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Series The Spectacular Spider-Man
Release Date June 14, 2008
Season Number 13 of 13
Episode Number 13 of 26
Story Arc The Education of Peter Parker
Story Arc Number 13 of 13
Writer Victor Cook (Developer for Television)
Greg Weisman (Developer for Television/Story Editor)
Kevin Hopps
Randy Jandt (Apprentice Writer)
Director Victor Cook
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Spider-Man's past comes back to haunt him. After rejecting the symbiote, both Peter Parker and Spider-Man must recover from the decisions he made while influenced by the alien costume. To make matters worse, a brand new villain arrives who not only matches Spider-Man move for move and cannot be detected but also can go after anything and everything that Peter holds dear. (Season Finale)


One day, another crook

On the roof of Jewelry Center, several masked burglars bust out of a door. The group heads towards a helicopter waiting for them with its rotors slowly spinning.

Spider-Man lands on a beam nearby watching them.

As the group runs across the roof, the final man's feet are webbed up and he trips. The lead man tries to get the next man's briefcase.

Spider-Man webs it and hits the second man when he pulls it back. The men look back to see the wallcrawler on a wall with the case.

One man readies a weapon and fires small metal balls at the hero. In mid-air, the balls form spikes and embed themselves into the wall. However, Spider-Man runs along the wall away from the attack.

They don't know what they're up against

He lands in front the men who continues firing. He leaps up and the man tries to follow him.

Unfortunately for him, his spiked balls hit a bunch of boxes held up by a crane above him. The boxes fall knocking him out.

Spider-Man slides down a webline to see the helicopter pilot struggle to take off. He grabs the would-be escapee and throws him out.

He webs up another man and pulls him into the helicopter knocking him out. Spider-Man then leaps through the helicopter knocking down two more men.

One man tries to come up behind him and bat the hero with his gun. Spider-Man dodges the attack and webs an electrical box on the wall. The man looks confused until Spider-Man pulls the box into his head knocking him down.

Suddenly his Spider-Sense goes off and he sees two more men with guns approaching.

Doing whatever a spider can

Spider-Man leaps into the air, flips around, and webs the two men. He lands then pulls them together knocking them out.

He then spots another man lift a box and throw it at him. However, he is too late and the force of the attack knocks him back.

He webs the building and swings back. As the man lifts another box Spider-Man kicks him back. Spider-Man webs him up and lets him hang off the side of the building.

The pilot gets up and reenters the helicopter. He presses a button and gets the helicopter to lift off.

Spider-Man sees the man flee but another man stands and fires his gun at him. He lands on the side of the building and runs alongside to dodge the spikes.

Nothing compared to dodging Doctor Octopus

He webs a vertical beam and swings around as the man continues firing. His swing takes him to the helicopter and he flies in.

Spider-Man grabs the pilot and throws him out. He presses the red button deactivating the helicopter. The pilot falls into the other man and the two are knocked out.

Spider-Man sends a webline to the helicopter and other to the building. He pulls them together and connects them.

Oblivious to his surroundings

In a building across the street, a janitor buffs a floor, unaware of the crashing vehicle behind him.

Spider-Man lands on the building and sends out another webline. He leaps across the street and connects another to the building to stop the helicopter's descent.

Saving the day

As the helicopter continues to fall, Spider-Man sends out more weblines to slow the vehicle until if finally stops.

The crowd on the street get out of their cars and stare up in amazement.

Back on the roof, police exit through the door but are shocked to see all the unmasked criminals tied up in a giant webbing net.

Spider-Man looks on glad to be ins his classic red and blue costume again after he recently rejected the alien symbiote.

Elsewhere, Tombstone is typing on his laptop when the burglar's masks drop down in front of him.

He stops reading an article about Spider-Man and closes the computer. He grabs the masks and asks the wallcrawler if their deal is off.

Spider-Man cleans up his mess

Spider-Man leaps off the wall behind Tombstone and lands on his desk. He states that there's not enough money for him to ignore Tombstone's criminal activities.

Leaving the past behind him

Spider-Man stands and warns him that he will come after him. He sends out a webline and swings out.

Tombstone steeples his fingers and looks forward in thought. Just then, two synchronized voices asks if he has a job opening.

Tombstone looks over and sees a large black figure wearing Spider-Man's former black suit leap in and crawl along the wall. However, this figure has an enormous gapping mouth with giant teeth and a large white spider symbol on his front and back.

A new player in the game

The mysterious figure says that he will take the job. He then lashes out an incredibly long tongue.

Tombstone taps his fingers together commenting that he should lock the window from now on. He stands and walks over to his pool table. The figure asks if they have a deal.

Making deals

Tombstone readies his pool cue saying that the figure will have to prove himself with a simple test. He orders the figure to destroy Spider-Man then breaks the balls.

The figure lashes his tongue out saying he had hoped Tombstone would say that. He crawls to the window asking if the businessman minded if "they" played with him first.

Tombstone, without looking at him, tells him that he does not care. He then shoots and knocks a ball into the corner pocket.

Agreeable terms

Pleased, the figure sends out a webline and swings away.

Later at Manhattan General Hospital, Peter Parker stands in Aunt May's room watching her sleep with the heart monitor at her side.

Peter thinks that she looks better, despite the fact that she's still recovering from a heart attack, but hates that she's on all the machines.

Taking care of the only family he has left

He considers how scared she must have been and laments that he wasn't there for her. He sits down next to her bed and brushes away the hair in her face.

He reaches into his bag and pulls out a picture of May and Uncle Ben and sets it beside her.

Peter vows to make amends

He remembers that Ben taught him that "With great power comes great responsibility" but thinks that he should consider those who love and rely on him first.

Later at Midtown Manhattan Magnet High School, Peter wanders the halls as the bell rings. He approaches Flash Thompson who's digging in his locker.

Making the first apology the hardest one

Peter tells the jock that Flash gave him a hard time the other day. Flash closes his locker joking that he should do it more often.

As Flash walks away, Peter thanks him for the reality check. Flash stops and tells him not to mention it, to anyone. He walks away seeing other students walking up.

Peter turns to see Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, Liz Allen, Sally Avril, Randy Robertson, Kenny Kong, and Hobbie Brown walk up to him.

Liz asks "Petey" about his aunt and he tells them that she is doing better. He thanks them for their concern then apologizes for how he has been acting recently.

Randy says it is fine and Gwen puts her hand on his shoulder rationalizing that he must have been under a lot of stress.

Moving on

Liz then takes his hands saying he could use a break. She says that they could use some help holding the mustang balloon tomorrow at the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Peter apologizes saying that he cannot. He tells them that if the doctor says it is fine, he will bring his aunt home that day. Gwen and Mary Jane look at each other excited.

Getting forgiven

Gwen then takes his hands nervously offering to go with him to the hospital that day. Peter thanks for saying that May would like to see her.

The bell rings and Gwen lets go. She excuses herself and walks away. The group turns to watch her leave then dissipates leaving Peter and Mary Jane alone.

As Peter walks away, Mary Jane tells him that she and Eddie went out on a date. Peter is shocked to hear this.

Something rotten in the state of New York

Mary Jane explains that Eddie only did it because he thought Peter and Mary Jane were a couple. Peter doesn't think that is right believing that he and Eddie are still friends. Mary Jane warns that he may be wrong.

Elsewhere in Eddie's dorm room, Peter calls but only gets the answering machine. He begins by apologizing to Eddie.

Not everyone is forgiven

A shadow passes over and the mysterious figure picks up the phone. Its huge mouth opens unnaturally wide revealing Eddie's head. Eddie claims he was just "changing."

He "appreciates" the call and asks if the two could hang out later. Peter turns him down saying he needs to be with his aunt.

Eddie accepts saying that they will see each other soon anyways. He hangs up and the symbiote engulfs his head. He reveals that he knows Peter's dual identities.

At the hospital Peter, with Gwen at his side, asks Dr. Bromwell if his aunt is fine to go. He says she is, unless she wants to stay for the food. He tells them to enjoy their Thanksgiving.

This won't end well

May says she can cook their usual turkey dinner. Peter tells her that he will take care of all the food wondering how hard it could be. Gwen and May look at each other worrying.

The next day back at home, opens a cupboard and looks at the spices. Behind him, something boils over on the stove.

This isn't going well

Peter turns to look but causes a box of flour to drop on his head. He runs over seeing that his yams are causing smoke to pour out of the oven.

He opens the door and smoke pours out. When it has cleared and he stops coughing, Peter sees the burnt yams. He wonders if Romita's Pizza delivers a Thanksgiving pizza.

In his room Peter is in costume, minus the mask, packing his bag. Realizing he is late, he knows that webslinging will get him to Aunt May on time.

He spots his shoe under his desk, but when he goes to grab it he bumps his head on the furniture. When he does, the gene cleanser he got from Curt Connors' lab falls down.

He picks up remembering that he hid it there. He thinks about how it solved the problem Connors had with the Lizard and it could do the same for him.

A painful choice

He picks up his mask wondering why he fights as Spider-Man: to be a hero or to escape from his everyday life for one filled with thrills.

Just then, black webbing grabs his back and yanks him out of his window. He slams onto the sidewalk in his backyard.

He quickly puts the cleanser in his pocket and stands. Seeing no one he puts on his mask.

"We're all mad here."

Then, Eddie's dual voice calls out to him, seemingly from no where, saying that he does not need to wear a mask. Spider-Man looks up to see two white eyes and a large grin.

Stronger than he looks

Eddie's monstrous black figure drops down saying that "we" already know his secrets. The figure then backhands Spider-Man forcing him down.

The figure walks over to him and picks up the hero. They say that they were him and throws him into the back wall of the house.

Spider-Man realizes that it is the symbiote but thought he destroyed it. The figure says that the refrigerator would not have stopped them.

Battle between nature and nurture

Spider-Man realizes that it ensnared another person and leaps up to punch it. The figure blocks then grabs him by the head lifting him up.

The figure states that they found someone better suited for their "gifts." They then begin to pummel Spider-Man's face.

They slam the hero down into the sidewalk saying that they will destroy him for rejecting them. The figure claims that they is poison to both Peter and Spider-Man, calling themselves Venom.

Spider-Man then webs Venom's face, elbows them in the side, and kicks them to knock him back. He then webs Venom's hands to pull them down.

Venom breaks free of the webbing and fires his own webline. They web Spider-Man's chest and pulls him close to punch him back.

Getting a few hits in

Spider-Man knocks over a table. As Venom nears, Spider-Man kicks the table into him. Venom throws a couple of punches but Spider-Man dodges over him.

He lands on the other side but Venom's attacks begin landing. They then roundhouse kicks him into a bunch of garbage cans.

Venom then sends out webbing from their chest and head ensnaring the hero. They then sends out more from his fists.

Getting to the heart of the battle

With Spider-Man sufficiently cocooned, Venom jumps to the top of the fence saying he will not destroy him as he has not yet suffered enough. They say that they know who he is and everyone he cares about.

In the city, Spider-Man hurries through the skyscrapers. He hurries to Aunt May figuring that will be the first place Venom will go.

Stuck like a spider in another spider's web

As he turns a corner he suddenly becomes stuck in a large black web. He looks around seeing that it was a trap set by Venom.

At the hospital, May is reading through her Get Well cards when Bromwell opens the curtain frightening her. He jokes that he shouldn't scare his favorite heart patient.

Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship

He notices the flowers by her bed and asks if she has a boyfriend. She says she does not and assumes they are from Peter. But she notes that the card says "Guess who?"

Outside the window, Venom crawls along the wall to peak in. They smile and reach for the window. Spider-Man then swings in knocking the villain away.

Inside, May and Bromwell hear the noise but see nothing.

Taking the battle to the skies

Outside, the two webslingers fall down throwing punches at each other. Venom smashes through a ledge then lands on a roof. Spider-Man lands on them then leaps back onto the wall.

When Venom stands Spider-Man leaps forward hitting them. He throws a couple of punches that Venom dodges then punches the hero in the gut.

They uppercut the hero then grab him out of the air and slam him into the wall. Spider-Man kicks them and the two go over the side onto the wall.

No more brotherly play

The two continue their fight on the wall. Spider-Man leaps over Venom, webs them, and throws them up. Venom lands then grabs the webbing to do the same to him.

Fighting spider to spider

Venom leaps and tries to smash Spider-Man but the hero dodges. The two circle on the wall until Venom webs Spider-Man's face.

Venom then crawls up the side. Spider-Man tears off the webbing to see them leave.

Back in the room, Bromwell asks May how she is getting home. She responds that her nephew is picking her up. Neither notice Venom outside the window.

Outmatched and outgunned

Once again the two fall and pummel each other. Venom gets the upper hand by webbing the building then slamming Spider-Man into the side.

They grabs the hero saying that he will let the old woman go since he knows who Peter loves most of all. They throws the hero down calling him "bro" and Spider-Man realizes that the symbiote bonded with Eddie.

He webs the wall and stops his fall. Venom then leaps down pushing him off the side saying he was right.

They web Spider-Man's foot slamming him into the side. As the hero falls Venom swings away.

Spider-Man webs the building and swings back to the wall. He looks around but does not see his former friend and costume anywhere. He starts to wonder who Eddie would think he loves more than his aunt and believes it is Mary Jane.

Looking for her friends

At the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Mary Jane wanders through the crowd as balloons fly overhead.

Elsewhere, Gwen is in uniform practicing her saxophone with the school band. High above, the mustang balloon floats held by Kenny, Liz, Sally, Glory Grant, Kenny, Flash, Randy, and several other cheerleaders.

Mary Jane continues to wander alongside the parade route passing a marching band, a large gorilla football player balloon, and a Statue of Liberty balloon.

She suddenly turns around and sees Flash. She calls him a big turkey and the two do not notice Spider-Man swinging on the other side of the parade.

He thinks about how the symbiote got Eddie but does not want to believe. He lands on the Statue of Liberty's torch and rides it along the parade. He notes that Eddie was right there when he tried to destroy the symbiote, and that Mary Jane warned him about Eddie.

Keeping an eye on his loved ones

He looks down and see Mary Jane with Flash. He is disgusted but reassured that Flash is, probably, not possessed by the symbiote.

He leaps down intending to keep an eye on her. He rests assured that his Spider-Sense will warn him if Venom attacks. He lands on a wall and loos down at the two.

Mary Jane is too smart for Flash's cheap tricks

Flash yawns and tries to stretch his arm around Mary Jane. Knowing what's coming, she quickly stands and notes how persistent he is.

She says he should relax until they wish Gwen good luck. She looks around but is disgusted to find that she is with Eddie and sits back down.

Eddie's making this personal

Spider-Man looks over and sees Eddie lead Gwen off. He swings down and lands next to the band.

He starts walking through them until he sees a blonde girl. He turns her around but sees a different clarinet player.

He apologizes and runs away as the crowd begins to notice him. As he leaves the band he finds Gwen's saxophone on the ground.

His loved one located

He then swings through the buildings and lands. Looking around he finally spots Gwen webbed up hanging from the gorilla's hand. She spots him and tries to scream through the webs.

He ties to swing over to her but is immediately knocked back by Venom and smashes into a wall. They land and joke that his Spider-Sense did not tingle.

Back in the parade, a turkey, fish, and pilgrim balloons float by. A band marches and the crowd cheers them.

People are starting to notice something wrong

A little girl being held by her mother looks up and spots Gwen. She tells her mother who says that it is just a a lifelike part of the balloon.

High above, Gwen screams in terror.

Spider-Man stands and theorizes that since he and the symbiote spent so much time together that his Spider-Sense does not recognize Venom as a threat.

Two superpowered beings locked in mortal combat

Venom bigs up a large air conditioning unit of the roof and throws it at the hero. Spider-Man flips back and tries to reason with Eddie.

Venom states that neither of them are being controlled and they share the same desire to destroy him.

Getting a taste of his own medicine

Venom then lashes out with tendrils from his body. They slam into the roof forcing Spider-Man to flip backwards and off the roof. He tries to escape but one of the tendrils grabs his foot.

As he is pulled back up Spider-Man webs a lamppost. Venom pulls harder and Spider-Man yanks the post out of the ground. Spider-Man falls down and the post lands next to him.

He stands and tries to reason that Eddie always liked Gwen so they should let him save her. Venom runs up and knocks the hero back into a passing cat balloon.

He bounces off and lands on the building's side. Venom swings over suggesting that Spider-Man is only trying to trick them so he can be the hero.

Doing what he can with what he's got

They swing down and smash Spider-Man through the glass window. He suggests that Spider-Man is the real villain of the two of them. Spider-Man webs a chair and smashes it again Venom who is unphased.

Spider-Man breaks through another window and swings away. He swings back over to the parade and towards the gorilla and Gwen.

Introducing a ticking clock

She is still screaming as the webbing is beginning to fall off the gorilla. She looks over and sees the hero coming towards her.

Too much for the hero

As he nears her, Venom smashes out a window and tackles him slamming him into another building. As the dust clears, Venom is choking Spider-Man.

Gwen screams as she passes a building putting the two out of sight. Spider-Man asks his "bro" to not do this.

Venom yells at him that they are not brothers. They say that while Peter's and Eddie's parents died together Peter had his aunt and uncle while Eddie had no one.

Venom's face peels back revealing Eddie. He says that he has always been alone. Venom reforms saying that they are not alone now.

Getting an attack in when he can

Venom raises his arm to slash at Spider-Man. Spider-Man raises his legs and kicks the villain off the building. He stands and runs towards Gwen.

Venom falls into the street and smashes a taxi. He stands and follows Spider-Man towards the parade.

Down on the ground, Flash and Mary Jane are watching the parade. Flash sees the passing Wood Oaks High School band and balloon and likes the monkey.

Someone finally realizes Gwen isn't part of the show

He sees Gwen and, not knowing it is her, thinks it is an animatronic that makes the "monkey" look like King Kong, not Kenny.

Mary Jane looks up to correct him that King Kong was an ape not a monkey. But she stops when she sees that it is Gwen hanging there and runs off.

High above, Spider-Man passes the turkey, a lion, and dinosaur but Venom catches up and kicks him down.

Nothing will stand in Venom's way

Spider-Man lands and Venom smashes the building just after the hero dodges. He looks down and sees that the villain cut his costume.

Venom roars and chases after him smashing the building part. They punch the hero who lands on the nearby bee balloon.

Venom jokes that he misses the symbiote now and slashes his own chest just so that the costume reforms. Spider-Man sends out a webline telling him to shut up.

Not just a costume for Eddie

The web closes his mouth but a larger one forms on Venom's stomach. They joke Spider-Man can make jokes but not receive them. Venom rips the webbing off and launches after him.

Seeking some help

Back under the mustang balloon, Flash and Mary Jane run up to the other students. Flash tells them it is time to be heroes.

Liz states that they can't just leave the balloon. Mary Jane interrupts saying that Gwen is in trouble. Randy tells the group to go.

Sally protests but is left alone as the group runs off. She tries to hold the balloon but begins floating up so she drops it.

Interrupting the festivities

High above, Spider-Man swings from balloon to balloon with Venom close behind. Venom webs him and pulls him back to grab his leg.

Venom throws him into the gorilla balloon and Spider-Man stumbles forward. Meanwhile, more strands of Venom's webbing are failing and Gwen screams out.

Spider-Man teases Venom that he'll stick with his costume if that is all Venom can do. Angered, Venom leaps forward but Spider-Man dodges out of the way.

Foiled by his own arrogance

Venom cuts the balloon causing air to escape forcing them back. Spider-Man jokes that this ploy was obvious.

The balloon begins to deflate as Gwen swings around wildly. Down below the crowd screams.

Venom realizes the hero's plan to slowly deflate the ballon so she will land safely. But they say the hero won't save her that way and crawl towards him to knock him off.

The damsel is no longer in distress

The webs finally break and Gwen falls. Spider-Man swings around and grabs her out of the air. They look forward to see Venom coming at them.

Spider-Man is knocked back and Gwen continues to fly forwards. As she falls, the other students grab the gorilla's paw and use it as a cushion to catch her.

Some heroes don't wear costumes

She lands and Flash helps her down. The crowd around them cheers. Mary Jane takes off the webs covering her mouth asking if she is fine. Gwen thinks she is.

The fight is made public

Spider-Man and Venom land and the hero thanks them for the help. Flash tells him to get "the creep." Spider-Man knows that is the plan.

Venom runs up and punches him backwards. Spider-Man then dodges another attack that slams into the ground.

He webs Venom and swings them around into a lamppost. Venom runs up and punches him back then webs him to slam him down.

He gets up on the fallen gorilla but Venom pulls him back forcing him to rip off part of the balloon. Venom grabs him, roars, and throws him through a water tower.

Spider-Man does the only thing left to him, surrender

Venom leaps onto the roof saying that they are done playing with him. Spider-Man stands and surrenders. Venom says it was inevitable.

Spider-Man tells him that the symbiote, not Venom, beat him and he is nothing without the alien suit. He kneels to the ground and asks the symbiote to take him back.

Venom stands there in silence. Spider-Man reminds them that he is who the symbiote really wants, its first host. Venom claims that the symbiote is happy with him.

Spider-Man notes that he referred to himself in the singular rather than the usual plural.

The symbiote shows its true colors

Then the symbiote falls off of Eddie. He cries out not wanting to be alone again. He asks it not to leave him then grows faint and falls to the ground.

Reunited and it doesn't feel so good

The symbiote crawls over the roof to Spider-Man. It forms over his suit until it covers him completely.

In his mind, Peter looks around and sees the large form of the symbiote. It notes that Peter tricked it and never wanted it back. Peter jokes that its right.

The symbiote will forgive but not forget

The symbiote claims that Peter is a fool for letting it back into his mind and it will take him.

Soon spirals form and become like small tornados. The symbiote tries to attack Peter but is stopped by the tornados.

These shapes soon form images of those Peter knows including Flash, Harry Osborn, Sally, Uncle Ben, Gwen, Aunt May, Mary Jane, J. Jonah Jameson, Kenny, Black Cat, Glroy, Aaron Warren, Bromwell, Liz, Hobbie, Randy, Martha Connors, Curt Connors, and George Stacy.

Friendship is magic

Peter walks out from the middle saying that the symbiote learns slowly. He notes that it is a disease and his friends and family, even his co-workers, are the cure.

The villain is taken into custody

Back in the real world, the symbiote squeals as it falls off of Spider-Man. It then crawls back over to the unconscious Eddie.

Spider-Man sees it and grabs the piece of gorilla. As it nears Eddie Spider-Man scoops the alien up in with the balloon piece like a bag.

He webs up the top noting that without a host the symbiote is weak. He slings the bag over his shoulder saying he never wants it to find another host.

He runs off the roof and swings away.

At a construction site, Spider-Man yells out to the workers, lands on a crane, and leaps off. The men there begin to cheer for him wondering what he is doing.

He lands on the beams to an unfinished building, swings around, then lands. He runs alongside catching all their attentions. He leaps onto a building then swings away.

Getting rid of it once and for all

The workers try to follow wondering where he went off to. Spider-Man yo-yo's down behind the distracted men. He drops the symbiote filled bag into the wet cement where it sinks down.

The foreman tells the workers to stop looking and get back to work. One man leans on the cement mixer unaware of the alien so close to him.

That evening at the Parker home, Peter knocks on May's bedroom door and she lets him in. He stumbles in explaining that he went by the hospital looking for her but she was not there.

He walks over to her bed where she is lying and sits next to her. Bromwell sits on the other side.

She tells him that Bromwell took her home and made sure she was fine. She looks over at him and they both smile.

Assuring Peter everything is alright

Peter takes her hand asking if she looked in the kitchen. May pats his hand saying she should not worry about it. Bromwell smirks behind her. Just then the doorbell rings.

Peter opens the door and finds Gwen and George Stacy standing there with a Thanksgiving feast waiting for him. George wishes him a Happy Thanksgiving.

Gwen insisted on coming

Peter takes some of the boxes from Gwen and asks if she is alright. George enters the house saying that she insisted they come. Gwen tells him that she's not really fine but happy to be alive. Gwen enters and Peter shuts the door.

They walk across the living room and she jokes that she is glad to have started the turkey before the signs of PTSD kicked in.

Peter asks about the turkey. Gwen reveals that May thought Peter would need some help with the food.

Peter walks into the kitchen followed by the others. Peter admits he does need some help as they look around at the mess he created.

Later, Peter takes a bit of pumpkin pie. Peter enjoys it, too much and all the others stop and look at him.

Trying to change the subject

To change the subject, he asks his aunt how she is doing. She says she is fine and did not want to miss this. George reaches across the table and thanks Spider-Man for saving his daughter's life.

May says they have a lot to be thankful for such as family and friends. However, she is disappointed that the hospital bill will take up all of the advance from the publishing company.

Maybe she'll be the next Julia Childs

Peter stops his second bite of pie to ask about the company. May tells him that she is getting a cookbook published. She thinks that she will just have to write a more health-minded book next and gets excited at the thought of another advance.

That night, Gwen and Bromwell help May up the stairs. She says she feels guilty about Peter cleaning up the dishes alone but he tells her that it was his mess.

Once alone Peter scrubs the pan hard and considers his life as Spider-Man. He thinks about how he sometimes lets people down but is also there to save them.

An easy decision

He reaches under his shirt into his costume pocket and pulls out the cleanser. He realizes that Spider-Man is not a disease nor was it random but who he is.

He pops off the top and pours the liquid down the drain. However, the stuff begins bubbling up so he turns on the faucet to get it down.

Later, George is packing up the stuff into his car. Behind him, Gwen says good bye to Peter.

Peter tells her it was an amazing night. He puts his hand on her shoulder and says that she is also amazing. She says it was no problem, bids him good night, and walks down the stairs.

Peter's first kiss

When she reaches the bottom she stops, turns around, and runs up the stairs. She grabs his head and kisses him on the lips.

They both look a bit shocked and she runs back to her car. Peter thinks of Venom's words about who he loves the most.

Peter and the Spider

Peter watches from the porch as Gwen rides away. When she is gone he stands there in shock. Above him, a spider sits on its spun web.


"The old red and blue. Not to shabby."


"I take it our deal is off."
"There' not enough money in the world to make me take a blind eye to your great works. Keep the light on. Cause I'm coming for ya."

-Tombstone and Spider-Man

"It appears you have a job opening. We'll take it."
"I really should start locking those windows."

-Venom and Tombstone

"Oh, you don't mind if we have a little fun with him first?"
"I don't micromanage."

-Venom and Tombstone

"She looks a lot better, considering she just had a heart attack. Still, I hate seeing her hooked up to all these machines. She must have been so scared. And I wasn't here for her. Uncle Ben said that 'With great power comes great responsibility.' But shouldn't my first responsibility be to those who rely on Peter Parker?"

-Peter Parker, inner monologue

"Flash, you gave me a pretty hard time the other day."
"Just the other day? I must be slipping."
"Thanks for the reality check."
"Don't mention it. And I mean not to anyone."

-Peter Parker and Flash Thompson

"Pete, I know you got a lot on your mind but...I went on a date with Eddie."
"A-a date. But..."
"He only asked me out because he thought you and I were a thing. He wanted to hurt you. And he didn't mind using me to do it."
"It has been pretty rough between us. But...no, no. He's still my bro."
"I don't think he's your bro anymore."

-Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker

"Everything okay?"
"A-okay. So unless your aunt has developed an affinity for hospital food, she can go home tomorrow. Enjoy Thanksgiving."
"That's wonderful Dr. Bromwell. Now I can fix my usual turkey dinner."
"Got it covered, Aunt May. I'll prepare the feast. How hard could it be?"

-Peter Parker, Dr. Bromwell, and May Parker

"I wonder if Romita's delivers turkey on a Thanksgiving pizza."

-Peter Parker

"The gene cleanser. Almost forgot I hid it here. This antidote solved Doc Connors' little Lizard problem. Maybe it can solve my spider problem too. I mean, sure Spidey's saved a lot of lives. But is that why I do it, or am I in it for the thrill? Escape?"

-Peter Parker, inner monologue

"Oh you don't need to wear a mask with us, Pete. We know all your secrets. But of course, we were you."
"The symbiote! But I destroyed you."
"Did you really think a little refrigeration would do us in?"
"You ensnared another human being!?"
"Someone better suited for our gifts. And our mission: destroying you for rejecting us. From now on we're poison to Peter Parker and Spider-Man. We're VENOM!"

-Venom and Spider-Man

"Destroying you now would be too easy. You haven't suffered enough. We want to dismantle you. Piece. By. Piece. After all, we know who you are and everyone you care about."



-Venom's web trap

"Stay away from her!"


"Fine. She's not our only target. After all, we know who you love the most, Broooo..."
"You guessed."

-Venom and Spider-Man

"Think Pete. Besides Aunt May, who would Eddie believed I loved? Mary Jane!"


"Well, if it isn't the big turkey himself."

-Mary Jane Watson to Flash Thompson

"AND THERE SHE IS! And with Flash. Ew! At least Flash isn't evil. Okay, at least he isn't possessed by an evil symbiote. At least, not as far as I know."


"What's the matter, Bro? Spider-Sense didn't tingle?"


"Mommy! Mommy! That girl..."
"Oh my. She's...so lifelike."

-Little girl and mother

"The symbiote and I spent so much time together that Venom doesn't register to my Spider-Sense as a threat."

-Spider-Man, inner monologue

"Eddie, please fight it. Don't let the symbiote control you."
"No one's being controlled. We simply share the same desire: your destruction."

-Spider-Man and Venom

"Don't do this, bro."
"WE'RE NOT BROTHERS! Our parents may have died together, but you had your precious aunt and uncle. We had no one." [Reveals Eddie] "We've always been alone." [Venom reforms] Until now."

-Spider-Man, Venom, and Eddie Brock

"Heh, Wood Oaks' mascot is pretty cool. But the animatronic chick makes him look like King Kong. Not Kenny. The monkey."
"King Kong was an ape, not a...GWEN!"
"Not a Gwen? That makes no sense."

-Flash Thompson and Mary Jane Watson

"Guess you're missing the black suit now."
"Oh will you please just shut up!"
"That Spidey, he can quip it out but he can't take it."

-Venom and Spider-Man

"Mustangs. Hero time. Let's move."

-Flash Thompson

"Come on, Venom. Is that the best you got? I'll stick with the red, torn, and blue."
"Oh, we can shred more than a suit."
[Venom is knocked back by escaping air]
"Now, shouldn't you have seen that coming?"

-Spider-Man and Venom

"Thanks for the assist."
"Anytime. Now get that creep!"
"That's the plan, Eugene."

-Spider-Man and Flash Thompson

"We've toyed with you long enough."
"Kay. You win."
"Of course we win."
"Not you. It. The symbiote's proven its point. I'm nothing without it. Take me back. That's what it wants, right, a reunion with it's first love."
"The symbiote's found a better partner in me."
"Me, not us?"

-Venom and Spider-Man

"You tricked us! The emotions all taste wrong. You never wanted us back at all."
"Wow, you do know me well."
"Fool. You've let us back in and we will have you."
"Still slow on the uptake, huh. You're a disease. They're the cure."

-Symbiote, last lines, and Peter Parker

"Oh no you don't. Not so tough without a human host, huh. Let's make sure you never find another."


"Peter? Is that you?"
"Yeah, it's-it's me."
"Well, come in you big silly."
"I-I swung by the hospital, I mean I didn't actually swing I took a cab, but...you were already gone."
"Dr. Bromwell gave me a ride. And made sure I had everything I needed."
"Um, you didn't go in the kitchen did you?"
"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that."

-Peter Parker and May Parker

"Happy Thanksgiving, Peter."

-George Stacy

"Gwen, are-are you alright? I heard what happened."
"She insisted on coming. Gave me the look."
"I'm fine. Well, not fine, but alive. Just glad I started the turkey this morning, before the post-traumatic stress kicked in."

-Peter Parker, George Stacy, and Gwen Stacy

"Didn't your aunt tell you? She thought you could use a little help in the kitchen."
"Maybe just a little."

-Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker

"So how are you feeling, Aunt May? If you're tired..."
"I'm fine, Peter. And I wouldn't miss this for the world."
"I'm just thankful that Spider-Man saved my daughter."
"We do have a lot to give thanks for. Family, friends, relative good health. Of course I am a tad bit disappointed my hospital bill will wipe out the advance from the publishing company."
"Whoa whoa. What publishing company?"
"The one publishing the cookbook, dear. Of course I'll have to write a new one now. One that's a little more heart smart. Do you think I can get an advance on that one too?"

-Peter Parker, May Parker, and George Stacy

"Speaking of messes, maybe I do let people down. A lot. But hey, I'm always there to save them too. Spidey's not a disease that needs a cure. He's more than just a random bug bite, too. Spider-Man is who I am. My destiny."

-Peter Parker, inner monologue

"This was amazing, Gwen. You're amazing. Thanks."
"No prob. Well...night."

-Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy


-Peter Parker, last line of season


Maybe he's editing it with correct information
Dr Bromwell SSM.jpg
  • Dorian Harewood plays Dr. Bromwell in an episode that also features Tombstone. On Spider-Man, Harewood played Tombstone.
  • In Eddie's dorm room there is a second bunk. While no mention is ever made of a roommate, it is possible that he has the room to himself.
  • Peter Parker asks if Romita's delivers Thanksgiving pizza. John Romita, Sr. and John Romtia, Jr. are both comic book artists famous for working on various Spider-Man comics and are credited with working on several adaptations.
  • Venom appearing out of the shadows is just like the Cheshire Cat in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, big toothy grin and all.
More than just a costume
  • The webbing from Venom's body and the second mouth demonstrate that while the symbiote was mostly a costume for Spider-Man it has truly joined with Eddie.
  • The kinds of the balloons are the Pilgrim-turkey, fish, pilgrim, gorilla, Statue of Liberty, clown-bear, dinosaur, football player, cat, bee, mustang.
  • Spider-Man jokes that while Flash Thompson may be evil he is not possessed by the symbiote. In February 2011, the comics Flash was revealed to be the most recent host for the symbiote in a government-run program where Venom is a military operative.
  • Spider-Man talking about sticking to the "red, torn, and blue" is a thinly veiled reference to the American flag.
  • Spider-Man dodges Venom's ground smash just like Black Widow did Hulk in Ultimate Avengers.
The long-lost parents
  • In the dinning room where they eat the feast, you can see a picture of who are presumably Richard and Mary Parker holding young Peter. Another shows a black and white image of Ben and May Parker, probably, in their wedding pictures.


  • A jewelry store would not take up such a large building.
  • It is unlikely a jewelry store alone would have a helipad on the roof. It makes even less since to have a crane on the roof when there is clearly no construction going on.
Gravity should be kicking in
  • There is one point when Spider-Man is running along the wall with the robbers shooting the spike gun and neither of his feet are touching the wall.
  • While the helicopter's fall is sudden, no one thinks to run out of the way.
  • For a group of high school students who are otherwise fiercely cliquey, the jocks and cheerleaders seem to be awfully friendly towards the nerdy Peter knowing much about what is going on in his personal life.
She should be monitored
  • While in the hospital, May has nothing hooked up to her to check her heart rate, only an IV.
  • None of the neighbors seem to notice or make any mention of the two superhuman figures fighting in broad daylight in the Parkers' backyards.
  • No mention is ever made of the large cracks in the back of the house made by Spider-Man when Venom throws him.
  • Spider-Man's face is pummeled by the incredibly strong Venom, yet he shows not one scratch or bruise as Peter Parker. Unless he has some kind of advanced Wolverine-like healing factor that is greater than the one he has in the comics.
  • During the fight in the backyard, Spider-Man's webbing briefly appears black.
  • During the same fight, the webbing that Venom snagged Spider-Man with changes between shots.
Strands that connect to nothing
  • In Venom's web trap, not all the strands connect to anything. While it creates the words, it would not stay that way.
  • Venom leaps off the hospital side to smash Spider-Man. This would be fine if they were on normal ground but being on the side of the building Venom would not come back to the building as he does.
  • The M3 football team, not even the full team, and the cheerleaders are able to hold the parade balloon on their own. In reality, the number required to handle a balloon ranges from thirty for a small sized one to seventy for a larger one. Even more if wind is expected. The team in the episode also doesn't have a pilot, co-pilots, captains, and assistant captains that are required for the real parade.
  • The order of the balloons keeps changing making an accurate order difficult to determine.
  • There doesn't seem to be any security stopping seemingly random people from going to the parade goers.
It's not like he's not a celebrity or anything
  • No one notices the superhero as he wanders amongst the band before he grabs the clarinet player, but afterwards they are all excited to see him.
  • Despite being right next to one of the biggest parades the city has, traffic is quite light a block away.
This should be intersecting with the ongoing parade
  • When Venom tackles Spider-Man traffic below them, which would be intersecting the parade, is moving at a fast, regular pace.
  • After being saved, Gwen has her band hat on again after not having it the entire time she was tied up.
  • Given that Thanksgiving is a federal holiday, it is highly unlikely there would be any construction work going on. And it does not appear that the area Spider-Man drops the symbiote is any kind of emergency work.
  • George Stacy enters the house but stands there holding the turkey while Gwen and Peter enter. Why doesn't he put it down somewhere?
  • The mess in the kitchen is obviously exaggerated beyond mere inexperience at cooking.
  • Given how people feel about each other, it would make much more sense for Gwen to either be switched with Bromwell or sitting next to Peter on her dad's side.


Flash given a real name
  • Reveals that Flash Thompson's first name is Eugene.
  • Finishes up the story with the symbiote that started with "The Uncertainty Principle".
  • Eddie Brocks reappears in "First Steps" whereas Venom does not reappear until "Growing Pains", though both reappear in a dream sequence during "Blueprints" .
  • In "Gangland", it appears that May Parker and Dr. Bromwell began some sort of relationship, possibly romantic, here.


Actor Role(s)
Josh Keaton Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Benjamin Diskin Venom/Eddie Brock/Symbiote
Clancy Brown George Stacy
Lacey Chabert Gwen Stacy
Grey DeLisle Sally Avril
Dorian Harewood Bromwell
Phil LaMarr Rand Robertson
Joshua LeBar Flash Thompson
Vanessa Marshall Mary Jane Watson
Kevin Michael Richardson Tombstone
Deborah Strang May Parker
Alanna Ubach Liz Allan


Peter and his supporting cast

The title is based on the psychological debate concerning the relative importance of an individual's innate qualities versus personal experiences in determining or causing individual differences in physical and behavioral traits. This is in tune with the three last episodes, which are all named after psychological concepts.

The opening scene contains footage from the original trailer for the series.

Venom's dual voice is inspired by Venom of Spider-Man. This was another way to demonstrate the duality of Venom, who always refers to himself in plural.

The Thanksgiving Day parade

The parade seen in the finale is undoubtedly the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but since Macy's is a registered trademark any specific reference is removed and it is made into a generic parade.

Eddie Brock mentions that his parents and Peter Parker's died together. This is based off the Ultimate version. But Venom follows the 616 history of using a suit Spider-Man previously used, and is influenced by Venom of Spider-Man.

Spider-Man's defeat of Venom is based on Amazing Spider-Man #317. However, Spider-Man trapping the symbiote in cement is based off of Amazing Spider-Man #229 where he did that to Juggernaut.

While Josh Keaton played the mental voice of the symbiote last episode, it seems that Benjamin Diskin is playing it here.


The final shot of the episode

"Arsenal" of Marvel Animation Age said that the episode was not necessarily bad and that it was competently-scripted, had good animation, and was performed well. He liked that plotlines that were threaded throughout the season were concluded while also throwing in enough to change the status quo for the next season. However, he felt that it was ultimately unsatisfying. He felt that the series at its best was on par with Justice League and Avatar: The Last Airbender and expertly mixed humor, action, drama, and romance. He enjoyed Greg Weisman's production that the story could surprise but never feel like cheating. He felt that this episode was merely good. He thought that since the series was usually so great it was disappointing to not see them step up. He felt that the series had set the "bar" so high and the finale did not meet the expectations, especially for those of a season finale. He did praise how the classmates got to do some saving. He appreciated how Spider-Man, and the audience, was lead to think that Venom was threatening Mary Jane but revealed that it was Gwen. He appreciated that May's cooking, Spider-Man and the "cure," and the Peter-Gwen relationship subplots were wrapped up sufficiently. He also liked Eddie's transition and claimed that this was his favorite version of him as he seemed to have a reason to act like a jerk. However, he did not like how Eddie was basically forgotten at the end up of the episode. He also did not think that Eddie was particularly threatening and overly theatrical. He knew that the producers could have made him better. "The sense of tension was missing, which is disappointing because this creative team could pull it off. They’ve shown that previously. Which, I suppose, is the difficulty with doing good work. You don’t get compared to other shows. Instead, you compete with your previous work; and it’s impossible to make every episode your best."

Eric Goldman of IGN gave the episode a nine (amazing) out of ten. He felt the opening scene was terrific. He liked the way Venom had two voices, something that could never come across in the comics. He also liked how Venom was able to perform bizarre feats like webbing from his chest and the mouth in his stomach. He appreciated how Peter's feelings for Gwen was revealed through Venom's threats. He also praised the inclusion of the other students in the final battle to show that how important they were. He thought the inner-mind way of defeating the symbiote with his friends was a bit cheesy but heartfelt. However, he did not like how Eddie was just left there at the end with no conclusion, especially since he knew Peter's secret identity. "And yes, that kiss Gwen gave Peter at the end was a moment worth cheering. The portrayal of their relationship on this show has been really excellent from the start, and it's a testament to how great The Spectacular Spider-Man is that we can end the season on a romantic beat, not a superhero one, and feel completely satisfied. Bring on Season Two!" [1]

The episode has a 9.5 on TV.com and an 8.7 on the Internet Movie Database.

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