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Series X-Men
Release Date November 25, 1995
Episode Number 66
Writer Dean Stefan

Cable, Bishop, and Wolverine finally come together at the Axis of Time for one final battle with Apocalypse. (Beyond Good and Evil, Part Four)


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  • With this episode X-Men is the longest running Marvel animated series ever. The second longest, Spider-Man, only made it to sixty-five episode.
  • Bender's real form is that of Immortus, though he is never called that. Immortus is an alternate timeline version of Kang, seen in the The Avengers: United They Stand episode "Kang".


  • at the end of the episode, when the X-Men use the time machine to return to the X-Mansion, Professor X is shown standing.


  • Final episode of the Beyond Good and Evil storyline.



This episode was originally intended to be a possible finale to the series if the series was not renewed for a fifth season.


Comic Book Resources ranked the Beyond Good and Evil mini-series collectively as number five in their ranking of the top fifteen episodes of the series. They felt this was the best when it came to ambitious storytelling noting how it felt like a series finale in how grand, sprawling, and operatic it was. They noted how it took full advantage of how truly intimidating Apocalypse is as a villain calling it the quintessential Apocalypse story of the series. They claimed everything about the episodes worked becoming epic, big, and incredibly audacious in the best way possible. [1]

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