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Series X-Men
Release Date May 13, 1995
Episode Number 53
Writer Len Uhley
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For the character, see Nightcrawler.

Tales of a demon lead the X-Men to a church, where a mutant strikes fear in the local population.


Physical Therapy
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  • When Logan leaves Remy and Rogue he approaches a couple, where the woman has the name "Kumuda" on her jacket. She is based on editor and associate producer Sharon Janis, who's Sanskrit name is Kumuda.
  • In the comics, the Baron that was in a relationship with Mystique when Kurt was born was named Christian Wagner and the family of circus performers that took Kurt in were the Szardos family. However, in this episode Wagner is the name of the circus owners and the Baron's name is never revealed.


  • When Rogue and Wolverine are sitting at the table with the monks, Rogue is shown wearing a monk's robe, but when it shows her closer up, she is wearing her ski clothes.




Comic Book Resources ranked this as the seventh top tear-jerking episode of the series. "A crisis of faith can always bring about a poetic endeavor. The character of Nightcrawler always brings that arc upon those he interacts with. Demon by physique but preacher by credence. Nightcrawler is an interesting character within his own contrast. Episode eighteen of season three introduced the teleporting mutant to the X-Men, in the midst of a ski-trip in Germany. Once Wolverine catches rumors of a demon in town, he takes charge of vanquishing it. They soon realize this demon is Nightcrawler, a pacifist mutant monk. Nightcrawler's conflict isn't with the X-Men but with Father Reinhardt, a bigot monk. Instead of claiming vengeance, Nightcrawler opens his heart to forgive Father Reinhardt. This moves his fellow monks and X-Men."[1]


  1. Top 10 Tear-Jerking Episodes From X-Men: The Animated Series at Comic Book Resources

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