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Raw Power
Series The Incredible Hulk
Release Date September 22, 1996
Season Number 3 of 13
Episode Number 3 of 21
Writer Jess Winfield
Director Dan Thompson
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Hulk's adventures lead him to a nuclear research facility that was designed by Doctor Bruce Banner. Bruce tries to use it to cure himself once and for all of Hulk with the help of a timid scientist. However, the scientist is turned into a being of pure energy with power enough to hurt the incredible Hulk. Not only must Hulk stop a nuclear disaster but he must also contend with General Ross's newly commissioned Hulkbusters team.


In some dark place, a shadow passes over a brick wall.

Nearby, a soldier walks out into a dark street and stands under the light of a single street lamp. He turns and backs away from something.

The man turns back around and readies his rifle. He continues on, but the shadow moves across the window of a nearby store to follow him.

Soldier Shoots Hulk Robot

The soldier wanders down the dark street when Hulk drops down behind him. The man turns and fires. Hulk's flesh is ripped off and his arm destroyed revealing a robot underneath.

The robot falls and another robot drops down. The man once again fires and its chest is ripped open. The robot too falls down.

Ross Stops Hulkbuster Training

The man turns and readies his rifle but it is grabbed by another robot. The third robot stands there as General Ross approaches. Other men follow him.

Ross scolds the soldier saying that the old line about "two out of three ain't bad" won't cut it here. Men lift the robots and haul them away. Ross explains that when Hulk is the enemy if he misses once he misses permanently.

Just then, the sound of an airplane landing is heard. Ross turns and sees an aircraft skidding to a stop just outside the hanger doors.

Ross Greets Gabriel

The side door opens and a man steps down. He tells "Thunderbolt" that he is still wet nursing the Army grunts.

Ross laughs saying that S.H.I.E.L.D. is still circling the skies like vultures and calls him Agent Gabriel. Gabriel, with a toothpick in his mouth, laughs telling him he has orders and hands Ross an envelope.

Ross asks him when he has ever followed orders before. Gabriel pulls out the toothpick saying he does whenever he fees like it, and he does now.

Gabriel explains that after Ross's recent mishap with Hulk the leaders in Washington made a deal with the "S.H.I.E.L.D. bozos" to assist.

Gabriel Make Sure Hulk Captured

Ross is taken aback claiming he doesn't need any super spies on this mission as they know who they are after. Gabriel says he will make sure they capture him this time.

Gabriel calls this supply and demand, they supply Ross with high tech weaponry and they demand that one of their top men join his team. Gabriel says that man is him.

Ross retorts that if he wants in on his unit then he will have to earn his place on it. Gabriel says he already has by deploying a squadron of the latest search and destroy robots to a recent Hulk sighting in Nevada.

Ross is shocked. Gabriel jokes that they may be packing for home by the time they get their morning coffee.

Mitch Drives Through Desert

Elsewhere, a car drives along a desert highway. The radio is quickly changing between stations.

Inside, the man gets frustrated and turns it off.

He continues driving through the desert past the cacti.

He pours some coffee into a mug then drinks from it. Suddenly, he sees weapon fire on the road ahead of him.

Mitch Skids Past Robots

As he drives through a canyon he sees six robots firing at something further on. He drives through them then skids his car to a halt but it keeps sliding on.

He tries to control his vehicle one-handed, using the other to steady his mug. Suddenly he comes to a halt and spills his drink.

Mitch Sees Hulk

The car is lifted up by a large figure in shadows, Hulk. The jade giant roars as he lifts the car above his head. The man looks down at the growling beast.

Hulk Holds Mitchs Car

The driver stutters incoherently. Hulk says he will smash. The man begs him not to then yells at him to look out.

Hulk turns and sees on the robots approaching from behind. He kicks the robot back then turns back to look at his captive.

Hulk asks if he will help Hulk and if he is a friend. The driver shakes his head that he is.

Just then, more blasts come from behind. Hulk turns to see three robots, each with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on their chests, approaching and firing.

Hulk gently sets the car down then shoves it back. The car skids to the side.

Mitch Watches Hulk Fight Robots

The man watches as Hulk punches one robot then engages another. He cannot believe that this is really Hulk. He steps on the throttle and races away.

As he drives over a bump his drink spills over his clothes and he becomes frustrated.

Later, a man puts in a punch card with the name McCutcheon on it into the time clock. Two men stands off to the side, one pouring coffee from a pot and the other holding his mug. The one with the mug laughs at Mitch, the driver, saying he clocked in just in time for his break.

Men Give Mitch Hard Time

Mitch tells the two that he ran into Hulk and explains that he picked up his car. The two men laugh. Mitch tries to explain that Hulk likes him. One co-worker jokes that if this is his idea of a pickup he has been alone too long.

Superintendent Yells at Mitch

Just then a man comes in berating Mitch for being late again. One co-worker jokes to the boss that he should cut Mitch some slack as he was "held up." Both men laugh as they say it was the incredible Hulk.

Mitch smiles and shrugs his shoulders.

Elsewhere, Betty Ross is on her phone with Rick Jones wondering why he is in cactus country at Tonopah, Arizona.

Rick Desert Payphone Night

Out in the desert, Rick is at a pay phone, his motorcycle sits nearby, saying he is getting his kicks on Route 66. He explains that with Hulk heading off into the sunset he is bound for California. He gets sad noting that he has to find Hulk since he is all alone.

Betty understands and tells him to keep his chin up. She tells him the latest report is Hulk is in Nevada. Behind her in the doorway stands a green-haired man.

Betty Waves Samson In

Rick says he has to go and says good bye. Betty turns and waves at the man in who waves back then hangs up.

She notes that the legendary Doc Samson has finally made his heroic entrance. Samson says hello and thanks her for convincing Gamma Base to continue funding his research as the two shake hands.

Samson Will Find Cure for Bruce

He holds her saying that this time they will find a cure for Bruce Banner. Betty then says there are terms for his return there. She asks him to understand that she was desperate.

Samson wonders what she hasn't told him. Just then he hears the elder Ross's voice.

In the hall, Ross and Major Glenn Talbot approach the room. Ross orders Talbot to find him a satellite image of the area near Las Vegas that Gabriel targeted.

Samson and Betty step out into the hall. Ross is glad to see Samson and shakes his hand. Glenn greets Betty, who coldly responds.

Ross Welcomes Samson to Hulkbusters

Ross tells Samson he is glad he is aboard especially with his gamma-powered muscle he has. He says the Hulkbusters need someone like Samson who can go toe-to-toe with Hulk.

Samson questions the term Hulkbusters wondering if he missed something. Ross once more says he is glad Samson is there and hopes to see him at the briefing in the hanger in five minutes.

Ross and Glenn walk away. The general orders the major to triple-check Gabriel's orders. He begins to rant about Nick Fury then moves out of range.

Samson Angry About Hulkbusters Recruitment

Samson then questions Betty about Ross inducting him into something called the Hulkbusters. Betty apologizes saying it was the only way her father would approve the funding.

Betty to Cure Bruce First Save Hulk

Samson turns to show him his long ponytail saying he is not a military man. Betty retorts that to cure Bruce they must first save Hulk. Samson welcomes himself to a nightmare.

Elsewhere, a smoking S.H.I.E.L.D. robot explodes just before Hulk lands. He turns and yells that he will smash then punches an approaching robot. He says he will bash then grabs another robot.

Hulk Smashes SHIELD Robots Together

He lifts them above his head and smashes the two together. Nearby, another robot lies in a smoking heap. He tosses the two robots aside.

Hulk roars then looks around. Seeing no more enemies he begins leaping away.

Elsewhere, a woman is glad to finally see Mitch there. She writes on her clipboard while explaining she has a date.

Mitch apologizes to Peg saying he ran into car trouble. She asks if the superintendent got on his case again. He grows angry saying he is tired of clock-watching, pencil-pushing poindexters running the place.

Peg Mitch is Operations Man

She hands him the clipboard as he says one day he will get into research where he belongs. She hangs up her lab coat saying that ship has passed him by and docked at another man's harbor. She reminds him he is an operations man and he should learn to love it. She then walks out the door.

Mitch sighs then notices something out the window. He sees some figure leaping around. He picks up the phone to call security but stops. He claims this is a job for "Operations Man."

Hulk Lands By Mitch

Outside, Mitch wanders and looks around with a flashlight. He scans the area then hears some thudding behind him. He turns and Hulk drops to the ground.

Hulk says he will smash the machine. Mitch does nothing but stammer in shock.

Hulk Threatens Mitch

Hulk approaches with his fist raised as Mitch backs up. Mitch trips as Hulk takes a swing missing it.

He looks up to see Hulk lifting a large rock. He cries out for Hulk to stop. Hulk calms down wondering if he is a robot. Mitch tells Hulk there are no bad robots there, just him and says he is a friend.

Hulk calls him a friend and tosses the boulder to the side. It lands with a mighty thud.

Mitch Hulks Amigo

Mitch stands saying he is a friend and amigo. Hulk suddenly cries out in pain and grabs his head. Mitch quickly responds to just call him a friend.

Mitch watches as Hulk falls to his knees then lays on the ground. He is shocked to see Hulk shrinking as the sounds of bones crunching is heard. Hulk sits up and roars.

Mitch Sees Bruce Post Transformation

He then transforms back into Bruce. Mitch stands there surprised.

Bruce stands wondering where he is. Mitch tells him he is in Nevada then wonders how Bruce did that. Bruce then notes there is a nuclear research facility there. Mitch steps forward surprised he knows it.

Mitch Doesnt Believe Bruce

Bruce claims he designed it. Mitch tells him to dream on as it was Bruce Banner who designed it. He begins to say that he doesn't believe this man is Bruce. Bruce looks at him revealing his face in the moonlight and Mitch stops.

Mitch suddenly realizes that the man is bruce Banner. He explains he read about him in science journals. He introduces himself saying he works here.

Mitch Born to Help Bruce

Bruce grabs him wondering if Mitch can get him inside saying it is very important. He explains that he has an experiment to finish and begs for help. Mitch looks around and then says that for the Bruce Banner he will. He claims he was born to help him.

Ross First Addresses Hulkbusters

Back at Gamma Base, Ross is addressing a line of troops at attention. He welcomes the men to the Hulkbusters. A helicopter sits on the other side of the hanger. He introduces them to his field commander Glenn Talbot.

Talbot steps out of the shadows. Ross then introduces their special craft pilot Samuel LaRoquette. Samuel stands over by the enormous helicopter and turns to wave before returning to his duties.

He then introduces Agent Gabriel of S.H.I.E.L.D. who is joining them merely as an advisor. Gabriel leans off to the side and salutes them.

Hulkbuster Soldier First Sees Doc Samson

Lastly, he introduces Leonard "Doc" Samson who will be in charge of the hulk containment units. Samson, in a red and blue outfit with a yellow bolt across his chest, and Betty walk up. The soldiers watch them arrive.

Betty speaks up to remind them they are working on a cure for Hulk. Gabriel scowls at this then says the only cure is annihilation. Betty then asks what the cure for insufferable arrogance is.

Ross Laughs Betty Insulting Gabriel

Ross contains a laugh then states that Glenn has the results of the recent S.H.I.E.L.D. mission to contain Hulk all by themselves. Glenn holds up a remote and the screen shows a map of Nevada that zooms onto the southern tip.

The screen changes to an image of a canyon with the debris of the robots still smoking. Ross tells the men to behold Gabriel's search and destroy robots.

Gabriel Destroyed Robots Minor Setback

Gabriel replies that this was a minor set up and begins to talk about his next mission. Ross interrupts saying the next one will be under his exclusive command. He tells the men that Hulk is on the loose and their first mission begins now.

Ross Asks Betty About Joining First Hulkbusters Mission

Outside, two helicopters lie in wait, one the large transport copter from the hanger and the other a S.H.I.E.L.D. attack copter. Betty boards the transport copter but her father calls out to her asking what she is doing. She explains she is going along and Ross starts to object.

However, Samson claims he needs her help if he is going to get the electron Hulk cage ready in time. Ross relents and, under his breath, tells him to take care of her.

Betty sits next to Samson saying she owes him one. Samson focuses on the controls saying she better believe it.

Back at the nuclear facility, a security guard sees Mitch hauling a barrel on his monitor and realizes that is not his sector. He picks up the phone and asks for his supervisor.

Bruce Pops Out of Barrel

Meanwhile, Mitch carries the barrel into a room, sets it down, and turns on the light. He pops off the top and Bruce stands up wondering if he took the scenic route.

Mitch explains he had to run around security. He then asks what Bruce thinks. Bruce wraps his arm around him saying they need to wrap up some supplies.

Later, Bruce and Mitch are working at a console. Bruce says they are nearly there if they can just get these particles in phase. Mitch asks about swapping out the retroconverter with a Class D model. Bruce thinks that would work.

Bruce Mitch Get Console Working

Mitch pulls out the retroconverter and examines it. He looks at the Class D model and puts it in. He presses a button and the console comes to life. Bruce congratulates him and says he would be a hit in research with his operations background.

Mitch gets flustered and says he will get there someday. Bruce turns and gets up.

He walks over to a chair hooked up to wires and with restraints to sit down. He says it is time to hit the high notes and thanks Mitch for risking a lot for him.

Mitch says it means a lot to him as well and tries to explain but cannot get anything out. He then wishes that Hulk rest in peace. He then turns to the console to start.

Psionic Field Surrounds Bruce

Mitch flips some switches to activate the psionic field. Power meters begin moving and lights turn on. Gauges move up as the machine powers on.

A field of light encircles Bruce. He watches it spin around him. Mitch turns to see.

Guards Approach Mitch

Just then, the doors open as the superintendent and two guards enter. The superintendent tells the guards to seize Mitch.

Bruce watches from the confines of his chair.

The superintendent grabs a power switch and states that this unauthorized use of equipment is over. Mitch struggles to protest as the guards hold him back.

Bruce calls out to the superintendent, saying that he is so close and begs him to stop.

Mitch escapes the guards and races forward. He tackles the superintendent just after he flips the switch.

The gauges and power meters go haywire.

Bruce Shocked with Psionic Energy

Bruce is shocked with electricity. He struggles to remain calm.

Suddenly the consoles, monitors, and overhead lights explode.

Bruce struggles to maintain himself as the guards watch. Suddenly, the console behind them explodes and the guards are knocked forward.

Another console explodes knocking Mitch and the superintendent aside. Mitch skids to a stop on the floor. He calls out to Bruce.

Mitch Saves Bruce

He sees Bruce slumped over in his chair. He yells that the console is going critical and races forward. He picks Bruce out of the chair as a power meter races towards the red.

He throws Bruce off to the side. Suddenly, the meter enters the red and explodes.

Mitch is gripped with energy. The room is blinded by light. As it dissipates, an outline of Mitch can be seen next to the chair.

Bruce opens his eyes and sees the energy coursing through his helper. He sits up and cries out to Mitch.

Mitch Transforming

Just then, an automated voice comes over the speaker saying that there has been a nuclear core breach and warns everyone in the facility to evacuate immediately.

The two guards stand and run out. They pass Bruce on the ground still watching Mitch.

Suddenly, the energies dissipate and a figure stands there as if made of blue energy. The figure looks at himself wondering what happened. He notes that he has changed and that he feels the power.

Zzzax Mitch is History

Bruce calls out to Mitch. The figure says that Mitch is history. Bruce says he is just transformed. He asks Mitch to go back into the field so maybe he can reverse it making him normal.

Zzzax Has the Power

Mitch leans over him saying that normal people get stepped on and he won't let that happen again. He tells Bruce to call him Zzzax cause he has the power.

Zzzax raises his fist and fires a blast of energy to the ceiling causing it to explode. As debris fall around the room and on top of Bruce, he says that this kind of power is not worth it and he knows what he is talking about while Zzzax should know it.

Zzzax watches then holds up his arm to block a blast. He sees the superintendent raise one of the fallen rifles firing at him.

Zzzax Blasts Danny

Zzzax absorbs the blast and gives the man, Danny, his resignation. He fires a blast at Danny hitting the ground at his feet. Danny is knocked back by the blast. He gets up and runs as another blast hits the support behind him.

Zzzax watches him go then turns back to Bruce. He claims that "McCutheon's circuit is closed" and that he will remain Zzzax. He fires off to the side, surprising Bruce.

The blast hits some consoles and they explode.

Zzzax fires in another direction destroying more consoles.

Bruce Knocked Back by Zzzax

Zzzax fires once more. Bruce sees and runs but the blasts knock him backwards. An enormous hole forms in the wall to the outside air.

The announcer voice says that the main power is out. It switches on the auxiliary generator as a precaution. The lights come on in the room.

Zzzax-Mitch Weakened

Suddenly, Mitch appears within Zzzax as he says he is feeling drained. He looks around and sees the generators. He says he needs a "juice" break and flies over to it.

He lands on a generator and grabs it. He cries out satisfied as energy courses through his body.

Nuclear Research Facility Melting Down

Back in the facility, the lights dim down as the power is drained. Steam rises from a pipe as the announcer says the core shut down is disabled. The steam fills a room as the voice orders the facility to evacuate.

Meanwhile, the two Hulkbusters helicopters fly over the desert. One reports to the general that they received a report that Las Vegas is being evacuated and there are explosions at the nuclear research facility.

Ross picks up the radio transceiver saying that is where they will start looking. He then asks how the containment unit is doing.

Samson Jury Rigging Hulk Containment Unit

In the back, Samson is moving the unit as Betty watches. He explains that it is jury rigged but strong. Betty looks sad as it is put together.

Back at the facility, Zzzax is still siphoning energy from the generator.

Bruce looks out from a small opening in a pile of rubble. He calls out to Zzzax begging him to stop and not be a fool. Suddenly, his eyes flash green. He struggles out of the rubble saying that the facility cannot pull the rods out without the generator.

Zzzax continues sucking the generator dry. The voice says that the auxiliary power for the core shut down has been disabled. It warns that the meltdown will begin in thirty seconds.

Bruce Hulk Eyes Flash Zzzax Battle

Bruce cries out that Zzzax will cause a nuclear disaster. Just then, his eye goes green and he transforms into Hulk.

The jade giant bursts out of the rubble and roars. He looks around and wonders if his new friend is gone. Zzzax appears in the hole saying good riddance.

Hulk Confronts Zzzax

He fires a blast knocking Hulk into the far wall. Hulk pushes off the wall saying he will smash. He runs forward and leaps to land in front of Zzzax.

Zzzax Shocks Hulk

He throws a punch but is shocked by Zzzax's energies. As Hulk struggles to free his hand from Zzzax's chest, the energy being jokes that he feels some electricity between them. He blasts Hulk back across the area asking if it was just him.

Hulk slams into a chain link fence and comes to a halt. The announcer begins counting down the final ten seconds. Zzzax hovers over saying Hulk feels the friction as well.

Hulk picks up the fence and throws it. It hits Zzzax and he flies back and slams into the generator. He becomes trapped by the fence.

Generator Absorbs Zzzax Energies

Zzzax's energies then supercharge the generator. He states he is losing power. Zzzax's power shoots downwards into the generator.

Nuclear Research Facility Rods Rise

The lights in the facility begin powering on again. The core lights up and the rods rise out of the pipes. The announcer says the auxiliary power is restored and the countdown is terminated.

Back at the generator, Zzzax finally tears off the fence freeing himself. He says he is really upset and fires another blast.

Hulk Defeated by Zzzax

The blast hits Hulk as he runs forward causing him to stumble. Another blast hits his back. Zzzax blasts him with both hands and Hulk comes to a stop. He is forced back and falls to the ground.

Mitch once again appears. Zzzax says he needs more energy and flies away.

Down below, Hulk is still smoking from the blast as he stands up. He watches Zzzax fly away.

Hulkbusters Find Hulk First Time

Just then, the Hulkbusters' helicopter light shines down on him. Over the speaker, Ross tells him not to resist capture.

In the cockpit, Betty points to Zzzax and asks Ross if he saw what the figure did to Hulk. They watch it approach a dam. Ross turns to the back and tells Samson to do it now.

Samson pulls a lever and the containment unit drops as the bottom doors open.

Hulk Punches Containment Unit

The unit falls on top of Hulk and sparks to life. He punches at it in vain then grows weak. He tries to kick it with no use then throws more punches.

Ross notes that it is not holding the monster.

Hulk Rips Apart Containment Unit

Hulk says he will smash then grabs the unit's top. He says he will bash and pulls it down damaging it. The unit sparks as he rips it apart then tosses it aside.

He leaps up and grabs the attack helicopter hovering above. He punches the bottom opening a hole and pulls out cabling. The helicopter begins spinning out of control as Hulk leaps to the other helicopter ordering it to "eat green."

The helicopter crashes to the ground and explodes. The pilot in his parachute lands nearby.

Hulk Smashes Into Hulkbusters Transport Helicopter

Meanwhile, Hulk smashes into the second helicopter's cockpit. Betty backs away as Ross jumps up and flees. Hulk begins pounding the console.

The helicopter dips down out of the air. Hulk sees this and turns back to his attackers. He sees Betty standing inside next to Ross and the pilot and calls to her.

Hulk Catches Hulkbusters Helicopter

He drops down to the ground. He looks up and catches the helicopter just before it crashes. The aircraft powers down and it sets it on the ground as he calls it a cute toy.

Betty opens the side door and tells them to do themselves a favor by staying inside. She walks out.

Betty Touches Hulks Zzzax Burn

As she approaches Hulk asks if she is hurt. Betty says she is okay. She touches the burn on his chest and notes what the electrical creature did to him. She says it his heading for Hoover Dam.

She tells him he has to stop it. She warns that if it did there what it did to the facility there would be a flood and innocent people would drown. They look over at the dam.

She says that Hulk doesn't let innocent people get hurt. She says she knows Hulk doesn't understand but is asking him to go and stop that thing for her. Hulk looks down at her saying "For Betty."

Hulk Goes to Fight Zzzax

Hulk scowls, turns, and walks away. Betty watches as he leaps out of sight.

At the dam, Zzzax lands on top. He notes how positronically electrifying it is and rubs his hands together. He looks down at the electric wires down below and calls it a serious power lunch.

Hulk Confronts Zzzax Hoover Dam

Hulk falls from the sky and lands next to Zzzax. The electric being says Hulk won't hurt him. He forms a bolt of electricity in his hands and throws it at Hulk.

Hulk leaps out of the way as the bolt explodes on the ground.

Hulk lands on a nearby transmission tower. He rips off a metal bar and throws it as his opponent. Zzzax ducks and it crashes behind him.

Zzzax Blasts Hulk Hoover Dam

Zzzax claims he will fry Hulk like a green tomato and fires a blast at him. He hits Hulk who is knocked back but grabs the tower before he falls.

Zzzax grows weak again and Mitch reappears. He struggles to return to his energy form. He claims to suffer from a severe energy crisis then leaps down.

He crashes through the bottom of the dam into a generator room destroying one. This causes a nearby generator to also explode followed by another.

Hulk in Pain Hoover Dam

Outside, water begins gushing out the pipes. Hulk continues to hang on nearby. He claims he is in pain and looks down.

Zzzax rises out of the destroyed generator saying he is the power. Some kind of energy tether connects him to the generator.

Zzzax Confronts Hulk

Hulk looks as his opponent rises up next to him. Zzzax offers to blow some fuses then charges his body.

Zzzax Zaps Hulk

He zooms forward blasting Hulk. The green giant is trapped in the metal by Zzzax as he fires electricity at him. Hulk screams in pain.

He stops and remembers Betty's words to him about stopping Zzzax. He imagines a flood crashing through a forest and carrying a house.

Hulk Frees Himself From Zzzax

He says it is for Betty and begins ripping apart the metal bars holding him down and tosses them aside. He leaps down onto Zzzax.

The two fall as Hulk grabs Zzzax. They fall towards the bottom of the dam.

Suddenly, the waters stop gushing out the pipes.

Hulk Zzzax Fall Towards Water

Zzzax struggles to free himself from Hulk. Then they crash into the water causing an enormous splash. Hot steam rises from the ripples.

Hulk Defeats Zzzax

Hulk soon emerges and swims to the side. He climbs onto a rock and hears electricity slowly dissipating. He stands and roars with the moon behind him.

On top of the dam, cars pull up and stop. Ross and Betty reach the edge and look down at Hulk below. Ross curses that the green monster will be long gone before his strike team arrives.

Betty is relieved that he made it.

Hulkbusters Hoover Dam

Gabriel and Samson approach. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent says that the Hulkbusters' first mission hit the proverbial iceberg and sank. Ross notes that this is a war and this was just a single battle.

Samson pipes up noting how interesting it is that Hulk defeated both S.H.I.E.L.D. and the military in one day. Ross and Gabriel look at each other then both fake a laugh.

Betty looks out over the gorge.

Down below, Hulk leans over the water while on the rock. He gazes into his own reflection. Suddenly, Mitch rises up.

Hulk Lifts Mitch from Water

Hulk grabs him by his shirt and lifts him onto the rock. Mitch calls out to Hulk and the hero responds by calling him a friend.

Just then, search lights appear from the dam. Hulk stands and leaps away. He lands on the cliff side then leaps once more.

Mitch Watches Hulk Leave

Mitch watches him go saying he is a friend.

Hulk leaps away from the dam and roars.


"That old bull 'Two out of three ain't bad' won't fly here, soldier. When the incredible Hulk's the enemy, you miss once you missed permanently."

-Thaddeus Ross

"Hello, Thunderbolt. Still wet nursing the army grunts, I see."

-Gabriel Jones, first line

"I got some orders."
"Since when do you follow orders?"
"Well, whenever I feel like it. Like now."

-Gabriel Jones and Thaddeus Ross

"Simple supply and demand, General. We supply your high tech hardware, we demand you put one of our star players on your team. Namely, me."
"You want in my unit, Secret Agent Man, then you're gonna earn your place in it."

-Gabriel Jones

"You know, Thunderous ol' boy, you might be packing for home by morning coffee."

-Gabriel Jones

"Hulk smash!"
"Hulk, no, please. Look out!"

-Hulk and Mitch McCutcheon, first line

"Nice of you to join us, Mitch. Just in time for your first break."
"Oh man. Just listen to this. I just ran into the incredible Hulk. I mean, he picked up my car. He told me he likes me."
"Well, if that's your idea of a pickup you've been living alone too long, buddy."

-Co-Workers and Mitch McCutcheon

"Tonopah, Arizona? What are you doing out in cactus country, Rick?"
"Just gettin' my kicks on Route Sixty-Six. What else?"

-Betty Ross and Rick Jones

"The legendary Doc Samson finally makes his heroic entrance."
"Hello Betty. Hats off to you for convincing Gamma Base to continue my research."

-Betty Ross and Doc Samson

"I want Gabriel's orders from S.H.I.E.L.D. check, double-checked, then checked again. If Nick Fury thinks he can just..."

-Thaddeus Ross

"About time, Mitch. I got a blind date with Mr. Could-Be But Isn't Wonder."


"Where...where am I?"
"Uh, Nevada. Uh, how'd you...I mean...why..."
"Nevada? The nuclear research facility."
"You know it?"
"Yeah, I designed it."
"Uh, sure. Dream on, pal. I mean, Bruce Banner designed this place. From what I just saw you're..." [Bruce looks at him] "Bruce Banner? Oh, man. Oh man, I've read about you in the science journals."

-Bruce Banner and Mitch McCutcheon

"What's happened? I've changed. I feel the power!"
"McCutcheon is history."

-Zzzax, first lines, and Bruce Banner

"Normal people get stepped on. Never again. Call me Zzzax cause I got the power"


"McCutcheon's circuit is closed. I choose to remain Zzzax."


"Friend. Gone?"
"And good riddance."

-Hulk and Zzzax

"Gee, do I feel a little bit of electricity between us? Or is it just me?"


"Hulk hurt?"


"Cute toys."


"Do yourselves a favor: Stay. In. Here."

-Betty Ross

"I know you don't understand but, please Hulk, I'm asking you. Go, stop that thing. For me."
"For Betty."

-Betty Rosss and Hulk



"I am the power."

-Zzzax referencing He-Man, final line

"He made it."

-Betty Ross

"Looks like, uh, Hulkbusters maiden mission hit the proverbial iceberg and sank, eh General?"
"It's a big war, Gabriel. This was just one battle."
"Interesting, though, how the Hulk whipped both S.H.I.E.L.D. and the military in the same day."
[Together] "Ha ha ha."

-Gabriel Jones, Thaddeus Ross, and Doc Samson


-Mitch McCutcheon and Hulk

"Yes, a friend."

-Mitch McCutheon, final line


  • When the first Hulk robot is destroyed its face looks like the Marvel character Deathlok as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in The Terminator.
  • Ross uses the euphemism "bull," short for bullshit, which means nonsense.
  • Ross calls Gabriel Secret Agent Man, the name of a popular song about a spy.
  • Mitch's car resembles a Pontiac GTO.
Mitch Comes to Halt
  • Mitch's coffee mug is a design that is supposed to be spill-proof. It obviously does not work.
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. robots appear twice the size of Mitch's car.
  • Mitch only wears sandals.
  • Mitch clocks in at about 6:44. Given that it's dark already this places the episode from late fall to early spring.
  • Rick quotes a line from the Route 66 song.
Peg Nuclear Research Facilty
  • Mitch's co-worker Peg has two things in common with Betty Ross. First, her hair is the same as Betty Ross from The Incredible Hulk. Second, she shares the same name as Peg Dixon, who voiced Betty Ross on The Marvel Super Heroes.
  • Mitch says "This is a job for operations man," a reference to a common line used by Superman.
  • Unstated in the episode, the Hoover Dam is located in the Black Canyon along the Colorado River.
  • Zzzax makes and throws a bolt of electricity similar to Greek god Zeus, who is the father of Hercules.
  • Zzzax says that he will fry Hulk like a green tomato. Fried Green Tomatoes was a popular film in 1991.
  • Zzzax says that he is the power, a play on the He-Man phrase "I have the power".


Mitch Finds SHIELD Robots
  • Mitch is obviously driving off the road when he encounters the robots.
  • Why would Mitch continue driving forward through the robots in the direction they are firing?
  • Mitch's last remaining headlight does not move right when Hulk sets his car down.
  • Mitch has no front license plate. In reality, Nevada requires front plates.
  • When searching for Hulk, Mitch's flashlight points forward but the beam points behind him.
Nevada Map
  • The map of Nevada has lines that do not correspond to any real life counties, rivers, highways, or anything else that would be indicated by a line.
  • The map of Nevada does not curve correctly with the angle of the screen. Instead it is flat to the real audience, but would be skewed for the soldiers.
  • When leaving the base, Samson sits in the pilot's seat and Betty sits next to him. But in subsequent scenes Samson and Betty are in the back while Ross and LaRoquette are piloting.
  • The superintendent seems to pay no attention to the presence of Bruce, a person who obviously doesn't belong.
  • The superintendent doesn't seem to react to the announcement of the nuclear meltdown.
  • When one of the guards shouts "Move, Move, Move!" his mouth doesn't move.
  • After Bruce finishes talking to Zzzax, Mitch's superintendent fires laser gun at him but in the next shot he is seen picking up this gun.
  • Thom Barry is incorrectly spelled as "Thom Berry" in the credits.


Gabriel Jones
Hoover Dam
  • Only appearance of the Hoover Dam.
  • Zzzax is the first villain to defeat Hulk.
  • Hulk taking Zzzax into the water and defeating him to revert the villain to his human form is similar to the finale of the Spider-Man premiere "Night of the Lizard".


Main Actor Role(s)
Lou Ferrigno The Hulk
Neal McDonough Bruce Banner
Genie Francis Betty Ross
Luke Perry Rick Jones
John Vernon General Ross
Thom Berry Gabriel Jones
Shadoe Stevens Doc Samson
Michael Bell Mitch McCutcheon
Leeza Miller Co-Worker
Kevin Schon Major Talbot

Michael Bell, who plays Mitch McCutcheon/Zzzax, was the voice of Bruce Banner on The Incredible Hulk.

Leeza Miller McGee was previously Nova/Frankie Raye on the Fantastic Four episode "When Calls Galactus", which featured future guest stars John Rhys-Davies and Richard Grieco, and would reappear as Wendigo in "And the Wind Cries...Wendigo!".

Zzzax is performed by three people simultaneously, similar to Ghost on Iron Man.

The actors for the superintendent, Mitch's male co-workers, and Samuel LaRoquette are uncredited and unknown.


This is the only Marvel work for writer and novelist Jess Winfield.

Director Dan Thompson was also a timing director for every episode of The Incredible Hulk and animation director of The Incredible Hulk, which featured Zzzax actor Michael Bell.

In the comics, Clay Quartermain was the S.H.I.E.L.D. liaison to the Hulkbusters. Presumably, it was changed to Gabriel to add diversity to the show.

The episode features green swiping motions to transition between scenes.


Mitch McCutcheon is original to the series. In the comics, Zzzax is a creature made of and born by pure energy with no human counterpart. He was created in a lab experiment. He can absorb electricity and brain energy, briefly taking on the personality and memories of those he drains, like an energy vampire.

This is Doc Samson's first full appearance outside the comics. He is introduced as already having his powers that are not explained in the series. In the comics, Samson was Bruce's psychiatrist when he was exposed to gamma radiation. His strength initially depended on the length of his hair, and thus used the Biblical figure for his namesake. Eventually his mutation stabilized and the length of his hair did not matter. He also had a flirtatious relationship with Betty, making Bruce jealous.


Mitch McCutcheon

"Stu" of Marvel Animation Age felt this was the poorest episode of the show's otherwise excellent first season claiming that it never got moving and the villain was cheesy. He thought that Zzzax was annoying with a terrible design and poor dialogue that actor Michael Bell struggled with. He did appreciate including Bell, who voiced Bruce Banner on The Incredible Hulk. He did not care for the introduction of Gabriel Jones as having a dull voice and design. He noted that Nick Fury would not have worked as one of the show's antagonists. He didn't think that there was anything interesting about Jones and more of an annoyance to General Ross. He liked the introduction of Doc Samson and felt that Shadoe Stevens was the perfect voice for him. "One of the first season's weakest moments, without a doubt. Raw Power isn't a terrible episode; it's just not a very good one. Bonus points for casting Michael Bell though."

The episode has a 7.6 on and 6.2 on the Internet Movie Database.

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