suddenly, the lights start turning on. Jubilee runs down the hall agreeing with him. She races to her cell as the lights and cameras come back on.

She enters the cell just as the camera pans over towards her. Jubilee then quickly shuts the door before she is seen.

Back in the war room, Cyclops enters followed by Jean and Rogue to find Professor X sitting at the console. Cyclops says they are ready to go and asks if he is sure he will not join them.

Xavier Orders X-Men to Genosha

Xavier turns reasoning that Cyclops himself said there was probably no trouble on Genosha. He turns back around explaining he has things he must do. The others turn and walk out.

They walk out into the hall and away. Cyclops stops watching the door close. After a moment he follows the two women.

Xavier Calls Moira

In the war room, Xavier types on the computer. The display shows he is calling a number for Muir Island in Scotland. A receptionist answers for the Muir Island Mutant Research Center. Xavier asks for Moira McTaggart, saying it is an old friend.

Waves of water lap up against the cliffside. The hanger doors appear out of the rocks and open up. The Blackbird flies out.

Back in Genosha, Jubilee wakes to hear the Leader welcoming the mutants to a new day as the alarms blare.

Sunfire Says Gambit Taken Away

The doors open and the mutants step out. One cell is empty and untouched. Jubilee looks and finds Gambit missing. Sunfire comes behind her saying they took him away in the night. He leans in close saying they are with her and she just needs to say when.

Sunfire and Jubilee walk off.

Jubilee Sneaks Behind Genoshan Commander

Outside, the guards watch the mutants march out. Jubilee walks behind the commander and calls out to the others. The commander turns and Jubilee kicks him across the face. He falls and Jubilee grabs the remote.

Sunfire and two others run off.

Rictor Tackles Genoshan Guard

A guard turns and fires his rifle when a mutant tackles him.

The fat man picks up a guard and tosses him aside.

Sunfire Blasted by Sentinel

Jubilee presses the remote and orders them to use their powers. Sunfire grabs his noting that they are still on. Suddenly, he is blasted back.

Another mutant turns to see a Sentinel firing down on them. The Sentinel aims and fires at the fat man, who is blasted back into a wall. He slams back leaving a large dent before collapsing down.

The Sentinel and guards fire at the rebelling mutants.

Rictor Aurora Surrender

Two mutants near Jubilee duck under a blast then surrender begging them not to shoot. Jubilee realizes that the remote doesn't work. A tentacle moves down and grabs her legs, picking her up as she screams.

The remote falls to the ground and breaks open.

Jubilee Captured by Genosha Sentinel

The Sentinel brings her close saying it caught the leader of the mutant rebellion. The Leader announces that they were warned by one of their own, a mutant. Jubilee doesn't think it could be real.

Sentinel Closes Jubilee Box

A door to a box opens and Jubilee is tossed inside. She slams against the wall and slumps to the floor. She watches as the Sentinel closes the door. It stands and stomps away as another guards the boxes.

Jubilee then hears Storm calling out to her. Storm tells her not to be afraid as she will make a snowstorm when the sun rises.

The Sentinel stands motionless outside.

Storm Claims Gambit Will Save Them

Jubilee stands telling her not to, reminding her that she doesn't have her powers. Storm then states that Gambit will save them. Jubilee slumps to the ground, tears streaming down her face.

Elsewhere, a diplomatic limousine is driving down a road. It heads towards a large facility. Some lights flicker from inside.

Master Mold Intro

Inside, Trask asks Henry Peter Gyrich if it is beautiful. He says he calls it Master Mold. Above them sits an enormous Sentinel, bigger than any other.

Master Mold's chest opens up and a Sentinel appears. Master Mold announces that the creation of a Sentinel is completed. A mechanical arm moves down and picks it up. It moves the newly created Sentinel to a ledge where numerous others are lined.

Sentinel Charged

Trask explains that the manufacturing process is entirely self-contained, all it requires is an outside power source. Another arm moves down and shocks the Sentinel. It's eyes begin glowing.

A man announces that it requires too much. Trask and Gyrich turn to see see two men approach. The man in the suit explains that he blacked out half of Genosha the previous night.

Trask Explains Master Mold

Trask explains that they will have their own power grid once the dam is finished. He continues saying that then Master Mold's "children" will be able to track down mutants anywhere on the planet.

Gyrich approaches the other man, a colonel, and offers his hand saying it is good to see him again. The colonel ignores his hand reminding him that he is now called Leader and orders him not to forget it.

Gyrich Meets Hodge

The other man takes Gyrich's hand introducing himself as Cameron Hodge, the Development Adviser to the Government of Genosha.

Master Mold Watches Leader Meeting

Leader looks up at Master Mold saying he understands there was a revolt by the slaves. Trask explains they allowed it to happen in order to break their spirit. He claims they should have seen their faces when he showed them who betrayed them.

Behind them, a door opens and they turn to see. Three figures stand silhouetted in the door. Trask says his name is Gambit. The three walk forward and Gambit enters the light.

Gyrich Recognzies Gambit

Gambit looks grim as Gyrich notes that Gambit tried to save the girl when the Sentinel attempted to capture her at the Salem Center Mall. He asks if he was also one of the mutants who attacked the Sentinel factory.

Gambit explains that they call themselves the X-Men. Gyrich wonders about the name then demands to know what is special about them. He wants to know where to find them.

Gambit reasons that if he tells them then they may not need him anymore. He says that he better take them there whenever they are ready. Gyrich wants to know why he should believe he would betray his fellow mutants.

Gambit Slaves Not His Friends

Gambit retorts that they are not his friends as they do not like nor trust him. He claims that they are just using him like the Genoshans are. Gyrich agrees to do it his way. He orders the guards to take Gambit back to the prison until they are ready.

Gambit and the guards enter a hovercraft and head out. The craft leaves the facility. He pulls out his deck and asks if they want to see a card trick.

Gambit Fifty-Two Card Pick Up

He flips the cards up and they all go flying. The guards watch and he elbows both of them. He stands and leaps out the back landing in the road.

The craft stops and the guards order him to stop. Gambit stands and runs off.

Gambit Genoshan Car Explosion

A guard readies his rifle when something hits the craft. The whole thing becomes charged with energy and they all flee out the side screaming. The craft soon blows up.

Gambit is knocked down by the blast. He sits up and looks at the flaming wreckage. He looks around and sees a rifle laying in the road.

Gambit Meets Cable

He crawls over to it and reaches for the weapon. Just as he grabs it, a large boot steps on his hand. He looks up to see a large armed man with a huge rifle and marks over one eye.

Gambit Points Cable to Leader

The man tells him not to then moves the rifle away. He explains he is looking for the man they call the Leader. Gambit points down the road saying he is in the factory besides the bridge.

Just then, weapons fire come from the woods. The man kneels down and fires.

The blast hits a tree a guard is hiding behind. It becomes charged and the guard runs. It soon explodes.

Cable Wild Man of Borneo

The two stand and the man points his rifle at Gambit, who puts his arms up. He asks who the man is. The man turns claiming he is the "Wild Man of Borneo." He claims he will see him around and walks off.

Gambit starts to follow explaining that the Leader has made slaves of the mutants. He asks if he will help Gambit set them free. The man pulls something out of his belt and throws it to him.

Gambit grabs a key. The man explains he took it off a Genoshan goon a week ago and maybe he can use it. Gambit puts the key into his collar and it falls off.

Gambit Alone Genosha

Gambit smiles and chuckles. When he looks up Cable is gone. He looks around seeing no one. He grabs the rifle and runs off. The man watches from the trees.

Elsewhere, Gyrich asks who this man is that the Leader is so afraid of. Hodge explains his name is Cable and he is apparently American.

Cable Finds Master Mold Factory

Cable turns and marches through the woods. He marches through a field until he reaches the edge of the water. He looks down and sees the factory.

Hodge continues to say Cable was a mercenary in the Leader's army until he found out Leader wasn't championing democracy like he claimed to be.

Inside, Hodge sits with Gyrich and Trask. He explains that they are not sure but they suspect he's a mutant. Cable "threw his wages" in Leader's face and went off to start a revolution.

Genosha Leader Enters Meeting

Just then, Leader comes into the room. He explains that Cable lives by his own code but not for long. The three turn to see Leader enter.

Elsewhere, the sun shines down on the prison as a Sentinel stands guard over the boxes.

Jubilee grows weary joking she once thought it would be great to have a sauna. Just then, she hears something outside. She calls out to Storm.

Jubilee Freed from Box

Just then, the door blows in. She loos out and finds the Sentinel's head off its body. She looks up to see Gambit. He charges a card and puts it in the other box door.

Jubilee ducks back into the box just before it blows. Storm sits there groaning and falls out. Gambit kneels down telling her to move quickly.

Jubilee Calls Gambit Jerk for Genosha Betrayal

Storm hugs him saying she knew he would come rescue them. Jubilee calls him a jerk for making her think he was a traitor. She demands to know why she didn't know he was just faking it.

Genoshan Guards Find X-Men

Just then, they are fired upon. They look up, past the wrecked Sentinel, to see guards on a nearby rooftop. The remains of the robot falls down as the three run off. Gambit picks up Jubilee slumping her over his shoulder.

The guards track them as they run. Gambit charges a card throwing it. It hits the wall opening a hole and they run out. Guards run atop the wall and fire upon them.

X-Men Flee Genoshan Prison

As they run through the forest, Gambit asks how Jubilee can sweat so much and not lose weight. Growing frustrated, Jubilee claims she hates him. The three run off into the distance away from the guards.

Elsewhere, Gyrich asks about the collars used to subdue the mutants. Leader claims they were invented by a scientist in Scotland, calling him a genius. Gyrich asks if he could get them in large numbers.

Jubilee Freed from Inhibitor Collar

In the woods, a cockatoo flies by the X-Men. Gambit takes the key and opens Storm's collar. She smiles as she is freed. Gambit uses the key on Jubilee and she takes her collar off.

Gyrich wonders how much it would be worth to leader to have Cable eliminated. Leader wonders how much he could pay. Trask claims that once the dam is completed they will have the power to create thousands of Sentinels.

Leader notes that the Sentinels makes it hard to refuse them, rubbing his chin. The female lieutenant bursts in telling Leader that three mutants have escaped. She notes that gambit freed them. Gyrich stands saying he knew Gambit couldn't be trusted.

Leader Genosha Sees Table Blasted

Just then, a blast comes through the window hitting the desk. The men scream and leap away. One says to get down as the table becomes charged. Leader shields himself with his arms while Gyrich runs out.

Cable Blows Up Genosha Board Room

Outside, the windows to the conference room blow out. Cable stands just across the bridge aiming his rifle. He fires once more.

The blast hits an antenna on the roof and explodes.

Master Mold Power Outage

Inside, Master Mold surges with power. As a Sentinel comes out, the power goes down and everything stops.

From the dam, an explosion is seen in the distance. The mutant slaves watch from the cliffside. The commander aims his gun at them ordering them to get in line as there won't be anymore work that day.

Storm Summons Genosha Thunder

He hears a rumble and looks up. Above them and Sentinels standing guard, thunder clouds roll in. Lightning strikes above.

The electricity strikes the rifles of two guards and they cry out.

Genoshan Soldier Sees Storm Approaching

Storm comes out of the air screaming. She fires lightning down among the guards and a robot. The robot watches her approach and is hit with two full blasts falling down.

Storm lands and fires a ball of electricity at a Sentinel. The robot tracks it and fires stopping the attack. It fires once more knocking Storm out of the air.

Gambit Confronts Genosha Sentinel

At the Sentinel's feet, Gambit runs up and grabs a bucket. He reaches in grabbing a handful of nuts and bolts charging them. He calls out to the Sentinel who turns and looks.

Gambit throws the hardware. The bolts blow up forcing the Sentinel back. It says it is in immediate danger and falls down the side. It tries to initiate its booster rockets but crashes to the ground breaking apart.

The commander clutches the remote to his chest and orders the guards to blast the mutant. A guard readies his rifle but both are blasted from behind by Jubilee.

Jubilee Frees Mutant Slaves

Jubilee runs up grabbing the remote and sarcastically asking if she can borrow it. She runs to the edge of the dam where the mutants stand below. She punches in a combination and the displays orders the collars unlatched.

The collars fall off each of the mutants. Sunfire notes they can use their powers as he fires up his hands. They hear a guard behind them say the mutants are free. Sunfire flies up into the air.

Nearby, guards and a robot ready their weapons and fire. A walker storms ahead.

Domino Attacks Genoshan Guards

Two mutants in white and black outfits race forward. A white woman with black patch over her eye and man in a green and white uniform fire at the guards. The animal-woman and fat man race forward.

Sunfire Saves Jubilee From Sentinel

Sunfire flies up firing down below. Jubilee tries to attack a Sentinel that is unaffected by her blasts. Sunfire's attack hits the Sentinel allowing Jubilee to flee.

Guards approach the green-dressed man but he fires at the ground forcing them back.

The walker fires ahead. The Native American mutant runs up and knocks it aside. He runs up to a robot and punches it back.

Feral Attacks Genoshan Guard

A guard backs away as the animal-woman leaps onto him. She kicks his face while grabbing his rifle away from him.

Guards fire at the black and white clothed couple as they fly above them. They slap each other's hands causing a flash. The guards are blinded and they swoop in grabbing their rifles forcing them to the ground.

Storm Stops Blob From Throwing Genoshan Guard

The fat man lifts the commander and offers him happy landings. Storm flies in front of him ordering him to stop as they must not harm them. The man throws the commander over her.

Storm creates a wind to catch the man. He is blown back up and knocks the fat man back. They both land on the ground.

Nearby, Jubilee claims that since they are free they can help them stop the Sentinels. Sunfire turns her down saying that they followed her before and it was a disaster.

Sunfire Wants to Take Genosha

Storm lands as Gambit walks up. She explains that Gambit knows how the Sentinels are created. She warns that there will be thousands unless the dam is destroyed. Sunfire retorts that they will deal with the Sentinels when all of Genosha belongs to them.

He orders the remaining mutants to follow him. They walk off as the X-Men watch them go. The fat man snatches the key out of Jubilee's hand demanding it. She calls out to him that he could at least offer his thanks.

Genoshan Commander Sees Mutants Leave

Gambit and Storm walk up and he says that the dam is too big for them to bring down. Behind them, the commander sits up rubbing his head. He gets up and runs off, Gambit watches him go.

Storm agrees with Gambit but claims that a power greater than theirs is hidden in the clouds. She raises her arms and storm clouds form above blocking out the sun. Rain begins pouring down.

Back in the factory, Gyrich and Trask walk among the Sentinels. Gyrich claims the whole situation is collapsing and that he is going back to Washington. Trask stops saying that Gyrich won't abandon him.

Cable Blasts Genosha Sentinels

The two walk out through a door. Cable hides nearby watching them go. He runs through the factory blasting attacking Sentinels. The Sentinels turn to follow ordering him to stop when suddenly they explode.

Master Mold Sees Unfinished Sentinel

Cable runs past Master Mold. It's chest opens up and another Sentinel pops out. The arm comes and grabs it. The unfinished Sentinel is lowered to the ground and powers up stomping after him.

Back in Leader's office, thunder rumbles as rain streams in through the broken windows. Hodge brushes Leader's coat off while guards stand around. Leader orders them to take him to his car at once.

Hodge Genoshan Guards Run

A guard moves to open the door when a blast erupts behind it startling him. Leader tells them to go the other way and they all flee.

Cable Blasted by Unfinished Sentinel

The door blasts open and Cable strolls through asking the "colonel" if he remembers him. Suddenly he is blasted forward from behind. The unfinished Sentinel races through the doorway breaking the frame.

Cable rolls on the ground and fires at the ceiling above the Sentinel. It raises its arm and fires at him, knocking the rifle out of his hand.

Unfinished Sentinel Destroyed

Suddenly the ceiling explodes sending a bar down on top of the Sentinel. A piece of machinery falls on it as the roof collapses.

Back at the dam, Jubilee begs Storm to stop claiming she is not strong enough. Storm continues manipulating the weather causing an enormous flood. She tells them to leave her.

Gambit Pulls Jubilee Away from Genosha Dam Destruction

Gambit agrees saying to let her be. He grabs Jubilee and pulls her away despite the girl's objections.

Storm calls force the full power of the storm. Lightning strikes above hitting the dam. A crack becomes worse and water pours through. Soon the water begins tearing apart the dam wall.

Genosha Dam Breaks

Water breaks through destroying parts of the dam. More cracks appear causing more damage.

Storm suddenly collapses. She falls onto the wall as it crumbles apart. She falls down along with the debris.

Rogue Catches Storm Genosha Dam Break

Suddenly, Rogue flies through the air catching her. As they fly through the canyon, Rogue jokes that Storm has worked too hard. She flies down the river as rocks tumble around them.

The Blackbird comes over the side, as the skies clear, and Rogue flies up to it.

Meanwhile, the factory is badly damaged, smoke pouring from the office's hole. Leader's limo speeds away.

Leader Hodge To Go To Switzerland

Leader asks Hodge if he has ever been to Switzerland. Suddenly, the car screeches to a halt causing both men to gasp.

They look and see Cable standing on the bridge waiting for them. He cocks the rifle and fires hitting the limo.

Leader Genosha Escapes Limo

The doors open and the driver, Hodge, and Leader leap out the side. The limo soon explodes. It crashes to the ground in a smoking heap.

The driver sees Cable approaching and grabs his pistol. Cable kicks it away and lifts the guard up one-handed. He then tosses the guard to the side and walks on.

Cable Approaches Genosha Leader

Cable approaches Leader who tries to crawl back away from him. Cable says he thought Leader was going to bring democracy to Genosha.

Cable looms over Leader and grabs him lifting him up. He notes that he doesn't mind being wrong if he can correct his mistakes.

Hodge Threatens Cable

Suddenly, Hodge orders him to drop his plasma rifle or he will fire. Cable looks to see him holding a pistol at him. Leader orders him to blast him.

Cable Laughs About Flood Wave

Just then, a deafening roar approaches. They turn and see a massive wave of water approaching. Cable laughs while Hodge screams.

The waves crashes down engulfing the bridge. It tears a nearby tree from its roots bringing it along. The wave then crashes against the factory.

Inside, the Sentinels still stand ready. Master Mold looks around then stands up. It starts walking forward then stops. It turns noting the cables in its foot and that it is still plugged in.

Genosha Wave Hits Master Mold

The walls of the factory become wet just before the wave crashes through the side knocking the Sentinels down. The wave hits Master Mold engulfing it.

The wave wipes out the entire factory.

Back at the dam, the water level has lowered but still pours over the damaged structure. The Blackbird lands nearby.

X-Men Leave Genosha

Jubilee, Gambit, and Rogue carrying Storm walk up the ramp after it lowers. Once in, the ramp raises and the aircraft lifts off. It shoots off into the skies.

Inside, Cyclops calls Xavier asking him to come in. However, all he gets is static. He tells Jean there is no answer.

The Blackbird flies through the clouds.

Jean Comforts Storm After Genosha

Later, Storm groans then sits upright as she wakes. Jean approaches reassuring her that it is alright. Storm explains she dreamt she was in a very small place.

Jubilee Worried Gambit Fooled Her Again

Nearby, Jubilee apologizes to Gambit for not trusting him. She says she should have known he wasn't a traitor. He then asks her how she knows he isn't and suggests that she may have been fooled again.

Cyclops announces they will touch down in two minutes. He says he has a visual then stops. He cries out about the school.

Rogue looks out the window not believing what she sees. Wolverine growls and pops out his claws.

X-Men Mansion Destroyed

The jet comes to a stop in the air and hovers. Down below, the mansion lies in ruins.


"Mutants of Genosha. A new day begins. You have been brought here to build a new Genosha, a nation worthy of me, its Leader. Be happy in your work."

-Leader, first lines

"The collars that suppress your mutant powers will be turned off, so you can use your powers in your work. If you try to escape, the collars will be reactivated at once. If you try to remove your collar, it will explode and destroy you."

-Genoshan Commander

"Great vacation, Gambit."


"That's a Sentinel. I thought we wiped out those overgrown dweebs."
"There's always more gators in the bayou."

-Jubilee and Gambit

"This mutant apprehended while attempting to escape."


"Be quiet for once."


"The Leader has promised that you mutants will be released once this dam is built. But if you try to escape, you will never leave Genosha."

-Bolivar Trask

"Until the dam is ready put her in the box."

-Bolivar Trask and Storm

"The ad said, 'Fun in the sun.' Let me know when the fun starts."


"Put your weight into it, pretty boy."

-Blob, first line

"Remind me never to buy stock in the Genoshan phone company."


"Well, look what the cat drug in."
"I'm back."

-Rogue and Wolverine

"Some dork at the power company sure picked a good time to screw up. Not that young Jubilee, X-Woman Supreme, couldn't have handled it anyway."


"Listen, everybody. I know a way we can all escape. I've got a plan on how to rush the guards."
"Don't be stupid, kid. You'll just get us in trouble."
"Why risk our lives, girl? They say they set us free when the work is done."
"Dumb kid. Go to bed."

-Jubilee, Feral, first lines, Sunfire, first lines, and Blob

"Do not be afraid, child. I will make a snowstorm when the sun rises."
"Don't, Storm. Please. You know you don't have your powers."

-Storm and Jubilee

"Sentinel creation completed."

-Master Mold, first line

"All it requires is an outside power source."
"Too much power, Dr. Trask. You blacked out half of Genosha last night."

-Bolivar Trask and Cameron Hodge, first lines

"Good to see you again, Colonel."
"I am called 'Leader' now, Mr. Gyrich. Do not forget that."

-Henry Peter Gyrich and Leader

"I understand there was a revolt by the slaves."
"We allowed it to happen, to break their spirit. You should have seen their faces when I showed them who had betrayed them. He calls himself Gambit."

-Leader and Bolivar Trask

"Why should I believe you'll betray your friends, your fellow mutants?"
"They're not my friends. They don't like me, don't trust me. They're just using me, like you."

-Henry Peter Gyrich and Gambit

"You wanna see a card trick?"


"Uh-uh. I'm looking for the one who calls himself the Leader."

-Cable, first line

"Who are you?"
"The Wild Man of Borneo."

-Gambit and Cable

"Who is this man, the one the Leader is so afraid of?"
"His name is Cable. An American, apparently. He was a mercenary in the Leader's amry, until he found out the Leader wasn't the champion of democracy he claimed to be. We're not sure but we suspect he's a mutant. So he threw his wages back in the Leader's face and took to the hills to start a revolution."
"Cable lives by his own code, but he will not live long."

-Henry Peter Gyrich, Cameron Hodge, and Leader

"You jerk! You made me think you were a traitor. Why didn't you tell me you were just pretending?"


"How do you sweat so much, petite, and not lose weight?"
"Oh, I hate you!"

-Gambit and Jubilee

"Monsieur Sentinel!"
"Imminent danger."

-Gambit and Sentinel

"Mind if I borrow this?"


"Happy landings, goon."
"Stop! You must not harm him."

-Blob and Storm

"Give me that key."
"You could at least say thank you."

-Blob and Jubilee

"Remember me, Colonel?"


"I summon the full power of the storm!"


"You've been working too hard, gal."


"I thought you were going to bring democracy to Genosha. I don't mind being wrong, as long as I can correct my mistakes."


"Blast him, Hodge. Now!"

-Leader, last line

"I am still plugged in."

-Master Mold

"I'm sorry I didn't trust you, Gambit. I mean, I should've known you'd never really be a traitor."
"How do you know that, petite? Maybe you been fooled again, non?"

-Jubilee and Gambit

"Touchdown in two minutes. I'm getting a visual on the...The school!"
"It can't be!"

-Cyclops and Rogue


  • In the comics, Genosha is an island off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean north of Madagascar.
  • The phrase "Knowledge is power" is an old aphorism with unknown origins.
  • It is never stated in the series whether Thunderbird is the original John Proudstar or his brother James. James later became Warpath but at the time of the series he was using Thunderbird to honor the memory of his fallen brother.
  • The number for Muir Island is 011-555-2222. See Goofs.
  • The DVD subtitles spell Moira's last name as MacTaggart instead of MacTaggert. This has been a common mistake even for the comics and is generally considered an alternative spelling rather than mistake.
  • The flag of Genosha, as seen on the limo and factory, is a black bird on a red background, which is similar to certain Nazi flags.
Cameron Hodge
  • It is more likely than not that the Hodge seen here as ambassador is not the same Hodge who is Beast's lawyer seen in "Enter Magneto". Beyond the physical differences, Cameron Hodge would likely not help any mutant in court and it is highly unlikely that he would go from being a defense attorney to ambassador in such a short amount of time. It is likely a coincidence or possibly the two are related. Though they are both voiced by Stephen Ouimette.
  • The card trick that Gambit plays on the guards is known as Fifty-Two Pickup.
  • Several mutants appear in the episode that were part of Cable's team of X-Force: Cable, Domino, Feral, Thunderbird/Warpath, Caliban, and Rictor.
  • Cable may be sarcastically referring to himself as one of the Wild Men of Borneo, a pair of twins who were exceptionally strong and travelled as part of a freak show.
  • Storm has the power to throw a ball of concentrated lightning. When destroying the dam, she is able to command the weather to shoot a straight bolt of lightning.
  • Four of the freed slaves (Mystique, Avalanche, Blob, and Pyro) later go on to form the Brotherhood of Mutants. Given the events of "The Cure", Mystique formed the team after this episode.
Genoshan Guard Feels Lucky
  • One of the inspirations for Cable's voice was Clint Eastwood. After blowing up the limo Cable stands over the driver like Eastwood's character did to the antagonist in Dirty Harry during the famous "Do I feel lucky?" scene.
  • Cable reappears unharmed and Hodge reappears with a vastly altered body but Leader is never seen nor heard from again apparently dying even though all were together when the flash flood hits.
  • Despite ending on an obvious cliffhanger, it does not end with "To Be Continued" as the previous two episodes did.


  • In "Cold Vengeance", Ororo was captured in her civilian clothing while the others were in uniform yet all three are in uniform here. It is unknown why the Genoshans would change her clothes.
  • The episode takes place soon after "Cold Vengeance" yet the moon continues to be full in both episodes. This is an issue throughout the series as the moon is perpetually full.
  • What caused the sudden overnight change of heart in Sunfire and the other slaves regarding a revolt?
Muir Island Phone Number
  • The phone number is long enough for a call inside the United States, but not long enough to reach Scotland from there. It is also missing the 44 country code for Scotland.
  • When the slaves march just before Jubilee's revolt, Sunfire leads the line but in the next shot Northstar appears in front of him. In the following shot, Rictor and Aurora disappear from behind Caliban.
  • Just after Jubilee kicks the commander, it's suddenly nighttime.
  • After Gambit is revealed to have betrayed the revolt his collar suddenly has three lights instead of the one previously shown.
  • No one is shown telling the mutants that Gambit betrayed them, but Trask says so away from them and Jubilee later confirms it.
  • Gyrich calls the mall from "Night of the Sentinels, Part One" Salem Center Mall instead of New Salem Mall as it was called then. Either it is an alternate name, Robert Kelly got the name wrong, or Kelly meant to say "the new Salem Mall."
  • Cable's appearance in the first season is vastly different than those from the second season and beyond. In the first season he is portrayed as a mercenary with a powerful gun. But following that the series follows the comics more closely with Cable being a time traveller with a bionic arm. It can be inferred that this would be an early time travel trip and he later lost his arm off-screen, but no official explanation is given as to why the early Cable is so different from the later one.
  • After throwing Gambit the key, Cable's gun is improperly colored.
  • The buildings around the boxes change after meeting Cable.
Jubilee In Genosha Box
  • If Jubilee is getting so hot in the box why does she not take off any of her clothes, at least the coat and gloves?
  • While shooting at the X-Men outside the box, several shots are not coming from the guards' position.
  • The blast on the table came in from a downward angle but Cable is standing beneath the floor they are on.
  • Considering the size of the blast outside the building, Leader should have been killed since he was so near the table.
  • Gambit grabs a bucket nearly full of nuts and bolts but when he throws them it's empty.
  • How did Jubilee know the combination to unlatch the collars?
  • Domino is shown creating an energy ball to throw, a power she does not have in the comics nor demonstrates any other time in the series.
  • Master Mold sends one unfinished Sentinel to follow Cable and not the numerous completed ones that are standing by.
Unfinished Sentinel Enters Office
  • The unfinished Sentinel is significantly smaller than the other Sentinels.
  • Radio static would not generate electrical static on the microphone. Additionally, if it did it would physically hurt Cyclops who is unaffected.


Mystique Unnamed Mutant Leave Genosha Dam
  • Only appearance of an unidentified grey-skinned mutant that has an ape-like stature.
  • Of the non-X-Men slaves, only Sunfire is named.
  • Domino makes an actual appearance after appearing on television footage in "Night of the Sentinels, Part One".
  • Trasks' first name of Bolivar is still not stated.
  • First mention of Muir Island.
  • Gyrich mentions the Sentinel mall attack from "Night of the Sentinels, Part One".
  • First appearance of Cable. However, it is never stated how he went from mercenary in this episode to time traveler in his later appearances. See Goofs.
Leader Genosha Knows Cable
Northstar Aurora Combine Powers


Main Actor Role(s)
Cedric Smith Charles Xavier/Professor X
Norm Spencer Scott Summers/Cyclops
Cal Dodd Logan/Wolverine
Iona Morris Ororo Munroe/Storm
Catherine Disher Jean Grey
Lenore Zann Rogue
Chris Potter Remy LeBeau/Gambit
Alyson Court Jubilation Lee/Jubilee
Barry Flatman Henry Peter Gyrich
David Fox Sentinels
Master Mold
Brett Halsey Bolivar Trask
Stephen Ouimette Cameron Hodge
Lawrence Bayne Cable
Robert Calt Blob
Dennis Akayama Sunfire

The voices actors for Leader, the Genoshan Commander, Genoshan Lieutenant, Feral, and the Muir Island receptionist are unknown.


The box that Storm is put in is based on the one from Cool Hand Luke.

Jubilee Wakes In Genosha Prison

The collars, called Inhibitor Collars, were used in the Days of Future Past story seen in Uncanny X-Men #141 and #142.

The bald grey unnamed mutant bears a vague resemblance to Gargoyle, with many viewers thinking it is him. The character even appeared in the opening titles as part of the Brotherhood of Mutants. However, the producers of the series have since revealed that this character is just a generic mutant not meant to be anyone. It was a random character model, whoever it may have been has since been lost, that appeared early in the series. AKOM included him in the opening titles by mistake thinking he was an actual character.[1]

Thunderbird is seen in the opening titles as part of the Brotherhood because of his appearance in this episode. Eric Lewald revealed that when Larry Houston and Will Meugniot designed the credits they had a problem with there being too many heroes and not enough villains. They added Thunderbird because by the time the titles were made the character model was completed for this episode.[2]

When the episode originally aired, "The Unstoppable Juggernaut" was not yet finished so the series aired "The Cure" and "Come the Apocalypse", placing the incomplete episode out of order. Instead, stock footage was used for the X-Men returning to a normal mansion. The original intended ending was used in subsequent reruns and for home video releases. Though this created an issue in "The Cure" as to why the mansion was being rebuilt.


Gambit Betrays Slave Revolt

"Stu" of Marvel Animation Age called it an interesting episode for its originality, as it showed the kind of world the X-Men live in where people are free to enslave mutants into making the robots that capture them. He noted that the Sentinels were never as threatening as they were in the two-part premiere. He did like the numerous set ups for later episodes. He loved Gambit's role in the episode, with the series keeping him mysterious so audiences could question his loyalty. He felt each time Gambit seemed to turned it made sense, avoiding the plot holes other shows fall into with similar stories. He was confused by the appearance of Cable, as it did not work with his later appearances as a time traveller. "The episode's conclusion was pretty cool, returning home to the trashed mansion. It could've been a lot better but the awful background artists got in the way again. Still, a solid episode that set up a lot of future episodes."

Master Mold Genosha Factory

Comic Book Resources ranked this at number ten of their top fifteen episodes of the series. They found the idea of the episode interesting as the series was never afraid to present complex themes while being aimed at children. They noted dark aspects like slavery, racism, and human trafficking along with some pretty terrifying visuals.[3]

The episode has an 8.9 on and 7.9 on the Internet Movie Database.


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