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Series X-Men
Release Date October 5, 1996
Episode Number 36
Writer Steven Melching
David McDermott

Longshot enters the X-Men's dimension hoping to escape from Mojo, who once again wants the X-Men to up his ratings.


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Writer Stephen Melching released some censorship notes from Broadcast Standards and Practices.[1]

  • It will not be acceptable for Mojo to call anyone "numb nuts."
  • Also, he should not pick Spiral up by the head.
  • Either show that the hunters Rogue buries are robots, or do not bury them past their necks.
  • Please substitute for Longshot's two uses of the word "killed." Something like "destroyed" or "take their lives" would be acceptable.
  • Please delete or substitute for Spiral calling Longshot "Lover," since we would not want to give their encounter sexual overtones.
  • Longshot should not appear "wounded" or bloodied.
  • Also, what does "you sure you got guy" mean?
  • It will not be acceptable for a wolf to "slash" Wolverine in the back, nor for Wolverine's claws to connect with any of the wolves.
  • It will not be acceptable for Jubilee to "blast Jan in the face." Please revise.
  • Please substitute for the boulder Rogue hurls at the two hunters, since this would injure them severely.
  • Please incapacitate them with something less harmful.
  • Please delete or substitute for Rogue’s use of the term "scale butt." Something like "scale face" would be acceptable.
  • Caution that Slagg not backhand Wolverine in the face.
  • Caution that no one is hurt by the raptors.
  • Please show that the bounty hunters are alive after the facade falls on them.
  • Please keep the kiss between Longshot and Jubilee brief.

Like "No Mutant Is An Island", this episode was written for season three but did not air until season five.


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