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Series X-Men
Release Date October 28, 1995
Episode Number 49
Writer Jeff Saylor

Fabian Cortez takes over Magneto's mutant paradise. Can anyone stop him from starting nuclear war?


Physical Therapy
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Writer Stephen Melching released some censorship notes from Broadcast Standards and Practices.[1]

  • Another funeral for another person who isn't really dead? Please could you just show the X-Man talking informally about Magneto over coffee or something, not have another death ceremony in the garden.
  • It will not be acceptable to show or imply that Gambit is being tortured.
  • Please remove the electrodes. He may be imprisoned, and Cortez could threaten never to release him, or some such. Let’s discuss alternatives. (Again, his name should not be "Cortez.")
  • Please do not have Xavier state overtly that there's "a good chance some of them won’t be returning from this mission." We would prefer emphasis on the importance of the battle, not its potential for fatality.
  • It will not be acceptable to destroy a landmark such as the Eiffel Tower. Perhaps Cortez could blow up a mountain, or some such.
  • Gambit should not be bruised or appear to have been beaten.
  • Please do not have Gambit grab Cortez by the face or neck.
  • It will not be acceptable to imply that Magneto injures or kills Cortez here. Please devise a way to show Cortez escaping.
  • Please do not identify the location of the attack as Nevada, nor the dam as Hoover Dam.
  • Please show that Chrome is only trapped behind the heavy equipment, not crushed under it.
  • Please ask the producers to send me a model for Unuscione, including what she looks like with her "exo-skeleton projected."
  • And what does Wolverine mean, "she'd be a handful on a date"?


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