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Series Spider-Man
Release Date November 11, 1995
Episode Number 21
Writer John Semper, Jr.
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Spider-Man has become the Man-Spider! Punisher continues his quest to take down the wallcrawler. Is the only hope for Peter in his old foe Kraven the Hunter?


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"I looked in the devil square in the eyes... and I blinked."


"Thank you for giving me back my life. What a beautiful day this is gonna be! I feel lucky to be alive. And lucky of being who I am: Spider-Man."



  • In this episode Spider-Man has the smallest amount of spoken dialogue.


  • Punisher leaves his coat behind in warehouse when he flees from Man-Spider. But later, when he fights Man-Spider on the roofs, he still has his coat. It is possible that he had more than one coat.
  • When Punisher catapults out of his battle van, he holds the shield in his right hand and gun in his left hand, but when he lands on the roof, it is other way around.
  • Why didn't Man-Spider start chasing after Morbius after being defeated by him?
  • The shot of Man-Spider approaching Mary Jane's house is exactly the same shot as him approaching Aunt May's house.
  • Why didn't Man-Spider simply kill Punisher after causing his battle van to fall from big height and crash? Why did he kidnap him instead?
  • Despite being very powerful and dangerous, Man-Spider was rather quickly defeated by Kraven and Punisher.
  • After Spider-Man's mutation is reversed, his costume is torn apart. However, in the final scene, his costume is fully intact.




The bombing that Kraven refers to is the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. After the September 11 attacks in 2001 this reference was edited out of syndication, making Kraven's methods unknown and it any general parking garage.


Comic Book Resources ranked this as the eighth greatest episode of the series. They felt this episode particularly showed Kraven's humanity. They noted how, with Peter not giving his thoughts, the episode focused on the show's side character and their relationships such as developing Debra and Flash. They liked how it depicted Punisher's crusade maturely in a children's show, with Kraven and Mariah showing him the error of his vengeance-driven ways. They liked the message that some monsters are a victim of their world.[1]

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