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Series Spider-Man
Release Date November 4, 1995
Episode Number 20
Writer John Semper, Jr.
Carl Potts
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With his mutation rapidly accelerating Spider-Man continues searching for the vampire Michael Morbius. Things are complicated by the appearance of Punisher, who blames the wallcrawler for Michael's actions.


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  • When Aunt May walks up the stairs at the beginning, the house is digitally rendered while she is traditionally animated resulting in an unnatural movement as she climbs the stairs.
  • When Morbius appears atop one of the buildings in the news, everyone mistake him for Spider-Man, even though he looks nothing like Spider-Man, not to mention entirely different clothing.




Because of limitations placed on the series, the usually violent Punisher is restricted to non-lethal weapons such as energy weapons. Despite this, it is implied that he has done worse than can be shown.


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