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Series X-Men
Release Date September 7, 1996
Episode Number 68
Writer Steven Melching
David McDermott

With the rest of the X-Men captured Beast must find help in the unlikeliest of allies.


Physical Therapy
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Writer Stephen Melching released some censorship notes from Broadcast Standards and Practices.[1]

  • Please do not have the townspeople "splatter" when Sinister blasts them. They may melt, or some such.
  • Caution that it is clear that no Morlocks are injured, only captured or transformed by the Phalanx, in the Teaser.
  • Please show that Moira is alright, although "assimilated" by the Phalanx.
  • Please do not show hospitalized patients being grabbed by tentacles.
  • It will only be acceptable for Amelia to blast Hodge's head if this looks like a mechanical object is hit.
  • Again, please have Warlock's torso separate in a mechanical way, rather than looking like a human injury.


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