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Xavier's farewell
Series X-Men
Release Date September 20, 1997
Episode Number 76
Writer Steven Melching
David McDermott
For the Ultimate Spider-Man episodes, see "Graduation Day, Part One" and "Graduation Day, Part Two".

Magneto begins one last push for mutant dominance. However, his old friend Charles Xavier is dying and nothing can be done. (Series Finale)


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  • The last episode of X-Men.



Writer Julia Lewald says that the scene with everyone around Xavier saying good bye still chokes her up.[1]


Comic Book Resources ranked this as the top tear-jerking episode of the series. "The series finale drew the X-Men's family arc to a close. Professor Charles Xavier is at the center of this tear-soaked final episode. After being blasted by a psychic disrupter, Charles is left comatose. The X-Men determine the only means for their leader's survival is to reach Lilandra, Xavier's extraterrestrial spouse. She and her Shi'ar technology are advanced enough to keep Xavier alive. However, reaching Lilandra through Xavier's telepathic powers must be magnified. Magneto is the key to Xavier's survival. Yet, he sits at the cusp of having his dream of mutant supremacy come true. This is possible due to the fact that his prime rival is at death's door. He must now bring into question how much he loves his only friend, Charles Xavier. The finale to X-Men: The Animated Series truly brings the show to a tearful conclusion."[1]


  1. Top 10 Tear-Jerking Episodes From X-Men: The Animated Series at Comic Book Resources

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