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Series Guardians of the Galaxy
Release Date September 26, 2015
Season Number 2 of 26
Episode Number 3 of 78
Writer Marty Isenberg
Director Leo Riley


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Jesse Schedeen of IGN gave the episode a 7.0 "Good" saying, "The second episode of Guardians of the Galaxy improves a bit on the first, but it's still too similar to the movie." He claimed that the show had the potential to succeed where other Marvel shows had faltered, but needed to stop staying so close to the films. He worried that the writers were afraid of doing things the film hadn't despite having a whole galaxy to play in. He understood the need to be familiar to the film to draw in those fans, but felt there was nothing to gain by staying close to that one specific incarnation. Like his review for the pilot, he noted how staying so close to the film would only draw negative comparisons as it continues to use simplistic and broad humor for younger audiences. He once again berated the portrayal of Gamora as lacking the nuance of her film version and basically being annoyed at her teammates. He once again pointed out the problems with the voice acting while praising the animation. He did feel Drax improved with the scene of him looking at the hologram of his family while Star-Lord had better humor. He felt the best moments were those that diverged from the film, like anything with Cosmo. He also liked Star-Lord discovering his Spartax heritage since that was a major part of the comics but the film producers have stated the following movies would change in that regard. "The good news is that the second episode of Guardians of the Galaxy improved a bit on the first. More screen time for Cosmo certainly didn't hurt, but it was also a matter of the show tapping into the group dynamic and their dysfunctional but close bond a little more. The show continues to frustrate in just how aggressively similar it is to the movie, but with the groundwork now laid and the promise of Star-Lord's heritage being a major focus going forward, hopefully the show can begin to define itself on its own merits."[1]


  1. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: "Knowhere to Run" Review at IGN

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