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Series Silver Surfer
Release Date April 25, 1998
Episode Number 9
Writer Larry Brody
Michael Steven Gregory

Silver Surfer and Nova end up on the Skrull homeworld while trying to find Zenn-La.


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"As they probably don't say on Zenn-La, bingo!"


"Silverado, I don't make mistakes. Well, there was that nose piercing incident."


"Skrull fighting Skrull? Never did I believe I would be part of something like this!"

-Silver Surfer

"How ironic that I, who have been raised with a devotion to harmony and peace, am being called upon to save the fiercest savages who ever roamed through space. And yet, can any man turn his back on another and still call himself civilized?"

-Silver Surfer

"Nova, I will come back for you!"
"I'll bet you say that to all the girls."

-Silver Surfer and Nova






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