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Series The Incredible Hulk
Release Date September 21, 1997
Episode Number 14
Writer Bob Forward
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With Rick Jones now a Hulk and Bruce Banner having become a new Grey Hulk, the only one who can save the day is She-Hulk. (Season Premiere)


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"You're impressed, I can tell."

-Grey Hulk

"Now Hulk mad!"




  • Grey Hulk has entirely different face than in previous episode.
  • General Ross was last seen at the Gamma Base. There is no way that he would start hunting for Hulk and find Grey Hulk so quickly.
  • For no particular reason, Jennifer's body is much thinner than it was in "Doomed" and "Fantastic Fortitude".
  • When Betty watches over her unconscious father, his mustache and hair are darker than usual.


  • This episode marks the last appearance of Rick Jones, as well as his only appearance in the second season.
  • Only appearance of Leader's human form in the second season.
  • General Ross would next appear in the last episode "Mission: Incredible".


From this episode on the series would be called The Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk.

Cree Summer takes over the role of She-Hulk from Lisa Zane.


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