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Series Spider-Man
Release Date January 31, 1998
Episode Number 64
Writer John Semper, Jr.
Mark Hoffmeier
James Krieg
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Spider-Man teams up with a group of heroes who know him as well as he knows himself: all Spider-Men from alternate realities. They must fight a villain who knows their moves as well as they do and can do everything they can: another Spider-Man. (Spider Wars Saga, Part One)


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"Oh, how I despise you. For that reason, you must be obliterated! You see...I really, REALLY hate clones."
"He looks like Carnage, but...he has my voice!

-Spider-Carnage and Spider-Man



  • Since tentacled Spider-Man was easily able to rip off the large door with his mechanical arms, using a laser to make a hole in this door before ripping them out was unnecessary.
  • When Six-Armed Spider-Man begins mutating, he drops three sonic grenades to the floor. In the subsequent shots the dropped grenades are nowhere to be seen.





Comic Book Resources ranked this episode and its follow up as the greatest episode of the series. They felt that the best part of the series finale was that it showed Spider-Man overcoming the worst of himself with the best of himself. They also praised the cameo by Stan Lee. They enjoyed how it brought together the long story with Madame Web and how that training made him a better person worthy to lead his alternate universe counterparts. They felt that it showed the audience that everything can be used when facing anything the world throws at us as well as the struggles we face within ourselves.[1]

It is possible that this episode, and it's successor, inspired the 2010 video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Like the episode, the game features a powerful villain who gains the ability to destroy multiple realities. Madame Web then gathers several alternate universe versions of Spider-Man to stop him. The game features four Spider-Man voice actors including this series' Christopher Daniel Barnes in addition to Dan Gilvezan from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Neil Patrick Harris from Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, and Josh Keaton from The Spectacular Spider-Man.

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