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Helping Hand Iron Fist
Series The Incredible Hulk
Release Date September 29, 1996
Episode Number 4 (Season)
4 (Overall)
Writer Stewart St. John
Greg Blair
Director Ernesto Lopez
119 images

Bruce Banner is in the City of Angels when an accident causes him, and his alter ego Hulk, to lose his memories. With General Ross and the Hulkbusters close behind, Rick Jones seeks out the help of an old friend of Bruce: the invincible Iron Man. But can he and War Machine last long enough to fight off not only the army and S.H.I.E.L.D. but a rampaging Hulk who doesn't remember who any of his friends are?


It's a dark and stormy night. Rain pours down onto the street. A sheet of paper blows in the wind past a hotel. Lightning strikes overhead.

Hulk LA Storm

Nearby, Hulk sits under an overpass. More lightning flashes but he only stares ahead. Just then, he hears a woman screaming nearby and cars honking their horns. He turns wondering if it is Betty.

Thieves Chase Mexican Family

Nearby, a man and a woman holding a baby run through puddles along the street with a car close behind them. A mustached man leans out ordering the "muchacha" to hand over her pesos.

A baseball cap flies off the man as they continue running. She screams again for help.

Hulk looks around and leaps up, screaming Betty's name.

The people and the car drive along the overpass. Just behind them, Hulk smashes through the street and lands nearby.

Hulk Confronts LA Thugs

The driver of the car looks around. Suddenly, Hulk runs up alongside them and roars. He smashes the side of the car sending it flying. It comes to a halt on the side of the road.

Hulk Sees Mexican Family

Hulk roars then looks around seeing the couple and baby.

He turns back to see the car struggling to start. Hulk's shadow passes over them and those inside turn to see the jade giant towering over them. They cry out as Hulk lifts the car above his head.

Hulk Lifts LA Car

Hulk tosses the car and it crashes onto the streets below bouncing along the road.

A police car sits nearby. The officers inside enjoy coffee and donuts when they hear a sound. They look to see the car coming towards them. The driving cop looks shocked just as the car stops, bouncing off the police car.

LA Thieves Defeated

The cops exit out the passenger side. The driver looks over and rests his arm on the hood. He tells the boys that he has been looking for them. The would-be thieves looked shocked, visibly shaking. The driver door falls off the car.

Back at the overpass, the couple stands looking happy at their savior. Hulk realizes the woman isn't Betty and walks off.

Mexican Family Thank Hulk

The man catches up to him and stops Hulk. Hulk turns and the man takes off his raincoat and puts it on his head. Hulk smiles and looks down at the baby as it is hugged by its mother. She holds the baby up and the child feels his face. She then reaches up and kisses his cheek.

She offers her thanks and the couple walk off. Hulk watches them rubbing his cheek.

Hulk Transform Steam

Just then, lightning strikes and Hulk falls to the ground in pain. Veins pop up in his hand moving up his arm. Steam rises off his body. The veins move up his back.

He cries out as he slowly transforms back into Bruce Banner. Once back to his normal human self, Bruce collapses on the street.

Bruce Sees Hollywood Sign

He struggles up and sees reflected in a puddle the word Hollywood. He looks up to see the Hollywood Sign and realizes he is in Los Angeles and that he made it. He walks over to a pay phone.

Nearby, the overpass begins to crumble.

On the telephone, Bruce hears a man saying he has reached the offices of Stark Enterprises and to leave a message. Behind him, the road crumbles apart further.

Bruce Crumbling Overpass

Bruce gives the machine his name and says he needs to reach Tony Stark. Suddenly the entire road collapses and Bruce falls down. The phone is left hanging off the receiver.

Elsewhere, an enormous facility with the name STARK sits in the darkness. A motorcycle drives up.

Rick Jones pulls up to the security booth, takes off his helmet, and tells the guard that he needs to speak to Tony Stark, or that "rusty" bodyguard of his Iron Maiden.

Stark Guard Turns Away Rick

The guard flips through his clipboard then tells him it is Iron Man. He tells him to try calling the offices at a decent hour in the daytime. Rick puts on his helmet again saying he makes a better impression in person.

He guns the bike's engine and races around the lowered arm. The guard watches him go and shakes his fist at him. He reenters the booth and presses an alarm button.

Rick Approaches Stark Enterprises

Sirens begin wailing. Lasers shoot at Rick as he maneuvers his bike around. He makes his way towards the building's front entrance.

He races his bike over a pair of cars blocking the way and cries out in glee. As he flies through the air he suddenly stops.

War Machine Pulls Rick Off Bike

He looks down to see a huge armored man holding his bike above his head. The man pulls him off the bike, tossing the vehicle aside, asking if he wandered off the bike path.

Rick holds his hands up telling him to wait. He takes off his helmet explaining he needs to talk to Stark as he might be able to find someone, revealing it is Bruce Banner.

War Machine Drags Rick

The armored man recognizes the name, grabs Rick by the shirt, and orders him to follow.

Inside, a mechanical voice tells Tony that he is sorry for interrupting. Tony stands shirtless off to the side of a large armory. Tony tells the face on the computer screen, H.O.M.E.R., that it is okay since he was just charging his body battery.

Tony HOMER Discuss War Machine Bringing Rick

He stands there with a device attached to his chest. He asks what H.O.M.E.R. needs. The artificial intelligence tells him Mr. Rhodes is asking permission to see him saying it is a matter of extreme importance.

Tony takes the device off and puts on a jacket. H.O.M.E.R. jokes that Rhodes always says that. Tony sighs joking that it is H.O.M.E.R.'s night to tuck him in.

War Machine Brings Rick to Tony

He looks over to see the door opening. The armored man, Rhodes, comes in with Rick. The boy looks around in awe of the space. He sings "We're off to see the Wizard" when he is suddenly hauled off

Tony Tells War Machine Tour is Late

Tony tells Rhodey, correcting himself to call him War Machine, that it is a little late for a tour. Calling the boy Evel Knievel, War Machine explains Rick jumped the defenses hoping to find Bruce Banner.

Tony recognizes the name and thanks War Machine. The armored hero nods, turns, and walks out.

Rick Tells Tony About Hulk Friendship

Tony asks Rick if Dr. Banner is a friend of his. Rick explains they are best friends. He explains that Bruce is missing and Rick has a hunch he is coming here.

Tony presses a button on a nearby console and plays the message from Bruce. He hears Bruce calling for him just as he screams and the line is cut.

Rick Scared by HOMER

Tony turns back to Rick saying the message came in twenty minutes ago. Rick becomes excited asking where. However, he cuts himself off after being shocked to see a hologram of H.O.M.E.R. appear nearby.

HOMER Shows Tony Bruce Call Location

Tony laughs saying his holographic computer has developed a wicked sense of humor. He turns to H.O.M.E.R. asking if he finished the analysis. The hologram points towards a monitor explaining it came from an emergency call box in Los Angeles near 5th Street and Thomas Street.

HOMER To Oil Armor

Tony notes that it is rough turf. Rick calls out that it's not problem as he's a rough rider. Tony and H.O.M.E.R. turn to see the boy running out the door. H.O.M.E.R. asks if he should prepare Iron Man. Tony tells him to and to oil the knees as they have to run.

Back at the overpass, the clouds move away from the moon.

Rick Approaches Damaged Overpass

Rick screeches to a halt just at the edge of the collapsed roadway. He looks down seeing the rubble below. He takes of his helmet and climbs down the roadway to the debris below.

He stops near Bruce's body and pulls a piece of the road off him. He yells at his friend to wake up. More debris comes down. Rick shields himself as it crashes near Bruce's head.

Rick Pins Bruce

Bruce gets up and asks who Rick is. He tells the boy to get away from him and smacks him. Rick starts wrestling with him explaining the overpass is about to "pancake" and they need to move.

In the struggle, Bruce flies back and slams into a piece of debris that collapses on him. Rick moves forward but the debris falls downs forcing him back. He tries to move around to find his friend.

Bruce reaches out clutching a rock and squeezes it. His eyes flash as he says he doesn't know Rick. Rick tries to reach him as Bruce says to leave him alone.

Hulk Threatens Rick

Suddenly, Hulk rises out of the debris carrying a large piece. He slams it to the ground, roars, and picks up Rick. The boy pleads with Hulk to recognize who he is.

Hulk decides to smash him and throws him to the side. Rick flies at a column when suddenly Iron Man flies up and catches him.

Hulk Watches Iron Man Land With Rick

Iron Man lands and lets the boy go. He tells Hulk that if he's going to throw a punch he should throw it at him. Hulk comes up behind him, twists him around, and punches him.

Iron Man flies back and smashes into a bus. Hulk roars and chases after him. Rick tries to stop him telling him to leave Iron Man alone.

Iron Man struggles to get up and shakes his head. He gets out of the bus joking he needs to stop sending those kinds of invites.

Hulk Iron Man is Enemy

He runs up to and faces Hulk. The jade giant says the "metal man" is his enemy and punches him back. Iron Man flies backwards and crashes into a car. He jokes that Hulk is just as hard to get used to.

Hulk Slams Car Onto Iron Man

Hulk walks up carrying another car and slams it onto Iron Man. He leaps over and finds Iron Man inside the first car, his helmet beginning to crack.

Hulk lifts the car and throws it at a pile of tires. The car explodes sending tires, barrels, and flames everywhere.

Hulk then approaches Rick, who backs up calling his name. Rick tells him he is all mixed up.

Rick Asks Hulk Not to Attack Him

Nearby, Iron Man blasts the remains of the car off him. He hears Rick asking Hulk not to do this. Iron Man tries to get up but falls to his knees.

Hulk raises his fists above Rick. Iron Man sees this through the flames.

Iron Man Unibeams Hulk

The armored hero flies forward and hits Hulk. Hulk turns and throws a punch sending him flying. Hulk throws another punch that Iron Man ducks under. Iron Man then fires a beam from his chest sending Hulk flying back.

Hulk lands amongst piles of cars in a junkyard. However, the force of the landing causes the piles to collapse and cars rain down.

Hulk punches the falling cars aside but they soon become too much and he is buried. Iron Man flies over to the pile.

Hulk Escapes Junk Pile

Hulk punches his way out of the pile. He flies into the air knocking Iron Man back and grabbing the electromagnet above. He tells Iron Man to eat green and throws the magnet.

The circular object hits Iron Man in the chest and he flies back slamming into a column. He falls to the ground, the other side of his helmet also cracking.

He starts to get up and asks H.O.M.E.R. for his status. The computer tells him that his repulsors are down and his energy core is at dangerous levels. H.O.M.E.R. warns him not to take another hit.

Iron Man Sees Hulk Approaching

Iron Man sees Hulk approaching him as the jade giant towers over him. Iron Man jokes these are words to live by.

Rick Saves Iron Man

As Hulk towers over Iron Man, Rick leaps onto his arm. He once again says they are friends as Hulk grabs him. Rick pleads with him to remember that they are friends. He claims Hulk doesn't hurt his friends.

Hulk wonders if they are friends. Rick says they are and reminds him of something he said long ago about friends taking care of each other. Hulk rubs his head and remembers his name is Rick.

Hulk Remembers Rick

Rick says he is correct and Hulk puts him down. Rick says they are good friends. Behind him, Iron Man struggles to stand.

Hulk suddenly cries out in pain and collapses to his knees. He grabs Rick pulling him close as he collapses to the ground, his body glowing.

Iron Man Watches Hulk Transform Back

Iron Man watches as he slowly transforms back into Bruce. As Hulk's hand returns to normal, Rick reaches out and grabs it. Rick looks over the unconscious Bruce saying it's over and he will be okay.

Meanwhile, Gamma Base sits in the desert night.

Betty Samson Build Nutrient Bath

Inside, Doc Samson carries a large glass tube forward. He sets it in a machine saying that the Nutrient Bath cylinder is in place. He looks up and sees Betty hooking up a tube. She says it is online.

As it powers on she becomes excited that it works. He sits at a nearby console and begins typing. He suggests they fill it up for a test drive. Behind him, the cylinder beings filling with a green liquid.

Betty Samson Test Nutrient Bath

Betty watches the entire thing fill with liquid. She laughs saying he needs to fasten his seatbelt and calls him Muscles.

Just then, alarms begin blaring. Cables hooked up to the cylinder start to glow red. The whole place starts to shake.

Samson Nutrient Bath Overload

Samson watches his mug of coffee shake and spill over the side. He races up noting it's a power overload. He races out, and liquid begins gushing out of the cylinder behind him.

Betty hears him order her out. She looks up to see the cylinder falling towards her. She screams as it crashes into the walkway sending her falling.

Samson looks through the steam and catches her just before she hits the ground. He races out before the cylinder crashes onto the ground.

Samson Shields Betty Nutrient Bath Flames

Nearby, Samson shields Betty from the flames. The fire destroys his lab coat. The fire sprinklers come on dousing the whole area with water.

Soon the flames die down and the steam goes away. Betty coughs and looks around. She jokes that Samson is almost worth having around. They stand as he asks what the point of having gamma-reinforced muscles and mind if he can't save a pretty lady every once in a while.

Betty Samson After Nutrient Bath Destruction

She looks around and notes the destruction of the nutrient bath saying this is all so wrong. She notes how they work night and day looking for a cure for Bruce while her father is next door plotting to destroy him.

Samson Tells Betty Not to Give Up

Samson comes up and hugs her. She starts crying and calls out to Bruce that they are trying. He rubs her head as she tells him not to give up wherever he is.

Meanwhile, General Thaddeus Ross looks at an electronic map of Hulk's destruction claiming it is a mile wide. He tells the "superspy" Gabriel, standing nearby, to use his skills to find any connection he has with Southern California.

Ross Examines Southern California Map

Gabriel tells him it is right in front of his battle-hungry little eyes. He lifts the general's hand indicating Stark Enterprises nearby.

Ross questions this as Stark is one of their top government contractors, a businessman. Gabriel notes that he was the man who supplied Bruce with the materials for the infamous gamma reactor.

Ross Decides to Call Stark

Ross walks to the other side of the room. He says they should place a person-to-person call.

Back at Stark Enterprises, Bruce lays on a bed in an infirmary. A bandage is wrapped around his head.

The door opens shining light inside. Bruce is startled awake and wonders what is going on. He reaches up to his head when he sees Iron Man in the door.

Iron Man Asks About Bruce Memory

Iron Man walks forward taking off his helmet. He introduces himself as Tony Stark. He places a hand on Bruce's shoulder asking his old friend if his memory is back.

Bruce tells him it is fading in and out, then asks what happened. Tony explains that he and Rick got into a scuffle with a very confused green-eyed monster, and he's not talking about jealousy.

Bruce Has Headache

Bruce then worries about Rick but cries out in pain. He notes he has a headache then asks if Rick is okay. Tony tells him Rick is fine, calling him a sharp kid and dedicated friend.

Bruce says Rick is more than he deserves. He claims that his life is a nightmare for anyone he touches. He lays down wondering what he should do. He explains that every cure he has tried has failed miserably.

Iron Man Promises Hulk Cure

Tony reassures him saying that it is not until he fails miserably that he gets serious. He suggests they put their eggheads together and take another crack at the cure. Bruce smiles up at him.

Back in the armory, the Iron Man armor stands ready. Rick holds up his arm, wearing Iron Man's gauntlet, noting how cool it is.

Rhodey Watches Rick Test Gauntlet

Rhodey walks up to him and Rick asks if this new armor's repulsor ray is stronger than the one Iron Man used on Hulk. As Rick waves his arm around pointing it at the walls, Rhodey notes that is what H.O.M.E.R. boasts endlessly.

He then asks if Rick and Hulk are friends. Rick explains that Bruce saving his life is what got him blasted with gamma rays in the first place. Rick turns towards him saying he owes it to Bruce.

Rhodey nods and looks over at the various armors sitting nearby. Rick continues to say he owes it to be there for the rough times. He looks down at the gauntlet then raises it again to aim it.

Rhodey looks over at his War Machine armor, standing next to Iron Man's. He says he knows what Rick means as friends do that for each other.

HOMER Sees Rick Caused Debris

Rick waves the gauntlet around towards a mechanical arm just as H.O.M.E.R. appears. He is startled and accidentally fires the gauntlet. Rick is sent backwards and H.O.M.E.R. watches the repulsor blast the arm behind him. He watches a piece crash to the ground.

Rhodey looks over at the boy who apologizes saying the hologram spooked him again. Rhodey helps him up saying it is okay as he has often wanted to do that himself while he takes the gauntlet from Rick.

H.O.M.E.R. explains they received an urgent call from S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Gabriel. Rhodey tells the boy to get out of there.

Gabriel Calls Rhodey

At Gamma Base, Gabriel stands looking at a wall of televisions with the Stark Enterprises logo. Just then, Rhodey comes on.

Rhodey asks the "beefcake" if he has an invoice for them. He says it take it over to the bean counters in accounting. Gabriel asks if that was humor, and if it was then maybe Rhodey should start laughing to get him started if he isn't too busy hiding Bruce Banner.

Rhodey asks for the point. Rick stands far behind him. Gabriel tells him to figure it out then use a quarter to give him a call. Rhodey ends the transmission.

Gabriel Finds Rick in Stark Call Footage

Once gone, Gabriel tells the computer to replay the conversation. He tells it to freeze then magnify the upper left quadrant. After removing the distortion, he sees the image of Rick.

Behind him, Ross recognizes the boy. Gabriel turns towards him as the general says that if Rick is there Bruce must be as well. Gabriel turns back to the monitors claiming that if Bruce is there Ross can bet his "tarnished" stars that Tony will fight to protect him.

Ross Wants War with Stark

Ross walks forward saying that if it is a war Stark wants then this old soldier won't back down.

Back at Stark Enterprises, Tony works on a console. Behind him, Rick helps Bruce step into a large cylinder. Bruce lays down and Rick moves a restraint over his arm.

Rick Bruce Didnt Give Up On Him

Bruce says that before his memory skips out again he wants to say thanks for not giving up on him. Rick replies that not-too-long ago everyone had given up on him, all except a certain doctor. He reaches over and sets the other restraint.

Bruce lays his head down. Tony rolls back in his chair saying that the good news is he was able to update some components in Bruce's design, mainly the gamma filters.

He stands and walks to a console saying the bad news is once he is put into stasis sleep Tony will have to artificially induce the Hulk state in order to purge the gamma mutation. He sets his palm on the console and twists a dial.

HOMER Initiates Bruce Containment

Tony turns towards him saying it will be some ride. Bruce acknowledges. Rick stands over him as H.O.M.E.R. initiates the containment and offers him the best of luck.

Rick Gives Bruce Thumbs Up

Rick holds his hand then backs up offering him a thumbs up. The glass cylinder closes over Bruce.

Electricity starts to course through the chamber around Bruce.

High above the city, clouds move over the night sky. Three helicopters fly past the Hollywood Sign.

Rick Asks Tony What Could Go Wrong

Back at the armory, Tony says that once it starts there is no turning back. Rick says he has to make it through as Bruce has had enough bogus days. He asks what could possibly go wrong while Bruce struggles in the electrical field.

Hulkbusters Land at Stark Enterprises

Outside Stark Enterprises, the three S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopters land. Gabriel, Ross, and Major Glenn Talbot exit. Ross orders the two to take the guards to safety, secure the perimeter, and knock out the building's power supply. He says then they will knock.

Two helicopters lift off, shining their spotlights down.

Back in the armory, H.O.M.E.R. begins the gamma purge while Bruce continues struggling in the chamber. Rick and Tony watch nearby.

Rhodey Shows Hulkbusters

H.O.M.E.R. starts counting down then suddenly stops. Rhodey comes on the screen telling Tony that they got wagon circlers. His image shrinks to show the helicopters and military men surrounding the building. Rhodey reasons they must have spotted Rick.

Rick sighs and notes they are the Hulkbusters. He berates himself and claims they want Bruce. Tony jokes that people don't always get what they want in life.

Tony Beefs Security for Hulkbusters

He orders Rhodey to turn the autosecurity up to level ten. He warns that if anyone even spits there way they will let them know how they feel. Rick smiles and Rhodey acknowledges setting it to "sizzle."

Tony orders H.O.M.E.R. to recommence the gamma purge.

Outside, robots march around while Gabriel works on one. Men stand around carrying rifles.

Tony Orders Ross to Leave

Speaking over communications, Tony orders Ross to pack up his "overpriced" hardware and hit the highway. Ross looks down at the portable console. He states that Bruce Banner will stay there.

Ross replies that Tony is forcing a hand he wouldn't want to. He claims that with National Security at risk private property isn't an issue. He tells Tony that they are prepared to go the distance.

Tony tells him he won't put the trust of a friend at risk then ends the transmission. Ross says that was knocking then orders his Hulkbusters to move in.

Hulkbusters Fly Over Stark Enterprises

The robots all begin marching forward. Helicopters fly up as the robots march up the company's stairs towards the front doors.

In a nearby column, a laser gun appears out of a hidden door. Missile launchers rise out of nearby planters. Rockets lower from the ceiling. A column turns revealing more guns.

Stark Defenses Destroy Hulkbuster Robots

They robots turn just in time to get blasted by the weapons. Nearby soldiers shield themselves as debris flies at them.

Back in the armory, Tony tells Rick they are entering a critical gamma state. Bruce continues to be surrounded with electricity. Tony hopes they get through this.

Tony Finds Flaw in Bruce Experiment

Just then, he notices something and begins typing. He explains that the mutagenics are remaining stable and are not purging. He looks at the display showing Bruce's DNA and thinks it is a flaw.

An alarm begins to blare. Tony cries out that Bruce's mutated DNA is manufacturing defenses. Rick tells them, calling them sports fans, to duck and cover as Bruce is "Hulking out."

Bruce Hulk Out Tony Experiment

Inside the chamber, Bruce's body begins to swell destroying his shirt and bandage.

Hulkbusters Explosion Stark Battle

Outside, the soldiers have set up sandbags as a defensive cover. They use it to fire their rifles. A missile launcher fires a rocket. The rocket destroys the sandbags sending the men flying.

More soldiers take cover around the corner of a building near a robot. The company's defenses force several soldiers back. One soldier readies a rocket-propelled grenade and fires. The attack destroys one of the guns but a missile launcher rises near it.

Ross Watches Stark Battle

Ross watches the battle nearby. He speaks into a radio and orders Talbot to blow the breakers.

Talbot hears on his end and nods to a nearby soldier. The soldier readies another rocket-propelled grenade and fires. The attack destroys part of the building.

All over the facility, the power goes out.

Stark Powers Goes Out Ross Battle

Inside, the armory goes completely dark. H.O.M.E.R. explains that they had a power outage and the alternate grid has come online. The dimmed lights come back on.

He orders War Machine to babysit the back-up generators warning they cannot lose power. He explains he will try an amp runner on Bruce's biosystem.

War Machine Lifts Hulkbuster Robot

Outside, several robots aim at a generator. War Machine flies out of the sky and grabs one of the robots. He flies up above the others. The robots aim and fire at him. War Machine spins and throws the robot back at the others.

The falling robot is hit and explodes. The debris crashes down destroying the others.

War Machine turns to see a helicopter approaching him, piloted by a robotic figure. The helicopter launches several missiles. War Machine destroys two but two more continue on.

War Machine Sees Backup Generator Explode

War Machine sees them pass then moves to follow. He closes in telling himself to move it. He fires repulsors destroying one. However, the second missile gets away and hits the generator.

Power goes down all over the facility.

Gabriel Watches Stark Defenses Go Down

The Hulkbusters hear the winding down of the defenses. Gabriel stands and orders the robots to move in while they prepare the containment trap.

In the armory, Tony says he almost has it. However, H.O.M.E.R. appears saying that power is down seventy percent. He proceeds to terminate the experiment when suddenly the monitor powers down.

Rick Tells Tony Hulk is Waking

Tony continues trying to type. Rick looks back and warns that Hulk is waking up.

In the chamber, Hulk begins stirring and starts to roar. The electricity dissipates and he opens his eyes. Tony jokes he is on the wrong side of the bed. Hulk begins rocking the chamber back and forth.

Tony Sees Rick Explosion

Power starts to feedback through the cables. It courses through the consoles and one near Rick explodes sending him flying.

Tony Hulk Experiment Explosion

Tony tries to grab a console but it too explodes. He quickly runs away as the room fills with explosions. However, the blast catches him and he is flown forward slamming into a wall.

Elsewhere, a door explodes inwards. Several robots march in and head up the stairs.

Tony Approaches Hulkbuster Armor

Tony stands seeing a large armor. He runs towards it and the door closes behind him.

Back in the armory, Hulk pulls his arms free and smashes the glass cylinder. He says he will bash his enemies then picks up a piece of debris to throw. Rick ducks under noting his memory is "back in The Twilight Zone."

Several robots continue to march closer.

Rick Begs Hulk to Remember

A large shadow moves over Rick. Nearby, Hulk stands with a piece of machinery above his head. He warns he will bash the puny human. Rick pleads with him to remember.

Hulk Destroys Stark Equipment

H.O.M.E.R. appears and tells Hulk that he is holding an expensive piece of machinery. Hulk slams the machine down but the hologram is unfazed by the attack but unhappy.

Just then, Iron Man in the massive armor marches out of the smoke. He offers to keep the fight between the two of them.

Iron Man Hulk Rematch

Hulk watches Rick run off. He turns back to the armored hero saying the "metal man" is his enemy. He roars and leaps forward. Iron Man catches him and throws him back into the wall.

Behind Iron Man, a door explodes in. Several Hulkbuster robots march in. Rick leaps over a table grabbing one of Iron Man's spare gauntlets. He says he will handle this while Iron Man handles Hulk. Rick fires the gauntlet destroying one robot.

Iron Man Hulkbuster Fires at Hulk

Iron Man fires a beam at Hulk that wraps around him.

High above, two lasers blast the ceiling. It explodes and the debris falls down. A helicopter flies overhead shining a light inside.

The robot looks down and pulls a lever. A large mechanical device lowers from the helicopter towards the roof.

Hulkbuster Helicopter Destroyed by War Machine

War Machine looks up and says they will not fiddle "on our roof." He fires a missile up. The helicopter explodes and the device falls down.

Containment Cage Crushes Hulkbuster Robots

In the armory, the two remaining robots fire upwards while Hulk struggles to free himself. The device falls through the roof slamming onto the robots destroying them and opening up. Rick leaps back to avoid being hit.

Rick looks up just in time to see a laser cutting through the wall. He dodges as the wall crashes in letting in more robots. The robots look around and fire.

War Machine Saves Rick from Hulkbuster Robots

War Machine flies down and scoops up the boy avoiding the blast. War Machine asks if he needs a hand and Rick replies that he'll hate himself for saying this but he has one.

War Machine lands on scaffolding above. The two turn and fire their repulsors down destroying two robots.

Outside, Ross is on the radio demanding a status report. All the soldiers see a robot flying out of the window and run off.

Ross Gabriel Duck Behind Tank

The robot falls onto a tank and explodes. Ross and Gabriel duck behind a vehicle. Gabriel laughs saying that was word from the battlefront.

Back in the armory, a wall explodes in. More robots march in and fire.

Rick War Machine Attack Hulkbuster Robots

War Machine lands letting Rick go. He aims his shoulder weapons and fires. Rick readies the gauntlet and joins him.

Meanwhile, Hulk roars then breaks free of the bindings. He races towards Iron Man who flies out of the way before Hulk gets there.

Hulk Grabs Hulkbuster Iron Man

Iron Man flies around the room dodging laser blasts. He fires repulsors down destroying a robot. However, Hulk reaches up and grabs his leg.

Iron Man is pulled down to the ground and struggles to free himself from Hulk's grip. Hulk soon starts hugging him tightly.

Iron Man Escapes Hulk Hug

Iron Man jokes Hulk is just glad to see him as the jade giant twists him around. The top of the armor opens up and Iron Man, in his regular armor, flies up saying he needs to let go sometimes.

Hulk soon crushes the massive armor in his grip. However, he is then peppered with laser blasts. Iron Man flies up seeing numerous robots, some firing at Hulk and others at Rick and War Machine. Rick and War Machine continue blasting them back.

Hulkbuster Robots Blast Hulk Stark Battle

Hulk pushes forward blocking the blasts from his face. Iron Man looks down to see he has stepped onto the open device. The device electrifies and begins to close.

Hulk looks around realizing he is being trapped. The sides move up and enclose Hulk. Iron Man flies above the device.

Hulk Punches Containment Cage

Inside, Hulk smashes the walls but receives an electrical shock. He throws a punch and gets more electricity.

Above, a helicopter positions itself over the hole in the roof. It lowers a cable and latches onto the top of the containment unit then starts to lift it up.

Rick, ducking behind a broken table, fires at more robots. He turns to see the unit rising and races after it calling Hulk's name. He leaps onto the unit before it rises too high.

Iron Man Destroys Hulkbuster Robot

Iron Man flies near and fires his repulsors at the robots destroying one. War Machine flies towards "shellhead" but is blasted by a robot.

Rick Rides Containment Unit

As the unit rises, Rick calls out to Hulk to destroy it. Inside, Hulk continues pounding the sides. Rick peaks in through a small window.

Ross looks through a pair of binoculars and wonders what that "punk kid" is doing. Gabriel walks up behind him watching.

Rick Damages Containment Unit

As the unit continues rising, the robots continue firing upwards. Rick says that when in doubt to break something. He uses the gauntlet to pry off something on the unit. However, he loses his grip after being shocked and falls down.

Iron Man Catches Rick

He comes through the hole in the roof towards the robots below. Iron Man flies up and grabs him. They land near a hole in the side wall.

Hulk watches out the side window. He realizes they are his friends as he can remember now. He starts pounding on the side yelling Rick's name.

Ross Sees Hulk Escape Containment Unit

Ross watches as the unit begins swinging. Soon it breaks open and Hulk leaps out.

Hulk Lands Near Iron Man War Machine

Hulk lands at the battle in the building roaring. War Machine puts on arm on Rick readying for battle. Hulk approaches and pushes him aside.

Hulk Gets Memories Back

Hulk looks down at Rick calling his name. Iron Man tells him he will be okay. More lasers fire at them. Hulk turns and scowls at the approaching robots.

Iron Man Watches Hulk Leave

Hulk scoops up Rick and Iron Man tells him to get the boy out of there. Hulk turns and leaps out the side hole. Iron Man jokes they are ending the party with a bang.

Iron Man and War Machine fly up and fire their repulsors down. The robots are hit and explode.

Hulkbusters Stark Explosion

Outside, the Hulkbusters shield themselves as the entire floor of the building explodes outwards.

Later, soldiers look around the devastation an destroyed robots. Much of the ruins still smoke.

Off to the side, Ross approaches the two armored heroes saying they told a nice fairytale but claims Hulk would not go down because of a lab explosion. He demands to know where Hulk and the kid are.

Iron Man Threatens Ross

Iron Man leans towards him telling Ross to search him. He warns he will take his chances if he does. Gabriel walks up revealing they are not in the building.

Ross Gabriel Debate Stark Bill

Iron Man then asks them where he should send the bill for the damages, to S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Pentagon. Ross and Gabriel look at each other then the general orders them to get out of there. Iron Man sarcastically thanks them for dropping in.

Outside, helicopters fly away as a tank starts rolling off. A HUMVEE backs up and drives away.

High above, Iron Man watches the forces leave. A tank rolls up onto a semi trailer.

Next to him, War Machine groans and takes off his helmet. Iron Man soon takes off his his. Rhodey jokes he will need a month or two in the whirlpool bath after this night.

Tony Calls Bruce Friendship Valuable

H.O.M.E.R. appears saying he has calculated the damages. He deduces that helping Dr. Banner was not cost effective. Tony disagrees saying it was. He looks at Rhodey and claims that nothing is more valuable than friendship.

Elsehwere, the moon shines high over a forest. A train travels nearby.

Bruce Rick Train Car

Inside, Hulk and Rick sit inside an open car. They pass by some shadows and Hulk starts to transform back into Bruce. After a second passing of shadows, he is fully returned to Bruce.


"Yo pesos, muchacha."

-Spanish Thief

"Hello boys. Been looking for you."

-Police Officer

"Muchas gracias."

-Spanish Woman

"Hello, you've reached the offices of Stark Enterprises. Please leave your message."
"This is Bruce Banner for Tony Stark."

-H.O.M.E.R., first line, Answering Machine Message and Bruce Banner

"Look, I'm here to see Tony Stark. Or, if he's not around, that rusty bodyguard of his. Iron Maiden."
"His name's Iron Man. Listen, kid. Trying calling the offices at a decent hour like daytime."
"But I make a heck of a better impression in person."

-Rick Jones and Security Guard

"Let me guess, you just kind of wandered off the bike path. Huh, hot shot?"

-War Machine, first line

"Mr. Tony, I'm sorry to interrupt you."
"That's okay, H.O.M.E.R., just juicing up the ol' body battery for the night. What do you need?"
"Mr. Rhodes is asking permission to see you. He says it is of extreme importance. But of course, Mr. Rhodes always says that."
"Gee, isn't it your night to tuck him in."

-H.O.M.E.R. and Tony Stark, first lines

"Are you a friend of Dr. Banner's?"
"Try best friend."

-Tony Stark and Rick Jones

"I'm afraid my holographic computer here has developed a rather wicked sense of humor."

-Tony Stark

"Shall I prepare Iron Man, sir?"
"Yeah, be sure to oil his knees cause we gotta run."

-H.O.M.E.R. and Tony Stark

"I don't know you. Leave me alone!"

-Bruce Banner transforming into Hulk

"Next time you feel like throwing a punch, try throwing it at Iron Man."

-Iron Man, first line

"I gotta stop sending those kinds of invites."

-Iron Man

"Yeah, well, you gotta admit you're a little hard to warm up to yourself."

-Hulk and Iron Man

"You must avoid sustaining another blow."
"Words to live by."

-H.O.M.E.R. and Iron Man

"Hey, friends, man. We're your friends. Try and remember. Friends. Hulk doesn't hurt his friends."
"Yeah, yeah. And remember what I told you a long time ago? Friends take care of each other."
"Hulk's friend. Rick?"
"That's right. Rick and Hulk, all the way."

-Rick Jones and Hulk

"Oh, what say we fill 'er up and take her for a test drive."
"Remember to fasten your seatbelt, Muscles."

-Doc Samson and Betty Ross

"You're...You're almost worth keeping around."
"Yeah, well, what's the point of having gamma-reinforced muscles and mind if you can't use them to save a pretty lady now and then."

-Betty Ross and Doc Samson

"It's me, Tony Stark. Memory back, old friend?"
"Fading in and out. Tony, what happened?"
"Rick and I got into a little fracas with a very confused green-eyed monster. And we're not talking jealousy."

-Tony Stark and Bruce Banner

"My life's a nightmare for anyone Hulk touches. What do I do? Every cure to rid myself of Hulk has failed miserably."
"Hey, hey. It's not till I fail miserably that I really start to get serious."

-Bruce Banner and Tony Stark

"Say, you and Hulk got some kind of friendship going on or what?"
"Yeah, well. It's Bruce saving my dumb hide that got him blasted with gamma rays in the first place. I owe it to him, to be there, you know, through the rough times."
"I know what you mean, kid. Friends do that."

-James Rhodes and Rick Jones

"Sorry, [H.O.M.E.R.] spooked me. Again."
"It's okay. I've often wanted to do that myself."

-Rick Jones and James Rhodes

"Got an invoice, beefcake? Take it up with the bean counters in accounting."
"Was that humor, Rhodes? I mean, if so, why don't you just laugh on over and get me started."

-James Rhodes and Gabriel Jones

"Rick Jones. If that kid's there, so's Banner."
"And if Banner's there you can bet your tarnished stars that Stark'll put up a fight to protect him."
"And if it's a war he wants, this is one old soldier who isn't about to fade away."

-Thaddeus Ross and Gabriel Jones

"Um, Rick, before my memory skips another beat I, uh...I want to say thanks. You know, for not giving up on me."
"Hey, it wasn't too long ago when everyone had given up on me. Everyone but a certain doctor. So, 'nuff said."

-Bruce Banner and Rick Jones

"Hulkbusters. Way to go, hotshot. They want Bruce."
"Yeah, well, we don't always get what we want in life."

-Rick Jones and Tony Stark

"Pack up your overpriced hardware and hit the highway, Ross. Bruce Banner stays put."
"You're forcing a hand you don't want to, Stark. Where National Security's at risk, private property isn't an issue. We're prepared to go the distance."

-Tony Stark and Thaddeus Ross

"Duck and cover, sports fans. He's Hulking out."

-Rick Jones

"Move it, hero. Move it."

-War Machine

"He's waking up."
"On the wrong side of the bed."

-Rick Jones and Tony Stark

"His memory's back in The Twilight Zone."

-Hulk and Rick Jones

"Hulk smash puny human!"


"Pardon me, Mr. Hulk, but that machine is a highly expensive piece of...[Hulk destroys machine] Oh, never mind."


"Alright Hulk. What say we keep this just between you and me."

-Iron Man



"Sorry, busters. No fiddling on our roof."

-War Machine

"Need a hand, kid?"
"Hate myself for saying this, but no thanks. Already got one."

-War Machine and Rick Jones

"Happy to see you too, big guy. But you just gotta learn to let go."

-Iron Man

"When in doubt, break something!"

-Rick Jones

"Friend? Hulk remember now."


"We'll end this little soiree with a bang."

-Iron Man

"Nice fairytale, Iron Man. But the Hulk would not go down because of a little lab explosion. Now where is he!? And the kid!?"
"Search me. But take your chances if you do."

-Thaddeus Ross and Iron Man

"Oh, and gentlemen, do we submit the bill for the damages to S.H.I.E.L.D. or to the Pentagon?"

-Iron Man

"Well, let's pull out."
"Thanks for dropping in."

-Thaddeus Ross and Iron Man

"Gonna need a month or two in the whirlpool after tonight."

-James Rhodes, final line

"Sir, I have calculated the damages and have deduced that helping Dr. Banner was not very cost effective."
"Sure it was, H.O.M.E.R.. Cause there's nothing more valuable than friendship."

-H.O.M.E.R., final line, and Tony Stark, final lines


  • Unrelated to the episode, there is a Marvel superhero named Iron Fist.
  • Muchacha means young woman in Spanish.
Mexican Thieves Car
Rick Jumps Stark Guard Car


  • Given the rainy weather, it's unlikely a piece of paper would be flying so freely in the wind.
  • When Bruce sees the Hollywood Sign in the puddle it is rotated not reflected.
  • The actual 5th Street in Los Angeles doesn't intersect with anything called Thomas.
  • Upon hearing that Bruce might be in the area, Tony checks his messages and finds just the clue to find him without any reasons to do so.
HOMER Finds Bruce Call Location
  • When Tony sees a map showing Bruce's location, it shows docks that do not exist anywhere near Los Angeles especially at that angle.
  • Twenty minutes after the collapse of a raised roadway in a major city and there's not a single emergency personnel there.
  • When Bruce's eyes flash as he's buried in rubble, the flashes aren't always animated with the eyes.
  • When Iron Man punches Hulk to save Rick, Hulk reacts before the punch lands.
Gabriel Sees Distorted Rick
  • Zoom and enhance is a common fictional device that doesn't really exist. Gabriel could zoom in but only enhance as much as the video resolution Stark Enterprises sent. Worse still, he can see Rick pretty clearly in the video anyways.
  • Rhodey calls the Hulkbusters "wagon circlers" when that term is meant for those who defend themselves, circling the wagons to form a wall, rather than the attackers.
  • Why wasn't War Machine, or anything, defending the main generators to begin with?
  • The helicopter attacking the generator is a transport helicopter despite attack helicopters being seen earlier.
  • When War Machine fires his shoulder repulsors at the missiles the beams are animated behind the weapons.
  • War Machine fires missiles and repulsors from the same weapon.
  • When Iron Man fires repulsors just after Hulk and Rick leaves, the beams are not properly aligned to his hands.


Iron Man Reminds Bruce Who He Is
Hulk Busts Hulkbuster Armor
  • Destruction of the Hulkbuster armor that debuted in the Iron Man episode "The Armor Wars, Part Two".
  • The next time Iron Man, War Machine, and Stark Enterprises appear in the Marvel Animated universe is two months later on the Spider-Man episode "Venom Returns".
  • Final appearance of H.O.M.E.R. in the Marvel Animated Universe.
  • Gabriel Jones's last name still isn't mentioned.


Main Actor Role(s)
Lou Ferrigno The Hulk
Neal McDonough Bruce Banner
Luke Perry Rick Jones
Genie Francis Betty Ross
John Vernon General Ross
Robert Hays Tony Stark/Iron Man
Dorian Harewood Jim Rhodes/War Machine
Tom Kane H.O.M.E.R.
Thom Barry Gabriel Jones
Shadoe Stevens Doc Samson
Unknown Spanish Thief
Spanish Woman
Spanish Man


Iron Man War Machine Defeat Hulkbusters

The episode was written as a follow-up to the Iron Man episode "Hulk Buster", which aired seven months before. It features Robert Hays, Dorian Harewood, and Tom Kane reprising their roles. The episode references the friendship established in the earlier series and includes parts of the second season theme song.

Hulk Attacks Iron Man in Car

This is the first of six episodes this season to feature guest stars from other shows. The other episodes being "Innocent Blood" with Ghost Rider, "Man to Man, Beast to Beast" with Sasquatch, "Doomed" with Doctor Doom, "Fantastic Fortitude" with the Fantastic Four, and "Mortal Bounds" with Thor.

The nutrient bath, that becomes a major plot point for the season, is an original idea for the series.

This is the first guest appearance for Robert Hays as Iron Man on another series. Two months later he would rejoin James Avery, the original voice of War Machine, on the Spider-Man episodes "Venom Returns", "Carnage", and "The Spot" while making another three appearances for that show's fifth season.

The panning shot of the armory that introduces Tony Stark features a multiplane camera technique. The restraining table is separate from the background and moves independently of the rest of the shot. It was Walt Disney Animation Studios that popularized the technique with their short The Old Mill and film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The episode aired on September 29, 1996. It aired one day before the Spider-Man episode "The Mutant Agenda", which coincidentally saw the cast of X-Men appear on the series.


Iron Man Urges Hulk to Leave

"Stu" of Marvel Animation Age felt that the series had great success with the team ups and this was one of the best. He enjoyed the continuity with Hulk's appearance on Iron Man as well as establishing that Tony had a part in Hulk's origin. He praised the direction, citing many great shots of Iron Man and War Machine. He liked that this felt like an episode of both Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. He enjoyed how the theme of friendship was done, claiming a lot of series laid it on thick like The Care Bears. He felt the series handled friendship well in the first season, that was unfortunately lost in the second season. He also praised the handling of Hulk/Bruce's amnesia, claiming that it is either effective in developing a character or a waste of time that bores viewers. He felt this episode used it it effectively expand on the friendship between Rick and Hulk. "Overall, this episode is possibly the best-animated team up episode Marvel ever did in any of their shows. And c'mon, you know everyone loves the Iron Man guitar riff."

Bruce Rick Hold Hands

The episode has a 7.9 on and 6.2 on the Internet Movie Database.

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