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Series X-Men: Evolution
Release Date March 30, 2001
Episode Number 27
Writer Michael Merton
Director Frank Paur


Physical Therapy
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Beast, who is having a midnight run, is spotted by a pair of policemen who later follow him. After staring into the window of the school science lab, he damages the cops' car when they close in on him and he takes off.

The next day, he apologizes to Charles for his behavior, who tells him his need to be out in the world is natural. Beast laments that he doesn't belong in the world anymore because of his appearance.

Meanwhile, in the hall, Kitty and Bobby walk past, talking about an earth science report. When she overhears the conversation between Mr. McCoy and Professor X, Kitty enters the office and suggests that the former takes them on a trip to the California Redwood Forest, to get away from it all. Although Beast is initially against the idea, Professor X persuades him otherwise as the forest is untouched by humans and miles away from civilisation.







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