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Series Silver Surfer
Release Date April 4, 1998
Episode Number 7
Writer Larry Brody
Alan Swayze
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Silver Surfer must destroy the foundation of a civilization in order to save it.


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"Again do I wander the space ways alone. Only now, with Pip no longer accompanying me, do I truly realize how much it meant to have a companion."

-Silver Surfer

"A vessel. I do not recognize it's configuration, but the nature of it's energy strikes a most repugnant course."

-Silver Surfer

"We've become stronger, smarter!"
"So much stronger that you can only defeat phantoms? So much smarter that you cannot even remember your last thought?"

-Beta Ray Bill and Silver Surfer

"On Zenn-La, the Master would have said that, by sacrificing my needs for those of others, I too met a challenge. But the only time I will feel victorious, is when my arms are around Shalla-Bal, my lost love."

-Silver Surfer






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