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Series X-Men
Release Date February 17, 1996
Episode Number 52
Writer Mark Onspaugh

Scott Summers find a place where mutants and humans live in harmony. What is the sinister secret behind this peace?


Cyclops is searching for Taylor Prescott, a doctor who helped Cyclops control his powers when he was a boy and has now gone missing. Flying to a place called 'Skull Mesa', Cyclops is monitored by Watchdog as he comes closer to the town. Under orders, Watchdog makes Cyclops' plane crash into the desert. Climbing out of the wreckage, Cyclops realises that his mutant power of optic blasts are not working anymore. Darrell Tanaka spots Cyclops and gives him a lift to Skull Mesa. Cyclops has a flashback to his youth where he found it hard to make friends because of his mutant power.

Cyclops and Tanaka arrive at Skull Mesa, where Tanaka medically examines Cyclops to find the cause of his loss of power. Cyclops finds out that Skull Mesa is a town solely occupied by mutants. Walking into town, the X-Man is greeted by Solarr, Toad and Chet Lambert. Solarr suggests that Cyclops should leave by Cyclops refuses to as he wants to know where Taylor is. Solarr gives Cyclops a location but he finds it is an abandoned house. Going back to Tanaka's infirmary, Cyclops is captured by Solarr and his men and is shown that Taylor has also been captured by the villains. Solarr reveals how he took over the town after he discovered that is has a gold mine and so he uses the mutant residents to mine gold for him.

Cyclops is released and he goes back to Tanaka who states that Taylor used small amounts of the gold to maintain the town. Cyclops tries to recruit Tanaka in bringing down Solarr and his men, to no avail. Trying to recruit other mutants, Cyclops is turned down wherever he goes. Cyclops confronts Solarr and his men but is beaten up and captured again. Standing in front of the townspeople, Tusk finally decides to lead a revolt and Solarr, Toad and Chet are beaten out of town. Tanaka uses his healing powers to restore Cyclops' optic blasts and Taylor is rescued and reunited with his old friend.







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