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Series Spider-Man
Release Date September 14, 1996
Episode Number 32
Writer John Semper, Jr.
Doug Booth
Mark Hoffmeier
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For the character, see Rocket Racer.

Spider-Man must take down a gang of technologically advanced thieves while they hunt down a teenager who stole their technology.


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  • Only appearance of Rocket Racer and Big Wheel.



"Amazing Spidey" of Marvel Animation Age called it the worst episode of the series. He complained that Rocket Racer and Big Wheel were some of the stupidest villains ever. He found Rocket Racer particularly annoying, amazed that he made an appearance but not more popular villains like Sandman or Beetle. He was also amazed that of all the episodes this one got a release on DVD over many better ones. He cited the beginning between Spider-Man and Felicia as strong but taking a nosedive afterwards. He pointed out that at least "The Spot" had a greater purpose for the series, while Rocket Racer did nothing overall.

It has a rating of 7.3 Good on

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