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Series X-Men
Release Date October 26, 1996
Episode Number 59
Writer Marley Clark
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Nightcrawler must come to terms with the family that never wanted him after his mother is kidnapped.


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According to Eric Lewald and Len Uhley, Creed's final moment with his father was not meant to go well.[1] "These two were NOT candidates for family counseling. To your other point, the implication of impending violence was more unsettling than any depiction. Not a knock vs. the artists, BTW. They did great work. But what happens next is sometimes best left to the viewer's imagination."[2]


Comic Book Resources ranked this as the second top tear-jerking episode of the series. "Child abandonment is a serious topic. X-Men: The Animated Series brought that issue to the forefront in season five episode six. Cocooned in the Halloween episode, "Bloodlines" addresses Nightcrawler's origins, faith, and character. After receiving a note that his mother is in dire need, Nightcrawler embarks on a rescue mission with the X-Men. Within the imprisoned facility walls, Nightcrawler hears his mother's cries. Those cries belong to Mystique. It is revealed that Mystique has bargained with Graydon Creed, Friends of Humanity Leader, to turn in Nightcrawler for her own well-being. Her confession to Nightcrawler as to why she abandoned him is truly heart-wrenching. Nightcrawler's faith comes under pressure. He must garner enough strength to forgive his mother for all the pain she caused him."[3]


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