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Now Comes the Sub-Mariner
Series Fantastic Four
Release Date October 8, 1994
Episode Number 4 (Season)
4 (Overall)
Writer Ron Friedman
Elwin Ransom (Teleplay)
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The armies of Atlantis threaten a war against the surface for the pollution of the environment. Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, is willing to stop a conflict if Susan Richards agrees to leave the Fantastic Four and join him. But things become complicated when rogue forces seek power with their own invasion.


It's night and rain pours down on the city streets. A taxi drives by with Thing call out to it saying he will have a fare here.

Fantastic Four Wave to Taxis

He stands on the street corner in a trench coat and fedora. Sue Richards and Johnny Storm stand nearby, also in coats, waving for taxis. Sue tries to call out but is ignored.

Suddenly, Reed Richards' arm stretches out. His hand enlarges and he stops a passing taxi. He asks him to go to Marine Hall while he opens the door. The four of them climb inside.

Fantastic Four Enter Cab

The driver agrees explaining he would have stopped but didn't see who it was. Thing climbs in the front passenger seat and tells him to step on it as they are late. The driver tells them to hold onto their socks and speeds off splashing through a puddle.

In a large auditorium, a large crowd has gathered to watch a man speaking. The speaker climbs a ladder next to a large water tank and explains that the crystals formed from years of radioactive pollution in the ocean.

Namor Shows Crystals

He holds up some of the crystals telling them to look at their effect on one microscopic organism in the seawater. He throws them into the water and they dissolve. Suddenly, a large red tentacles creature with fans and an enormous yellow eye appears.

Outside, Mister Fantastic stretches into the front and pays the driver. Sue wonders why they are always late. Mister Fantastic stretches out of the taxi and follows the other three running into the building. Human Torch jokes that Thing never knows what to wear.

Namor Warns of Pollution Dangers

Inside, the man tells the crowd that he showed them this to warn them of the dangers of pollution. Many in the crowd become disgusted and get up to walk out. The man claims that he alone can control these dangers.

The four run into the auditorium as Thing takes off his coat and hat. He notices the sea creature and jokes that he thought this was going to be boring. As they run in, the crowd flees out the exits.

Namor Reveals Himself

The speaker then claims to be from the world beneath the sea and just outside their "window." He grabs his face and pulls off a mask and clothing. The four are astonished to see a muscular young man in a small bathing suit with small wings on his ankles.

The man claims he has endured their pollution for centuries but will not any longer. He then flies up and introduces himself as Namor, ruler of the Kingdom of Atlantis.

Namor Creature Released into Auditorium

He then announces that their time in the sun is over. He turns and smashes the glass to the tank. Water pours out releasing the enormous creature inside. Namor tells the creature to punish them. The wave of water crashes through the auditorium taking chairs with it.

The last of the people flee the building running past the Fantastic Four. Thing marches forward while Human Torch lights up and flies off.

Human Torch Flies at Namor

Namor calls him a fiery man-child as Human Torch flies towards him. Namor dodges and watches Human Torch turn towards him. Namor calls him intriguing then orders the denizens of the depths to cool him off.

Namor Whales Soak Human Torch

Two whales leap out of the nearby ocean and dive under. They surface and shoot out of their blowholes. They hit the side of the building and the force of the water crashes through. Human Torch is hit and falls to the ground as his flames die out. Thing laughs noting he got spritzed by whales.

Thing lands nearby and tells "fish breath" that it's clobbering time. He leaps up and punches Namor sending him flying back into the wall. They both come down as Thing asks how he liked that.

Namor Punches Thing

Namor stands and uses an uppercut to send Thing flying back crashing into a desk. Thing sits up complimenting him on his attack saying he thought he was just another pretty face.

Thing runs forward and tackles Namor. The two begin wrestling on the ground.

Mister Fantastic Fights Mutant Octopus

Meanwhile, Mister Fantastic wrestles with the sea creature as it roars. The hero slinks out saying it is fit to be tied. The creature's tentacles become wrapped up on itself.

As Thing struggles with Namor he calls out to Invisible Woman who says she is coming. He tells her to use her invisible shield. As she forms the barrier, Namor twists Thing around sending him into the shield. Invisible Woman cries out as Thing becomes trapped.

Namor Meets Invisible Woman

Namor leaps forward and grabs Invisible Woman just as she starts to become see-through. Namor looks into her eyes as she becomes visible again. He rubs his hand through her hair noting her beauty.

Namor Escapes Fantastic Four

Just then, Human Torch tells her to look out. He runs forward and lights up flying towards Namor. Namor flies up saying this interlude has ended then flies out through the broken glass.

Thing notes he is escaping and Mister Fantastic orders them to stop him. Mister Fantastic stretches up and Human Torch flies to follow. They watch him dive into the waters below and Human Torch flies back.

At the window, Thing wonders who the "wing-footed nutbar" was. Human Torch lands next to him and the others walk up. Invisible Woman notes he said his name was Namor. Human Torch repeats that he was the ruler under the sea. Mister Fantastic believes he wants to rule their world as well and that he has amazing powers.

Invisible Woman Comforts Mister Fantastic After Namor Compliment

Invisible Woman then notes that he has incredible eyes. Her husband looks over and she flusters saying they are incredible for a man living under the sea. Mister Fantastic just looks at her.

Under the water, something swims past two fish as it goes along the seabed. Namor calls it the cool sea and his home as a shark swims by. He notes that the extreme salt waters have restored his courage and fill his heart with happiness. He hopes that the depths would remain pure.

Namor Swims Past Eels

He then swims over by a large underwater city. He swims towards a group of enormous eels and tells the sentinels of Atlantis to salute their ruler. The eels stop swimming and allow him to pass.

Inside his throne room, a starfish carries a tray of food to Namor. The ruler looks at it noting that he hates Earth food then demands that he be brought plankton. The starfish turns and swims away past a woman.

The woman tells her lord that he shouldn't treat the servants like that claiming it is so hard to find good starfish. She saunters over to him and leans over then sits next to him.

Dorma Comforts Namor

She grabs his shoulders noting how the Earth people vex him. She asks why they do not go to the Caribbean. She suggests that just the two of them go on a vacation. He grumbles as someone else calls to him.

A blue man stands in the doorway saluting namor and welcoming him home. The woman tells the man, Krang, to come later as the prince is in no mood for his groveling. Krang responds that he is there to serve.

Krang Bows Before Namor

Krang explains that his troops are ready to attack the "air-breathers" at his command. He approaches the throne and bows explaining that when he is the victorious conqueror of Namor's new realm he will ask for only one thing.

He asks for just one prize, something fairer than all the rest. He kneels saying he wants the hand of the beautiful Lady Dorma and looks over at the woman.

Dorma tells him he has overstepped himself. She claims that her heart belongs to only one and puts her arms around Namor. Namor pushes her off ordering both of them to leave saying he must think. He turns and hunches over his throne.

Krang Wants Dorma

As the other two walk away, Krang leans in to say that she will be his no matter what. Dorma turns and stops to look at Namor. The prince asks if she heard him and reiterates that she should leave. Krang stops to look.

Dorma does as he says and walks off. Namor turns back to his solitude.

Back on the surface, Human Torch plays a guitar while Thing and Alicia Masters sit around a bonfire on the beach. Human Torch sings the song Aura Lee.

Thing Grabs Human Torchs Guitar

Human Torch finishes and Thing tries to grab the guitar wanting to play something. Human Torch asks when he became a musician. Thing retorts he became one when he stunk.

Elsewhere on the beach, Invisible Woman sits next to Mister Fantastic while he reaches into the water. She notes how romantic a night it is and asks if he thinks so.

Mister Fantastic Grabs Seawater Sample

Mister Fantastic pulls a vial out of the water and mumbles an agreement. He then notes that if there is a race of water-breathing humanoids in the waters this analysis will prove it.

He pulls out a device and begins to examine the water sample. She stands and says that she will just drown herself while he's busy.

Neither notice something swimming in the waters nearby. It quickly swims away.

Invisible Woman Leaves Mister Fantastic Beach

She gets up and walks away. Not paying attention, he agrees that it sounds good.

Namor Finds Invisible Woman

As she walks down the beach, something appears out of the water behind her. She stops and turns to see Namor standing there in the shadows. He reaches out and grabs her, blocking her mouth from screaming. He tells her there's no need to struggle and leaps into the water.

Underneath, a jellyfish swims over and stretches over her head. He swims away explaining that his minions have been instructed to attend to her needs as she can see.

Namor Waves Off Shark

She is shocked to see four sharks circling them. He welcomes her to his kingdom. A shark approaches and passes them.

The two swim on through a tunnel. They emerge into a large expanse to see the enormous underwater city. He tells her it is Atlantis saying his capital city awaits.

Namor Brings Invisible Woman to Atlantis

She looks around in shock. They swim towards the city following a school of yellow fish. He asks if it is not magnificent. As they swim towards a large hatch he calls it a pearl in the deepest of deeps, shining and mysterious. He claims it is waiting in silence for his return.

The hatch opens and they enter.

Namor Invisible Woman Enter Throne Room

Namor appears out of an open pool into his throne room. He claims that this is hers. He walks over and sets her onto the throne then takes off the jellyfish then tosses it aside.

Invisible Woman cries out that he won't get away with this. She claims that her teammates will find her and take her back. She is then surprised to find she can breathe. Namor explains that he filled the great dome with air for her.

He leans over rubbing her face saying she fascinates him. He claims to have never known a woman like him. She wonders what he means.

Namor Gives Invisible Woman Roses

He explains he wants her to stay there so he can know her better. She claims that is impossible. He leans over and pulls a bouquet of roses out of the pool. He says nothing is impossible for the Prince of Atlantis.

He walks over and offers her the flowers saying she has no need for fear. He claims he means her no harm. Invisible Woman looks at the flowers saying she is flattered by the attention but she is married to Reed Richards.

Namor laughs asking how a mere "surface dweller" compare to the power of a prince. She says she is not interested in power or him. She demands that she be taken back.

Namor Threatens Surface With Army

He stands back saying she never will. He explains that she will remain there willingly or his warrior army will make the surface pay for the pollution they have caused the planet.

Namor Leaves Invisible Woman in Throne Room

He gives her just twenty-four hours to decide. He walks over and dives into the pool. She sits there alone, shocked, dropping the flowers to the ground.

The next day, Mister Fantastic stands on the beach. He wonders why his wife would wander off as it is unlike her not to tell anyone where she is going. Human Torch calls out to him catching his attention.

Human Torch Finds Namor Footprints

Mister Fantastic looks over to see Thing and Human Torch examining footprints in the sand. Human Torch wonders who could have left this kind of print since it has strange markings next to each.

Thing thinks for a moment and suggest that it is either a duck-billed platypus or a guy with a strange set of ankles. Mister Fantastic realizes it was the man pretending to be the professor the day before, Namor. He notes Namor flew around the room with wings on his feet.

Fantastic Four Look Out to Ocean

Thing is shocked and starts a thought. Mister Fantastic finishes by saying that if Namor has Invisible Woman he has the entire ocean to hide her in. The three guys look out over the water.

Invisible Woman Given Atlantean Necklace

Back in Atlantis, Invisible Woman holds up a necklace then puts it down. Namor orders her to select a bauble. The woman holding the tray of trinkets walks away as Invisible Woman shakes her head.

Dorma tells Namor, sitting nearby, that this display is unseemly as she walks up. She wears a water-filled breathing tank on her head. Namor demands she explain herself. She claims that the "surface dweller" is unsuitable for someone like him.

Dorma Namor Should Marry Atlantean

She says that it is Namor's duty to pick someone to keep the dignity of his family and people. She says he should choose one of his own kind. Namor asks if she has anyone in mind, then stands and walks away.

Later, the Baxter Building stands in the sunshine.

Mister Fantastic Cracked Atlantean Biocode

In his lab, Mister Fantastic grabs a printout. He lifts his glasses to read and realizes he was right. He explains, as Thing and Human Torch walk up, that he cracked the elemental bio-code of the humanoid water breathers.

He walks over to a table and picks up a long, skinny device. He claims that he can now track them with his new spetroscopic dowser and can find Invisible Woman.

Mister Fantastic Sprays Oxygenating Fluid on Thing

He picks up a canister and begins spraying Thing, who becomes agitated as he already had a bath. Mister Fantastic explains that it is a special oxygenating fluid that will allow them to breathe underwater for up to three hours.

He starts spraying Human Torch who says that he won't be able to flame on. He says that without that ability he might as well stay home. Mister Fantastic hands him a watch-like device and he wonders what it is. Mister Fantastic explains it is an experiment that might come in handy.

Under the waters, Krang is holding an eel. He holds it up and it becomes straight. He readies it and throws it. The eel hits a target two men are holding up.

Dorma Goes to Krang

Just then, Lady Dorma walks in. He holds up a shell of mead and offers it to her. She walks over noting what he has been doing. She leans in close to say that she finds eel throwing to be stimulating.

Krang smiles saying he did not know. She smiles back saying there are many things he does not know about her and many things she would like him to know. She holds up the shell of mead.

She grabs his arm explaining that Namor has become stricken by the "pale creature" for the airy world. She claims it has made him weak, soft, and unworthy. Krang stumbles with his words.

Dorma Flirts with Krang

Dorma then says she wants to apologize for the way she has behaved. She claims to have realized that he is the true power. She asks if he wants to hear more to which he agrees.

She tells him to take up his sword and lead his army to victory against the surface. She offers herself up as his queen and co-ruler. She throws down the shell breaking it on the ground and kisses him on the cheek.

Krang Kisses Dorma

Krang grabs her and gives her a kiss on the lips.

Elsewhere, Namor walks Invisible Woman over to a large shell. He explains that her people are destroying his world. He spins the shell around while a school of fish swim outside the dome.

Namor Shows Invisible Woman Conch Shell

He notes that engineers punch holes in the depths to find oil, which they spill while trying to transport in unsafe vessels.

He waves his hand over the black liquid and it shows an image of the ocean surface. The scene changes to an oil tanker floating on the surface.

Namor Shows River Pollution

Namor continues to say that waste and filth course through his rivers every year into his ocean. The scene changes to a factory where waster is dumped into the water. He notes they are contaminating his world and theirs.

Invisible Woman explains that many of them are aware of this and trying to stop it. Namor becomes angry claiming it is too little and too late. She suggests that maybe it is but they can still be friends.

Namor sighs and suggests they will be more than friends. Invisible Woman turns and walks off to say she meant their worlds explaining they could join forces to save the oceans. She suggests there is much Namor's people could teach them.

Namor Kisses Invisible Womans Hand

He retorts there is much he could teach her, alone. She tries to walk away but he grabs her hand and kisses it. She looks off worried.

Outside, the Fantasticar races towards Atlantis. Mister Fantastic orders the others to take the sea dome and engage the entry hatch as they are going in.

Invisible Woman Namor See Fantasticar

Inside the dome, Namor and Invisible Woman see the Fantasticar approaching and she calls out to her husband. Namor calls him a fool noting that in the sea he is supreme. He walks over to a conch shell and blows it.

In the waters, rocks begin tumbling down onto the Fantasticar. Mister Fantastic points them out and Thing dodges the falling debris.

The Fantasticar moves over the dome and attaches to it. The bottom opens allowing the team to look in. Mister Fantastic stretches into the dome. He sees Namor run up.

Mister Fantastic Thing Confront Namor

Thing jumps down and confronts Namor. The prince tells them that the intruders shall perish. Human Torch lights up and flies down.

Thing tells "flounder butt" to have sweet dreams as Mister Fantastic tries to wrap his arms around Namor, who leaps up out of the way. Namor lands near Thing to punches him back into the wall.

Mister Fantastic orders him to stay with Namor while he looks for his wife. Human Torch hovers demanding to know where his sister is.

Namor Flees Human Torch

He forms fireballs and throws them down. Mister Fantastic orders them not to let Namor get away and to hurry. The sea prince rolls to dodge the fire attacks.

Namor runs over to an emblem and grabs it. He orders the sea dome to be raised and begins turning the emblem. The entire area begins shaking.

Outside, the dome lifts and water rushes in.

Fantastic Four Atlantis Flood

Mister Fantastic notes the dome is flooding and they have to find Invisible Woman quickly. Thing notes that Namor is running down a spiral staircase with the water rushing after him.

Namor reaches the bottom and goes through a hatch that he quickly closes. On the other side, he holds it close while the water crashes against it and begins leaking through the seams.

Namor Frees Invisible Woman

He walks over to Invisible Woman, who is tied to a post with chains. She demands to know what happened to Mister Fantastic. He looks around wondering who did this to her. He wonders where everyone is and notes they are gone.

Lady Dorma, again wearing the breathing tank, approaches saying she knows. Namor demands to know where everyone is. She explains that General Krang has taken every available warrior to defeat the surface dwellers.

Dorma Calls Krang Patriot

Namor retorts that he authorized no attack. She replies that Krang is a great patriot and anticipated his command. Namor notes he must be stopped. She claims it is too late.

Meanwhile, Mister Fantastic orders Thing to get them through the hatch. The door begins cracking and more waters leaks through. Suddenly it bursts open and the three enter the new area. Mister Fantastic stretches to close off the hall.

Fantastic Four Charge at Namor

Thing approaches a giant pufferfish statue. He wonders if they know how to treat guests. He throws the statue to block the hole while Mister Fantastic leaps out of the way. He turns towards Namor and the others to say it's time he learned some manners.

Namor turns to Invisible Woman while Dorma runs off. He touches her face saying he will not win her this day but there will be another when she will be his. He says he vows it.

Namor turns and leaps into the nearby pool. Thing and Human Torch watch him disappear into the waters below.

Mister Fantastic Invisible Woman Atlantis Kiss

Invisible Woman approaches Mister Fantastic and they kiss. After they break he explains he signaled the Fantasticar to meet them on the far parapet and urges them to hurry. She turns and they run off.

Fantasticar Leaves Atlantis

As they leave Atlantis, Invisible Woman explains that a rebel general is using the army to attack their world. She wonders what they are going to do. Mister Fantastic claims they are going to fight.

On the surface, the Statue of Liberty stands in the harbor. Namor notes how his forces are headed towards New York City. He says that numerous people will die for no reason at all. He knows he must intercede.

Krang Approaches New York

Krang appears on a jet ski ordering his forces forward. Behind him, the armies at Atlantis follow in numerous watercraft. The watercraft begin firing ahead towards the city.

In Central Park, civilians see the incoming fire. They begin to flee as explosions go off all around them.

Namor Flies Towards Brooklyn Bridge

Namor leaps out of the East River and lands atop the Brooklyn Bridge. He looks around and calls Krang a fool.

The craft land on the beaches and the troops pile out.

Namor Orders Krang to Stop

Namor cries out to Krang to listen to him and to stop and think. He flies down and lands amongst the troops ordering Krang to stop the invasion at once.

Krang retorts that he has no authority there as he has taken command. Namor reminds him he is lord of the seas and that the general serves him. He calls this action treason.

Krang Calls Namor Fool

Krang responds that he is the commander of all the forces calling Namor a foolish prince. He points out he gave his heart and kingdom to a surface woman. He claims that is treason.

The general orders his troops to proceed. The military runs off while Namor stands there watching.

Fantastic Four Confront Namor Beach

Thing spots Namor, calling him a fish market Frankenstein. The Fantasticar hovers over the beach and lands in the water nearby. The four exit to confront Namor.

Thing marches forward saying he has a knuckle sandwich with "halibut head's" name on it. Invisible Woman stops him to hear out Namor.

The prince explains he is at their mercy as he has no army or kingdom. He explains that Krang has done this to him.

Atlanteans March Through New York

In the streets, tanks roll down firing while troops with rifles follow.

The five on the beach turn to see an explosion behind a building. Mister Fantastic sees that while Namor may no longer be a threat his general is. He says they have to stop him.

Namor Helps Fantastic Four

The four turn and walk away but Namor stops them. He explains that this invasion is not his doing but he is responsible for it. He says that he will help them stop it though he will not harm Krang or anyone else from Atlantis.

The four look at each other wondering. Mister Fantastic asks Invisible Woman if they can trust him. She says yes and agrees.

Elsewhere, Dorma says that her prince is joining the Fantastic Four and will face overwhelming odds. She orders her driver to follow. Their tank speeds off.

Fantastic Four Namor go to Battle

The five run down the street and Human Torch lights up to fly off. Thing notes that these "yo-yos" are playing for keeps. The troops move down the street with the five heroes following.

Mister Fantastic stretches to grab a soldier off his craft and tells Thing that so are they. He grabs another and throws him into the air.

Human Torch throws a fire ball down destroying a tank. It skids to a stop landing on its side.

Thing Smashes Atlantean Tank

Thing walks up to an approaching tank and wonders what its hurry is. He slams his fists down destroying the front. The craft breaks apart around the two Atlantean drivers.

Mister Fantastic grabs two and notes there are too many of them. Thing throws another sarcastically thanking him for the update.

Mister Fantastic suddenly realizes that these creatures breathe sea water. He wonders what would happen if the water evaporated and they couldn't breathe. Thing becomes angry that he's fighting these soldiers while their leader is playing twenty questions, then tells him to dry up.

Mister Fantastic Throws Atlanteans

Mister Fantastic tells him he is correct and throws four soldiers over a building so they land into the river beyond. He then turns and runs off. Thing wonders where he is going while Human Torch flies up and around to attack another tank.

Namor approaches Krang from behind calling the traitor vile. He grabs him and tosses the general out of his tank. Krang slams into the ground as Namor approaches threatening him with his wrath.

Namor Grabs Krang

Namor lifts him up threatening to teach him to betray the lord of the deep then throws him aside. Krang slams into his tank then quickly stands.

Dorma Self Sacrifice

He reaches inside and grabs an eel. He forms it into a spear and throws it. Namor stands his ground but Dorma approaches yelling to look out. The eel sticks into her stomach causing her to cry out.

Namor cries Krang's name as he enters his tank and drives away.

Lady Dorma Death

Namor cradles Dorma in his arms. In a weak voice she says that it was always him, calling him her prince. Her head slumps back as she dies. He lays her in the street noting how the carnage continues.

Meanwhile, tanks and soldiers continue down the street. An explosion goes off at a museum as people flee. More explosions go off on the side of a building.

On top of a building, Mister Fantastic turns on a large device and aims it at the streets. He repeats Thing's words about drying up and fires it.

Atlantean Helmet Water Evaporates

The blasts hit the soldiers and the water in their helmets disappears. Many of them flee back.

Krang orders them to come back and fight, calling them cowards. However, a blast hits his helmet and the water disappears.

Krang Flees to Water

Krang follows the soldiers through a park as they leap into the water. Krang stands on the edge and Mister Fantastic orders them not to let him get away. However, Krang leaps down into the water.

Human Torch notes that if he follows his flames will go out. Mister Fantastic explains that the wristband he gave him is thermite and will burn underwater.

Human Torch Confronts Krang

Human Torch activates the wristband and flies up then dives into the water. He spots Krang swimming away and spirals around him.

He flies out of the water holding the general in his arms.

Namor Brings Dorma to Mister Fantastic

Namor carries Dorma towards Mister Fantastic, who notes that his troops have been defeated and the city is safe. Namor looks glum noting that it is safe for now.

He looks down at Dorma's body explaining he must return to his kingdom to restore order and to see that Lady Dorma is honored. He points out that she paid the ultimate price for her love and he paid a great price for his.

Mister Fantastic approaches with a device. He explains that she is another species but thinks his molecular resuscitator may help. He turns it on and waves it over her body. Namor looks worried as Mister Fantastic notes it may already be too late.

Namor Dorma Going Home

Just then, Dorma's eyes open and she looks around. Namor smiles and tells his lady that they are going home. He turns and walks towards the water with the three watching them.

Human Torch lands explaining he dropped Krang off at the swimming pool at Ryker's Island. Thing jokes that it's a good place for a sea slug.

Mister Fantastic thinks there are about fifty federal crimes he can be charged with. He then tries to get his wife's attention, who is obviously distracted.

Invisible Woman Distracted by Namor

She notes that Namor has a kind of nobility, stumbling over her words. He says he is welcome to it as long as he stays under the ocean where he belongs.

He then makes sure she wasn't really tempted to stay with him. He fumbles to note that Namor is charismatic and unique. She rubs his face saying Namor is not as cute as him, calling him a sweet talking son of a gun.

Human Torch Thing Watch Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic Kiss

The two then passionately kiss. Thing becomes disgusted then says he's had enough mush for one day He asks if anyone wants pizza.

The two lovebirds break and the four walk down the street. Thing threatens them that if anyone asks for anchovies he will clobber them. Smoke still rises in the distance.


"Love can make a guy do crazy things like Namor, Prince of Atlantis, in this episode. When Namor sets off on a crusade against the surface world for the pollution of his underwater kingdom, he falls desperately in love with Sue Richards whom he promptly kidnaps. Now Reed, Johnny, and Ben must track Namor back to Atlantis for a battle royale thats a must see if ever there was one."

-Stan Lee's introduction

"Hey, taxi. You gotta fare here."


"Marine Hall, please."
"Hey. Okay, sure, Mister Fantastic. I'd have stopped sooner, but I didn't see who you are."
"And step on it, Jack. We're late."
"Hold on to your socks."

-Mister Fantastic, Taxi Driver, and Thing

"These crystals are the product of years of radioactive pollution on the ocean. Watch their effect on one microscopic organism floating in the seawater."

-Namor as Elderly Man, first lines

"Why are we always late?"
"Because Ben never knows what to wear."

-Sue Richards and Johnny Storm

"I've shown you this to warn you of the perils of pollution. Perils I alone can control."

-Namor as Elderly Man

"Hey, a sea monster. And I thought this was gonna be boring."


"I am from the world beneath the sea that lies just outside your window. We have endured your pollution for centuries, but we shall suffer it no longer. Know that I am Namor, ruler of the Kingdom of Atlantis. Your time in the sun is over."


"Punish them, o tentacled avenger."


"What's this? A fiery man-child? How intriguing. Denizens of the depths, cool him off."


"Okay, fish breath, it's clobberin' time."


"Not bad, buttercup. And I thought you was just another pretty face."


"What beauty."


"Hey, who was that wing-footed nutbar?"
"He said his name was Namor."
"Ruler of the world under the sea."
"And he plans to be our ruler, as well. He does have amazing powers."
"And incredible eyes. Well, I mean for a man who lives under the sea."

-Thing, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Mister Fantastic

"The cool sea. Home again. How the astringent waters of brine restore my courage and fill my heart with gladness. Would that these depths remained ever pure."


"I hate Earth food."


"You really shouldn't treat the help like that, my lord. It's so hard to find good starfish."

-Lady Dorma, first lines

"These Earth people vex you. Why don't we go to the Caribbean? Just you and I, for a little vacation."

-Lady Dorma

"Hail, o' munificent and mighty Prince Namor. Welcome home."
"Later, Krang. His Majesty is in no mood for your groveling."

-Krang, first lines, and Lady Dorma

"I am here to serve. My troops are ready to attack the air-breathers at your command. And when I am the victorious conqueror of your new realm, I shall ask only one boon. One prize, fairer than all the rest: the hand of the beautiful Lady Dorma."
"You overstep your station, sir. My heart belongs to only one."

-Krang and Lady Dorma

"You will be mine. No matter what."


"Aura Lee, Aura Lee. All my dreams fulfilled."

-Human Torch singing Aura Lee

"Oh, it's such a beautiful, romantic night. Isn't it, sweetheart?"
"Mm-hmm. You know, if there is a race of water-breathing humanoids in the ocean, this analysis will prove it."
"I'll just drown myself while you're busy, okay?"
"Hmm? Yeah, sure honey. That's uh...that's nice."

-Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic

"Welcome to my kingdom, Susan."


"Ah, Atlantis. My capital city awaits. Is it not magnificent? A pearl of the deepest deep. Lustrous and mysterious, awaiting my return in majestic silence."


"Oh, you fascinate me. I have never known a female like you."
"I want you to remain here so I can get to know you better."
"That is impossible."
"Nothing is impossible for the Prince of Atlantis. You need have no fear. I mean you no harm."

-Namor and Invisible Woman

"Prince Namor, I am flattered by your attention, but I am married to Reed Richards."
"How can a mere surface dweller compare to the power of a prince?"
"I'm not interested in power, Prince Namor. Or in you. You must take me back."
"Never. Remain here, willingly, or my warrior legions will make the surface dwellers pay for the pollution they have unleashed on this planet."

-Invisible Woman and Namor

"Holy mackerel. And I'm talking real fish."


"This surface woman is no suitable companion for the ruler of the seas. It is your responsibility to your people to choose a consort more in keeping with the dignity of your family and office. In short, one of your own kind."
"Does the Lady Dorma have anyone particular in mind?"

-Lady Dorma and Namor

"Hey. I already had a bath last week."
"Relax. This is a special oxygenating fluid. You'll be able to breathe underwater for three hours."

-Thing and Mister Fantastic

"Oh, you've been throwing eels. I find eel throwing so...stimulating."
"I did not know."
"There are many things about me you don't know. So many things I would like you to know."

-Lady Dorma and Krang

"Take up the sword. Lead your army to victory of the land dwellers. And take me as your queen and co-ruler."

-Lady Dorma

"You people are destroying my world. Your engineers punch holes in its deeps to find oil. Much of which they spill while trying to haul it home in unseaworthy vessels. Waste and filth tumble down my rivers each year into my ocean. They are contaminating my world, Susan, as well as their own."
"Mahy of us are aware of that, Namor. We're trying to stop the contamination."
"It's too little too late."

-Namor and Invisible Woman

"Perhaps, but maybe there's still a way we can still be friends."
[Sighs] "We shall be more than friends."
"I was speaking of my world and yours. We could join together to save the oceans. I know there is much you could teach us."
"There is much I could teach you. You, alone."

-Invisible Woman and Namor

"Ah, he is a fool. In the sea, I am supreme."

-Invisible Woman and Namor



"Sweet dreams, flounder butt."


"You sure don't know how to treat guests, do you? Well it's time you learned some manners."


"I shall not win you this day. But there will be another day. And you shall be mine. This, I vow."


"My forces are headed to New York City. Lives will be lost to no purpose."


"Hear me, Krang. Stop and think."


"You must stop this invasion at once."
"I'm afraid you have no authority here, Namor. I have taken command."
"But I am lord of the seas and you serve me. This is treason!"
"I am commander of all forces and you are a foolish prince who has surrendered his heart and his kingdom to an Earth woman. That is treason."

-Namor and Krang

"Hey, there's that fish-market Frankenstein."


"I got a knuckle sandwich with your name on it, halibut head."


"This invasion is not of my doing, but I am responsible for it."


"There are too many of them."
"Thanks for the update, Mr. IQ."

-Mister Fantastic and Thing

"It was always you, my prince. Always you."
"The carnage continues."

-Lady Dorma, final lines, and Namor

"Prince Namor, your troops have been defeated. The city is saved."
"Yes, for now. I must return to restore order in my kingdom. And to see that Lady Dorma is honored. She paid the ultimate price for her love. And I paid a great price for mine."

-Mister Fantastic and Namor

"We're going home, my lady."


"He has a kind of...nobility, doesn't he?"
"He's welcome to it, as long as he stays under the ocean. Where he belongs. You weren't tempted to join him, were you? I-I mean, he is charismatic and unique and..."
"But not as cut as you, you sweet talking son of a gun."

-Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman

"I've had enough mush for one day. Hey, who's up for pizza? And if anybody asks for anchovies...I clobber 'em."



  • There is a pizza place across the street from where the Fantastic Four try to get a cab.
Thing Orders Taxi Driver
Great White Shark
  • The shark is a great white shark.
  • Atlantis bears a resemblance to the alien ship from The Abyss, also about humans encountering ocean dwelling life deep within the ocean that is disturbed by humanity polluting the waters.
  • Namor has seahorse statues around his throne room, coral to the side, and a giant clam with a pearl inside.
  • The salute Krang gives Namor is the Nazi salute.
Fantastic Four Beach Fire
  • Aura Lee is an old song dating back to the American Civil War.
  • Namor mentions that companies spill oil in unseaworthy vessels, likely a reference to the then-recent 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.
Namor Blows Horn of Proteus
  • The conch shell Namor uses is known as the Horn of Proteus.
  • Thing calls Namor Frankenstein, likely a reference to how Frankenstein's Monster would often kidnap women in the Universal classic monster series. It was also this series that caused general audiences to refer to the monster as Frankenstein, since in the original Mary Shelley Frankenstein refers to the doctor who made the monster.
  • Lady Dorma's death is one of the few deaths during this time to be shown on screen. Granted, she was resurrected soon after.
  • In the film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Sue Storm sacrifices herself to save another from a spear only to be soon resurrected, just as Dorma does here.
  • When Human Torch activates the thermite watch it shows the numbers 21757.


  • The rain is always coming down at the same angle no matter which direction the "camera" shows even in reverse shots.
  • Why are the Fantastic Four looking for a taxi when they have the Fantasticar?
  • Why are the Fantastic Four in their uniforms for what they believe to be a scientific lecture?
  • Mister Fantastic tells the taxi driver where to go from down the street in a calm conversational voice yet the driver sitting in the cab facing the other direction hears him perfectly.
  • When Namor as the professor climbs the ladder his hair is two shades of grey with a distinct line between them.
Namor Holds Polluted Crystals
  • The crystals could not possibly have been contaminated by centuries of radioactive pollution given humanity's relative recent history with radioactivity. If it was natural radiation then surface dwellers would certainly not be to blame for such long exposure.
  • A bunch of scientists see an enormous octopus mutate from a microscopic organism and rather than indulge their scientific curiosity they become disgusted and walk out.
  • Why is Thing the only person who didn't take his coat off in the taxi and where did the coats of the others go?
  • When Thing leaps at Namor he is briefly duplicated for a couple of frames.
  • In the same shot, his body disappears when his face mostly fills the shot.
  • Why does Invisible Woman not simply lower her shield when Thing is trapped?
  • All the underwater animation has a waving effect that only really happens when looking at something underwater from above it.
Yellow Fish Near Atlantis
  • The yellow fish Namor passes on his way to Atlantis are tropical fish and wouldn't be anywhere near New York City.
  • The shark Namor passes has gills extending onto its fin.
  • The Atlanteans often refer to anything surface-based, such as people and food, as Earth. But Earth is the entire planet which includes the oceans and Atlantis. It's possible that they mean Earth as ground but this particular word usage is confusing.
  • Namor's servants should know what kind of food he does and does not like. Unless he is in some kind of particularly bad mood this time and hates it just for recent events and will eat it other times.
  • When Thing goes for the guitar he is not casting a shadow onto Human Torch.
Sharks Circle Namor Invisible Woman
  • The tails of the sharks that circle Namor and Invisible Woman are miscolored so they appear to be horizontal like whales tails rather than vertical like normal sharks.
  • Namor, apparently concerned with the oceans, tosses the jellyfish aside without throwing it back into the water where it would certainly die.
  • Namor's plan with Invisible Woman makes no sense. Kidnapping and marrying her does nothing to stop the pollution of the rivers and oceans that are threatening his people. Unless he cares more about his personal happiness than the environment.
  • The water-filled helmets allowing the Atlanteans to breathe out of water has no reservoir, like the reverse of a scuba diver without an air tank.
  • When Krang holds an eel, part of it briefly turns into the color of Krang's outfit.
Dorma Dual Mouth Mistake
  • When Dorma approaches Krang, her mouth is briefly animated twice.
  • Namor claims that trying to help the environment now is too little too late. The Industrial Revolution, which is the primary reason for much of the environmental contamination, started around 1760. Why would Atlantis wait over two-hundred years to do something if it directly affected them without getting any of the benefits of industrialization?
  • Upon approaching Atlantis, Mister Fantastic orders the team to "Conquer the sea dome" but conquer is inappropriate in this context.
  • The Fantasticar did nothing to cut a hole in the dome to allow the team to enter.
  • When Human Torch flames on upon reaching Atlantis he becomes partially invisible.
Namor Runs Down Stairs
  • As Namor runs down the stairs the water rushes to follow him but not pouring over the open sides.
  • When Lady Dorma confronts Namor and Invisible Woman, Invisible Woman's logo is missing.
  • When Namor and Invisible Woman talk to Dorma there are bubbles rising everywhere despite this area being supposedly filled with air.
  • If the dome was really opened to the ocean then Thing bursting through the hatch would not have produced the small stream of water as shown but a gush since the whole hall would be filled with water. As such, Human Torch would not be light up.
  • The Brooklyn Bridge is incorrectly depicted as having straight up and down suspension cables, like the Golden Gate Bridge, rather than spanning out from the towers.
Namor Atop Brooklyn Bridge
  • Namor is much too big compared to the size of the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Numerous Atlanteans look like Skrulls.
  • When Atlanteans are running through the city, one of the guards becomes cut off before the edge of the frame.
  • Footage of the Guggenheim being blown up is reused from "Incursion of the Skrulls".
  • Where did Mister Fantastic's evaporation ray come from so quickly?
  • The blasts from the evaporation ray move beneath the Atlanteans when they walk along the street.
Atlanteans Uncolored Mistake
  • For two frames, Atlanteans running from the evaporation ray are not colored and see-through.
  • When Human Torch leaves the water with Krang there is nothing in the lower right corner of the shot.
  • Why would Mister Fantastic be carrying around a molecular resuscitator and where did he have it?
  • When Namor walks Lady Dorma to the water, Human Torch appears between Thing and Invisible Woman when it's supposed to be Mister Fantastic. Also, his face is dark brown.


Prince Namor
Solomon R Guggenheim Museum


Main Actor Role(s)
Beau Weaver Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
Lori Alan Sue Richards/Invisible Woman
Chuck McCann Ben Grimm/The Thing
Taxi Driver
Brian Austin Green Johnny Storm/The Human Torch
Fish-Headed Sentry
James Warwick Namor/Professor
Pauline Lomas Alicia Masters
Jane Carr Lady Dorma
Neil Ross General Krang

Brian Austin Green is credited as the fish-headed sentry, even though the character has no lines.

Pauline Lomas is credited as Alicia Masters even though the character had no lines in the episode and only appeared briefly. It's possible she had dialogue that was cut.


Invisible Woman Tells Namor Shes Married

The episode is based on Fantastic Four #4. It was Namor's first Silver Age appearance. In the issue, Human Torch quits and flees to a garage. Thing fights to bring him back but briefly transforms back into Ben allowing Human Torch to get away. Johnny goes to a place where he reads a comic book from the 1940s about the Sub-Mariner. Someone claims that another man is as strong as Namor. During a fight with this man, who doesn't remember anything about his past, Johnny burns his beard off so he looks just like Namor. Johnny puts him in the sea and he remembers who he is. He returns to Atlantis but finds it destroyed by atomic testing. He returns to retaliate against the human race. Namor summons Giganto, unrelated to the Fantastic Four villain of the same name, to attack. Thing straps a nuclear bomb to his back to climb into Giganto's mouth and destroy it from the inside. Giganto is destroyed. During the battle, Namor tackles Invisible Girl and says that if she marries him he will show mercy. She agrees but Human Torch forms a tornado to suck him back into the sea where he promises he'll be back.

The episode aired on October 8, 1994, the same day as Iron Man's "Data In, Chaos Out". The episode was actually set to be the fourth episode but aired before "Incursion of the Skrulls".

This episode was published in comic format in Marvel Action Hour: Fantastic Four #3 through #5.


Dorma Confronts Namor

"Stu" of Marvel Animation Age found Namor to be a weird character not known for his popularity, being less cool than DC's Aquaman. He always found him tedious as a hero and better as a villain, the only version he liked was the Ultimate version where he was a criminal pretending to be a prince. He felt this series' version was lame and looked like an idiot. He wished that the series took the opportunity to update the character but instead gave audiences a version more boring than the comic book character. He felt that between the bad design and awful dialogue he was one of the worst characters in the history of Marvel's animation. He felt the episode had a decent premise but was executed poorly. He said the romantic subplots were mediocre, the plot was predictable, and Namor was more arrogant than someone worried about his kingdom. He felt the attraction to Sue was too random to be serious and, unlike the comics, she didn't seem to care for him at all. He did not like that the series kept turning Susan into a damsel in distress, something Stan Lee never wanted her to be. "The plot is eerily similar to Justice League's "The Enemy Below", but it's filled with stupid oddities. Why is Namor the only one who can breathe under water? How the hell does everyone else survive with those Mysterio like domes over their heads? Why are they all blue? Again, the episode reeks of a half assed effort from all involved, it's one of the season's worst."

The episode has a 7.8 on and 6.2 on the Internet Movie Database.

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