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Series Spider-Man
Release Date May 4, 1996
Episode Number 29
Writer John Semper, Jr.
Mark Hoffmeier
Elliot S. Magin
Meg McLaughlin
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After a disaster involving Doctor Octopus, Peter Parker decides to give up the mask once and for all. But a mysterious being and a young child convince him otherwise.


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  • Taina, asks if Spider-Man is from a dying planet whose parents sent him as a baby on a little space ship. This is the origin of DC Comics' Superman.
  • The Octobot might be a reference to the fact that in the comics Doctor Octopus was able to remove his tentacles and control them remotely.


  • First full appearance of Madame Web and her training of Spider-Man.




The episode was loosely based on "The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man," from The Amazing Spider-Man #248.


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