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Series Spider-Man
Release Date November 19, 1994
Season Number 1 of 13
Episode Number 1 of 65
Writer Gerry Conway
Stan Berkowitz
John Semper, Jr.
Director Robert Shellhorn (Supervising Director)
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It is another day in the life of Peter Parker as he goes to school, works his job, struggles with his home life, and saves people across the city. When reports of a gigantic reptile attacking people in the sewers arise, Peter is tasked with finding the creature. Things become personal when he learns that he not only helped create the creature but he cannot stop it without hurting a close friend. The only one who can save the day is the amazing Spider-Man. (Series Premiere)


Protecting his city

A man in a red and blue spider costume sits atop a building overlooking the traffic-filled streets of New York City. He comments on how he wishes it was as peaceful down there as it looks from his vantage point.

He extends his hands and shoots out a web and swings through the skyscrapers, rounding a building.

Down below, people bustle through the streets while cars blare their horns. The man watches over them as they pass.

Below the city streets, the underground workings of the city go on. Electricity is heard while a signal light box alternates between red and green, before shorting out completely.

Life under the city

Just then, a flashlight shines on the faulty light box. A subway worker climbs the ladder telling his partner that he will love it down there, as it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and with no office politics.

The partner says that sounds better than his last job, the television business. The first man climbs down, saying his television set has double images. The other man interrupts, saying that he was an executive. Understanding, the first man says he is better off down there.

Like a monster movie

Suddenly, a shadow passes over them. The two men turn to see an enormous creature rising above them. It stares at them with red eyes and growls.

The two men quickly climb the ladder and exit the manhole. They rush into the nearby van.

No escape this day

As the experienced worker gets in, the grate lifts and a scaly hand grabs him. He cries out for help and the new worker grabs him. Unfortunately, he slips out of his glove and is pulled underground.

The new worker squeals the tires pulling away. The other man's hardhat spins in the street.

As he speeds away, the man feels the creature's eyes are after him. Suddenly he sees visions of the reptilian eyes. He swerves around through traffic. He cuts off a taxi and drifts over the center line causing a car to swerve out of the way before sideswiping another.

He screeches around a corner, narrowly missing another cab, but slams into more cars. He continues swerving through traffic.

Another day, another citizen needing saving

Above the streets, the costumed man notices the car, joking that he is actually a cab driver. He spins a web and swings after him.

He lands on the van and peers over the side. He orders the worker to hit the brakes, before noticing an oncoming car and telling him to turn. He then grabs the wheel and does it for the man.

The van tears around a corner, hitting more cars. Eventually it goes right through a lamppost, through a divider, and into the air. The worker screams as the hero rides on top.

The van crashes into the river and settles upside down on the bottom. Several fish swim by it.

And thus the day is saved

Above, people look over the side of the dock. The man hangs from a webline holding the worker.

He asks the terrified man what happened. The worker responds by mumbling about the eyes. He asks if the eyes belonged to pink elephants. The man insists that he is telling the truth.

Finding out what happened

The hero then swings the two of them up and people back away to let them land. He just asks not to let the cops blame this on him. He sets the worker down among the people there, still babbling about the eyes.

He swings away, commenting that New York City is never dull but it goes with the job.

It's like Peter has some secret method

In an office at The Daily Bugle, a man goes through photographs of the hero in red and blue, Spider-Man. A young man named Peter Parker walks up and he says he has a job for him.

He notes that Peter always gets good pictures of Spider-Man, and wonders if he can get one of the Lizard. Peter wonders who that is.

Peter's always late for everything

A gruff voice belonging to a man in a suit chimes in to tell Peter that if he ever showed up on time he'd know what's going on. The first man explains that there are reports of a giant lizard in the subways.

Peter jokes that in this town no one would notice. Another man, Brock, interrupts saying that if it were not serious then he would not have gotten the assignment. Peter jokes that he is just the kind of reporter he would send on a wild goose chase.

The editor tells Peter that it is no chase. He holds up a photograph of the experienced worker holding a bowling trophy explaining that the subway worker went missing. His friend said the Lizard got him.

Trying to impress the boss

Brock pipes up saying he has a list of scientists who work with reptiles. The editor congratulates him saying he can interview them. He says the closest one is at Empire State and is named Connors.

Peter asks if he means Dr. Curt Connors. The first man asks if he knows him. He says Connors is his professor and an expert in recombinant DNA and reptile mutagenics, as well as a genius.

The editor interrupts saying that he will then be the contact with Connors. Brock tries to speak up, but the editor notes that Peter already knows him. He then asks if Brock knows anything about what Connors is an expert in.

Got to make the boss happy

Peter tells the editor, Mr. Jameson, that he still thinks the whole Lizard thing is a hoax. Jameson tells Peter that the first one to get a picture of the Lizard will get a thousand dollar bonus. Peter holds up a camera asking if he wants color or black and white then snaps a picture.

Later at night, it is pouring down rain. Lightning streaks across the sky. Another bolt strikes near the Queensboro Bridge as a bus drives across.

On board the bus, Peter thinks about the thousand dollar bonus. He considers using it as a down payment for a motorcycle or car. He cannot wait to tell his Aunt May.

At his home, May looks at a bill that is past due. Peter calls down to her from upstairs and she quickly hides the bill behind her.

Peter and his loved one

As he walks down she puts it under a book in a stack of papers. He asks why she is sad and she responds that she is only thinking of what to make for dinner. Peter kisses her on the cheek and she goes into the kitchen.

More important things that motorcycles

Peter wonders to himself why she keeps things from him. He lifts the book to see the bills. He chastises himself for thinking of selfish things to buy. He notes how May has been like a mother to him and he needs to start paying her back as either Peter or Spider-Man.

She grabs a box from the shelf to start making dinner.

Elsewhere, Spider-Man lifts a manhole cover and crawls into the sewer. He complains that he never gets assignments to a sunny suburb. He complains that the Lizard thing is probably just an urban myth.

Using his skills together

He turns on a light on his belt and looks around. After noticing something, he stops and pulls out his camera. Questioning his initial assumption, he takes a picture of an enormous footprint.

Later, Peter is looking at the printed photo while walking through the rain. Suddenly, a woman calls out to him. He turns and sees Debra Whitman running to him, thinking that she is the sister he never had or wanted.

Siblings do tease each other

She catches up to him, wondering when he decided to attend night classes. As they approach the ESU Science Hall, she teases that he has no class at all.

Peter brushes off the insult and explains he has something to show Dr. Connors and waves the photo. She asks what and he responds that it is none of her business. However, she snatches the photo out of his hands. They ascend the stairs of the hall.

Debra looks at it, finding it interesting. She notes that it is possibly from the squamata order of reptiles, but is curious about the heel impression. They enter the building and Peter wonders what is special about the heel.

Inside, Brock sneaks around. He hears the two and quickly hides.

Peter and Debra put on lab coats. She explains that the footprint is very deep. He jokes that it was a fat squamata.

Eddie must not be a threat if Peter isn't sensing him

As they walk down the hall, past Brock in the shadows, she theorizes that it walked on two legs. Peter jokes that he knew that but Debra retorts he did not.

Peter quickly snaps his hand over her mouth, telling her something is wrong. His senses tingle as he stares ahead.

She breaks free saying he was right, as he was suffocating her. However, they hear noises coming from Connors' office.

Just then, the power goes out. Peter thinks it is just a brownout. Debra thinks the storm is causing it.

Being an everyday hero

They slowly approach the office and Peter carefully opens the door. He looks inside then tries one of the light switches. It doesn't work.

A piece of equipment then falls, startling Debra. She sees something by the window. A voice calls out to them to stay away and she thinks it is Connors.

She wonders what is wrong and drops her books to run to him. However, Peter snatches her telling her to wait. She breaks free thinking Connors needs help.

Not who she expected

She runs to the figure then screams when she sees its scaly hand clutching something. It hisses then turns to her. She cries out to Peter as the Lizard towers over her.

It turns whipping its tail to knock books down. They fall pummeling Debra. Peter runs to her asking if she is okay. She says she got the wind knocked out of her.

They see the Lizard climb into the window. He wonders what it did to Connors. He calls out for it to stop and runs towards the window.

The monster in all his glory

Lightning strikes and it leaps away. Peter leaps into the window and prepares the take his shirt off revealing his costume.

However, he is stopped by Debra who begs him not to leave her alone. He tells her it is alright and climbs down. She approaches and he hugs her.

Maybe it's more than a friendly rivalry

She tells Peter that he was brave, which surprised her. He is curious about getting a compliment from Debra. She tells him not to push his luck.

Debra then wonders what the creature was and why it would kidnap Connors. Peter looks out the window and glares.

Peter thinks back to a time when he took blood out of a lizard with a syringe. He then injected it into a mouse that was missing one leg. Peter told Dr. Connors that he was ready to begin.

A device moved into position on a mechanical arm then shot a beam down at the mouse. Peter and Connors looked at the readouts. Peter said that the temperature and respiration were both alpha.

They are mad scientists

They shut down the machine and lifted their safety glasses. Peter explained that all life signs registered normal.

Connors, who himself has one missing arm, walked over to the cage sitting on the pedestal in the chamber. He theorized that if he was correct then Mickey is better than normal.

He looked down excited to see the mouse regrowing its missing arm, noting that he transferred the reptile's ability to regrow limbs into a mammal. He thanked the reptile DNA and Neogenic Recombinator.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions

Peter looked on saying it was incredible. Connors took out the mouse saying it was just the beginning. He let it jump into Peter's hand and claimed it would be incredible once they do the same for human beings who lost limbs in accidents or wars. Peter petted Mickey.

Back in the present, Spider-Man crouches on a ledge wondering why anyone would kidnap Connors. He shoots out a webline and swings away.

Elsewhere, Lizard climbs up through a manhole cover. He runs down the street and in-between two houses, one adorned with a nameplate reading "Connors".

He goes into the courtyard in back and kicks a tricycle. He looks in the window of the Connors' house.

Peeping Tom with claws

A young boy, Billy, is watching his mother make food in the kitchen. He asks her if his dad is coming home. She says she does not know.

Home invasion

Suddenly she screams and grabs him. They see Spider-Man hanging upside down and she orders him to stay away and leave them alone. He tells the woman, Mrs. Connors, to take it easy and that he is just looking for Curt.

She refuses since she doesn't want him hurt. Spider-Man is confused as to why he would hurt him. Just then, he hears someone screaming outside.

Getting in over his head

Outside, Brock backs up and falls to the ground begging his attacker to stop. Lizard towers over him growling.

Brock leaps into the bushes losing Lizard. The creature turns back towards the house.

The rumors are true

Spider-Man lands on a building surprised to see that the Lizard is real. He pulls out his camera and takes a couple of photos asking "smiley" to stand still.

Lizard approaches and swipes at him with his tail. Spider-Man leaps over snapping a few more photos but accidentally dropping the camera. It falls into a puddle and he laments the loss of the thousand dollar photo.

As he swings, he wonders when he will handle being a photographer and superhero at the same time.

The first battle

He shoots a web down at Lizard who quickly leaps out of the way. Spider-Man lands noting that the "future handbag" has good reflexes. Lizard watches him swing over to another building where the hero tells him to stick around so he can find out what happened to Curt.

Lizard picks up the tricycle and throws it. It would have cut the webline but Spider-Man lets go and leaps onto a building.

The tricycle slams into the Connors residence. Inside, Mrs. Connors cries out.

At the mercy of the creature

Spider-Man notes he's really mad now and webs Lizard's tail. The creature grabs the webbing and yanks Spider-Man down. Lizard grabs onto Spider-Man and tosses him into a treehouse.

The hero falls to the ground underneath the broken wood. He pushes himself up but Lizard's shadow crosses over him. His foe snarls, drool flying everywhere.

Saved by the unlikeliest of people

Just then, Billy cries out to "Daddy" to stop. Lizard turns and sees the mother and son in the door. Lizard calls out to Billy.

A flash of lightning causes the two to shy away. When they look up again, Lizard is missing.

Spider-Man struggles up and slowly makes his way to them asking if he heard right. Mrs. Connors says it was, the Lizard is her husband Curt.

Secret experiments

She explains that it all started with a device, the Neogenic Recombinator. She remembers when the Recombinator shot its rainbow energies down at Curt. She explains that he used it on himself to make his arm grow.

Scientific miracle

Curt's arm extended out of the ruins of his lab coat. He smiled at his returned hand.

It all comes together

Later, he opened the door to his home, his wife on the couch reading while Billy played on the floor. She says it turned him into that creature. The two were shocked when his skin was covered in scales and his nails into long points.

Spider-Man asks why they didn't tell anyone like the police. Mrs. Connors didn't want anyone thinking he was a freak.

In the bushes, Brock writes down what he has heard in his notebook.

Scared for her husband

Mrs. Connors was afraid they would hunt Curt down and hurt him, or worse. Spider-Man understands and says he will reach Lizard first. She hugs Billy saying she is scared. Spider-Man promises to keep this quiet as long as they can.

Just then, they hear rustling in the bushes then the sound of footsteps running. Spider-Man realizes they are not alone.

Brock runs out onto the street. He says that once he breaks this story he will get a Pulitzer. Suddenly he is snagged by a web and pulled back to hang from a lamppost.

In too deep again

Spider-Man swings down next to him telling him to hang loose since the webbing will melt in a few hours. Brock curses that Spider-Man cannot do this. Spider-Man replies that he already has.

The hero kneels over telling Brock that he won't let him ruin Connors' life.

Suddenly, his senses tingle and he hears a scream. He swings back over to the home.

He lands above the door, seeing Billy standing there alone. He asks where his mother went. Billy says that his dad came back and took her. He points to an open sewer grate.

Caring for the little guy

He picks up Billy, explaining that he's going to drop him off at a neighbor's house. He wipes away a tear saying he'll bring back both of his parents safely. Billy accepts and asks that he let nothing happen to them.

Down below the city, in the bowels of the sewers, Mrs. Connors orders her mutated husband to let her go. She pounds on his back as he carries her off.

Descending into the depths

Spider-Man lowers himself down in the sewers, noting what a slimy mess it is. He sees a ruined teddy bear floating in the muck.

He swings over and crawls along the top of the tunnel. He wonders why he isn't one of those galaxy-hopping superheroes and wonders how he keeps ending up in the sewers.

Unfortunately, the grime on the tunnel roof causes him to slip. He falls down into the sewage below. He pushes himself out and coughs.

Not the glamorous life other superheroes get

He sits back then stands, noting that the Fantastic Four never go into the sewers, not even the Avengers. He swings back up to the side.

As he crawls along, he continues saying that the Defenders never go into the sewers either, though Hulk might.

He comes across a large chamber where the sewage falls down. He leaps down to the bottom ordering himself to stop gripping. He looks up at the rats along the walls next to a tunnel.

Spider-Man crawls in, saying what is really bothering him is that he's scared because Lizard is powerful enough to rip him apart. He notes he cannot hurt Lizard because inside is his friend. He becomes determined to stop him as it's the only way to save him.

A shot used many more times throughout the series

As he crawls along a pipe, he is stopped by a grate and complains that it's the "story of his life." He looks around for another way through when he hears Mrs. Connors telling Lizard to put her down.

She calls out for her husband not to do something. Spider-Man grabs the bars and struggles to pull them off. Eventually they break free and he tosses them aside.

Further into the depths

He crawls in saying he has to reach her quickly. Suddenly, he falls down the shaft. He becomes worried when he sees another grate at the end.

Spider-Man hits the grate knocking it free. As he falls down the chamber, he shoots a web and catches himself. He swings himself around but the web catches on a pipe and breaks, causing Spider-Man to slam into a wall.

He sits up rubbing his head and noting that the webbing is losing consistency. He decides to change the cartridge.

Partially to blame

Spider-Man laments to himself that the worst part is he was partially responsible for the Lizard's creation. He begins to blame himself when a hand suddenly grabs his ankle.

Plenty of surprises in the sewers

He looks through a grate and sees the missing technician begging to be saved. He grabs the bars and yanks them free. He pulls the man free, noting he is the lost worker.

The worker says the Lizard was building some electrical thing and couldn't do it himself. Lizard needed his help. He says he is weak, needing food and sleep. Just then, they both hear Mrs. Connors' scream.

Spider-Man shoots a web and prepares to leave. The technician asks if he'll be back. Spider-Man reassures him he is a hero and swings off.

The wallcrawler lands on a pipe and looks below. Lizard is carrying his wife and the package he stole from ESU. He sets her down.

She wants her husband not the creature

Mrs. Connors wants to know why he brought her there. Lizard leans over saying that they can be together. She responds that Curt is still her husband, whom she loves and wants to be with, but not in this way.

A plan comes together

Lizard says he loves her too but explains that he needs her help. He opens the wrapping revealing the Recombinator. He explains he needs her hands to operate it for her.

Above, Spider-Man pulls the camera off his belt. He webs it to the side of the sewer.

Lizard continues to say that he cannot grasp the device. He explains that the other human got weak and scared. Mrs. Connors demands to know what he is going to do with the device as it begins to glow.

Great intentions for a terrible plan

He tells his wife, Margaret, that with the device he will transform her so she can heal any wound and replace any limb. He will start with her then transform everyone else.

He explains that he will hook the Recombinator up to the conduits and reach everyone in the city, every man, woman, and child.

Above, people walk along the streets going about their business completely unaware of what transpires below.

He claims he will transform them all. There will be no more suffering or pain. She points out that once they are transformed they will all be like him.

Getting delusions of grandeur

Lizard claims he is the first of a new species, a better one. Margaret points out that if he was so much better he would not need her help. She claims he is not better then stands to show him his own clawed hand.

Spider-Man watches from above.

All is not well

Lizard yanks it away claiming she is twisting his words. He says he will make people well again. He holds up the Recombinator to say he will not stop for anything.

Margaret asks if he will not stop for Billy. She asks if he wants their son to be like him. Lizard then remembers that he has a son.

The big battle begins

Spider-Man swings down and kicks Lizard knocking the Recombinator out of his hands. He claims he is doing this for Billy as much as for the doctor.

Lizard hisses and swings his tail around. The tail smacks Spider-Man knocking him across the floor. He looks up to see Lizard approaching and hissing.

Used in the opening titles

Spider-Man leaps up as Lizard lands. The reptilian doctor watches him land then swings his tail again. The hero dodges it but it slams into a wall breaking it apart.

Spider-Man sees the rubble coming down and leaps away onto a wall. He notes that his mind is all reptile now.

Lizard snarls and lifts a large rock. He roars and throws it. It misses Spider-Man and breaks apart on the wall. Spider-Man ducks away from falling rocks.

He calls out to Margaret to get out while she can saying he is dangerous. Instead, she kneels next to the Recombinator and picks it up despite Spider-Man's protest.

In his current mental state, she's just more food

Lizard walks over to her and hisses. She stands there stunned.

Spider-Man again orders her to run as he webs up Lizard's ankle. Lizard turns and accidentally hits Margaret with his tail.

The Recombinator flies off onto a sewage pipe.

Not all beast

Lizard turns back to his wife to see her on the floor unconscious. He crouches down apologizing.

Spider-Man swings over to the Recombinator and activates it. He notes how he needs to work quickly before he's eaten.

No going back now

Lizard sees the hero and leaps at him. Spider-Man turns to see his snarling opponent. Lizard tackles Spider-Man and the two fall into the sewage.

Down below, the two struggle for the Recombinator.

Margaret stirs and pushes herself up. She looks at the water crying out for her husband.

In the water, Spider-Man kicks Lizard away. He flips a switch on the side and the Recombinator begins to flash. He thinks about how a week earlier, his opponent was a scientist who wanted to help others.

The battle gets down and dirty

Lizard swims back towards Spider-Man tackling him and causing the Recombinator to drop. Spider-Man thinks about how this creature was once his teacher and friend. The Recombinator sparks with light.

Lizard grabs him and scratches at him. He takes another swipe but Spider-Man frees himself and pushes back. He thinks about how they both just wanted to help, but are now fighting each other for their lives.

Battle to the death

Spider-Man swims down followed by Lizard. He grabs the Recombinator but Lizard grabs him.

Margaret climbs down towards the water. She crouches down to see it calling out to both men. The water stirs catching her attention.

Who will survive?

Spider-Man flips the switch and the two are shocked with energy.

Margaret sees the bright light from below. Soon the energies become too much and the water erupts in a geyser with lighting shooting everywhere.

Powerful energies at play

Margaret is shocked at the display.

Eventually the lights die down and the energy stops. The water crashes back into the pool and waves splash up on the sides.

A shape comes up and Spider-Man emerges from the depths gasping for air. He swims to the side and shoots a web to pull himself up.

Alls well that ends well

He then drags the very human Curt up, once again missing his arm. Margaret helps him pull her husband up. She asks if he is alive. He tells her that Curt will be alright. She thanks him and hugs her husband.

Spider-Man leaps up promising to help them get out but first he needs to retrieve something. He shoots a line and swings up to his camera. He pulls it off, noting it contains a thousand dollar photo, and that Eddie Brock only has a story no one will believe.

The next day, a police car pulls up outside the Connors' home. It is still raining. Eddie, Jameson, and two police officers get out.

Doesn't like his time wasted

Eddie explains that the Lizard is Curt Connors. He would have brought Jameson there sooner but he was webbed by Spider-Man. Jameson scowls, noting that Connors is a respected scientist, and that Peter already brought photos of Lizard to him earlier that morning.

Eddie and Jameson walk up the stoop followed by the cops. Eddie promises to show him the Lizard himself and rings the doorbell. Jameson demands that he be right.

Eddie looks around and sees a newspaper in the mail slot. He claims that if he's wrong, grabbing the paper, he will eat that day's issue of the Bugle.

No story without proof

Just then, the door opens revealing Margaret, Curt, and Billy. Curt asks what brought Jameson there that morning.

Eddie is going to eat his words, literally

Eddie is shocked and gulps. Jameson grabs the paper and shakes it at him, asking if he wants it cooked or raw.

At his home, Aunt May asks Peter where he got all his money as she holds it up. Peter explains he sold an exclusive photo to the Bugle, holding it up and handing it to her.

Proud of his work

She unfolds it and sees the headline "LIZARD vs. SPIDER-MAN" by Ned Leeds. She responds with a sullen "Oh dear."

Peter wonders what is wrong. She wonders how he got the photo. Peter tugs on his shirt unsure of how to answer. She tells him not to hesitate and says he followed Spider-Man down into the sewer.

Peter thinks about it for a second and agrees. She chastises him because it is cold and damp down there, thinking he must be incubating germs.

Can't explain everything

She stands and drops the paper on the floor. May leads him away, saying he needs soup and rest. She says a good boy like him shouldn't be in the sewers and, walking him upstairs, wonders what would have happened if Spider-Man had caught him.

Later, in his costume, Spider-Man comments that she would never understand, as he's already been "caught". He shoots out a web and swings away. He notes that, for better or worse, Spider-Man and Peter Parker are stuck together forever.


"New York City, if only everything down there was as peaceful as it looked from up here."

-Spider-Man, first line of the series

"Yeah, like I was saying, you're gonna love working down here. It's cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and, uh, no office politics."
"Sounds better than my last job. I was in the television business."
"TV, really? My old TV gets these double images, know what I mean? Hey, maybe you could...uh..."
"I was a TV executive."
"Oh. You're better off down here."

-The two underground Subway Technicians


-Subway Technician

"Those eyes! They're after me!"

-Subway Technician

"What's this? Another satisfied graduate of the New York City Cab Driving Academy?"


"What was that all about?"
"The eyes. They're after me."
"Uh huh. And did they belong to little pink elephants?"

-Spider-Man and Subway Technician

"New York City, never a dull moment. But it goes with the job"


"Peter, I have a new job for you. You've always gotten good shots of Spider-Man, right? Let's see what you can do with the Lizard."
"The who?"
"The Lizard, Parker. If you ever get here on time, maybe you'd know what was going on."

-Joseph Robertson, Peter Parker, and J. Jonah Jameson, first lines

"There have been reports of a giant lizard down in the subway."
"In this town, who'd notice?"
"I'd notice. If this weren't serious, Parker, I wouldn't have gotten the assignment"
"I don't know about that, Brock, you're just the reporter I'd send on a wild goose chase."

-Joseph Robertson, Peter Parker, and Eddie Brock, first line

"But boss..."
"The kid already knows him. And besides, do you have any idea what mutawhatsits are?"

-Eddie Brock and J. Jonah Jameson

"Hey, pretty lady. Why the frown?"
"Nothing, Peter. Nothing at all. I just can't decide what to make for dinner, that's all."

-Peter Parker and May Parker, first lines

"Why does she always keep things from me? Look at these bills! And here I am thinking of things to buy for myself. She's been like a mother to me for years. It's time I paid her back. And if I can't, Spider-Man will."

-Peter Parker inner monologue

"Just once I want an assignment in someplace sunny suburb. Anyways, this Lizard thing is probably just an urban myth. What a minute. Looks like I was 'myth'-taken."


"Oh no. Not Debra Whitman. The little sister I never had, or wanted."

-Debra Whitman, first line, and Peter Parker inner monologue

"Since when do you have night classes? In fact, I've always thought of you as having no class at all."
"Yuck, yuck."

-Debra Whitman and Peter Parker

"It's interesting. Obviously reptilian of the squamata order. But look at the imprint left by the heel."
"It's an imprint. So?"
"Yes, but look at how deep it is. Lot of weight on it."
"Well, maybe it's a very fat squamata."
"Or maybe, Peter, it walks on two legs."
"I knew that."
"You didn't..."

-Debra Whitman and Peter Parker

"Nice time for a brownout, eh?"
"No kidding. The storm must be causing it."

-Peter Parker and Debra Whitman

"No! Stay away!"

-Lizard, first line

"You were downright brave back there. It was quite a surprise."
"Why Ms. Whitman, is that a compliment? From you?"
"Don't push your luck, Peter."

-Debra Whitman and Peter Parker

"Dr. Connors, I'm ready to proceed. Temperature, alpha. Respiration, alpha. Life signs all register normal, Dr. Connors."
"If I'm right, Mickey here is better than normal." [Sees mouse arm regrowing] "Look. Look! There it is! A reptile's ability to grow a new limb in a mammal. All because of a couple of micrograms of reptile DNA and the Neogenic Recombinator."
"No, Peter. This is just the beginning. When we do the same for human beings, when we replace limbs that have been lost in accidents, during a war, that will be incredible."

-Past Peter Parker and Past Curt Connors

"Mommy, is Daddy coming home?"
"I don't know, Billy. I..."

-Billy Connors and Margaret Connors, first lines

"You're for real! Just hold that pose, smiley."


"When am I going to get the hang of being a superhero and a photographer at the same time."


"Good reflexes, for a future handbag."


"Now that you crawled out of your sewer, maybe you better stick around cause I wanna know what you did with Doc Connors."


"No Daddy! Stop!"

-Billy Connors and Lizard, first line

"Daddy? Did I hear right? Did he say...Daddy?"
"Yes. Yes, that was Curt."

-Spider-Man and Margaret Connors

"Why haven't you told anybody? The police?"
"No! They'll think he's a freak. They'll hunt him down and hurt him. Or worse."
"I know how that goes. But not if I can reach him first."

-Spider-Man and Margaret Connors

"I break this story it'll be Pulitzer time!"

-Eddie Brock

"Hang loose, Brock. That webbing will melt in a couple of hours."
"You can't do this!"
"I already have. I won't let you ruin Connors' life."

-Spider-Man and Eddie Brock

"Listen, I'm gonna carry you to a neighbor's house where you'll be safe. Then I'll get your mom and your dad too. Okay?"
"Okay, don't let anything happen to them."

-Spider-Man and Billy Connors

"What a slimy mess. Why can't I be one of those galaxy hopping superheroes? Why do I end up in the sewers? You don't find the Fantastic Four in the sewer. Or the Avengers. Never do you find the Avengers in the sewers. Or the Defenders. Well, maybe the Hulk."


"Quite gripping, Parker. You know what's really bothering you. You're scared. This Lizard creature's powerful enough to tear you limb from limb. But you can't even hurt him cause trapped inside is your friend. But I have to find him. It's the only way to stop him. To save him."

-Spider-Man inner monologue

"Gotta reach her fast." [Falls down shaft] "Not this fast!"


"Time to put on the brakes."


"Worst part of all this is, I was the one who helped the Doc with his experiments. If it wasn't for me..."


"You'll come-come back for me, right?"
"Hey, I'm a hero, remember?"

-Subway Technician and Spider-Man

"Why did you bring me here Curt? Why?"
"So we could be together."
"You're still my husband. I love you. I want to be with you but not like this."
"I...love you too."

-Margaret Connors and Lizard

"Don't be afraid, Margaret. It'll transform you. You'll be able to heal any wound. Replace any limb. First you, then everyone."


"But Curt, after you transform everyone we'll all be like you."
"Of course. I'm the first of a new race. A better race."
"If you were so much better why do you need my hands to help you? You're not better. Look what you've become."
"NO! You're twisting things. I can make people well again. And I won't stop for anything."

-Margaret Connors and Lizard

"My son...I have a son."


"Sorry, Doc. I'm doing this for Billy as much for you."


"Margaret...I'm sorry."


"I get once chance at this or I'm lizard food."


"Uh oh. Chow time."


"Strange. So strange. A week ago this creature was a scientist. My teacher. My friend. It can't be. He wanted to help as much as I did. And now look at the both of us. Fighting each other. Fighting for our lives."

-Spider-Man inner monologue

"He'll be okay."
"Oh thank Heavens."

-Margaret Connors and Spider-Man

"A thousand dollar photo. And what's Eddie Brock going to end up with? An exclusive story nobody's ever going to believe."


"I tell ya, J. J., the Lizard is Curt Connors. I would've had you out earlier but Spider-Man webbed me."
"Dr. Connors is a respected scientist, Brock. And Peter Parker already brought me photos of the Lizard early this morning."
"But I'll show you the Lizard himself."
"You better be right about this."
"Boss, if I'm wrong I'll...I'll-I'll eat today's issue of the Bugle."
[Curt opens the door] "J. Jonah Jameson. What brings you here this morning?"
"You want it cooked or raw?"

-Eddie Brock, J. Jonah Jameson, and Curt Connors

"Peter, where'd you get this?"
"I sold an exclusive picture to the Daily Bugle."
"Oh dear."
"What's wrong?"
"Exactly how did you happen to get this picture?"
"Well, I, uh..."
"No hemming and hawing."
"Aunt May! I-I..."
"You followed Spider-Man into the sewer, didn't you."
"Uh...yeah. Right."
"It's cold and damp down there. You've probably got germs incubating even as we speak. You need some hot soup and a good, long rest. A nice boy like you, taking pictures in a sewer! And what if that horrible Spider-Man had caught you?"

-May Parker and Peter Parker

"Aunt May, she'd never understand. Spider-Man's already caught me in his web. And for better or worse, he and I are stuck together...forever."

-Spider-Man, last line of the episode


Except this one is white instead of black
  • The mouse's name is Mickey, named after the mascot of Disney.
  • In this episode, Curt Connors talks about replacing limbs lost in wars. In the comics, he was a gifted surgeon that performed surgery on wounded G.I.s. His arm was injured in a blast and had to be taken off.
  • Mrs. Connors is only referred to as Margaret and not Martha as she is known in the comics.
  • The Connors' home has a picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
  • This is not the last time Hank Azaria would be confronted by a large lizard terrorizing New York City in the rain. He would later play a camera man in the 1998 film Godzilla.
  • In the episode, Lizard rips Spider-Man off the side of the house. In the comics, his clinging ability is such that if he were pulled with such force what he was clinging to would be ripped off. Though likely he willingly let go to prevent unnecessary damage knowing he was coming down anyways.
  • Spider-Man mentioning the Fantastic Four may be a reference to the first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, where he actually did try to join the team. He didn't join because he was hoping to be paid and learned they too were non-profit.
  • Outside of the flashbacks, Curt Connors doesn't appear until seventeen minutes into the episode.
  • The full banner, headline and author of the newspaper that features Peter's photo read, "LIZARD vs. SPIDER-MAN EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS" with the subheading "SLUGFEST IN THE SEWERS By NED LEEDS".
  • One episode in and footage is already being reused, the last scene of the episode is taken from the first scene, simply reversed, featuring Spider-Man swinging from the same gargoyle.


  • The runaway van becomes damaged before it hits the lamppost.
  • When the van runs through the guardrail, the guardrail follows the van becoming disconnected from the street.
Fixed later on
  • The door to Dr. Connors' office, the name on the house and the end credits spell the family name as "Conners". This error is similar to the spelling of Curt Conner in Spider-Man. However, in later episodes the spelling is changed to the correct comic book spelling "Connors".
  • Peter calls the loss of power a brownout, but it is really a blackout since the lights are completely off. Brownouts refer to a reduction, but not complete loss, of electricity.
  • Peter begins to take off his shirt to change into Spider-Man right in front of Debra who, despite the blackout, should still see him suddenly change into a costume and could find the clothes he left behind.
  • While Spider-Man talks to Margaret in the sewers, Lizard simply stands there doing nothing despite his animal brain having taken over.
  • Spider-Man presses the same switch twice in the same direction to both activate and fire the Recombinator.
  • Both shots of Margaret looking into the sewage while Recombinator fires are the same shot reused.
  • When the cops get out, one gets out of the front driver side but the other gets out the rear passenger. Additionally, Eddie leaves out the same rear passenger door.
Missing the date
  • The Daily Bugle paper at the end only has Saturday listed as the date and is missing the standard month, day, and year.
  • The camera was placed high in the sewer chamber, but the photo on the paper is a low angle shot.


Later important in an abstract sense
  • Only appearance of Billy Connors in the series though he would continue to be mentioned.
  • Spider-Man wonders when he'll get the hang of being a photographer and superhero at the same time. In later episodes, he uses a timer and automatic camera to get photos while saving the day.
  • Margaret Connors next appears in "Tablet of Time".
  • This would be the first of many events that would lead Eddie Brock onto a hateful path until he became Venom in "The Alien Costume, Part Two".
  • Establishes that the Fantastic Four, Avengers, Defenders, and Hulk have already been active at the time of this episode. The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers: United They Stand would not begin airing until afterwards and the Defenders are never actually seen nor mentioned outside of this episode.
  • The Fantastic Four would not be mentioned on the series again until Spider-Man meets them in "Arrival". Coincidentally, Lizard would take Hulk's place in the Secret Wars adaptation that began in that episode.
  • Spider-Man mentions Hulk while he previously appeared in the Fantastic Four episode "Nightmare in Green" which guest stared Hulk.
  • Hulk would be alluded to next in the series finale "Farewell, Spider-Man".
Animalistic in nature
  • Lizard seems to hold on to some of his intelligence in this episode. In later episodes, he often portrayed more as a raging beast though at times does keep his intelligence.
  • Lizard is correct in saying he is the first in a new though short-lived race as revealed in "The Lizard King".
  • First mention of Ned Leeds. He would make his first appearance in season four's "Guilty".


Main Actor Role(s)
Christopher Daniel Barnes Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Edward Asner J. Jonah Jameson
Linda Gary Aunt May Parker
Rodney Saulsberry Joseph Robertson
Liz Georges Debra Whitman
Hank Azaria Eddie Brock
Joseph Campanella Curt Connors/Lizard
Giselle Loren Margaret Connors
Toby Scott Ganger Billy Connors
Ken Chandler Sam

Neither subway technician are named in the episode until the credits. The mustached one who is kidnapped is Sam. The skinny former television executive is Bud.


Spider-Man can be considered a partner series to X-Men. This pilot's title is a reference to the X-Men pilot "Night of the Sentinels, Part One". As with the two-parter, the title is likely a reference to the film Night of the Living Dead.

Season one design

The original character design for Peter Parker was originally going to adhere close to the comics version, right down to a button down shirt and vest sweater he'd wear over his costume (similar to the clothing worn by Dick Grayson on Fox Kids's Batman: The Animated Series). But at the last minute, the design was completely changed and Peter was given a more muscular frame (as well as looking similar to Nicholas Hammond from the 1977 The Amazing Spider-Man series). He also wore a rugby shirt, choosing to roll up his Spider-Man costume sleeves underneath the rugby's short sleeves. This was eventually changed in season two.

Several shots are included in the opening titles are Spider-Man's Spider-Sense going off, Spider-Man swinging down off a building, Peter in the window taking his shirt off revealing his costume, Spider-Man crouched, Peter holding up his camera and taking a picture (used in reverse), Spider-Man taking a picture of the footprints in the sewers, Jameson issuing orders, Spider-Man swinging down in the sewers, Spider-Man shooting his webbing in the courtyard, Spider-Man swinging through the city from the first scene, Spider-Man falling into the sewer water, and Lizard charging and Spider-Man dodging.

Fox Kids aired this episode about four months before the other first season episodes as a special sneak preview on November 19, 1994. It made its first regular-run appearance on March 4, 1995.

This was adapted into comic book format in Spider-Man Adventures #1. It was later reprinted in Kellogg's Fruit Loops Mini-Comics #1 and in the trade paperback Spider-Man Adventures.

Subsequent episodes feature slightly different animation, though in the same style. This became obvious when footage of this episode was reused in other episodes that had noticeably different animation.

But of course it creates confusion as to how she fell down

Syndicated versions of this episode omit the shot where Lizard accidentally slams his tail into his wife when turning.


A villain with pathos

"Stu" of Marvel Animation Age noted that pilots are usually the most difficult to make since they have to introduce the characters and their world in twenty-two minutes. While it can make or break a series, he thought this was one of the best pilots. He cited the animation as spectacular and the best of the series, or any other Marvel show. He pointed out the high quality of the music. He thought that if the series had kept up this quality it would be as well remembered as Batman: The Animated Series. He noted that this episode had a much higher quality and was darker. He felt that while Spider-Man could never punch the creators did well hiding it. He didn't think the story was anything original but claimed most pilots weren't. He felt Lizard had motive and character even when the show introduced so much else. He noted many consider this one of the best of the series, but he felt it got better. "Put in fewer words, it's the best introduction to the Amazing Spider-Man you could animate. It's a shame that when season two came along, so did awful coloring, very bad editing, and mediocre animation."

Comic Book Resources ranked this as the fifteenth top episode of the series. They noted it was one of the best pilot episodes as it established Spider-Man as witty, thoughtful, and driven while also setting up complex characters like Connors and Brock. They said it did a great job letting the series would be about, setting a great example for kids.[1]

The episode has a rating of 9.0 on TV.com and 8.2 on the Internet Movie Database.


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