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Series Spider-Man Unlimited
Release Date December 23, 1999
Episode Number 4
Writer Will Meugniot
Steve Perry
Michael Reaves
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Git steals a device that could destroy the city. The Resistance and Beastials must team up in order to find him.


An agent of the High Evolutionary named Git steals a canister of deadly mutagen from Sir Ram's laboratory. Unfortunately, the canister has a failsafe that could potentially detonate a nuclear charge within a few hours away from the laboratory. The canister's contents, a dangerous mutagen, would be obliterated in such an explosion, thus saving the planet Counter-Earth from world-wide infection. Unfortunately, such an explosion would blow up the entire city of New York. Git is unaware that the cartridge contains nuclear explosives.

It is revealed though flashbacks that Git Hoskins used to be a normal boy, until he was abducted by Sir Ram, a member of the High Evolutionary. Sir Ram made Git his guinea pig for an experiment to mutate humans into mummy-esque creatures. This explains Git's anger towards Sir Ram, and the theft of the canister.

Back in the present, Git is a blonde, red-coated outcast, who is covered in bandages like a mummy and has super-powers. Git no longer has the ability to speak, but he can wrap his bandages around things and can flatten himself to fit into narrow passages.

The High Evolutionary and the Bestial Knights of Wundagore each try and find Git with the canister before the other team does. The Revolutionary realizes that they are the only ones who will be able to find Git in time, and the Knights recognize that they are the only ones capable of deactivating the bomb. Both teams call a truce, and reluctantly team up to find Git before the canister explodes and kills everyone.

Meanwhile, a super-strong stranger stalks Naoko and her son Shayne from the shadows.

Carnage and Venom take the canister away from Git, and remain in possession of the bomb which everybody was searching for.



  • The last Marvel episode to air in the twentieth century.





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