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Series X-Men
Release Date February 22, 1997
Season Number 73 of 76
Episode Number 11 of 14
Writer Len Wein
Director Larry Houston
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While searching for a man he hunted for fifty years, Logan relives the mission that started it all. During the dark days of World War II, he entered the enemy-held city of Paris to embark on a dangerous mission. He needed to infiltrate the headquarters of the dreaded Red Skull, with only the iconic Captain America at his side.


Old Veterans

A statue of an angel sits in a cemetery near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Dry leaves blow off the trees.

Remembering the fallen

Elsewhere, three old veterans look onto a grave, remembering their friend and ally Duke. They thank their fallen comrade for saving their lives. The three stand at attention and salute.

The three finish their salute and one, Ernie, tells others about a nearby bistro he knows. As they turn he begins to offer them the first round, but is stopped when he sees a man near another grave. The man stands alone in a long trench coat. Ernie believes he recognizes him but realizes that it could not be the person he thinks it is.

The three walk over to the man. The man squints his eyes as he hears them coming. Ernie calls out to him once again believing it to be the one he knows. The man, Logan, turns around asking if he can help. Ernie stops to explain that Logan looks just like someone he knew back in World War II.

Looks familiar

But since they're having their fiftieth anniversary Logan could not possibly be the same person. Ernie thinks that maybe the man he knew was his father. They tell him to take care and leave.

Once gone Logan says aloud that he would love to join them, but doesn't think they would understand. He turns back to the grave of Andre Cocteau, a former scholar and father. He tells the grave that those men were worth a thousand of him.

Doesn't let go easily

He curses Andre for dying before he could get to him. He pulls out his claws saying how he feels cheated out of vengeance and justice. He stabs the name saying that it wasn't fair. He blames Andre for taking all the joy of Paris away from him.

War To End All Wars

It was the worst of times

Logan flashes back to 1944 Paris, during World War II. Blimps flew over the darkened city. Air-Raid Sirens blared. Searchlights scanned the skies while explosions went off above.

A Nazi soldier scanned the street and walked away. Present day Logan describes that he was working for the OSS at the time doing whatever kind of "black bag" work they needed to be done.

On a building, then-Logan dropped off one building to another near the Cole Bistro in Montmartre, a district on the north side of Paris. Logan leapt across the buildings making his way across the city. Present Logan states that "Uncle" Adolf had his men closely guard the area.

Logan leapt over a street over two soldiers. Logan landed on the other roof but failed to get a good grip. He slid down the roof and slammed into a small ledge. He watched as a rock fell from the building to hit one of the guards below.

Almost caught

The two soldiers looked up and raised their MP 44s. They called out ordering the person on the roof to surrender. Logan had hidden himself from view below. He looked around as the two told him they would open fire if he did not come down. They begin to count to five in German.

Logan looked and saw a pigeon on the roof. He flicked a rock causing it to fly away. It swooped down near the two soldiers. The two laugh and one jokes that it is an American spy.

Logan stood and watched them go. He began sniffing and groaned as he descended off the roof. He pushed off from the edge and landed on the ground as he heard another air-raid siren blare. He watched as two more soldier marched past Cole's before he turned and left.

La Resistance

Now what if they forgot their codes?

He made his way to Ferme Bakery and knocked on the door. A finger poked out through the blinds to show an eye looking at him. The door unlocked and a woman cracked the door open. She spoke of the night having eyes and Logan responded that the eyes of liberty never sleep. The woman opened the door and Logan entered.

She welcomed Monsieur Logan and introduced herself as Justine. She told him that freedom needed him to which Logan replied that it always had. She took his arm and led him through the kitchen. Together they pull back a rack revealing a staircase in the floor. She leads him down the stairs.

They came to a large storage room. Logan sniffed the air and stopped Justine, telling her that someone else was there. He protected her as a voice claimed Logan was as good as people say. Logan prepared for battle as Happy Sawyer stepped out.

People named Happy are rarely content

Sawyer told him to call him Captain Sawyer. Sawyer set a briefcase on a table and pulled out a map. Logan and Justine stepped up to Sawyer. Sawyer introduced Logan to Chateau du Mort. He told him that Cocteau was a scientist essential to their side and being held captive there. He explained that the chateau was on a remote mountain top almost inaccessible by normal means.

Sawyer ordered Logan to get Cocteau out of there, but if he couldn't to "silence" him. Logan accepted and took the map rolling it up. Sawyer told him that his backup would meet him along the way. Logan put the map into his pack telling Sawyer that he works along. Sawyer put away his briefcase saying that Logan will like this guy.

School-girl crush

Logan turned to leave. Justine came up to him asking for a moment. She told him that Cocteau was her father. Logan wasn't happy and went towards the stairs again. Justine stopped him and kissed him on the cheek. She wished him good luck and Logan told her he would be careful. He turned and went up the stairs.

In the present, Logan states that while he didn't feel any better about his mission than she had, he had to pretend to as it was the only way to get through the war.

Outside, two more soldiers marched past Cole's. A young boy peaked out as they went back and then ran into the street with a baguette. He looked back as he ran then tripped on a garbage can. He gasped as the two soldiers turned and raised their guns to him.

As they approach the boy tried to explain himself in French. The soldiers still blame him for breaking curfew.

"Pick on someone almost your own size"

Logan called out to catch their attention. As the two turned Logan ran into them knocking them down. One stood up calling their attacker a pig, but Logan hit him with his pack knocking him back down. Then two more guards ran up and aimed their guns at him.

Logan kicked the other man from the first pair into the second pair. He asked if there were any more children for them to pick on. Behind him, the first man stood and readied his gun. Logan turn to see him fire the weapon.

Greatest American Hero

Saved by indestructible metal

Before the bullets could hit, a circular red, white, and blue shield swooped back stopping the bullets and knocking out the soldier. It ricocheted off a wall and Logan quickly ducked as it hit two soldiers behind him.

The shield then returned to the hand of Captain America. He walked up asking if Logan could use some help.

Then two soldiers walked up talking about killing Cap like a "dog" and opened fire. Cap protected himself and ran to the two. He knocked the guns away with his shield then knocked the two back. He told them that others had tried to stop him and failed.

They're the best at what they do, and what they don't isn't very nice

Another soldier stood behind Cap. Logan saw and ran up to kick the man down. The two heroes stood back to back to survey the fallen men around them. Logan felt they made their point but Cap noted that they weren't yet finished.

Humanitarian efforts

They walked over to the boy and Cap picked up the baguette to hand to him. The boy wished France and liberty a long life and ran away. Cap watched him assuring he would do what he can. Logan told him that they should better leave.

The two ran down the street. Cap assumed that he was Logan and introduced himself. Logan sarcastically replied that he never would have guessed.

In the present, Logan comments that he got to meet the American legend, rubber suit and all.

The Great Sneak

The two made their way to the chateau and looked up at it from the bottom of a large cliff. Cap admits that the place is well watched and they would need a "can opener" to get in.

Logan's claws were given to him in the tenth edition of Cap's procedure

Logan goes to his pack and takes out four hand tools that each have three large metal claws. He throws to to Cap and they put them on. Logan smiled at his claws then swung them around. Cap admired the gimmick, but realized that climbing still would not be easy.

Cap slung his shield onto his chest and they moved towards the cliff. Logan started climbing saying that if it was meant to be easy anyone would do it. Cap followed admiring his style. Logan wished he could feel the same.

Meant to be brightly colored

As they climbed Logan asked where he got that "star-spangled monkey suit" from. He felt that fatigues would be better suited. Cap lectured him on the idea that not only is he a soldier but a symbol of pride and hope. Logan stated that he would never wear such a suit, having assumed it itches.

The two reached the top and climbed over the edge. They looked up to see the chateau before them. The two walked towards the chateau and Logan commented that it would be easy to get in from there. They then spotted two Nazi soldiers.

Here they come to save the day

The heroes ran up and Cap punched the two. However, he looked up and saw two more firing their guns at him. He quickly brought up his shield and protected himself. He looked over and saw Logan slash at a tree branch with the claws. The branch fell onto the two soldiers. Cap stood and smiled.

If he knew, he wouldn't be quite so pleased with these

Later, Cap finished tying up the men as Logan walked up. Logan commented that the claws made nice weapons. The two headed towards the chateau.

Inside, Logan ran down the hall with his claws ready. He stopped near a double door and sniffed around. He told Cap to try that door. Cap walked up and wedged his shield in between the doors. He pried it open and the two looked inside.

The Berlin Project

Seeing no one in the immediate area, the two ran in and found themselves on the top level of a large room. They looked down to see two Nazis guarding a scientist who was building large robots.

Throwing the iconic symbol

The two Nazis heard nothing as Cap and Logan snuck down the stairs. Suddenly they both turned to see Cap throwing his shield. The scientist turned to see the two guards knocked out.

The scientist, Andre Cocteau, asked who they are. Cap walked up to him saying that they were friends and there to help. Logan said that they should leave before more show up. Andre claimed he could not leave.

Logan walked up to him saying that Justine was waiting to see him again. Cap reassured him that they would keep him safe. Andre backed away saying that they did not understand. As Logan put his hand on Andre's shoulder, the scientist fainted.

It's not rescuing when you have to knock out the person to do it

Logan picked up Andre and lead him out. Cap followed asking what Logan did. Logan claimed it was something he learned before the war and assures him that Andre will be fine. Logan walked up a flight of stairs and Cap followed.

As they wandered the halls, Andre began to walk up asking what happened. Logan told him they were leaving. As they climbed some stairs, they stopped as a group of Nazis were at the top with their guns pointed at the three.

Nazis always made good villains

Cap ran at the four men and slammed them back with his shield. He then slammed one into a wall and whacked another with his shield. Logan pushed another down as alarms began to blare.

He turned to see Andre backing down the stairs. Logan walked up to him and he continued saying that the two heroes should leave without him. Logan grabbed his arm and pulled him along.

Any one of them could get out of this mess with one hand tied behind their back

As the three continued running, Cap said that they should leave before the Nazis found them. As they turned a corner they found eight enemy soldiers with weapons ready. Logan readied his claws saying that to get the professor back they would have to fight through he and Cap.

More footsteps approached from behind. More guards entered and the three were surrounded. As the guards closed in, Cap told Logan they couldn't risk the professor being hurt. The guards came in and took off Logan's claws. He said that he wanted to hurt whoever set off the alarm.

Red Faced

Not exactly best friends

Just then a voice called out saying that Logan already had his chance. The Red Skull entered and Cap called him a butcher. Skull took that as flattery. He walked up to the professor and thanked him for setting off the alarm. Cap looked shocked while Logan appeared angry.

In the present, Logan still doesn't know why Andre betrayed them. However, he is still angry enough to want to hurt him.

Back in the past, the two heroes were taken to a torture room. Logan was hung by his ensnared arms. Cap was strapped to a table. The other guards left leaving Skull to taunt them personally as he held Cap's shield.

Should have tested the shield right away

Skull examined the shield wondering if it was as indestructible as people claimed it was. He banged it against Cap's table threatening to try it out later. He turned to leave and dropped the shield on another table.

Cap called out to him asking about Andre. Skull stopped at the foot of the stairs. He turned and told Cap not to worry as Andre was with him now. He left saying that Cap had more things to worry about.

Cap said that they need to quickly get out of there and Logan asked if he had any ideas. Cap stated he needed his shield. Logan joked that it was no problem. He then began swinging from the ropes.

They're both pretty good at throwing that

He eventually gained so much momentum that he kicked the shield into the air. On his next swing he grabbed it with his legs. He then threw it into a wall bouncing it back and cutting his ropes. He then landed and smashed his restraints on the ground. Rubbing his wrists, he said the two of them were even.

Logan put on his claws and cut Cap's restraints. He said that he liked the situation they were in. Cap got off the table, picked up his shield, and asked why. Logan told him it was because they were facing a hundred enemy soldiers each. Cap smiled saying that the others did not have a chance. The two ran out after Skull.

Allied Invasion

Elsewhere, Skull stood at the feet of the giant robots. He asked how things were with the professor. Andre closed a hatch on the front of the robot saying that they would be ready in a few hours. He climbed down the ladder as Skull said that turning Andre was his greatest triumph. When Andre reached the bottom he readied a switch. Skull admitted he once doubted Andre, but no longer.

They're not arch-rivals for nothing

Cap then spoke up saying they underestimated the professor. Skull was shocked to see them. Logan wondered how many times Cap and Skull met. Skull assured him that this would be the last. He snapped his fingers and soldiers charged into the room.

In a couple of years, Logan would be able to return the favor

They filed in and readied their guns against the two invaders. Skull ordered them dead and the soldiers fired. Cap protected both he and Logan and the two charged down the stairs. As they got close the two leapt at the enemy.

Cap landed and smashed his shield down on them. Logan tackled another group. They then stood with their backs to each other taking down Nazis. However, more came in and piled on top of them.

Nazis certainly are dedicated, foolish but dedicated

More soldiers entered the room and ran to the pile. Cap and Logan shoved the enemy off them and knocked them away. One soldier tried to pick up his gun while more came behind him. Logan came up and slashed apart their guns.

Two soldiers saw this and turned to help. Cap slammed his shield into them knocking them down. He wondered if Logan actually enjoyed this. He then threw his shield into one group knocking them down. The shield bounced back and knocked down another group.

Red Skull better watch out, this is the guy who punched Hitler in the face in his debut

As Cap caught his shield, Skull spoke up saying he would stop this. Cap threw his shield and knocked the gun out of his hand. Cap turned to Logan, who was still fighting with the soldiers, saying that he should handle the soldiers while Cap takes on the Red Skull. Logan tossed one soldier into another as Cap turned back to Skull.

Skull's fists shook in anger as he said that this day would be their final battle. Skull ran forward and threw a swing that Cap easily dodged. Skull turned and threw another punch that missed Cap entirely. Cap tripped Skull. All the while, Andre watched from his post.

Skull turned and threw a punch. Cap raised his shield blocking the blow and causing a noticeable crack. Skull grabbed his hurt hand then tried to kick Cap, who easily caught it. He smiled and threw Skull down.

Apparently this Skull isn't that good of a fighter

As Cap approached Skull, the Nazi got up and ran behind the scaffolding. He lifted the back so it fell towards Cap. Cap flipped backwards and easily dodged it. He then turned as a soldier fell and saw Logan standing among defeated soldiers.

The Ultimate Weapon

Skull watched then ordered Andre to use the controls. When Andre hesitated, Skull walked over and snatched the controls from him. He flipped a switch activated the controls then turned a dial.

Not over till the fat lady sings

The enormous Sleeper robot activated and looked around. He then walked forward past Skull, who stood triumphant. It stomped on the scaffolding as it approached the heroes. Cap raised his arm to protect himself from flying debris.

Then the Sleeper raised its arm and fired a minigun at the two. Cap and Logan ran to each side and the gun followed Cap. Other soldiers saw the firing and ran. He ran and leapt behind a crate. Skull laughed as it continued to fire.

The Sleeper's gun swept the room and destroyed a Nazi flag. It spotted Logan and he ran away. The remaining soldiers evacuated the room as the Sleeper's guns went wild. Cap leapt onto a flight of stairs as soldiers ran.

Better run, shorty

The Sleeper continued to fire at Logan as he ran. Cap then thew his shield that knocked off one of the Sleeper's hands. Cap caught the shield and Logan ran up to the robot. The Sleeper fired again at the floor as it marched away from Skull.

Logan leapt up and cut off the minigun. However, it continued to march forward so Logan climbed up the back. The Sleeper tried to knock him off but the arms were too short. It eventually hit him so Logan used his claws to attach to the front. He slid down and opened the front chest.

Fat lady is singing

The robot marched forward so Logan called out to Cap. Cap acknowledged him and threw his shield. It entered the hatch and flew out the back end. Much to Skull's shock, the robot powered down and fell onto a group of controls.

The robot exploded and Cap's shield clattered down next to Logan. Cap walked up and grabbed his shield. Skull then grabbed a gun and said farewell to Cap.

Victory in Paris Day

Then a blast blew apart the wall behind Skull knocking everyone down. Logan tried to run after Skull and Andre but flaming debris fell blocking his path. Skull picked up Andre saying they had to leave.

Wolverine saved America

Cap protected himself from debris then saw the two fleeing and followed vowing not to let Skull escape again. Logan looked up and saw that the roof was about to collapse. He quickly tackled Cap off the stairs before the debris landed.

Logan said they were even and Cap thanked him. They then ran through the flames out of the room. They stopped in the hall and Cap threw his shield. It sliced through some flaming beams allowing them to escape outside.

The two got out of the chateau and Cap grabbed his shield. Logan asked if there was any sign of the two. Cap then saw them preparing a small airplane. Inside, Skull put on his seatbelt then close the glass hatch.

Thankfully they're nowhere near the Arctic

As the plane moved to take off, Cap and Logan chased after it. Logan grabbed onto one wing while Cap grabbed another. Skull was shocked to see them both. The plane then took off.

They'll meet again

Then Logan began to slip off. Cap then fell off screaming as he did. Logan tried to get a better grip but he soon followed Cap. Skull laughed saying he would met Cap again. The plane flew away.

Never ends for these two, and probably never will

Cap and Logan landed in a giant hay cart. The cart then started rolling downhill. The two peaked out from the hay to see they were moving. The cart made a jump as it continued down. Cap became shocked and the two leapt out the back. The cart then fell over a cliff into a river far below.

They stood and watched as the plane disappeared into the rising sun. Cap promises to meet Skull again.

At some point he lost the beard and gained the eye patch

Then, Sergeant Fury and the Howling Commandos ran up asking if Cap and the "Canuck" were fine. Fury is joined by Percy Pinkerton, Dum Dum Dugan, Rebel Ralston, Izzy Cohen, and Dino Manelli.

These guys don't like to lose

Cap said they were fine, shook Fury's hand, and thanked them for attacking the chateau just in time. Logan spoke up saying that they failed their mission to get Andre or Skull. Cap reminded him that they shut down the Nazi's robot project and destroyed a major lab.

Cap said that they needed to take their victories as they came in this war. Logan stated that his war would not be over until he found Andre.

The Truth

Always the dedicated hunter

In the present, Logan states that he never did see Andre again and never would. He wonders why they would bury the traitor in that cemetery. Justine then speaks up saying that Logan does not know the full story.

They greet each other both noting that they look good for their age. Justine is glad to see him but he doesn't know why. He states that despite waiting fifty years, he still wants to get Andre for what he did. Justine admits that she and her father understood why.

All this time and his pal Fury couldn't say anything?

She informs him that Andre had to betray them. She tells him that Andre was a double agent for the Allies. Logan asks why they were then sent to rescue him, risking their lives for someone they weren't meant to rescue.

She tells him that it was to make his defection appear real. She walks over to his grave. She explains that Andre worked behind enemy lines and was able to sabotage their research. He did things like stop their V2 Rocket project and their atomic bombs to help win the war.

Some feelings don't go away

Logan doesn't know what to think. Justine reminds him that it was hard times and they all had their roles. She kisses him on the cheek and thanks him. She then takes his arm and tells him of a nice bistro nearby they can eat and talk of old times.

Finally able to move onto other things

They start to walk out but Logan stops and pulls away from Justine. He kneels next to Andre's grave and pulls out his adamantium claws. Justine watches as he carves something into the headstone. He pulls his hand away, retracts the claws, and smiles.

He stands and walks back to Justine. He then decides to offer a toast to Andre's memory. She takes his arm and they walk away.

Not exactly professionally done

Back on the headstone it now reads "Andre Cocteau" and "Scholar, Father, Hero".


"We'll never forget what you did for us, Duke."
"We're standing here because of you, buddy."
"Sleep well, soldier."
"Your brothers-in-arms salute you."

-Two Veterans and Ernie, first lines of episode

"No, it can't be."

-Ernie, seeing Logan

"Well I'll be. It is you. How are you, you old war..."
"Something I can do for you, bub?"
"Sorry, pal. Thought you were somebody I knew there for a second, a guy I served with back in the big one. We're doing our fiftieth. There's no way you could be old enough. He sure could have been your father or something."
"Yeah, or something."

-Ernie and Logan

"Well, sorry to have bothered you, pal. You take care now, hear?" [Walks away]
"Yeah, Ernie, you too. I'd love to join you at that bistro, but I don't think you'd quite understand."

-Ernie, last lines, and Logan

"Guys like him were worth 1000 of you, old man. Real red-blooded heroes. How dare you kick it before I could get my hands on you. You cheated me, old man! Cheated me of vengeance. Cheated me of justice. It ain't fair. You stole the joy of Paris from me forever. And in 1944 in Paris, there wasn't all that much joy to be had."


"I was working for the Intelligence boys back at OSS back then, doing whatever kind of black bag work needed doing. That night I was taking a quiet little stroll through Montmartre. Uncle Adolf's goose-stepping goons had the place sealed tight."


"Achtung. [Attention.] You on the roof. Surrender immediately. Come down now or we open fire."

-Past Nazi Soldier

"Not a real auspicious beginning."


"Eins, zwei, drei, vier... [One, two, three, four]"

-Past Nazi Soldier

"Look! Ein vogel [A bird]"
"Maybe it's an Amerikaner spy."

-Past Nazi Soldiers

"The night has eyes."
"But the eyes of liberty never sleep."
"Enter quickly, Monsieur."

-Past Justine Cocteau, first lines, and Past Logan

"Freedom has need of you."
"When hasn't it?"

-Past Justine Cocteau and Past Logan

"Careful, kid. We ain't alone here."
"Your sense are as good as they claim, short stuff."
"Happy Sawyer, am I right?"
"Captain Sawyer to you, mister. Only my men get to call me Happy."
"Yeah, I can see why."

-Past Logan and Past Happy Sawyer, first lines

"You're assignment is to get Cocteau out of there. Or if you can't, to silence him."
"No problem."
"Your backup will meet you en route."
"Backup? I work solo, pal."
"Trust me, Logan. This guy you'll like."

-Past Happy Sawyer, last lines, and Past Logan

"Monsieur wait. Un moment, s'il vous plait. [One moment, please] There is one thing more you should know about Andre Cocteau."
"Yeah, what's that?"
"He is my father."
"Oh, great."

-Past Justine Cocteau and Past Logan

"Bonne chance, mon ami. [Good luck, my friend.] Please be careful."
"Petite, careful's my middle name."

-Past Justine Cocteau and Past Logan

"Sure, I didn't feel any better about the job than she did, but a lot of getting through the war is pretending."


"Filthy Schwein [Pig], We will..."
"Yeah, you and what army?" [More soldiers arrive] "Okay, stupid question."

-Past Nazi Soldier and Past Logan

"Hey, what's wrong, punks? Run out of kids to rough up?"

-Past Logan

"Need a little help, friend?"

-Past Captain America, first line

"Put him down like the dog he is."
"Better men than you have tried and all of them have failed."

-Past Nazi Soldier and Past Captain America

"Guess we made our point."
"But our job isn't done."

-Past Logan and Past Captain America

"Vive la France! Vive la liberte! [Long live France! Long live liberty!]"

-Past French Boy, last line

"By the way, if you're Logan, I'm your backup. I'm Captain America."
"Really? I never would have guessed."

-Past Captain America and Past Logan

"I couldn't believe it. Mister U.S.A., rubber suit and all. Sawyer was right. This partner I liked."


"Intelligence was accurate. This place is sealed tight. We'll need a can opener to get inside."
"No can opener, but these might do."
"Handy little gimmick."

-Past Captain America and Past Logan

"Hey, if it was easy, anyone could do it."
"I like your style."
"Wish I could say the same. Where'd you get that star-spangled monkey suit? Fatigues would be a lot less obvious."
"But I'm more than just a soldier, Logan. This costume makes me a living symbol of everything we're fighting for. A symbol of pride, of hope."
"You wouldn't catch me in something like that. It's gotta itch."

-Past Logan and Past Captain America

"Try this one. Smells like fear."

-Past Logan

"Qu'est-ce-que? [What is this?] Wh-who are you?"
"We're friends, Professor. We've come to take you out of here."

-Past Andre Cocteau, first lines, and Past Captain America

"Was ist los? [What is the matter?]"

-Past Nazi Soldier

"You goons want the Prof back, you got to come through us."

-Past Logan

"Forget it, Logan. We can't risk them harming the professor."
"I'd just like to get my hands on whoever set off that lousy alarm."
"But you've already had your chance, little man."

-Past Captain America, Past Logan, and Past Red Skull, first lines

"Red Skull, you butcher."
"My dear Kapitan. You flatter me."

-Past Captain America and Past Red Skull

"I don't know why you ratted on us, Cocteau, but I sure wanted five minutes along with you to show you what I thought about it."


"Fascinating toy, this. I've always wanted to see if it truly is as indestructible as they say. Perhaps later we shall find out."
"Red Skull, wait. What about Cocteau?"
"Forget him, Kapitan. He is one of us now. And you have more immediate concerns."

-Past Red Skull and Past Captain America

"We don't have much time to get out of here."
"Any bright ideas how?"
"If only I had my shield."
"Oh, is that all? No sweat. I've had a harder time opening cants of tuna, pal. Better get ready, glory boy. Here goes nothing."

-Past Captain America and Past Logan

"You know what I like about this setup?"
"Do tell."
"The odds are about a hundred to one against us."
"They don't have a chance."

-Past Logan and Past Captain America

"How are you progressing, Herr Professor?"
"The prototype sleeper robot will be ready for testing in a matter of hours, Monsieur Skull."
"Convincing you to join our cause is perhaps my greatest triumph. And to think I once doubted your loyalty."

-Past Red Skull and Past Andre Cocteau

"You again!"
"You two do this often?"
"Yah, but this will be the last time."

-Past Red Skull and Past Logan

"Get rid of them!"
"Bad idea, goose-steppers."

-Past Red Skull and Past Logan

"Logan, I think you actually enjoy this."

-Past Captain America

"Enough! I will tolerate no more!"
"You gave you a choice?"

-Past Red Skull and Past Captain America

"Kommen hier, Kapitän. [Come here, Captain.] This day has been too long in coming."

-Past Red Skull

"Herr Professor, the control, schnell! [quick!]"
"Monsieur Skull..."
"Professor! Fool! Must I do everything myself?"

-Past Red Skull and Past Andre Cocteau, last line

"Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Kapitan. [Goodbye, Mr. Captain.]"

-Past Red Skull

"NO! You won't get away again, Skull."

-Past Captain America

"Tit for tat, glory boy."
"Thanks, but we're not done yet."

-Past Logan and Past Captain America

"Farewell, Herr Kapitan. Until we meet again."

-Past Red Skull, last line

"I promise you, Skull. There will be a next time."

-Past Captain America

"Hey Cap, you and the Canuck okay?"
"Good as can be expected, Sarge. Thanks for the timely assist. You couldn't have picked a better time to hit the chateau."
"Well, that's one base Uncle Adolf's brain trust won't be using again."
"What are you two so happy about? From where I stand, our mission failed. We were supposed to get Cocteau. Instead, we lose the little rat and the Skull."
"Logan, their robot project has been shut down. A major lab is destroyed. We take what we can get in this war."
"Yeah, well my war ain't over until I find Cocteau and make him pay for betraying us."

-Past Nick Fury, only line, Past Captain America, last lines, and Past Logan

"I never saw you again. And now I never will. How could they bury a back-stabber like you on this hallowed ground?"
"Because sadly, mon ami, you do not know the whole story."

-Logan and Justine Cocteau

"Oh, the years have been kind to you."
"And to you, petite."

-Justine Cocteau and Logan

"Sadly, it was his duty to betray you."
"My father was no traitor, but a carefully placed double agent working for the Allies."
"But if he was on our side, why were we sent to rescue him? To risk our lives."
"To make his defection appear more convincing, mon ami. Thanks to your failed rescue, my father worked behind enemy lines for the rest of the war, sabotaging their research. He delayed completion of their V2 rockets. He helped stop their atomic bomb. In his own way, he helped us win the war."
"Oh, I don't know what to say."
"They were terrible times, mon ami. We all played different roles. Thank you for playing your part."

-Justine Cocteau and Logan

"Now, come. I know of a little bistro near here. We can dine and remember old times."
"Sounds great, petite. Just give me a moment. Something I gotta do first."

-Justine Cocteau and Logan

"Come on, I think it's time we drank us a toast to your old man's memory."

-Logan, last line of episode


  • The veteran tells Logan that they're having their fiftieth anniversary, putting the year as either 1994 or '95 (fifty years after the war ended). Logan says the mission was fifty years ago, though he may have been rounding off.
  • While other episodes claim that Wolverine remembers nothing about his life before Weapon X, this episode shows him remembering details of a specific mission that other people are able to back up. In the comics, while Weapon X did mess it up he does remember some events before that time.
  • In real life, Paris was liberated on August 25th, 1944. That gives about eight months for this episode could have taken place.
  • Despite being Canadian, the comics did establish that Logan worked with the Central Intelligence Agency during WWII. In real life, the OSS eventually became the CIA.
  • Uncle Adolf would be a play off the American icon Uncle Sam.
  • Despite the prominence of the Goose step around the world even today, in America "goose stepping" is considered an insult and strongly associated with dictatorships.
First and, so far, only
  • The first version of Happy Sam Sawyer outside the comics and currently only animated version.
  • In the comics, it was later established that Captain America is actually Weapon I in the Weapon Plus program and Wolverine is the tenth (Roman numeral being X) in this series. However, at the time of the series the X was simply a letter and Operation: Rebirth was separate.
  • In Wolverine's first appearance, in his fight against Hulk, his claws were just gloves that he could take off like the climbing claws in this episode.
  • Captain America has never worn a rubber suit. Likely, this is a jab at the Batman film series on behalf of both X-Men's producers and Logan. In the then-three recent Batman films, the actor wore a rubber suit to make his body seem more muscular than he really was.
  • While the Swastika, the most notable symbol of the Nazi Party, is unused, the Parteiadler, the eagle with wings out, is seen prominently on the robots.
Andre and Frank had the same idea
  • The skull underneath the Parteiadler on the Nazi robot resembles the logo for the Punisher.
  • The exact method Logan uses to knock out Andre Cocteau is unknown. Likely, he knocked him out using a pressure point.
  • In many iterations, Red Skull commands a group of HYDRA Nazis during World War II, though no mention of the team is made in any Marvel Animated Universe series.
  • Twenty-one soldiers enter the room after Captain America and Logan escape the torture room.
  • First animated appearances of the Howling Commandos, Percy Pinkerton, Dum Dum Dugan, Rebel Ralston, Izzy Cohen, and Dino Manelli.
  • The scene shown during the end credits is from "Xavier Remembers".
  • X-Men: Evolution would borrow the flashback format of this episode with "Operation: Rebirth" to show Wolverine and Captain America fighting together.


Those plots would cost a fortune
  • There are no such cemeteries with that kind of view of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Considering that this was an American series released in English for primarily children that happens to feature German and French languages, there are numerous errors in speech and text.
  • Someone must not have liked Andre Cocteau. The top part of his gravestone is in English and the bottom part, which says "Page et Requisat", is gibberish.
  • The animation of the pigeon shows the door and soldiers beneath it.
For grunts, they speak a wide variety of languages
  • It would not make sense for Nazi soldiers to be speaking English to each other especially in a French speaking country. Worse considering that they do speak in German from time to time.
  • In French, a bakery is called a boulangerie.
  • Neither Justine nor Logan would ever have left the hidden staircase revealed as they did, especially considering the secretive nature of their work. In real life they would either close it from inside or had someone on top to close it behind them.
Either a mistake or wood became see-through
  • When Happy Sawyer finishes debriefing Logan, the lines on his briefcase are visible through the table.
  • After Logan saves Captain America during their first meeting they look to see five men on the ground unconscious. But only four were shown arriving with the fifth appearing out of nowhere.
  • Despite being knocked unconscious, Andre Cocteau is still able to walk out of the lab.
  • After Logan knocks out Andre Cocteau, Captain America stops and watches them climb the stairs for a moment for no apparent reason.
  • Had Red Skull simply left a guard posted in the torture chamber, the two would not have gotten out.
Goes against the exact reason for building a minigun
  • In one close up, all barrels of the Sleeper's minigun fire at once several times. Miniguns don't work this way, and neither does the robots in all other shots. They rotate and fire one at a time, very quickly, to reduce overheating.
  • The defeated Nazi soldiers disappear once the Sleeper is activated.
  • In the shot showing the Sleeper tracking Logan, his climbing claws are missing.
  • Both of the shots returning to Logan of the present are exactly the same.
  • Logan states that he never found Andre Cocteau again. But it seems somewhat out of character since he clearly remembers the mission, showed deep hatred for Andre, and, as anyone who has read the comics knows, he is quite determined as shown with his hunt for Morph.
  • The headstone at the end has a gold-colored front while the one at the beginning is plain stone.
  • A French person buried in a French cemetery would not have English words on his tombstone.


  • Nazis previously appeared in "Enter Magneto".
  • Only appearance of Happy Sawyer.
  • First speaking appearance of Captain America and first appearance of Red Skull.
First full appearance
Probably made Spider-Man's life tougher too
Hopefully Dugan at least washed that hat once in the next fifty years


Couldn't at least give him something other than a green jumpsuit?
Main Actor Role(s)
Cal Dodd Logan/Wolverine
Lawrence Bayne Captain America
Cedric Smith Red Skull
Tomasz Marzecki German Soldier

Captain America was voiced by Lawrence Bayne. Bayne also voiced Cable, Corsair, Fabian Cortez, Erik the Redd, and additional voices on the series. Cortez's last appearance in "The Fifth Horseman" aired just before this one.

Red Skull was voiced by Cedric Smith, who also played Professor X.

Only English role for Polish actor Tomasz Marzecki, who played a German soldier. Marzecki dubbed the voices for Wolverine, Spider-Man's Green Goblin, Fantastic Four's Puppet Master, The Incredible Hulk's Thing, and X-Men: Evolution's Doctor Cornelius in his native land.


Position Person(s)
Writer Len Wein
Executive Producers Stan Lee
Avi Arad
Joseph Calamari
Producers Frank Squillace
Tom McLaughlin
Story Consultant Bob Harras
Developed for Television Story Editor Eric Lewald

This was the last episode Len Wein, who originally created Wolverine in the comics, worked on for the series.


The plot is very loosely based on Uncanny X-Men #268, which featured a flashback showing the first meeting of Logan and Wolverine as they tried to rescue a young Black Widow.

Maybe she married a man named Watson and moved to the states

The character model for Justine Cocteau is very similar to the one used for Mary Jane Watson, with a mole added on.


The Marvel superheroes' biggest problem: Broadcast Standards and Practices

"Stu" of Marvel Animation Age said that this episode was one of the series' best, mostly because Captain America was fun to watch. He said that while it did have its problems, the episode had charm. He thought it was against continuity to have Logan remember a mission from before his Weapon X days and jarring to see him strap on claws, but felt it was too fun to waste on little details like that. He claimed the Captain America design could have been improved, but his characterization was well done and only slightly preferred his appearances on Spider-Man. He enjoyed the Red Skull's eye effects but didn't care for the pajama-like costume. He did not appreciate how censors whitewashed Nazis from the episode by removing swastikas and not using the name Hitler. He felt the escape was the worst part as Logan and Cap were not trapped for long, though he liked that the episode quickly moved on. He praised the animation and writing, though noted some silly lines. "Overall, this is a very enjoyable team up episode, which is a great change of pace from the usual X-Men story, and is a definitive favourite amongst many of the shows fans!"

This was the favorite episode of Len Wein that he wrote for the series.[1]

The episode has a rating of 8.7 on TV.com and 7.8 on the Internet Movie Database.


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