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Series The Incredible Hulk
Release Date November 10, 1996
Episode Number 8 (Season)
8 (Overall)
Writer Bob Forward
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Bruce Banner and She-Hulk seek help from the Fantastic Four. With only Thing's help can they stop the Leader's latest attack?


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"Puny Banner! Hulk enemy!"


"Hulk smash!"
"It's clobbering time!"

-Hulk and Thing fighting the crocodiles

"Leave friend alone!"

-Hulk to Thing, before punching him

"Friend not hurt?"

-Hulk checking if Rick is okay

"Hulk escapes!"




  • When Thing walks out of Yancy Street Gang's wooden cage, his arms pass through the wooden bars.
  • After Ogress tosses the potted plant at She-Hulk, She Hulk's body is covered in dirt but in the next shot she is clean.


  • The episode is a sequel to Fantastic Four's "Nightmare in Green".
  • First full appearance of Ogress and Gamma Warriors.
  • Both Johnny and Sue appear in this episode but they have no speaking lines.
  • Hulk still considers Thing as his enemy but they make amends at the end.
  • Only appearance of Yancy Street Gang, though their faces are never shown.


Beau Weaver and Chuck McCann reprise their roles from Fantastic Four. Chuck McCann also provides the uncredited voice of dock worker.

Kathy Ireland, who voices Ogress, previously voiced Crystal on Fantastic Four.

Voice actors for Yancy Street Gang members are uncredited and unknown.



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