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Silver and Shalla dine
Series Silver Surfer
Release Date May 9, 1998
Episode Number 12
Writer Larry Brody

Silver Surfer finally returns to Zenn-La. But everything seems just a little too perfect.


Physical Therapy
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"Still is it difficult for me to accept that I'm back on Zenn-La."
"Do you want to test us, Norrin Radd? To make certain we are who we seem? I can tell you every moment you and I have spent together, since we were twelve and met at the Masters knee."

-Silver Surfer and Ego as Shalla-Bal

"What have I done? Ego is not evil, merely misguided. I must help the planet live."

-Silver Surfer

"Tell me, my cold one, how can you fail to love me? To take me within your embrace, after I cause the ultimate chaos: all of creation to vanish?"







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