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Series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Release Date October 4, 2010 (Online)
October 14, 2010 (Television)
Episode Number M13
Writer Christopher Yost
Director Vinton Heuck

The Wasp and Ant-Man are forced to contend with the supervillain-for-hire, Whirlwind, as he rampages through the streets of New York.


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Janet Van Dyne roams around the study of her boyfriend, Hank Pym, expressing her boredom. All of a sudden, she hears a crash and turns to the window, only to see a whirling, green form smashing through the entire city and destroying everything in its path. Donning her costume, the Wasp confronts the "Whirlwind" head-on and manuevers through the entire city of New York in her efforts to stop him. Ant-Man soon arrives onto the scene and pleads with the Wasp, trying to convince her that the best approach to dealing with the Whirlwind is rehabilitation. Eventually, the Wasp puts the Whirlwind out of commission and explains to her husband that she is capable of much more than making money and attending meetings, referring to the possible contributions she can make as a superheroine.


"This is sad, Hank. I'm the one that makes this all possible, y'know. This...this..."
"Right. All the business arrangements, the grants. I manage your entire life so you can do this. And it's so boring. So boring."

-Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym, first lines

"Did you just shoot at me? Ohohohoh, that was dangerous. Nobody shoots at Whirlwind!"
"Whirlwind! So what, you just woke up and thought you'd trash some college lab? Not very ambitous!"
"Not very ambitous? Trashing that lab just made me a millionare!"
"Ooooh, a crime. Well, in that case, after I take you down, we'll call the cops."

-Whirlwind and Wasp

"Look at you, you're flying! You can do so much more with your power, you could blend giant drinks or cool people off in hot weather! And instead, you're just going to the Big House!"


"Let me guess: an ant told you what was going on."
"A termite, actually; he was in the sonics lab when it happened."

-Wasp and Ant-Man




  • First appearance of Whirlwind.



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