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Vulture plunges
Series Spider-Man
Release Date February 17, 1996
Episode Number 26
Writer John Semper, Jr.
Gilles Wheeler
Eyelyn A. R. Gabai
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An elderly inventor, Adrian Toomes, starts using his flying technology and the Tablet of Time to restore his youth.


Physical Therapy
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"This is none of your business!"


"He got out of range. Whoever he is, he's fast."


"What happened to me?"

-Teenager recovering from Vulture's attack

"Leave me be! I'm fighting for my survival!"


"No dice!"





  • First speaking appearance of Vulture. In "Ravages of Time", he only appeared briefly at the end and had no lines of dialogue.


Young Vulture's voice actor, Alan Johnson, also provides the voice of stage manager.

The voice actor for teenager attacked by Vulture is unknown and uncredited.



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