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Series The Avengers: United They Stand
Release Date November 13, 1999
Episode Number 3 of 13
Writer Brooks Wachtel
Director Ron Myrick
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For the character, see Kang.

The Avengers encounter a cruel dictator from the far future who has set his sights on conquering the present. The group must defeat not only his advanced technology and his knowledge of all of them but his ability to manipulate time as well.


New York City gleams in the sunlight with one of the rivers flowing peacefully by.

At a museum, people wander around an exhibit showing ancient artifacts. They look around admiring the statues and other displays.

Getting the backstage pass

In the back, Sam Wilson walks with his nephew Andrew along with a man named Chris. Overhead a mouse sits on a beam. Sam thanks Chris for the personal tour.

They board an elevator. Andrew tells Dr. Johnson that going to Egypt has to be cool. Behind them, a man opens an enormous crate. It contains a large vase that shows people cowering before a single figure.

Chris tells Andrew it is cool, especially when they make discoveries like the one they made last month. As they reach their destination, Chris explains they found a site that had not been touched in three thousand years.

The inside scoop

He lifts the elevator's gate letting them out. They exit into a room with several artifacts, crates, and a sarcophagus. Andrew stops and stares in awe. He approaches a large statue of a man sitting down.

He asks if Chris found all this at the new site. Chris crouches down to a nearby case and opens it. He says they found it almost a thousand miles away as he pulls out an artifact. He says all the markings match everything from the new site.

He holds the artifact to Andrew asking if he would do the honors. Sam asks if he is sure about this. Chris says it is okay since Andrew is his buddy.

Giving Andrew the honor

Andrew takes the artifact and walks over to the statue. He puts it into the statue's hands and asks how that is. Chris says it is perfect.

Suddenly, the vase begins shaking.

Sam turns and asks what that sound is. Chris thinks it is just the air conditioner.

The vase continues shaking.

Something more going on

Suddenly the top of the artifact begins glowing red. The three are shocked to see the room filled with light.

The vase continues shaking. Cracks form along the edges.

The top of the artifacts starts spinning around.

Something being released

Suddenly the vase starts breaking apart as light pours from inside. A deep laugh emanates from inside. The three turn to watch.

Saving the day in and out of costume

Just then, the statue begins to tip over. Andrew calls out to his uncle. Sam turns and sees the statue falling over. He runs and pushes Andrew and Chris out of the way.

The statue collapses behind them and the artifact bounces away. It flies across the room stopping near a stack of crates.

Sam stands and orders Chris to get Andrew out of there immediately. Chris asks if he is coming. Sam replies that he is going to call the police and reiterates to get Andrew out.

Assembling the Avengers

He turns and runs. Chris and Andrew stand and run out. Sam runs around a stack of crates. He opens his jacket and presses down on the Avengers symbol on his shirt. He tells the team that they need to assemble.

He dons the Falcon costume and armor.

Someone has come

Suddenly, the vase explodes leaving behind the figure of a crouched man who looks like he is on fire. A swirl of air announces his arrival.

The man stands and shoots lightning from his fingertips saying he is free. He looks around saying he is free to find his obelisk and conquer those who imprisoned him.

This can't be good

He holds his fist out and light emanates from within. He opens his hand forming a sphere. The sphere shoots out energy that forms some kind of device that spins around then disappears.

Back in the main exhibit room, a couple turn and are shocked to see the device appearing above them. They turn to run but the device fires down at them turning the woman into stone. The man tries to flee but he too is turned.

Unidentified Flying Opponent

A man, not knowing what is going on, wanders into the room. The device floats over his head then shoots him.

Falcon flies over to the security booth. He looks on the monitor and sees the couple suddenly returning to normal. He also sees a man carrying papers return to normal and fall down. He watches on another monitor as the device shoots another couple.

The machine is on the warpath

Falcon thinks that this thing is stopping time.

At the Avengers Mansion, the roof opens up and the jet lifts off. Ant-Man sits in the pilot's seat with Jan at his side. He tells the computer to go subsonic. It acknowledges and the jet flies forward.

Looking for his stuff

Back at the museum, the mysterious masked man stares into his orb. He claims that with his obelisk no one can oppose him from conquering time.

He then wonders which moment of history this is. He wonders which time will get to see his glorious return. Suddenly, he is engulfed in light and disappears.

Outside, the top of the museum is torn off by a swirl of energies coming from within.

Here they come to save the day

The Avengers jet flies up and over the skyscrappers with Tigra and Hawkeye flying alongside on their crafts. Tigra calls the others asking if they are seeing what she sees. They look down at the swirl of energies. Hawkeye says he sees it but does not believe it.

Suddenly, a ball of light moves up. The swirl dissipates and the light dies down revealing the man. He looks around and floats up into the air.

Keeping an eye on the enemy

Back inside, the device floats around and Falcon runs up behind it to hide behind a column. He touches his communicator to tell the others to switch to visual communications.

Jan turns on the jet's monitor. It shows the device hovering above the statues. Falcon claims it is stopping everything in its path, like it is freezing time.

Hawkeye wonders about the freezing of time.

Ant-Man orders Tigra and Hawkeye to go low to initiate Pattern Zeta while they take it from the top. Vision and Scarlet Witch sit nearby.

Keeping it distracted

Inside, Falcon extends his wings and flies off. The device turns towards him and fires. Falcon dodges by flipping around.

The blast hits a statue and explodes, blowing a hole out the side of the museum. Tigra and Hawkeye fly in through the hole.

Tigra says hello to Falcon while Hawkeye asks if they can play. The device fires again. Falcon rolls avoiding the blast, which hits a chandelier. Falcon tells them to look out.

Keeping the teammates safe

The glass rains down onto the Avengers. Tigra and Hawkeye move forward while Falcon swoops in to cover them.

The device fires again. It hits Tigra's craft and she leaps into Falcon's arms. The craft explodes and Tigra jokes that she just washed the thing.

Falcon tells her to initiate Double A and drops her. She rebounds off of Hawkeye's motorcycle leaping onto the device. She claws at it as she flips over to the other side.

Down it goes

Hawkeye readies two arrows into his bow and fires them saying this is Double A. The arrows hit the device and explode. Tigra jumps over it.

Through his orb, the man watches the device burst into flames then crash to the ground. He wonders who would dare interfere with his Temporal Tracker.

Facing the enemy

Ant-Man announces that they would. The man turns and sees the heroes standing on the museum rooftop. Ant-Man begins introducing themselves but the man already knows they are the Avengers. He realizes this is sometime in the 21st Century.

He knows them but they don't know him

He explains that history remembers the team well. He hovers down to them saying if they wish to preserve that then they should stand clear.

Ant-Man opens a viewport on his helmet and asks who he is. The man walks across the roof saying it is none of their concern. He then drops down through the roof.

They have their tricks

Vision becomes intangible saying he will follow then drops down. Scarlet Witch tells him to be careful.

Just then, Falcon radios in saying they are clear down below. As Wasp flies up nearby, Ant-Man replies that he won't be for long as someone is coming down to them and he is after something.

He knows what their enemy is looking for

In the museum, Hawkeye ties the tracker device to his motorcycle. He wonders if that is what the man wants and Tigra laughs. Falcon claims to know what he is really looking for. He orders them to buy him a few minutes and to meet him at the mansion then runs off.

Just then, a swirl of energy drops next to them. The swirling stops revealing the man. Tigra tells him the entrance is elsewhere. Hawkeye readies two arrows saying he forgot to pay admission.

Putting up a defense

Hawkeye fires but the man puts up a shield that blocks them. The arrows harmlessly blow up on the shield. The two are shocked as Vision hovers nearby.

The others run up and Ant-Man calls to them. Hawkeye explains he has some kind of forcefield and readies more arrows. He fires but they too blow up harmlessly on the shield.

Putting up an offense

Ant-Man tells them to shut the shield down. He orders them to fire on his command and gives it. Hawkeye fires more arrows, Scarlet Witch sends out blasts, Wasp fires her guns, and Vision shoots from his eyes.

The blasts hit the shield doing nothing. They continue firing but nothing gets through. The smoke clears and the man stands there unharmed. The smoke clears and the man stands there unaffected.

They didn't even make a dent

Ant-Man announces that they did not make a dent. The man suddenly laughs. He questions their opposition of Kang the Conquerer. He leans over calling them all fools.

Meanwhile, Falcon flies through the museum and lands. He spots the obelisk and picks it up saying he will get it someplace safe. He puts it in Dr. Johnson's case and closes it. Picking up the case, he walks out.

Back at the battle, Kang wonders what they did with his obelisk. He looks into his orb saying he can no longer track it. He tosses the orb aside.

Threatened with something worse

Ant-Man, Wasp, and Scarlet Witch crouch behind some nearby debris. Kang tells them to bring him his obelisk or he will bring destruction unlike anything they or their time has seen. His eyes glow bright yellow.

He spins into the swirling energies then disappears.

Back at the mansion, Hank and Hawkeye are below looking at a monitor of footage from the battle. Hank says it is unbelievable as they are looking at trans-dimensional chronographic distortions. Hawkeye just stares at him and Hank says it is time manipulation.

Looking for a weakness

He points to the tracker on the nearby table saying it actually froze time. Hawkeye wonders if anyone can do that. Vision phases through the wall nearby.

Vision claims no one can in this century. Hawkeye wonders what he means. Vision claims that Kang comes from the future and they have no idea how dangerous he is.

Just then, a broadcast interrupts them. Scarlet Witch and Jan walk up. Kang appears on the monitors addressing the people of New York. Kang claims that he is the face of their future.

Finding out Kang's plan for their world

He introduces himself as Kang the Conquerer, ruler of the 41st Century Earth. He hovers above the city, a small device floats nearby while he olds his orb.

Down below, people look up in horror as they see him. A man with a camera shoots video of him. People crowd the streets to watch his broadcast on a large monitor.

Kang claims that the Avengers have taken what is his. He holds up his orb showing an image of the obelisk.

At the mansion, Scarlet Witch wonders what that is.

Got the attention of the people

People stand outside a store watching a television through the windows. Kang says that until the Avengers return it the people will suffer.

Jan claims he has a bomb. Hank orders Tigra and Vision to go out and initiate containment maneuver twelve. The two leave.

Back on the monitor, Kang laughs. Something flies through the air then detonates sending waves of energy across the city. He says that with his obelisk no one could oppose his conquest of time.

Weapon of mass destruction

The enormous blast hovers over the city sending out waves.

The Avengers see Vision and Tigra heading towards the blast. Scarlet Witch notes they are still out there.

Manipulating time itself

Two boys stand on the street. As the energies hit them they suddenly grow into old men.

Steel girders suddenly rust and fall apart collapsing the construction area.

A gargoyle cracks and breaks apart.

On the street, people grow old and are unable to move. A plant grows wildly then shrivels.

Mass destruction

All around the city, everything becomes older and falls apart.

Vision and Tigra fly back to the mansion.

Widespread effects

Inside, Vision radios in saying they need assistance. The team turns and is shocked to see Tigra. Vision helps her walk in, her fur now white and grey. She stops and weakly says hello, joking that she forgot her sunscreen.

Meanwhile, Kang hovers over the city wondering what they did with his obelisk. He demands that they bring it to him.

In the mansion, Hank and Falcon walk up to a container holding the obelisk. Hank says that the obelisk may be the only way to undo what Kang did if he can unlock its secrets.

The device spins around inside the container.

May have found something helpful

Hank types into a nearby computer. Vision walks over saying he studied Kang's forcefield and has helpful data. He inserts a CD into the drive.

It shows footage of the Avengers blasting the forcefield. Vision explains that the more energy Kang uses to maintain the field the weaker Kang becomes.

Hawkeye claims they just have to "turn up the heat." Tigra struggles to stand from the chair she sits in.

Meanwhile, Kang laughs as he gazes into the orb. He sees the obelisk spinning in the container noting it is near. He then sees an image of the mansion.

Need a way to use his tools against him

Hank sits at the computer working away. Jan warns him to be careful. Hank says he knows as anything he does to it could alert Kang. He claims he will be as careful as he can. Just then, an alarm begins to blare.

Getting closer to his goal

Kang hovers down towards the mansion.

Jan sees him on the monitors saying he is coming. Hank tells them to hold off Kang as long as they can and orders them to assemble. Tigra says she is coming along as well.

Ant-Man, Wasp, and Falcon armor up.

Ant-Man orders the mansion's security to activate all defenses. The computer activates them. Large metal shutters cover the windows. A tower descends and pops out a gun that aims. The front door and nearby windows are covered. The Avengers logo over the door drops down revealing a large cannon.

Throwing everything they have at him

The cannon aims at Kang as he descends and fires. Kang holds up his arms and fires blasts countering the cannon's. All of the weapons fire at him but Kang counters or blocks them all.

Ant-Man types at the computer. A microphone pops up and he begins his ninety-third log. He tells the subject as trans-dimensional time manipulation.

There is something more to that artifact

He explains that the electrical impulses inside the obelisk seem to imitate the human brain but is more powerful. He looks over at the container. His helmet is hooked into the device.

He says he will tap into it but does not know if he can handle it. He walks over to the container saying he does not have a choice.

He picks up the helmet saying Kang is breaking through their defenses. He puts on the helmet explaining that he hopes he can learn from the obelisk and not be destroyed by it. He sits down and presses a button on the armrest.

Plugging into a matrix of some kind

The obelisk glows blue and he is shocked by the impulses coursing into his helmet.

Meanwhile, Kang still hovers over the mansion. The guns are destroyed and in flames while he fires at the cannon, which also blows up.

Kang hovers down. More weapons are at him but he continues to counter the attacks.

Ant-Man struggles with the connection. He claims he sees images, but the strain is intense. He believes his brain is being torn apart. A camera records this.

A vision of things to come

He continues thrashing around saying there are voices inside his mind. They tell him of a far future. Hank suddenly sees a vision of what they talk about.

He sees a grand city with numerous statues about.

Horrible things to come

Somewhere, a man holding a gun watches others march in a long line. Armed guards stand around watching the men march into a factory that spews smoke into the air.

Elsewhere, men in rags uses pickaxes to dig. Other men load rocks into carts.

A large statue rises into the city skyline with Kang standing nearby. Ant-Man realizes he rules the Earth with an iron fist and has enslaved billions.

The terrible ruler of a terrible future

Kang stands before a crowd of people. They shout and raise their fists into the air. Ant-Man realizes there is an uprising against his tyranny.

Meanwhile, another gun is destroyed followed by another. Kang charges his hand and aims downwards. He says that any who oppose him will feel his wrath. He blocks more blasts with a large shield pushing them back then fires down.

Everything and the kitchen sink

The blast destroys the columns around the entrance. The Avengers move up and over the top of the building towards Kang. Vision fires his eye beams.

Down below, Ant-Man continues to struggle with the images.

Kang loses ground

In the future, a gun on a tank blasts away at something blasting it. Another rolls up and also fires. Nearby, Kang's forces fire their weapons near their own tank.

However, they back up as blasts land nearby destroying several of the men. The uprising citizens race forward following their tanks.

Kang defeated by his own men

Kang cries out as his door is blasted in. Ant-Man notes he is defeated and entombed between dimensions. The insurgents and their tank stand ready in the open doorway.

Kang was lead onto a platform. He notes that they would oppose them and they will suffer. Kang disappears into a flash of light.

Not doing much to stop him

Meanwhile, Hawkeye flies down on his motorcycle firing. The blasts hit Kang's shield doing nothing. Vision and Tigra fly by also firing. Wasp says to continue as he is weakening. Falcon flies by firing missiles from his boots.

Following through with a security plan

Ant-Man continues his struggle noting that Kang is defeated. He sees Egyptian hieroglyphs on the obelisk. It pulls back revealing a man with a visor working on it.

Ant-Man realizes that the scientists of Kang's era set up a temporal prison to prevent his return to his own time. The scientist sets it onto the platform and it too disappears. Ant-Man finds that the obelisk is the one thing that can open the barriers so they hide it.

Back through the ages

In ancient Egypt, the pyramids and Sphinx lay in the desert. Nearby, a man presented it to the pharaoh who picked it up. Another man waved a fan for him. Ant-Man realizes the obelisk was sent back in time.

Now in modern day times

Later, archeologists dug it up after it was lost to history. Dr. Johnson picked it up. It then shows the museum and Andrew putting it in the statue. Ant-Man realizes that the device was found a few months ago, brought to New York, and allowed Kang to escape.

Ant-Man takes off the helmet and falls to the ground. He says they have to stop Kang or they will all die. Just then the computer chimes in saying the defense systems will fail in two minutes.

Outside, missiles fly at Kang doing nothing as he approaches the doors. Vision and Wasp fire down. Kang shoots from his arms blasting open the mansion doors. Scarlet Witch points out he is inside.

He just keeps coming

Inside, more guns fire. Kang fires destroying the six of them. The Avengers fly in through Kang's hole. Kang hovers to the ground and drops his shield.

Wasp tells Scarlet Witch to attack. She stands on her motorcycle and raises her arms. Kang turns saying he will not be done in by her magic. Scarlet Witch begins to command the Winds of Destiny when Kang fires knocking her back.

Falcon flies in and catches her. He lands and she says she is not hurt as Kang's strength is weakening.

Getting her payback

Back in the hall, Vision fires while Wasp and Tigra race forward. Kang fires at Tigra who leaps around the hall dodging the blasts then kicks him. Kang flies across the hall while she growls.

Kang calls her an insolent primitive and fires. Tigra leaps out of the way.

Can no longer keep his shields up

Suddenly, Kang's chest explodes. Hawkeye hovers up on his motorcycle saying it is time for payback. Falcon and Wasp follow behind him. Vision stands and fires.

This time Vision's attack lands. Kang stands readying two pistols and fires. Falcon tries to dodge but is hit. Wasp watches him fall.

Kang throws his orb hitting Wasp. She shrinks down and becomes trapped within it. Falcon lands wondering where she is.

No choice but to surrender

Kang holds up the orb showing the miniature Wasp. He says she is trapped just as he was. He exclaims that the time for talk is over and they must act.

Wasp fires and pounds on the orb but does nothing. She orders Hawkeye to fire to stop him. Kang squeezes the orb.

Hawkeye readies an arrow ordering him to release her. Just then, Ant-Man orders him to lower the bow.

Hank has no choice

Kang looks over and sees the leader, without his helmet, in the doorway with Dr. Johnson's case. Ant-Man claims he knows all about Kang, that he destroyed millions of lives and terrorized billions more.

Ant-Man explains he stole the future turning paradise into purgatory. He says that if he gives the obelisk back it will all happen again.

Kang says he does not need a history lesson from him. He squeezes the orb cracking it. He says the choice is simple, the obelisk or Wasp. Wasp pounds on the orb cracking it further.

Always wins, except for that one time he didn't

Ant-Man says it is enough and asks he let her go claiming he won. Wasp cries out not to. Kang calls himself the master of time and claims he always wins.

Thinking that Hank is giving up on the future

Falcon points out Ant-Man is talking about letting Kang enslave millions of people. Ant-Man retorts that it is millions he will never know, but Jan is his wife and real.

Falcon says that just because he won't hear their cries or see their tears doesn't mean they are not real. He repeats Hank's words that the Avengers defend humanity wherever and whenever.

He's doing what he feels is right

Ant-Man says that as a scientist he lives by logic and love isn't logical. Wasp takes off her helmet and begs him not to. She says that if he cares about her he won't do this. She asks him to think about the future and once more begs him not to.

Kang extends his arm and Ant-Man hands him the obelisk. Kang says that for his cooperation he will be merciful and conquer this century last.

He floats the orb over to Ant-Man. It expands releasing Wasp. She cries out wondering what he has done. Hawkeye throws his bow onto the ground crying out.

Ant-Man knew what he was doing all along

Kang laughs and opens a port on his chest inserting the obelisk. He suddenly cries out in pain noting something is wrong inside him and is tearing him apart. The Avengers walk over to him.

On the ground, Kang calls him a puny ant. He realizes that he altered the obelisk. He thinks that his primitive mind could never understand it. Ant-Man and Wasp watch him struggle.

Later, Ant-Man presses a button. Several metal doors open above them to the roof.

Taking him back to his prison

Ant-Man orders Vision to "escort" Kang and the obelisk to about fifteen-hundred feet. Vision walks over and picks him up flying off.

Vision sets him on a motorcycle and Tigra joins him. Ant-Man says that detonation there should reverse the aging process and return Kang to his dimensional prison.

Tigra lifts off. Ant-Man claims that with the obelisk destroyed Kang will be there forever.

Two bombs make things right

Tigra flies up above the mansion. A massive blast fills the sky. Light shoots out in all directions. Another blast engulfs the city.

Two old men are suddenly returned to being children.

Back to her usual self

Tigra returns to normal as well. She looks at her hands and is glad to be herself again. She flies back to the mansion.

The city returns to its normal self. The plant returns to life. Falcon offers Ant-Man a thumbs up for helping Tigra and everyone.

Back to where he came

Meanwhile, Kang screams inside his prison. Ant-Man holds the orb watching him. He retorts that they all did it and for that he is grateful.

A prison within a prison

Wasp takes the orb and puts it in a safe. She sets it next to a red figuring and two English Literature books. She says that even though she was angry when she thought he was going to sacrifice millions just to save her, she should have realized it was part of his plan to defeat Kang. She closes the safe and the wall drops down hiding the safe.

Vision claims the rest of New York is also grateful. Tigra says she is as grey isn't her color.

Hawkeye reiterates that he figured out how to reverse the aging bomb and put Kang back in his prison. He claims Ant-Man earned his pay that day.

He probably would have come up with a Plan B eventually

Falcon then asks what Ant-Man would have done if his plan hadn't worked. Ant-Man replies that the thought hadn't occurred to him. Ant-Man and Wasp kiss.

The mansion gleams in the sunlight.


"Avengers, we need to assemble."

-Sam Wilson

"Free. I am free to find my obelisk and conquer those who dare imprison me."

-Kang, first lines

"With my obelisk, no one can oppose my conquest of time."


"Which time will bear witness to my glorious return?"


"Hiya, Falcon."
"Can we play?"

-Tigra and Hawkeye

"Who dares interfere with my Temporal Tracker."
"We do. We're..."
"I know who you are, Ant-Man. You are called the Avengers. And I suppose this is sometime in the twenty-first century. History remembered you well. Unless you wish to change that, stand clear."
"Who are you?"
"That is none of your concern."

-Kang and Ant-Man

"Excuse me, but the entrance is over there."
"And you forgot to pay admission."

-Tigra and Hawkeye

"You...would oppose Kang the Conquerer!? Fools!"


"Avengers Log, entry ninety-three. Subject: trans-dimensional time manipulation. The electrical impulses inside the obelisk appear to mimic the human brain, though far more powerful. Tapping in like this, well, I-I don't know if I can take it. But...I don't have a choice. Kang is breaking through our defenses. I can only hope that I can learn from the obelisk, and not be destroyed by it."


"Let he who challenges Kang feel my wrath."


"You would oppose Kang? You will suffer."

-Future Kang

"We have to stop him or we're all dead."


"The time for talk is over. Act now!"


"As master of time, I always win."


"You're talking about letting him enslave millions of people."
"Yes. Millions that I'll never know. But Jan's my wife. She's real."
"Just because you won't hear those cries or see their tears doesn't mean those millions aren't real. You said the Avengers defend humanity, wherever and whenever."

-Falcon and Ant-Man

"As a scientist I live my logic. Love isn't logical. Forgive me."
"Henry, please. If you care about me don't do this. Think about the future. Do not do this."

-Ant-Man and Wasp

"For your cooperation, I'll be merciful. I'll conquer this century last."


"You...You puny ant. You altered the obelisk. But your primitive mind could never understand it."

-Kang, last lines

"Just one thing, Hank. What would you have done if your plan hadn't worked?"
"You know, Falcon, that idea never even occurred to me."

-Falcon and Ant-Man


Looks close except for the missing steps
  • The museum appears to be the Brooklyn Museum, which does house Egyptian artifacts. Though it is missing the steps in front of the entrance.
  • Kang's right arm is in an enormous gauntlet, much larger than the other arm, similar to Hellboy who happened to be played by Hulk actor Ron Perlman.
  • Kang announcing that this took place in the twenty-first century means that the series took place in the then-near future.
  • The Chrysler Building is visible when Kang is addressing the world.
  • The disk has the Avengers logo on it. It closely resembles the logo on Vision's belt.
Wonder if he can learn kung-fu that way
  • Ant-Man plugs a device into the back of his helmet to interact with a computer device, similar to the film The Matrix that was released earlier in the year.
  • The possible future that Kang comes from is called Other-Earth.


  • Sam did not seem to consider when coming up with a cover story that he could call the police from outside the room.
  • Sam is doing little to hide his Avengers communicator if he puts it on his shirt that he covers with an open jacket.
  • Sam wants to hide his identity from Andrew yet nothing on his Falcom costume hides any part of his face.
  • When Falcon sees the couple return to normal they are not in the same positions as they were when frozen.
  • What's the point of Kang's device if it just freezes people for a couple of minutes?
  • Footage of the Quinjet taking off is the same from "Avengers Assemble, Part One".
More stone-like that time freezing
  • Falcon claims the device is freezing time, when it appears that they are turning to stone. Same basic principle but much different method.
  • The footage Hank and Hawkeye see is obviously reused animation that would have been impossible to get.
  • Why would Kang's time bomb not affect the mansion or anyone inside?
  • In the close up of Vision putting the CD in the colors are reversed from the previous shot.
  • Obviously reused footage, when Falcon armors up Redwing appears behind him even though he is not in the episode otherwise.
  • When Kang destroys the columns the metal shutters over the windows and doors are gone.
  • Why would Kang's people send the obelisk back in time when they could just have kept it safe themselves?
Earlier she could barely walk
  • The time bomb makes every person geriatric with difficulty moving. When Tigra enters she needs Vision to help her walk. Being a robot, Vision is understandably unphased. But when the Avengers fight Kang Tigra shows the same strength and agility she normally has.
  • Falcon knows that Kang enslaves the future when up till then only Ant-Man knows that.
Not exactly the right shape
  • Kang puts the square shaped obelisk into an "L" shaped hole.
  • When the time bomb ages the plant it grows flowers but when the effects are reversed the flowers stay.
  • Why is Kang's prison orb put in a safe with something a simple as two English Literature books and a doll?


  • Only appearance of Chris Johnson and Kang.
  • In the X-Men episode "End and Beginning", the character of Bender transforms into the form of Immortus who is Kang from a possible further future.
Not the first hero to be rapidly aged
Some of the producers on this show did work on X-Men so this may be a reused idea


Main Actor Role(s)
Linda Ballantyne Wasp
Tony Daniels Hawkeye
Ken Kramer Kang
Stavroula Logothettis Scarlet Witch
Ron Rubin Vision
Martin Roach Falcon
Rod Wilson Ant-Man
Lenore Zann Tigra
Denis Akiyama Chris Johnson
Caroly Larson Computer
Tate Roswell Andrew Wilson

Kang actor Ken Kramer would eventually return to Marvel as Bruce Banner on Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

As with a number of actors on this series, Denis Akiyama was also on X-Men as Silver Samurai, Iceman, and Sunfire. He also happened to play Uatu on the first three episodes of Silver Surfer.


First appearance of Kang and his look is very different

This is the first time Kang has been seen outside the comics. The Rama-Tut version was seen on Fantastic Four while X-Men featured the Immortus version.

While Kang's face maintains the same color, he seems to be wearing heavy armor. In the comics, he wears a device on his head but otherwise has regular clothes.

Reusing a classic technique to make it a flashback

The flashbacks to Kang's time in the future contains added film scratches and other errors to appear as old footage. This is possibly a callback to the 1932 film The Mummy, also dealing with ancient Egypt, which used old silent film cameras for their flashbacks to give a similar sense of being old.

Several shots are used for the opening theme song during Wasp's segment.

The episode originally aired November 13th, 1999.


An obvious ploy that only the characters didn't see coming

"Stu" of Marvel Animation Age felt that there was still nothing good to the series. He did like Kang better than Ultron, but most of the episode is tedious and his defeat was pathetically obvious. He still did not care for any of the main characters calling them cliched and unimaginative while becoming tiresome. He pointed out Ant-Man as a joke wondering how he was made the leader. He felt the transformation sequences were cringe-worthy. He would not have minded reused animation if the sequences were well done to begin with, like with The Incredible Hulk, but claimed this show's were loudy, cheesy, and tacky. "I've read some scathing reviews of this show online so I was prepared for the worst, but I've yet to find even the slightest thing that I like about the show. The roster sucks, the characters are lame, the voices are awful, the designs are crap and the music doesn't fare much better. Comparing this to the likes of Spider-Man, X-Men or Iron Man is pointless, even on the aforementioned shows worst day, it's still so much better than this tripe. Yes, even "And the Sea Shall Give Up its Dead" is better than this."

The episode has a 7.1 on and 6.3 on the Internet Movie Database.

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