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[[File:Rogue_Flirts_With_Cyclops.jpg|250px|left|Too bad she can't actually act on her words]]
[[File:Rogue_Flirts_With_Cyclops.jpg|250px|left|Too bad she can't actually act on her words]]
Rogue takes off the sunglasses then slowly opens each eye. She sits on the bed next to Cyclops and crosses her legs. Rogue [[flirting|tells]] Cyclops they should do it again and he gets flustered.
Rogue takes off the sunglasses then slowly opens each eye. She sits on the bed next to Cyclops and [[flirting|tells]] him they should do it again. Cyclops gets flustered.
Just then, they hear loud banging. Xavier turns and says it is coming from the War Room.
Just then, they hear loud banging. Xavier turns and says it is coming from the War Room.

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Series X-Men
Release Date January 23, 1993
Episode Number 4 (Season)
4 (Overall)
Writer Don Glutt
87 images

Magneto has declared that all those who are not with him on mutant domination are against him. Professor X and his X-Men begin a dangerous game of trying to anticipate and counter any action the Master of Magnetism may take. Meanwhile, the team becomes fractured when Professor X tries to help out Wolverine's mortal enemy.


Cameos to be explained later

Somewhere, Sabretooth falls backwards through a void screaming. Suddenly a bright light appears behind him. Images of Logan, a man in a red mask, a helmeted man, a robot, a blonde woman with glasses, and white-faced man appear around him.

Professor X asks if there is a limit to the torment in his psyche. He wonders if Sabretooth has only know betrayal by his friends and persecution by humanity. We suggests probing deeper.

Drowning in an ocean of blood

Sabretooth falls into an ocean of red. He pops out and reaches up crying for help. Xavier notes that his life as a mutant has been difficult and he has failed to find acceptance.

Sabretooth rips off a cloth and is suddenly behind metal parts. There is a group of men, women, and children standing there laughing while they point at him. Some, however, call him scary. One man holds a wood branch as if meaning to attack.

More men walk towards the cage along with Xavier, who notes that cruelty to those they do not understand seems limitless. As he approaches the cage he begins to fade and the stars behind him appear through him.

Some people just feel the world is against them

Sabretooth roars as the people poke him with sticks and another throws a rock. He backs off as Xavier walks forward offering to become one with his pain.

Sabretooth glows then transforms into a combination of the two. Xavier says that together they will find the cause of his torment.

The men continue shaking the bars and yelling. Suddenly, they transform into monsters and rip the bars apart to get inside. Xavier wonders what inner demons drive him.

Inner demons personified

A devil-like monster leaps in front of Xavier/Sabretooth forcing the merged person back. It slashes at their chest so Xavier/Sabretooth punches it. It falls back engulfed in sparks. Xavier claims they can find these things together.

A green monster approaches and Xavier/Sabretooth punches that too. A blue tail wraps around their throat and pulls them forward while another monster watches behind them. As the blue creature pulls Xavier/Sabretooth in and wraps its arms around them, Xavier wonders if they are any closer to the reason for Sabretooth's rages.

A familiar figure

The other creature's eyes flash then it transforms into flames. From it emerges a yellow creature with claws and large eyes and carrying a large staff looking like a monstrous version of Wolverine. The creature leaps onto the floor and howls before slamming Xavier/Sabretooth back.

The two crash into the wall and slump down. Then Sabretooth gets up and leaves Xavier. The professor calls out to him not to break their psychic link.

A literal mental block

Sabretooth leaps away and into a brick wall. Xavier goes to follow but the wall closes off then turns into a cube above a large area of spikes. Xavier wonders what Sabretooth is hiding from him and why he keeps these thoughts from him. Xavier floats around but each wall is protected.

He floats to the top wondering if these thoughts are so painful. He urges Sabretooth not to resist him as he will know it all in time. He floats down and touches the side wall again causing Sabretooth to cry out. He notes how much hurt and rage there is.

Xavier helping everyone he can

Sabretooth moves back and the area goes dark. He floats around and returns to a sitting position in the infirmary next to the sleeping Sabretooth. He thinks that this is why Magneto believes there is no hope of peace. He turns to Sabretooth saying they must never give up trying.

Later, the mansion stands tall in the daylight.

The day after

In Xavier's office, Cyclops tells the professor that Magneto wanted them to join him. Storm and Wolverine stand nearby. He continues to explain Magneto wanted their special powers in his battle for mutant liberation. Wolverine drinks from his glass.

They flash back to Magneto descending down at the military base and Wolverine addressing him. Magneto floated up and attacked them. Cyclops explains that when they refused they were declared Magneto's enemies. They remember being lifted into the air and dropped to the ground.

Xavier explains that Magneto believes mutants are the next stage of human evolution, from Homo sapiens to Homo superiors. Magneto believes they are destined to rule a mutant-controlled world with his at the top. Wolverine takes another sip.

Peace was never easy

Storm holds up her coffee and points out how much more dangerous fighting for human-mutant peace has become and takes a sip.

Wolverine tells them to stop the philosophy and go kick his butt. He pops out a single claw to pull the tab on his can, tosses the tab aside, and chugs his drink.

Xavier hovers over his desk and towards the door. He tells them that he has good news. Storm jokes that they could use some. She stands and follows. The X-Men follow Xavier out into the hall.

They hear Sabretooth growling and are shocked. Wolverine stops drinking his can and stares. Sabretooth looks around. Rogue and Jubilee are standing there waiting.

Wolverine hasn't changed his mind

Wolverine pops his claws and demands that Sabretooth get out of there.

Sabretooth floats high above them in the war room. Xavier explains he has been spending time with him, probing his mind to help with his rages as he did for Wolverine. Sabretooth looks around and snarls.

Trying to heal

He goes on to say that there are recesses of Sabretooth's mind that he has failed to penetrate. But he believes that given enough time he will. He presses a button on his chair and Sabretooth is lowered down.

Some wounds go deep

Wolverine steps forward extending his claws saying he will penetrate his recesses. Cyclops grabs his shoulder and addresses him. Wolverine shakes with rage.

Sabretooth wonders why he and Wolverine haven't kissed and made up. Wolverine tells him to kiss his claws. Sabretooth smiles and tells the team that they used to be old friends, even working together, but they had a little misunderstanding.

Wolverine reveals that Sabretooth "wasted" from friends of his for no reason and asks if he misunderstood.

Some things are too much to ask of people

Xavier tells them both to calm down. He points out that since he helped Wolverine conquer similar rages that he should understand what Sabretooth is going through. He says he needs Wolverine's assistance with the next phase of Sabretooth's therapy.

Wolverine asks if he is joking. He decides that as long as Sabretooth is there he is going to be somewhere else. Jubilee calls out to him to return but the door shuts behind him.

Rogue reassures the teenager that Wolverine will calm down when he's ready.

Higher priorities than an angry teammate

Xavier says that they will deal with Wolverine's attitude later. He moves around the table saying they cannot be distracted from their more urgent problem. Cyclops knows it is Magneto.

Xavier explains that Magneto's missile attack failed but he will attack again and soon. He warns that next time Magneto will not be as merciful.

A game of moves and countermoves, like chess

Meanwhile, Magneto sits in his hideout at a computer console. He flips through maps wondering where Xavier will expect him. He supposes that any place would be good as long as it is populated by humans to be used as bait. He pulls up an image of a factory named Metro Chemical.

He watches footage of the facility. Men stand around the security gate. A truck passes through.

A dangerous place for an attack

Inside, humungous vats of chemicals release steam while men work. He points out that the place is filled with chemicals, and noting that without them life would be impossible.

A worker looks up and is shocked when Magneto causes a pipe to burst. It spills chemicals everywhere and the man runs screaming. He gets out of the way before it falls down.

The trap is set

Magneto pulls the bolts out of a vat marked toxic and liquid pours out of the seams. The workers run screaming. Behind them, vats light on fire. One man barely escapes as nearby vats explode.

It is chaos as people run for their lives and chemicals pour onto the floors.

The trap is set

In the roof above the flames, a hole opens up allowing Magneto to enter. He looks down at the people fleeing in terror.

Elsewhere, Xavier explains that Cerebro is monitoring all the emergency frequencies. If Magneto attacks anywhere in the vicinity it will find him. He is then cut off by an alarm blaring.

He, Rogue, Cyclops, Storm, and Jubilee see the monitor flash the name METROCHEM. Rogue jokes that Magneto didn't wait long.

Good advice that will be ignored

Xavier knows that Magneto is challenging him, hurting the workers just to get to him. He orders Jubilee to stay there and look after Sabretooth. He sarcastically retorts that it's her favorite job. He warns her to be careful as even shackled he could be dangerous.

Xavier floats up saying they must now face the master of magnetism. Cyclops accepts the order.

In the hanger, the Blackbird's ramp pulls up. The exhaust opens as the engines flare to life and the plane rolls forward.

On their way into danger

It rockets down the runway tunnel and lifts off. It shoots out of the cliffside hanger door and into the air.

Back at Metro Chemical, people are still running and screaming trying to escape. The place is engulfed in flames.

Anticipating the fight

Magneto floats above them all. He wonders what Xavier looks like after all these years, thinking that maybe he wears a toupee.

Just then, a brick wall is blasted in. Cyclops sets in and Storm flies in behind him. Rogue soon follows.

They meet again

Magneto hovers down saying he is disappointed as he wanted Xavier to be with them. Cyclops apologies and says he will have to make do with them. He then fires up at Magneto.

Just like before, Magneto shields himself so the blast has no effect. It instead bounces off him and hits a vat high above.

Storm flies up and fires bolts of lightning at him. Magneto absorbs the attack and smiles. He reminds her that electricity and magnetism are related.

Even she is no match for Magneto

Rogue thinks that she could steal some of his "thunder" and flies up. Magneto uses his powers to push her back when she gets close. She falls and crashes into a stack of barrels.

Magneto scowls feeling they have wasted his time. He warns that if Xavier does not face him he will make him pay for being a coward.

Doesn't she live at a school?

Storm fires more lightning at him but he simply absorbs it. He redirects it into a blast and Storm warns Cyclops.

One down

Cyclops ducks at Magneto's blast hits a toxic vat behind him. Gas escapes engulfing Cyclops. He coughs then passes out.

Above, Storm flies up to face Magneto. Magneto fires a blast knocking Storm out of the air. She slams against a brick wall and cries out as she slumps to the floor. Magneto then blasts the wall above her.

Primal fear

Storm looks up to see the wall crumbling down. She becomes wide-eyed and flashes back to some time in her youth. The young Ororo cries out as does the adult Storm while the bricks come falling down.

Rogue pushes the barrels off her. She jokes about not getting close to Magneto, then calls out to Storm when she sees the wall coming down.

She flies over and pushes against the wall. She apologizes saying she does not know how long she can hold it up, but is cut off by Storm's screams.

Another two bite the dust

The whole wall collapses on top of the two women.

Magneto floats over to the debris. He cries out wondering how many more must suffer before Xavier will face him. He turns and uses his power on more machinery.

A deadly reunion

Just then, he is gripped with pain. Xavier orders him to stop the carnage immediately. Xavier floats down into a hole in the wall. He says that since Magneto wants him he is there.

The two friends-turned-enemies stare off against each other.

Meanwhile, smoke pours up from the massive flames. Rogue flies up through the pile of bricks. He lifts off a piece of wall saying she must be losing her touch. However, she is shocked when she sees Storm's unconscious hand.

Rogue saved one teammate

She walks over to Storm still under a piece of wall. She lifts off the wall and scoops up Storm. She begs Storm not to do this as the bricks were not that heavy.

Storm begins stirring. Rogue is happy telling Storm not to scare her. She then looks over and sees Cyclops also unconscious.

She flies over and begins coughing. She turns him on his back and listens for his heartbeat then feels his neck for a pulse.

Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease

She notes that he will not like this and begins CPR. She breathes into his mouth then presses down on his chest saying it will be better than not breathing. She tells the "pretty boy" to make a girl feel welcome.

She breathes into him again and he begins coughing. She jokes that she won't tell Jean.

To save his life she puts him in danger

Just then, Cyclops' optic blasts shoot from her eyes. She is thrown backwards by the force.

Outside, the roof is blasted outwards.

Rogue flies back and lands. She looks down and is blasted up into a vat. As she slams against the metal she looks up.

Outside, more of the wall is destroyed as the optics tear through the building.

Cyclops sits up coughing some more and rubbing his head. He wonders what is going on. Rogue says she could not help it. He turns and sees her standing there blasting apart the building. She explains she absorbed his powers when she touched him.

She looks down at her hands deflecting the optics but then looks up. Her hands smoke. She asks about shutting off the powers.

Almost killed by his own powers

Cyclops dodges the optics as she looks down nearly slicing him. He gets up telling her to shut her eyes. He narrowly misses the blasts as they cut apart the floor and a vat.

Rogue covers her eyes and puts her hand over them. Cyclops then falls down again. Rogue feels her way around trying to find Cyclops wondering if he is okay.

Elsewhere, an explosion goes off behind Xavier as he stares off with Magneto. He tells the attacker that he brought him there and the next move is his.

Not wiser in the way he wants him to be

Magneto compliments Xavier saying the years have been kind. He then laments that they have not brought him wisdom. Xavier asks if he means his wisdom is in the destruction.

Nearby, a beam falls from the ceiling.

Magneto points out they have not always been enemies. He offers to give him one final chance. Xavier turns him down and Magneto calls him a fool.

Questioning Magneto's means to his end

Magneto asks if he still dreams of peace with those who would destroy all mutants. Xavier asks if this is his answer, this horror. He points out they have both seen much suffering. He asks if he intends to wage war on six billion humans.

More explosions go off. There are a group of people coughing as they trapped by the flames. Several pass out.

Magneto knows history repeats itself

Magneto explains that when he was a child his people talked while others prepared for war. More of the ceiling crashes down. Magneto continues to say that his people used reason while their enemies used tanks, and they were destroyed. He refuses to stand by and let it happen again.

Coming to blows again

Magneto then blasts Xavier forcing him backwards. Xavier falls out of his chair to the ground. He looks up to see Magneto hovering down, who says this is not how he wanted it to end.

Physically helpless

Xavier begins to crawl away using just his arms. Magneto claims he wished this could have ended otherwise and says that Xavier was the best of them. He bids Xavier farewell.

Magneto raises his hand to use his powers saying Xavier's blindness has sealed his fate. Xavier turns and uses his powers as well.

Xavier has his own tricks

Xavier's powers grip Magneto. He sees a war-torn city with tanks driving around shooting. He sees a young boy running around. Explosions went off near him. He ran to a destroyed house crying for his mother and father. There was a body lying under some nearby rubble.

Magneto begs Xavier to stop making him see this saying he cannot handle it. He grabs his head in pain. Xavier continues saying that Magneto will stop.

Turning the tables

Xavier continues the assault of memories. Magneto once more begs to see no more.

In his mind, he sees the boy running through the city and running into two armed men. The men grab him and drag him away. The little boy started scream as does Magneto. The master of magnetism falls to the ground in pain.

They'll meet again

He fires at the wall opening a hole. Magneto then flies out into the open air.

Xavier stops and falls to the ground. Rogue cries out wondering where he is. Xavier looks up as Rogue explains she cannot see. She flies towards him carrying Storm and Cyclops.

He says he is right there and tells her not to move. She agrees and explains she has Cyclops' powers. Xavier then asks about the plant workers. She says they all fled.

Xavier uses his powers and contacts his chair. It tumbles around and floats down to him.

More explosions go off as the flames spread.

Time is running out for them as well

Rogue hears them and says that the "dump" is going to go up like the Fourth of July. Xavier enters his chair.

He tells her that they should go home. He says he will mentally be her eyes and orders her to follow. Xavier leads her out of the hole.

More debris falls down. Another vat explodes and the ceiling collapses.

Outside, the whole building is in flames. Explosions rocks the area.

Later, a photographer holds up his camera and takes a picture. Reporters stand around. Other photographers also take pictures.

Something big going on

Senator Robert Kelly says that the world is in a terrible crisis. He explains that since the President rescinded the Mutant Registration Act those "unfortunate mistakes of nature" are running wild.

Kelly points to the attacks on the Drake Missile Base and Metro Chemical saying they are just the beginning. A cameraman watches him through his monitor.

Two reporters raise their hands. The woman stands and asks what he plans to do about it.

A dangerous man to get into office

Kelly smiles saying that this night he intends to announce his candidacy for President of the United States of America. The reports all react in shock and murmur amongst themselves.

Jubilee watches this press conference from the War Room. She jokes that if he does she is the Queen of England. Kelly continues to say that as President he will relocate every mutant in this nation to internment camps.

Behind her, Sabretooth struggles in his restraints. Kelly continues saying the camps will facilitate the handling of the "poor, unfortunate creatures."

Kelly already inspiring a dangerous response

Jubilee turns to watch Sabretooth. Sabretooth wants his claws on the senator's throat.

Jubilee returns her attention to the television when Kelly says they will be under proper military supervision. She turns off the television and stands walking over to Sabretooth.

Quite the size difference

Sabretooth stops growling and apologizes. He says he is still learning to control himself. Jubilee sighs. Sabretooth thanks Professor X.

Jubilee is shocked at the damage his struggling is doing to his wrist. He says it isn't bad. She asks if he will be calm while she fixes it and he agrees.

She sighs and agrees to take care of it. She presses the buttons on the side loosening the restraint.

Loosening the shackles

Sabretooth pulls his arm out and flexes it. Jubilee says it is much better and Sabretooth agrees. Jubilee goes to get something for it.

Sabretooth reaches out and grabs her saying he heals really fast. He pulls her close and wraps his arm around her. She struggles but is powerless.

Things are going bad

He gives her a lesson that she should never trust anyone. She tries to use her powers but cannot get them working. He points out that she isn't so strong if she can't use her hands.

She reminds him about his treatments. He claims that Xavier's words would not have affected him. He explains that he was faking it while he waited for the right moment and begins to laugh.

She asks if he wants an Oscar. He says he is going to do what he came there to do. He says that she is going to help him or he is going to crush her. Jubilee asks what that is.

They are not alone

Sabretooth explains that Magneto ordered him to find this place and take it over. Something moves in the shadows. Magneto knew some of the X-Men would be at Beast's trial and that the "wimp" professor would take him in knowing he has Xavier figured.

He jokes that he is really going to enjoy tearing the place up. Jubilee's struggles finally hurt him. He says that she better get him out before he does something.

She presses the button on the side and his other restraint lifts. She tries to run but Sabretooth grabs her arm. He jokes that she did nice. For a reward, he intends to finish her clean and fast.

The beast is loose

Jubilee continues to struggle saying he promised. Sabretooth retorts that Wolverine should never have let him live. He wishes that Wolverine were there too so he could deal with his carcass as well.

Sabretooth stops and sniffs the air. He looks around and growls. Wolverine's voice calls out telling him to be careful what he asks for. Wolverine steps out of the shadow saying that his wish might come true. He then pulls out his claws.

At the end of the day, one shall stand and one shall fall

He says that it is a good thing he did not go far to cool off. He approaches Sabretooth saying that this is between the two men and demands the girl be let go. Sabretooth agrees and throws. She hits the opposite wall and goes unconscious.

Wolverine notes that he is now doing Magneto's dirty work. He says that Sabretooth used to backstab people for fun and wonders why he is a "rat" for hire.

Another long-waited battle coming

Sabretooth readies himself claiming to have heard that Wolverine went soft and was curious. He steps forward saying that maybe he was right.

Wolverine steps forward calling him an "egg-sucking piece of gutter trash" who likes picking on those smaller than him. He runs forward saying he is smaller and to try pushing him.

This fight won't end as peacefully as the last one

Wolverine roars and leaps forward. He tackles Sabretooth landing on top of him. Sabretooth grabs his wrists and the two struggle.

The two wrestle for a bit. Sabretooth then kicks Wolverine high in the air. Wolverine lands on some equipment damaging it.

Getting the upper hand

Sabretooth runs forward and leaps onto Wolverine. He again grabs Wolverine's wrists and the two continue struggling. He starts pushing Wolverine's claws back towards him asking if he would like a taste of adamantium for old time's sake.

Wolverine is shocked as his own claws near his face. He continues to struggle against this rival.

Elsewhere, the X-Men enter a dark room. Rogue has on a pair of sunglasses. Cyclops turns on the lights saying it is good to be home again.

Recovery time

He enters and opens a panel. Two steaming cups of coffee stand ready and he grabs one while Storm grabs the other. They drink and Xavier moves around the room.

Storm and Cyclops sit on the beds. Cyclops says the coffee tastes good and explains to the professor and he is breathing better. He also says his powers are back.

Too bad she can't actually act on her words

Rogue takes off the sunglasses then slowly opens each eye. She sits on the bed next to Cyclops and tells him they should do it again. Cyclops gets flustered.

Just then, they hear loud banging. Xavier turns and says it is coming from the War Room.

Meanwhile, Wolverine still struggles to get the claws away from his face. Sabretooth pushes down on him. Wolverine claims his foe was always second best.

He's the best there is for a reason

He then kicks Sabretooth high into the air and flips up. Sabretooth lands against the wall and falls to the ground. Wolverine runs up and stands over him.

He says that in their business second best doesn't cut it. He raises his claws and readies to bring them down when Xavier calls out to him reminding him what he taught him about revenge.

Walking in on the wrong moments

Wolverine looks over to see Xavier and Rogue in the doorway next to Jubilee. Xavier points out how many times he has warned Wolverine about letting his personal feelings endanger the work of the team.

Jubilee speaks up to say that Sabretooth was about to "total" her and that Magneto sent him to do it.

Now Xavier gets to see Sabretooth for who he really is

Wolverine claims that Xavier is out of line. He starts to explain when Sabretooth roars and slashes at him. He falls down in front of the others.

Sabretooth stands, pieces of Wolverine's costume still on his claws. He runs forward, his claws gleaming. Xavier calls out to the fallen Wolverine. Sabretooth leaps into the air and Jubilee cries out.

Getting her payback

She shoots her powers and Sabretooth is blasted back. He is knocked through the wall onto the grounds outside.

Sabretooth stands and runs away growling. Jubilee runs to the hole to watch him go.

Xavier hovers over to Wolverine ordering Rogue to get him to the infirmary. She comes over and picks him up dragging him away.

Too late does Xavier realize the error of his ways

Later, Xavier explains that Logan is stabilized and will be alright. Logan lays in the bed wrapped in bandages. Jubilee and Rogue hover over him while Storm stands next to the professor.

Xavier apologizes saying that Logan was right. He claims that he let his passion for mutant brotherhood blind him and that he failed twice. Storm comforts him saying they all failed together.

Licking their wounds

Xavier claims they cannot afford to lose again. If they do, Magneto and others like him will win. He warns that Magneto is out there scheming and planning.

Elsewhere, the city glows brightly in the dark knight.

Magneto stands high on a cliff overlooking the city. He notes that Xavier has sided with humanity and warns that other mutants will understand him. His hand glows as he warns that thousands will come to him and they will destroy him.

Off to build his forces

He then floats off into the night.


"Is there no limit to the torment in your mind, Sabretooth? Have you only known betrayal by your friends and persecution by humanity? We must probe deeper. Your mind is full of torment, Sabretooth. Your mutant life has been difficult. Your search for acceptance, a failure. Cruelty to creatures we don't understand seems limitless. Let me become one with your pain. Together, we can find the cause of your torment."

-Professor X

"What are you hiding from me, Sabretooth? Why do you keep these thoughts from me? Can they be so painful? Don't resist me. I will know it all in time."

-Professor X

"Such hurt. Such rage. No wonder Magneto believes there is no hope of peace. But we must never give up trying."

-Professor X

"Magneto thought we would join him, Professor. He wanted us to use our special powers in his battle for mutant liberation. When we refused, he declared us his enemies."
"He believes we are the next stage in human evolution, beyond Homo sapiens to Homo superior, and that we are destined to rule a mutant-control world under his domination."
"Fighting for humant-mutant peace has just become more dangerous."
"Stuff the philosophy. Let's go kick his butt."

-Cyclops, Professor X, Storm, and Wolverine

"What's wrong, Wolverine? No kiss and make up?"
"Kiss this."
"We used to be old pals. Even worked together. But we had some...little misunderstandings."
"Yeah, right. He wasted from friends of mine for no reason, and I misunderstood?"

-Sabretooth and Wolverine

"After conquering your own rages, Wolverine, you more than anyone knows what Sabretooth is going through."

-Professor X

"His missile attack failed, but he'll attack again soon. And next time he won't be so merciful."

-Professor X

"Well, Xavier, old friend. Where shall it be? Hm? Where will you expect me? One place is as good as another. As long as it is populated with Homo sapiens, human lives can be used as bait."


"Your old buddy doesn't let the grass grow under his feet."


"Now, we must face the master of magnetism."

-Professor X

"I wonder how you'll look, Charles, after so long. Perhaps a toupee?"


"You've wasted enough of my time. If Xavier refuses to face me, I'll make him regret his cowardice."


"You just can't get close to some men."


"How many must suffer before you will face me?"
"Enough, Magneto! Stop this carnage now. It's me you want. So here I am."

-Magneto and Professor X

"You're not gonna like this but...It's better than not breathing. Come on, pretty boy. Make a girl feel welcome."


"Don't worry, I won't tell Jean."


"The years have been kind to you, Charles. A pity they haven't brought you wisdom."
"Your wisdom? You find wisdom in this destruction?"

-Magneto and Xavier

"Is this your answer? This horror? After all the suffering we both have seen, you wish to wage war on six billion humans?"
"When I was a child, my people talked while others prepared for war! They used reason while others used tanks! And they were destroyed for their troubles! I won't stand by and let it happen again! I won't!"


"This is not how I wanted it to end. I wish it could have been otherwise. You were the best of us. Farewell, Xavier."


"Mama! Papa!"
"No! No! Don't make me see! Xavier, I can't. Stop it! Stop it!"
"No, Magneto, you will stop.

-Past Eric Magnus, Magneto, and Professor X

"Ladies and gentlemen, the world tonight is in the grip of a terrible crisis. Since the President recklessly rescinded the Mutant Registration Act, those unfortunate mistakes of nature are running wild. The recent mutant attacks at Drake Missile Base and Metro Chemical are just the beginning."
"Senator, what do you intend to do about it?"
"I intend, this very evening, to declare my candidacy for President of the United States."

-Robert Kelly and Reporter

"Yeah, and I will be the Queen of England."


"I heal real fast!"


"Lesson number one, girlie. Never trust nobody!"


"But your treatments..."
"You really think a few mealy-mouthed words from that old weakling could change me? I've been faking it. I've been waiting for the right moment."

-Jubilee and Sabretooth

"So you want an Oscar or what?"
"I wanna do what I was sent here to do, and if you don't want the life crushed out of her little body, you're gonna help."

-Jubilee and Sabretooth

"Wolverine should never have let me live! I wish he was here so I could take care of his carcass, too"
"Be careful what you ask for, old buddy. It just might come true."

-Sabretooth and Wolverine

"You used to backstab people for fun. What turned you into a rat-for-hire?"
"I'd heard you'd gone soft. I was curious. I think maybe I heard right."
"Alright, you egg-sucking piece of gutter trash. You always liked pushing people around smaller than you! WELL, I'M SMALLER! TRY PUSHING ME!"


"We'll have to do it again sometime."
"Yeah, well, uh..."

-Rogue and Cyclops

"You always were second best! And in this business, bub, second best don't cut it!"


"I was wrong, Wolverine. I should have listened to you. I let my passion for an ideal that all mutants could be brothers blind me. That's twice I've failed."
"We failed, Professor. Together."

-Professor X and Storm

"We cannot afford to lose again, or Magneto and those like him will prevail. He's out there, scheming, planning. I was able to trick him today. But I wonder when the time comes, will the X-Men be ready?"

-Professor X

"Alright, Xavier. You've cast your lot with humankind. But the others will understand. Mutants will come to me by the thousands, and we shall destroy you!"



Sabretooth must have something against sports
  • One of the boys tormenting Sabretooth in his mind has a logo similar to a Spartan helmet. It could be a sports logo, and there are numerous real world logos with a similar design.
  • Xavier has a ladder against his bookshelves and a globe.
  • The shot of the Blackbird leaving the hanger is visually similar to the Batmobile leaving the Batcave in the opening title of Batman: The Animated Series. Given the date Batman started and the time it takes to produce a single episode, it is more likely a coincidence and not a reference.
  • The shot of Magneto hovering over Storm, Cyclops, and Rogue is framed exactly like a shot in "Enter Magneto".
  • Rogue makes several comments likening her CPR to a romantic kiss and later flirts with Cyclops like they had a thing. In X-Men: Evolution, Rogue has an actual crush on Cyclops.
  • The comics would eventually explain that Cyclops could not control his powers because of trauma. Here, Rogue is unable to control the powers even though she has not had any such trauma. However, that explanation came after this series so Cyclops' uncontrolled powers have a different reason.
  • Magneto still does not have his psychic-proof helmet.
Either adaptable or highly durable
  • Rogue's gloves are not destroyed when she looks at them with Cyclops' powers. Likely, they are made of a material similar to those worn by the Fantastic Four, so they change with her body to accommodate new powers. Something similar happens when she absorbs Mystique's transforming abilities in "A Rogue's Tale" when they transform with her.
  • Apparently, Xavier can either control his chair psychically or was able to move a button with his mind to make it come to him.
  • Despite a big battle, the X-Men don't directly help anyone in this episode. All the people in immediate danger saved themselves.
  • Magneto is partially correct. In his flashback he was apparently taken by Nazi men to probably a German internment camp during the Holocaust, which he promises to never let happen again. Kelly, in his address, states he wants to send mutants to internment camps.
  • There is a bed just off to the side of the War Room when Sabretooth is looking for Wolverine.
  • The shot of Sabretooth and Wolverine first facing off with each other mirrors (figuratively and literally) the shot of Magneto and Xavier first facing off.


  • The globe in Xavier's office does not have any reality-based landmass.
A really old drink
  • Pull tab cans have essentially completely disappeared from drinking cans by the 1980s, having been replaced by the more ecologically friendly push tab. For it to be a pull tab, Wolverine must be drinking really old soda/beer.
  • When Cerebro is scanning for Magneto, right after he attacks Metro Chemical, a white line on the screen appears behind Cyclops.
  • Despite Metro Chemical being engulfed in flames there is little smoke and no one has any ill effects from what there is.
  • When entering Metro Chemical, the hole is barely big enough for Cyclops to walk through but Storm and Rogue fly through together.
  • There are shots during the Metro Chemical fight when there is no fire or smoke.
  • Throughout the Metro Chemical fight the shadows are like if there was one light source despite being surrounded by fire.
  • There's no apparent reason why Rogue, with her superhuman strength, would fly around the factory because of the optic blasts but Cyclops, who is otherwise a normal human, would be surefooted in every other instance.
  • When Rogue finds Xavier, both Storm and Cyclops are lifting their right leg in a way they could not if unconscious.
  • It makes little sense for Xavier's chair to tumble towards him instead of just hovering like normal.
  • Xavier moves his paralyzed leg in order to get back into his chair.
  • To lift the first restraint, Jubilee had to press three buttons. For the second she only pressed one.
  • Wolverine's right claws are retracted when he first approaches Sabretooth.
Why can't he just retract them and get out of danger?
  • When Sabretooth is pushing Wolverine's claws back towards him, there's no reason he couldn't just retract the claws.
  • When the X-Men enter the infirmary, the shadows against the wall are in the same order as when they stand in the door when they should be reversed.
  • The coffee cups begin steaming just as they are grabbed but not before.
  • Only Rogue and Xavier go to the War Room when there's trouble. Both Storm and Cyclops were not incapacitated.
  • When yelling at Wolverine about revenge, Xavier points at him then lowers his hand but in the following shot his hand is pointing again.
  • No one suggests that anyone go after Sabretooth when he flees when he is still on the grounds. Rogue could easily have caught up and fought him while Jubilee took Wolverine to the infirmary.
  • Logan's arms are wrapped even though Sabretooth only slashed him across the chest.
  • While apologizing in the infirmary, Xavier's mouth does not move.


Plenty of cameos to be explored later
  • First appearance of Deadpool, Maverick, a Talos robot (renamed from the Shiva robot of the comics), Janice Hollenbeck, and Omega Red.
  • An image of Deadpool is next seen in "Whatever it Takes".
  • Maverick and Omega Red first appear in "Red Dawn".
  • Talos next apepars in "Weapon X, Lies and Videotape".
  • Only appearance of Janice Hollenbeck.
  • Since Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine start off debriefing Xavier about the attack on the missile base, this takes place immediately following "Enter Magneto".
  • Homo superior, the scientific name for mutant, is stated for the first time. Indicating that at least some believe mutants to be a separate species.
  • Although Wolverine indicates more than one person, he believes that Sabretooth killed Silver Fox. The episode "Weapon X, Lies and Videotape" would reveal that Fox had not been killed but that memory was implanted. Which leaves open questions of whether Sabretooth killed any of Wolverine's friends or if they were even friends at all.
  • The Blackbird's seaside hanger door is seen for the first time.
  • The mansion is revealed to be close to the coast.
Everyone has a fear
  • First mention of Storm's claustrophobia. It would be explained in "Captive Hearts".
  • Rogue bursts out of the pile of bricks in the same exact way Jean Grey bursts out of the water in "The Dark Shroud".
  • First time Rogue absorbs someone's powers and uses them. She absorbed Wolverine in "Night of the Sentinels, Part Two" but only to knock him out and wasn't shown with his powers.
  • This is the last major time Magneto is a direct threat to the X-Men. In subsequent episodes he would oppose others that cause problems for the X-Men or would be an ally.
  • The missile base from "Enter Magneto" is given a name, Drake Missile Base. It is based on the comic book location of Cape Citadel.
  • Senator Kelly announces his intentions to run for President of the United Sates. He would win the election in "The Final Decision" and take office in "Till Death Do Us Part, Part One" and stay in office throughout the series.
  • First use of the name Professor X.
  • First indication that Sabretooth can heal and has an acute sense of smell like Wolverine.
  • First use of the name adamantium.
  • The War Room is revealed to be on the ground floor of the mansion.
The first one in the infirmary is the one who least needs it
  • Wolverine is, ironically, the first X-Man to be hospitalized in the infirmary. Jubilee was previously in it in "Night of the Sentinels, Part One", but she was not an X-Man yet. Since he has a healing factor he does not stay there long.
  • Magneto eventually gets his massive mutant army in the series finale "Graduation Day". However, he will not get to use it.
  • Beast, Gambit, and Jean Grey do not appear. Of the three, only Gambit is not mentioned.


Main Actor Role(s)
Cedric Smith Charles Xavier/Professor X
Norm Spencer Scott Summers/Cyclops
Cal Dodd Logan/Wolverine
Iona Morris Ororo Munroe/Storm
Lenore Zann Rogue
Alyson Court Jubilation Lee/Jubilee
David Hemblam Erik Magnus/Magneto
Don Francks Graydon Creed, Sr./Sabretooth
Len Carlson Robert Kelly


Janice Hollenbeck, the blonde woman seen in Sabretooth's mind, only appeared twice in the comics, X-Men #5 and #6, which were released in February and March of 1992. In the 1960s, Team X had been sent to Berlin, Germany to extract her as she was a double agent who had some connection to their enemy Omega Red. However, Sabretooth found out she was stealing and selling secrets to both the United States and Soviet Union so he killed her. Wolverine lashed out and it became the team's last mission. Wolverine also buried the Carbonadium Synthesizer, which kept Omega Red alive, with her but forgot it was in her coffin after being brainwashed by Weapon X.

In the comic books, the X-Men mansion is located in North Salem, New York, which is not located near any seaside cliffs or the ocean for that matter. The New Salem Mall seen in "Night of the Sentinels, Part One" likely makes the name of the X-Men's home city New Salem. However, there is also no New Salem in the New England area, one in Massachusetts and two in Pennsylvania, that is along the coast. There is a coastal New Salem in Nova Scotia, but the X-Men are supposed to be based in America. Likely, it is a fictional location that is an amalgam of various real places.


Lots of good moments from one simple concept

James Harvey of Marvel Animation Age felt this was a great example of a two-part episode feeling there were many great moments. He noted that Jubilee was a problem for most of the series, but did enjoy how she got some comeuppance for helping Sabretooth. He praised the focus on Xavier and Magneto with their different ideologies coming to a showdown. He loved the backstory for Magneto and how the show used the delivery and words to provide sympathetic motivation. "Add in a fan-boy moment with Rogue absorbing Scott’s powers and you have a great cap-off to the introduction to Magneto. While Magneto’s character would eventually become complicated and watered down, his bare bones, brutal portrayal here sells him as a credible threat."

Comic Book Resources ranked this as number fifteen in their top fifteen episodes of the series. They thought the Easter eggs were clever and noted the best part was the actual reunion between Xavier and Magneto that would set the stage for their ideological differences throughout the series to come.[1]

The episode has an 8.9 on TV.com and 7.9 on the Internet Movie Database.

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