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Series X-Men
Release Date February 6, 1993
Season Number 6 of 13
Episode Number 6 of 76
Writer Michael Edens
Eric Lewald
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Seeking a way to find some inner peace, Wolverine travels to the Arctic to get away from all his problems. However, his archnemesis Sabretooth follows him intending to finish him off once and for all. He must not only stop his deadly foe but save a fishing village embroiled in the conflict. Meanwhile, the X-Men look into a nation that claims to have peace between humans and mutants.


Following the previous episode...

The Xavier Mansion stands lit in the moonlight. Scott wonders why Wolverine would leave without telling anyone.

Logan didn't want their appreciation

Scott and Jean Grey stand in Wolverine's room, the place is a mess. Jean theorizes that he must have had a good reason. Scott retorts that he doesn't buy it since they both know of his temper.

Scott claims that whenever he doesn't get his way Wolverine leaves. He feels they can never depend on him, and maybe never will. He turns and walks out blasting Wolverine for running out on his friends.

She knows the truth

Jean calls out to him but he keeps going. She says to herself that he left because of her. Near the window lies a picture of Scott and Jean with a hole burned through it.

Elsewhere, the wind howls through a frozen tundra. A lone figure skis across the snow-covered fields. He comes to the edge of a cliff and stops.

Getting away from it all

The figure takes off his hood revealing himself to be Logan. He says there is no place like home and looks out across the bay. He smiles and moves on.

Logan skies around the ledges and over the hills approaching an ice bridge. Overseeing the area, Sabretooth says to himself that he has tracked him far enough.

Sometimes things follow him

He holds up a remote control and activates the button. As Logan goes over the bridge, a bomb goes off. He screams as the blast engulfs the area.

Fell into the trap

Logan falls to the ground below landing in the snow. Sabretooth approaches telling him revenge is a dish best served cold.

Logan looks up noting he should have smelled his adversary coming. Sabretooth claims he lost it saying that ten years ago he never would have gotten this close.

Logan pulls out his claws saying he can still handle punks like him. He rushes his enemy who claims the talking is through.

Round Two

Logan tackles Sabretooth, who falls and pushes Logan over him. Sabretooth flips up and throws a punch that Logan dodges. Logan runs around him while Sabretooth moves to follow.

Neither one getting a clear advantage over the other

Sabretooth growls and lunges. Logan dodges and elbows him across the face. Standing over him, Logan brings his foot down. Sabretooth catches it and struggles to keep him off.

Sabretooth flips him over and Logan lands while he gets up and runs off. Logan goes to follow but Sabretooth tackles him to the ground.

The two struggle on the edge of a cliff, the sides crumbling down into the abyss. The two struggle to overcome the other until Logan headbutts him. Sabretooth grabs his face in pain.

Fighting his enemy and nature

Just then, the side of the cliff crumbles and the two fall down. Sabretooth latches onto the ledge while Logan falls screaming.

Logan hits the water causing a mighty splash as ice falls around him. The waters eventually calm down.

Sabretooth climbs back onto the ledge. Looking down, he calls out to the wilderness if Logan really thought he and the X-Men could stop him.

He looks down at the waters as a chunk of ice floats bye saying goodbye to his "old friend." He continues to say that the ice will be his tombstone saying that "Here lies Wolverine, alone and defeated."

Two enemies that may never defeat the other

Just then, Logan's clawed hand pops out of the water and grabs the floating ice. He pulls himself out and onto it.

Sabretooth looks down and cries out that he will not be cheated out of his revenge. He stands and grabs a chunk of nearby ice. He growls and throws it.

Even Logan couldn't survive this environment forever

The ice hits the waters nearby shaking Logan, but not knocking him off the ice. Sabretooth calls out that not even his mutant healing powers can keep him alive on a chunk of ice in the middle of the Arctic.

As he floats alone, Logan replies to himself that at least he won't have to listen to him talk for much longer.

Sabretooth watches him float away. He cries out that Logan will die frozen and alone. He claims he will still track him down for the pleasure of burying him.

Back at the mansion, Cyclops yells that he will not have someone spread lies disrupting the team. Gambit wonders if he is scared he will lose his job and not be leader.

Down below, the two argue in the war room with Jean, Jubilee, and Storm nearby. Cyclops retorts that he will either follow orders like anyone else on the team or he will leave.

Things are not well back home

Jean calls out to him hearing this. Gambit pulls out a card charging it offering to settle this.

Professor X floats into the room stopping Gambit and asking what started this.

Gambit tells him to ask Cyclops since he is the one with all the answers. Cyclops explains that he thought it was dangerous for Gambit to spread unfounded rumors.

Gambit just wants to be heard out

Gambit explains that it is not a rumor and he knows someone who was there. He claims that the Genoshans welcome mutants to their island. He claims he said they should check it out and Cyclops got mad.

Cyclops replies he is as bad as Wolverine, just wanting to get away to lie around on some beach. Xavier replies that this wouldn't be such a bad idea.

The X-Men need time to relax as well

He explains that the whole team has been under a lot of stress recently and suggest that for their won good they need a chance to unwind. He also says that if the people of Genosha are living among mutants this could be an opportunity they cannot miss. He feels Genosha could be an example for the world.

Cyclops replies that it would be incredible. Xavier tells him to select three of the team to investigate Genosha. He turns and hovers out. In the doorway, he tells Cyclops to relax a little.

Cyclops has Storm lead the team followed by Gambit. The Cajun becomes excited. Jubilee jumps off her chair and begs Cyclops to let her go. He lets her go thinking that a beach couldn't be too dangerous.

They are all excited at the thought this could be true

He tells them to take a commercial flight there with the cover that they are tourists. Storm tells the others that they have much to get ready. Jubilee wonders what she will wear and runs out.

Storm calmly follows as Cyclops reminds them to act like tourists but keep their eyes open saying they are on a mission. Gambit tells him to relax saying that all work and no play will make him dull.

Jean grabs Cyclops' shoulder saying they could all use a vacation. Cyclops smiles agreeing that they need one from Gambit.

Some humanity in the frozen north

Back in the tundra, Logan lays on top of the ice as it floats along eventually coming to a stop. He groans as someone grabs his shoulder.

An old man tells three others, two sitting in a small boat, that he is alive. The one standing, with a baseball cap on, suggests taking him to the government settlement for a reward for their troubles. He becomes excited at the thought of having enough for a new snowmobile.

Getting some unlikely help

The old man tells the younger, Kiyoek, that their way is to help strangers and not using them to beg for money. He suggests bring him to their camp to tend to him there. Kiyoek tells the others that the old man, Pooyetah, has spoken and the words of the elders are law.

Elsewhere, Sabretooth unties something off of his own snowmobile. He suddenly hears a motor humming and turns. He wonders about the sound of a motor out there.

He may not be Wolverine but he's still a great tracker

He walks to a cliff's edge and squints to see. He sees a boat skimming the surface saying that Logan has a "coward's luck."

In the boat, Pooyetah and Kiyoek tend to Logan, who is under a blanket, while the other to guide the craft.

Waking in a welcoming place

Later, Logan wakes and looks around at his strange surroundings. He sits up wondering where he is and who someone else is. Pooyetah introduces himself as the elder of this camp. He sits nearby stirring something in a pot.

He should take some of that advise to relax

Pooyetah tells him to save his strength since he needs rest explaining he almost died in the cold. He stands telling him to call him Wolverine. He grabs his shirt saying he is fine now. He stretches and says that he is almost fine.

Pooyetah is shocked saying no one recovers from the ice so fast. Wolverine begins to say that he is a mutant, but stops when he realizes that Pooyetah has never heard of them.

Pooyetah stands not understanding. Wolverine puts on his shirt saying that it is good and he is a fast healer. He moves to walk out.

Wanting to give something back

Standing outside, he stretches his arms saying a little work will get the kinks out of his system. He looks back saying he owes them something for saving his life.

Later at the airport, the PA makes the first call for all passengers for Pan Air Flight 917 at gate thirty-two. An airplane takes off behind the complex.

Heading out for some fun in the sun

Inside, Ororo, Jubilation, and Gambit stand around near the ticket counter. Ororo says that is their flight and they better hurry.

Jubilation becomes exited at the thought of going. She starts to head out then stops wondering if she brought the right clothes. She claims she's never been to a resort before. Ororo moves towards the gate. Gambit tells her not to worry as all she needs is a swimsuit and sunscreen.

Back in the wilderness, Kiyoek stands in a boat with Logan and several other men as they move along the water surface. He tells Logan to just do as he is told and to stay out of the way. He claims it takes skill to handle the nets while picking one up.

Learning the ropes, literally

Logan asks if this is right as he picks up another net. He tosses it out and it fans opens hitting the water. The other men are impressed while Kiyoek grumbles to himself. Logan claims it is all in the wrist.

Not that great of a teacher

Later, Kiyoek is pulling a net full of fish out of the water into the boat. He claims he will show Logan how well the Inuit fish. However, the net breaks open and the fish escape while Kiyoek flies backwards.

Logan laughs saying it reminds him about a story of the one that got away. He pulls his net in landing all the fish. He tells them that he never put any stock into fish stories.

Kiyoek isn't feeling very welcome

The men all laugh, while Kiyoek just looks off into the distance angry.

Later, children are running around the tents. The people of the tribe run down to the beach as the boat approaches.

Logan brought in quite a haul

Later, the tribe looks at the bags of fish. Pooyetah tells Logan that this is the best day since the big ships came from the south taking all the fish. Logan tells him they were lucky that day.

He leans over and picks up two bags putting them on his shoulders. He walks off wondering where to put them.

Kiyoek and a woman hanging onto his arm watch him go. The woman claims Logan has the strength of a polar bear. Kiyoek snaps at her saying he is not so strong.

Becoming the tribe's clown

He walks over to the two remaining bags and picks them up. He tells her to watch, but then slips. He falls on his back while the bags spill out around him. The tribe laughs at his antics.

Covered in fish, Kiyoek rubs his face in embarrassment.

Later, the tribe is standing around a large bonfire. They toss one woman up on a blanket. Logan and Pooyetah sit off to one side.

The elder says that the people are happy tonight because of him. Logan replies that they have made him happy as well, and he doesn't know how to handle it. He claims it feels strange to feel peace.

Becoming jealous of the newcomer

Kiyoek watches them then storms off.

Pooyetah says that no one seeks peace so much as someone who does not have it. Logan wishes he could tell him. Pooyetah explains that only he can decide when the time is right, and then he will speak. Pooyetah puts his hand on his shoulder and Logan thanks him.

Others do appreciate Logan's efforts

Three people walk up saying that it is time for Logan to come and celebrate. Logan declines saying they have the wrong guy as he gets airsick. Pooyetah reassures him explaining they all need to be a child again.

Logan relents saying he did warn them. The woman leads him off as Pooyetah watches smiling.

Getting into the spirit of things

The tribe toss Logan into the air while he screams. They keep throwing him up as he tells them to watch it.

Feeling no appreciation

On a ledge far above, Kiyoek climbs up. He turns to see the tribe and the setting sun. He claims that he was the one they cheered before Wolverine. He can hear the people laughing below.

He turns and walks off. He becomes angry saying that he is their hero as well as a stranger. He wanders off into the wilderness.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

As he wanders across the tundra, he suddenly hears growling and stops. He looks around when Sabretooth appears above him.

Sabretooth sniffs the air then declares that he smells of Logan. Kiyoek cries out that he did not believe but he thinks Sabretooth to be a snow demon. He turns to run when Sabretooth leaps down blocking his path.

Getting himself in the middle of an old grudge match

The mutant punches him sending Kiyoek flying back. He lands hard and struggles to get up. Sabretooth walks over to him crouching near his face. He states that the friends of his enemies are his enemies as well. He raises his hand to bring it down.

Kiyoek cries out that the stranger is not his friend. Sabretooth lowers his arm. Kiyoek sits up saying that he was the leader of the young men but not they only follow Logan. He goes on to say that the women laugh at him, claiming that Logan has made him a fool to his tribe.

Sabretooth is the wrong person to lie to

Sabretooth grabs his shirt and yanks him up. He holds the human up asking if he would lie to him. He claims he would never as snow demons can see the truth in someone's eyes.

Sabretooth throws him to the ground. He explains he is no snow demon but a mutant like Logan. Kiyoek sits up not understanding. Sabretooth leans over saying he only needs to understand one thing: revenge.

Making a deal with a demon

He asks if he wants Logan gone and Kiyoek agrees. Sabretooth tells him to do what he says.

At the Genosha airport, a woman on a PA announces that Pan Air Flight 917 is now arriving. The airplane comes in over the ocean onto the runway.

Sure are friendly in tourist heavy destinations

Outside, a man welcomes the X-Men to Genosha as he takes their bags. They follow him to his car. Gambit asks if he would say that if he knew they were mutants. Ororo states that is what they are going to find out.

They get into his taxi and he drives off.

Later at the resort, people are playing tennis out back. Jubilee says she cannot wait to get to the beach, calling the place a dream. Their taxi pulls up to the front entrance of the Genosha Beach Inn.

Everyone on the island is so nice

Inside, the receptionist welcomes them to the hotel saying he hopes they will enjoy their stay with them. Gambit signs some paperwork and the man takes it. He goes off to see if their bungalow is ready.

Worth a try

Gambit sees a sign and picks it up to show Ororo. It says to ask about their mutant discount. He asks what she thinks, theorizing they could save maybe ten percent.

Ororo tells him to put it back. He does but says she is no fun to travel with.

Something not quite right

The man types on a nearby computer. He looks at a picture of Ororo that zooms in on her eye. He then sees footage of her at the New Salem Mall using her powers and transforming into her X-Men uniform.

People are a little too friendly

The man says he has the perfect rooms for them. He claims they will find their stay interesting. He rings a bell and a bellhop approaches. The receptionist orders the bellhop to take them to bungalow twelve.

The bellhop picks up their bags and walks off. The X-Men follow and Jubilee says she just wants to get into her swimsuit and down to the beach.

As they leave, the receptionist pulls out a red phone onto the desk. He picks it up and announces that they have new arrivals and he thinks the person will like them.

Issuing a challenge

Back in the Arctic, Kiyoek carries a spear while approaching Logan and Pooyetah, who are sitting on a rock near the water. He claims that only a coward sits on the shore. He asks if Logan is brave enough to hunt with him on the open sea.

Pooyetah responds that Logan has nothing to prove to him. He asks if he should prove something to someone else, like an old enemy or old friend. Logan perks up at hearing this.

Not one to back down from a fight

Pooyetah says his jealousy has made him stupid. Logan tells the elder that it is alright. He stands accepting the challenge.

Later, the two row out onto the waters. As they row out in their canoe, Logan stops saying they have gone far enough. Kiyoek stutters to say that they have far to go for the hunting grounds.

Logan turns saying the hunt ends here. He states he knows Kiyoek didn't bring him out there to hunt for seals. He pulls out his claws asking what is really going on.

He knows something is up

Kiyoek is shocked realizing he is a mutant. He raises his spear but Logan cuts the end off. He grabs the remains of the spear asking who told him about mutants then breaks the staff in half. He throws them into the water as Kiyoek stutters to explain.

It is all going drastically wrong

Just then, they hear an explosion. They look and Logan realizes it is at the fishing camp. They see smoke off in the distance and row towards it.

They return to the village to see it destroyed, the tents smoldering ruins. Logan looks around wondering what happened.

No rest for the weary

He sees footprints in the snow. He drops down and sniffs them. He realizes it was Sabretooth as he knew. He stands crying out that there is no peace for him even here.

Logan claims this is all his fault. Kiyoek interrupts saying it is not as he approaches. He explains that he felt Logan was the reason people had laughed at him and he wanted revenge.

He says that the other stranger told him to lead Logan away, thinking he was leading the mutant into a trap. He did not know about this.

Their anger got the better of both of them

Logan rushes him grabbing his shirt. He pulls out his claws calling him miserable and little. He lets him go calming down and admitting he didn't do this.

Time to get down to business

He turns and walks away saying he thought he could forget what he's been. He takes off his backpack claiming that somethings you have to face alone. He reaches in and pulls out his uniform.

Later, the sun goes down over the waters. As night comes the aurora borealis light up the night sky.

Wolverine, in full costume, rises over a hill. He hears something and stops and turns towards it. He pulls out his claws calling out to Sabretooth.

Wanting to atone for his actions

He stops when he sees it is Kiyoek laying on the ground. He wonders what he is doing there. Kiyoek stands saying that this is his people and he must find him. He claims that Wolverine's fight is now his fight.

Wolverine retorts that the glacier is too dangerous for him as is Sabretooth. Kiyoek rejects this.

Fallen right into Sabretooth's trap

Just then, Sabretooth calls out to Wolverine. Wolverine and Kiyoek look over and see the villain standing over them on a ledge. He asks Wolverine if something is wrong, wondering if his "fun" interrupting his fishing.

Wolverine steps forward demanding to know what happened to Pooyetah and the others. Sabretooth says he always likes having an edge in a fight. He points to an ice bridge saying that is where the tribe is.

Introducing the ticking clock

The two look over shocked. They see the people strapped to the bridge. Two bombs sit tied on each end. Sabretooth explains that only a coward would care about these people and they have one minute to save them.

He holds up a remote claiming that all they have to do is get through him.

Grew tired of this ages old battle

Wolverine demands that he let them go. He claims he doesn't want to fight Sabretooth anymore, saying he doesn't care who started it but just that he wants to bury the whole thing.

Sabretooth says he will bury it and kicks the edge of the ledge sending ice blocks down. They break apart on their way. Wolverine shoves Kiyoek out of the way just before he is buried by the ice.

Wolverine pushes his way out from underneath. Sabretooth claims he has gone soft and that Xavier has him kissing up to this "scum." He claims this is the last battleground for one of them and leaps down roaring.

Round three

Wolverine pulls out his claws just as Sabretooth lands on him. They roll across the ice coming to a stop with Wolverine on top. However, Sabretooth kicks him back.

Wolverine lands and Sabretooth rises above him. The villain raises his claws but Wolverine headbutts his chest. He falls to the ground with Wolverine standing above him.

Dirty trick

Wolverine claims Sabretooth was always slower then him. He then demands that the villain give up. Sabretooth says he never will and grabs a handful of snow. He throws it hitting Wolverine in the face.

Wolverine cries out as the snow hits his eyes. He retracts his claws to rub his face. Sabretooth stands, grabs his shoulder, and punches him in the gut.

He picks up the smaller mutant saying Wolverine was never a match for him. He tosses him across the snow. Wolverine lands at the edge of a cliff while Sabretooth says that this time he will make sure to finish him.

Almost over the edge

Wolverine stands just as Sabretooth walks up and punches him. The X-Man falls backwards screaming. He pulls out his claws and digs them into the side stopping his descent.

Sabretooth watches him hang onto the side. He says it is hard to say goodbye to an old friend. He picks up a large rock and holds it above his head.

Finding redemption

Kiyoek cries out and tackles Sabretooth from behind. They fall to the ground as the rock falls over the side. Sabretooth knocks him back saying he should have stayed out of his way, calling him an insect.

Sabretooth stands and walks over to the fisherman. Wolverine pulls himself onto the ledge. He says to his rival that he should be nice since Kiyoek is their host.

Sabretooth may be stronger but Wolverine is smarter

Sabretooth rushes him. He leaps to tackle but Wolverine ducks. Sabretooth flies over the edge and screams as he falls into the crack. Wolverine looks down wishing him luck and that he'll stay gone.

Little time left

Wolverine runs over to the bridge and grabs onto the ropes. Pooyetah tells him there is no time. He snaps the ropes saying they will make time. Kiyoek runs up to help the second group.

Wolverine pulls out his claws cutting the ropes for the bomb then grabs the explosive. Kiyoek uses his knife to cut the ropes for the second group. As the rest of the tribe gets up, Kiyoek cuts the last ropes.

Wolverine and Kiyoek toss the bombs over the side as the tribe flees the bridge. The two duck onto the bridge to avoid the blast.

Just enough time

The bombs go off below with a massive explosion. Wolverine looks up and the two stand.

Later, the tribe stands off to the side of the bridge. Wolverine explains that it is his fault their people love their village. He wants to help them rebuild.

Time for them to move on

Calling him a friend, Pooyetah thanks him but states they are moving on. He grabs Wolverine's shoulders explaining that for years many of his people have wanted to move to the city. He looks down admitting that now they get their wish.

He claims that the old ways are no more. He turns towards Kiyoek saying the young ones will have to find a new way for their people to live. Wolverine is glad that he was called a friend.

Back at Genosha, the resort shines in the night.

In their bungalow, Jubilee claims she could live at the beach forever and that she never wants to go home. Laying on the couch, Gambit agrees saying this is his kind of mission.

Finally getting to enjoy themselves

Sitting in a nearby chair reading a magazine, Ororo notes that the Genoshans' acceptance of mutants seems real, but feels there is still some checking to do. She suggest they go to their rooms, finish unpacking, and get some sleep.

Jubilee walks away saying she will unpack but does not think she will sleep. Ororo stands noting she has never seen Jubilee so happy. Gambit claims that Genosha really is a paradise.

The threat comes to them

Outside, soldiers and three enormous robots approach the bungalow surrounding it.

Jubilee pulls out a shirt to put in her dresser. Suddenly, a large metal covering moves down over the window causing her to gasp. Just then, gas comes in through the air vent and she coughs.

Wasn't the paradise they had hoped

Jubilee runs back to the living room noting the gas and asking the others what is happening. Gambit, also coughing, realizes they have to get out. He pulls out a card and charges it.

The front door blows off and the three run outside. They are caught in large lights and stop. They look around and find themselves confronted by men armed with rifles, large robots, and hovercrafts. A commander orders the mutants to surrender.

Few options out

Gambit reaches into his coat and pulls out three cards charging them. Ororo stops him saying they cannot endanger human life. Gambit throws the cards anyways saying that perhaps she couldn't.

The cards blast two guards down and knock a hovercraft out of the air. The robot raises its arm and fires.

Running out of places to run

The bungalow behind the X-Men blows up. A man on a motorcycle races up.

Gambit tosses more cards knocking a robot over. A hovercraft flies in firing as the robot sits up.

Forced to fight

Ororo flies up blasting the motorcycle with lightning and then destroying a hovercraft. She then dodges rifle blasts.

The guards below fire into the air tracking her.

Jubilee falls to the ground and Gambit dodges while Ororo lands nearby. Gambit pulls out more cards and throws them.


One robot blocks the cards then fires on Gambit. Ororo summons a strong wind blowing a robot and soldiers back.

Ororo moves back and the two women help Gambit up. Suddenly, mighty thuds are heard and a shadow passes over them. They soon become entangled in large metal tentacles.

An unfriendly face

The tentacles raise the three up as Jubilee cries out. They are brought before an enormous Sentinel that flashes its eyes.



"You know that temper of his. If he doesn't get his way, he's gone. We can never depend on him. With hotheads like Wolverine, maybe we never will."

-Scott Summers

"He left because of me."

-Jean Grey

"There's no place like home."


"I've tracked you far enough, Wolverine."


"Revenge is a dish best served cold."


"Sabretooth. I should've smelled you coming."
"You've lost it, pal. Ten years ago, I never could have gotten this close."
"I can still handle punks like you."
"Enough talk!"

-Logan and Sabretooth

"You thought you and your pitiful X-Men could stop me? Goodbye, old friend. Let the ice be your tombstone. Here lies Wolverine, alone and defeated."


"Not even your mutant healing powers can keep you alive on a chunk of ice in the middle of the Arctic."
"At least I won't have to listen to your flapping mouth anymore."
"You'll die frozen and alone. But I will track you down, just for the pleasure of burying your bones."

-Sabretooth and Logan

"You're as bad as Wolverine. You just wanna get away to lie around on a beach."
"Hmm, that's not such a bad idea. You've all been under a lot of stress lately. For the good of the team, maybe we all need a chance to unwind. And if the inhabitants of Genosha are encouraging mutants to live among them, this is an opportunity we can't miss. Genosha could be an example for the world."
"That would be incredible."

-Cyclops and Professor X

"Relax, Cyclops. All work and no play make Jacques a dull boy."


"Maybe we could all use a vacation."
"Yeah, from Gambit."

-Jean Grey and Cyclops

"He's alive."
"If we take him to the government settlement, there should be a reward for our trouble. Maybe enough for a new snowmobile."
"Our way to to help a stranger, Kiyoek, not to use him to beg for money. We'll take him to our camp. We can tend to the stranger there."
"You heard Pooyetah. The words of the elders are law."

-Pooyetah and Kiyoek, first lines

"You have a coward's luck, Wolverine."


"No man recovers from the ice so fast."
"Yeah, well, I'm a mut...You don't know, do you? You've never heard of us."
"I don't understand."
"Good. Let's just saying I'm a fast healer."

-Pooyetah and Wolverine

"Alright. Genosha, here we come. I hope I brought the right clothes. I've never been to a resort before."
"Don't worry, little one. All you need's a swimsuit and some sunscreen."

-Jubilation Lee and Gambit

"Reminds me of the story about the one that got away. But I never put much stock in fish stories."


"The stranger has the strength of a polar bear."
"He's not so strong!"

-Woman and Kiyoek

"The people are happy tonight because of you."
"They've made me happy, too. I don't know how to handle it. It-it feels so strange. I feel...at peace."
"No man seeks peace so hard as one who does not have it in his heart."

-Pooyetah and Logan

"Come, Wolverine. It is time for you to celebrate."
"Oh no. No, you've got the wrong guy. I get airsick."
"We all need to forget ourselves and be a child again."
"Well, don't say I didn't warn you."

-Woman, Logan, and Pooyetah

"The friends of my enemies are my enemies."


"Hey. Check this out. 'Ask about our mutant discount.' What do you think? We save maybe ten percent, n'est-ce pas?"
"Just put it back, Gambit."
"You're no fun to travel with."

-Gambit and Ororo Munroe

"I have the perfect rooms for you. Just perfect."


"New arrivals. I think you'll like them."


"Your jealousy has made you stupid."




"This is all my fault."
"No, Wolverine. I thought you made the people laugh at me. I-I wanted revenge."

-Logan and Kiyoek

"Wolverine! What's wrong, old man? My fun interrupt your fishing?"


"I always like to have an edge in a fight."


"I don't want to fight you anymore. I don't care who started it. It's time to bury it."
"I'll bury it, alright."

-Wolverine and Sabretooth

"You've gone soft, Wolverine."


"This is the last battleground for one of us."


"You always were slower than me. Give it up, Sabretooth."

-Wolverine and Sabretooth

"You were never a match for me, Wolverine. This time I'm making sure."


"It's always hard to say goodbye to an old friend."



-Kiyoek, last line

"Be nice to the guy, Sabretooth. He's our host."


"Lots of luck, pal. Stay gone this time."


"Because of me, your people have lost their village. I want to help you rebuild it."
"Thank you, my friend. But we are moving on. For years, many have wanted to move to the city. Now they have their wish. The old ways are no more. The young ones will have to find a new way for the people to live."
"You called me friend."

-Wolverine and Pooyetah, last lines

"I could live at the beach forever. I don't ever want to go home."
"You said it, chere. This is my kind of mission."
"The Genoshans' acceptance of mutants seems to be genuine. But we still have a great deal of checking to do."

-Jubilee, Gambit, and Ororo Munroe

"Maybe Genosha is a paradise."


"Surrender, mutants."

-Genoshan Commander

"No, Gambit. We cannot endanger human life."
"Maybe you can't."

-Ororo Munroe and Gambit


Maybe it's cigar burns
  • While Logan's picture of Jean and Scott is different (See Goofs), it does have a hole burned into it. While never shown on X-Men, in the comics Wolverine is known for smoking cigars and this is likely a reference to that.
  • The phrase "Revenge is a dish..." is an old proverb whose origins are unknown.
  • Gambit does a French spin on the classic proverb All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  • Kiyoek's hat as the letter D in what appears to be Old English font. This is similar to the Detroit Tigers logo, but does not use their colors.
  • Pan Air is likely a reference to Pan American World Airways, often called Pan Am. The company was the most popular airline until its collapse in 1991. It was very popular to reference in fiction and still is today.
  • Inuit are the indigenous people of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland.
  • Inuit canoes are called umiak.
  • Inuit tents are called tupiq.
Inuit celebration
  • The act of throwing people into the air on a big blanket for Inuits is called Nalukataq. It is typically done in the Spring to mark the end of the whaling season, providing a general timeframe for this episode.
  • The episode features aurora borealis. The next episode, "Slave Island", features the debut of the mutant Aurora.


  • In "Captive Hearts", Logan's room is fairly neat but here it is a mess.
They changed clothes quickly
  • Scott and Jean are wearing different clothes from the previous episode even though it's supposed to directly follow. Scott went from a button-up shirt and tie to a turtleneck. Jean went from her dress to a button-up blouse.
  • The last episode shows that Logan's room is at the end of the hall but in this one the hall continues past his room. It is also perpendicular to what it was before.
  • Logan is in room three with eleven directly across. The X-Men must have a very odd numbering system for the two to be directly across from each other.
  • In the previous episode, the picture Logan has of Scott and Jean was cut in half while in this episode it burned in the middle. Also, the placements of the couple are switched. Either the pictures are inconsistent or Logan has an odd fascination with keeping multiple photos of the couple.
  • In the first establishing shot of the mansion, the lines and the colors are not properly aligned.
  • This episode implies the War Room is underneath the mansion whereas "Deadly Reunions" showed it on ground level.
  • "Captive Hearts" ended with Gambit sick though recovering. In this episode he is perfectly fine with no indication of his severe illness.
  • If Cyclops wants the X-Men to appear as non-mutant tourists then sending Gambit is a bad idea since his powers changed his eyes.
  • When Sabretooth sees Logan in the boat, no one is actually steering the craft.
  • It's understandable that Logan would take his Wolverine outfit with him, why does he have both a ski outfit and his civilian outfit as well as constantly switching between the two?
Gambit isn't incognito and Jubilee has a winter sweater
  • For trying to act like tourists, Gambit does a horrible job as he's wearing his X-Men uniform. Worse yet, Ororo calls him Gambit instead of his real name of Remy.
  • Jubilee wears a sweater to go to a tropical island.
  • When getting into the taxi, Ororo and Gambit get into the back through the passenger side but Jubilee isn't seen on driver's side nor in the front passenger seat.
  • The Genoshan receptionists sees footage that no one could possibly get, which is just reused footage from "Night of the Sentinels, Part One".
Improperly colored
  • When first seen in full costume, Wolverine's bare arms are colored yellow like his costume.
  • When Sabretooth confronts Wolverine and Kiyoek, the bombs placed on either side of the bridge are not there.
  • Wolverine wears a mask that covers his eyes. While the snow can block his vision it certainly wouldn't get into his eyes.
  • When Kiyoek tackles Sabretooth from behind he is briefly animated over Sabretooth.
  • Instead of using his claws immediately Wolverine pulls the ropes apart to free the tribe, which would be ineffective and inefficient.
  • When the bombs are thrown off the bridge, the shot shows the ropes have been cut underneath and are hanging down.
  • How did the giant robots get so close to the X-Men's bungalow without them noticing?
  • Jubilee's window becomes covered, but none of the other windows are.


O Canada, Logan's home and native land
  • First appearance of Canada though not named.
  • Reveals that Logan is from Canada, or at least considers it home.
  • First appearance of Sabretooth since "Deadly Reunions". It is also the first time in the series he appears without Magneto being seen or mentioned.
  • Kiyoek calls Sabretooth a snow demon, which is something similar to the legend of the Wendigo. Hulk would fight Wendigo in the The Incredible Hulk episode "And the Wind Cries...Wendigo!". Appropriately, Wendigo has been a villain to Wolverine as well as Hulk and interrupting their battle in Wolverine's first appearance.
  • First appearance of Genosha.
Been building since the pilot


Main Actor Role(s)
Cedric Smith Charles Xavier/Professor X
Norm Spencer Scott Summers/Cyclops
Cal Dodd Logan/Wolverine
Iona Morris Ororo Munroe/Storm
Catherine Disher Jean Grey
Chris Potter Remy LeBeau/Gambit
Alyson Court Jubilation Lee/Jubilee
Don Francks Graydon Creed, Sr./Sabretooth
Paul Haddad Kiyoek
Unknown Pooyetah
Genoshan Commander


To the last he grapples with thee. From Hell's heart he stabs at thee. For hate's sake he spits his last breath at thee.

There are several parallels in this episode to the classic novel Moby-Dick. Revenge and its consequences are a major part of the book and episode. In this case, Sabretooth represents Captain Ahab as he seeks revenge at any cost against one figure he cannot defeat, eventually leading to his own doom. Wolverine is the "white whale." Kiyoek would be Ishmael who is swept up in this revenge and is ultimately spared from death by abandoning the quest for revenge. The book deals with whaling and the episode features people known for whaling as well as two characters going out on a boat with a spear similar to the whalers of the book.


Logan is the best there is at what he does, and what he does is have great episodes

"Stu" of Marvel Animation Age enjoyed this series portrayal of Wolverine more than any other calling him a "failed samurai desperately seeking peace" that works better than a babysitting teacher or reluctant leader. He cited this episode as one of his favorites since it went into the rivalry between Wolverine and Sabretooth, who he also felt was better adapted in this series than any other. He also liked the design of the villain and his voice actor. He also cited Cathal J. Dodd as his favorite Wolverine ever and this as one of his finest episodes. He felt that some of the best episodes of the series focused on him also citing "Repo Man" and "Nightcrawler". "Very few complaints about the episode. An excellent effort from start to finish!"

The episode has a 8.5 on TV.com and 8.0 on the Internet Movie Database.

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