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Series X-Men
Release Date September 13, 1997
Episode Number 74
Writer Steven Melching
David McDermott

Rogue tries to recruit a mutant whose powers are wanted by the United States government.


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Writer Stephen Melching released some censorship notes from Broadcast Standards and Practices.[1]

  • Please keep the flames well away from Sam and Pa.
  • Please check with your Legal regarding the many references to a "mutant Peace Corps."
  • Please have Gambit use his powers (not tools) to short the sensor and open the hatch lock, or keep all of his actions off camera so they are not instructive.
  • Please do not have the Captive Mutant cry out.
  • Do not have the truck come close to hitting Paige and Sam.
  • Please delete or substitute for Kenny’s "dang mutie."
  • Please delete or substitute for Gambit's "...tell you where you can put dat."
  • Please do not show a cigarette butt igniting the gasoline.
  • Please do not show anyone in the mob carrying a gun.
  • Please do not show glass breaking after the sonic boom.
  • The "Shock Troopers" should clearly be robots, not people in flying armor.
  • Do not have Beast shocked by the Trooper.
  • Please have Unit One just freeze in place, or some such, not fall to the ground and grab his head, as if he is in pain.
  • Also, please eliminate Sam blasting another Trooper and Rogue hurling a Trooper toward Gambit, and delete the action of Sam blowing up the train, which plays as excess for BS&P.


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